Ch 11 Wave Phenomena Practice Problems by nuhman10


									                           Wave Phenomena Practice Problems

Standing Waves

   1. Find the frequency of the 2nd harmonic of a guitar string of length 0.820 m with a
      wave speed of 1,320 ms-1
   2. Find the speed of sound if organ pipe of 71.4 cm produces a note of 350 Hz.

Doppler Effect

   1. What would be the observed frequency of horn with a frequency of 457 Hz when
      a car approaches you at 32 m/s, assuming the speed of sound is 341 m/s.
   2. What would be the observed wavelength of red light (660 nm) as the source
      recedes at 4.42 x 107 m/s?


   1. What would be the size of image of a point light of wavelength 450 nm on the
      retina, with pupil size of 6 mm and distance of lens to retina of 2.50 cm?
   2. Find the distance from slit to screen, for a diffraction patter with the central
      maximum width of 6.00 cm when produced by laser light of 420 nm going
      through a slit of .0420 cm.


   1. Find the angular separation of two images which are .65 cm apart and are 8.1m
   2. What size of radio telescope dish would be needed to resolve sources with an
      angular resolution of .0240 rad at a wavelength of 32.4 cm?


   1. What would be the angle of the refracted ray, if the reflected ray completely
      polarized the light at angle of 62.4?
   2. What is the final intensity of light of original intensity of 5.2 W/m2, if the light passes
      through two polarizers, with the first polarizing the light vertically and the second
      having a polarization vector of 35 above the horizontal?

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