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					                                 Lesson 8.16 Life in the West
Learning targets                                SUMMARY OVERVIEW
(clear, understandable versions of              History Alive! lesson plan
standards in student friendly language)
  Explain why the Lewis and Clark              Students will come away with background knowledge
   expedition was important.                    on all the groups and will not have in-depth
 Understand why the significant                knowledge on all 8 groups. This lesson may be done
   groups moved West, hardships they            quickly and the teacher may chose to not use the
   encountered, and legacies they left.         formal assessment.
Language objectives
(identified cognitive functions correlated to   The History Alive! lesson instructions are
the learning targets, such as sequence,         rewritten to make it quicker for the instructor to
compare/contrast, cause/effect, infer, and      understand.
argue, as well as the signal words to be        The lesson directs students to begin gathering
deliberately taught/used in discussion and      information through group reading and then preparing
writing; sentence frames in support section)    a three scene mini drama in which the group (usually
Students will explain or describe in oral       of 4) highlights a brief scene about their group: the
practice and in writing what a group            reason the group traveled, the hardships
traveling West would experience using           encountered, and the legacy they left behind. The
the terms reasons, hardships, and               groups usually present for 3-5 minutes, making the
legacies.                                       information about their group explicit.
History Alive! Preview activity                 Day 1: Have students partner read the section
(builds background; links to student            assigned to their group (2 partner groups together),
experience)                                     look at the placard attached to the section, and
Listen to song “Sweet Betsy From Pike”          complete the reading notes in their ISN. (10 – 15
while projecting the picture depicted on        minutes partner read) See writing support to assist
page 210 (1st page of chapter). Song is         with writing support. Have them talk about props to
printed in their Interactive Student            make their scene believable. Have the Props
Notebook and provides an example for            Manager sort who has what and who will bring it.
Processing. Once song and ISN work              Have the Script Manager and Director brainstorm
are complete, use slide as a Visual             scene directions for mini drama. Have the group take
Discovery allowing students to point out        time to start their simple sketches for the storyboard.
some things they heard mentioned in             (15 - 20 minutes group time) Remind groups to have
the song.                                       basic outline for mini drama ready for next period.
Pre-assessment                                  Day 2: Firm up ideas for the lines they want to say.
activities/documents                            See Discussion and Writing support below. See
(serves as self-assessment for students;        discussion support below to assist with mini dramas.
informs instruction for teachers; charts or
                                                Finish the sketches, teacher check important here.
documents may be used as a place to
gather concepts/information throughout
                                                Run through of mini drama, maybe one group at a
lesson through debriefing; may include          time in the hallway. Expect a lot of movement. (10 –
visuals, lesson questions, lesson               15 minutes)
vocabulary, language objectives, and/or         Day 3: Each group presents; allow 3 questions from
learning targets)                               the audience for each performance. As students are
Knowledge Rating                                quietly setting up for mini drama students can be
Lesson questions                                reading the section. During the performance the
(drive instruction; may create links to         students are completing ISN under that group’s title.
previous learning; may be included in pre-      This serves as their reading notes for the chapter.

Modified from History Alive! 2010                                                                     1
 When a country acquires land (like           Assign the Processing Assignment. Students will
 the US did in the previous lesson)           create a song from a folk tune they know and write 4
 what do you think happens next?              stanzas about groups moving West.
 Where was most of the land?                  Suggested modifications of HA! lesson plan
 What were the reasons groups                 Preview: Use “magic paper”
 moved West?                                  Mini dramas When students perform, students in the
 What hardships did they encounter?           audience notes. Students may be clever enough to
 What legacies did each leave?                figure out that they can ask a question about the
Additional background building                reason, the hardship and the legacy. It’s difficult for
(streaming video segments, DVD, map           many students to read the section while the group is
review, read aloud of a related piece of      setting up for their mini drama. The students are
fiction, etc.)                                excited to see the performance and/or nervous about
   Young People’s History Ch 7.               their upcoming performance.
   “As the Wind Rocks the Wagon” on           Processing:, Students write on four groups with one
   Discovery Education provides an in         stanza on each to a folk tune they chose.
   depth view of reaching the West. It        Lesson for Geo Challenge
   highlights viewpoints of 4 women and Geography Challenge: Have students partner up to
   the varied paths that they                 look at images and brainstorm what may have gone
   encountered when they ventured             on that day. Next, students individually complete a
   West. 52 minutes long, 21                  dated journal entry from the perspective of a member
   segments. It’s worth a look.               of the expedition; they describe what happened using
Key content vocabulary (Italicized            direct excerpts as needed, describe the area with one
words assessed)                               geographic feature, and wrote at least one half page.
   mission                                    You may wish to have students read journal entries.
   rancho                                     Suggested modifications Geo Challenge
   mountain man                               Geography Challenge: The map shown is a physical
   rendezvous                                 map. Explain the difference between it and a political
   homestead                                  map.
   Mormons                                    Flexible grouping pattern of the lesson
   Forty-niners                               Whole class: direct teaching of the introduction/read
   missionaries                               aloud, the preview, and the presentation of the mini
   queues                                     dramas
   Oregon Trail                               Partners: WRAPP read the assigned section
   reasons                                    Group: mini drama, brainstorming Geography
   hardships                                  Challenge
   legacies                                   Independent: Processing, Geography Challenge
                                              Journal entry
                                          READING SUPPORT
               Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                        * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
   Suggested strategies for          Focus pages/paragraphs for                  Process words
    introduction Interactive             guided reading group                       for ELLs
While reading the introduction For the mini drama                       Process words to teach
have the transparency                presentation have the group        directly:
displayed. Use the magic             do the Chinese. Use the            Explain
paper activity asking students following information.                   Describe
to show landscape examples           p. 225 16.9 The Chinese.           Illustrate
described in the first               Read first two paragraphs for
paragraph.                           the reasons.
After 4th paragraph in               p. 226 The Chinese Stay.

Modified from History Alive! 2010                                                                   2
introduction see if students     Read first paragraph for the
can see “rugged                  hardships
individualism” displayed in      p. 226 The Legacy.
transparency.                    Last paragraph for the legacy.
                                       WRITING SUPPORT
             Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                      * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
                                        Sentence frames
                                     for parts of the lesson
                                 Sentence frames to support
                                 ISN work:
                                 The Chinese traveled West
                                 because __?__.
                                 The hardships the Chinese
                                 encountered were __?__.
                                 The legacy they left was
                                    DISCUSSION SUPPORT
             Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                      * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
                                       Sentence frames for
                                 Use with group work on the
                                 mini drama:
                                 One example of hardship is
                                 One example of legacy is
                                 One example of reason to
                                 move is __?__
                   FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS (for student and teacher use)
 “Check for understanding”          Checkpoints in Student               Questions for
   points during activities           Interactive Notebook         exit and entrance slips
Make sure to do a quick check After 3 or 4 presentations        Entrance slip: What would be
on the three drawings for the    make sure students are         a reason you would risk
story board. Important to        getting each aspect of the     everything and move?
make sure students are           mini drama and mindful of      Exit slip: What are two
portraying the right             completing the notes.          legacies you remembered
information to the class.                                       learning about
   Processing Assignment                     Games                           Other
   (also serves as a formative
No specific vocabulary will be                                 Discovery Education video
highlighted on this because                                    may provide an overview for
students choose their groups                                   sections of the chapter, but
to write on.                                                   not every aspect is included.
Another option is to have
students choose two groups
and write two stanzas on each

Modified from History Alive! 2010                                                              3
group. Allows for more detail
and description.
Fun for musical students to
perform their song for the

Modified from History Alive! 2010                             4

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