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					             Complex                   Employee's name      Status                       Conditions                             Age at
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker BH             living     Anaplastic astrocytoma                                  31
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker PD             living     Aneurism of Aorta                                       51
GSA-IRS                              Worker CI             living     arthritis, acid reflux, asthma, barretts esophogus      **
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Hubert J. Cavanaugh   deceased   Asbestos, pre prostate cancer, diabetic                 65
KCP-Bendix                           Worker HD             living     Asthma                                                  44
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JL             living     Asthma                                                  **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker WC             living     Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis                           43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LW             living     Asthma, Conjestive Heart Failure, Colovesical Fistula   48

GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker KK             living     Benign Polyps                                           45
KCP-Bendix                           Worker PP             living     Beryllium Borderline Sensitivity                        34
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker LC             living     Beryllium Disease                                       57
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Robert Smith          deceased   Beryllium Disease                                       65
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker MH             living     beryllium sensitive                                     54
KCP-Bendix                           Worker BB             living     Beryllium Sensitivity                                   61
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Worker JC             living     Beryllium sensitivity                                   71
Outside Agency-Paxton                Delivery Man CH       living     Beryllium Sensitivity                                   39
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Maurice Powell        deceased   beryllium sensitivity                                   50
Roofer                               Worker MS             living     Beryllium Sensitivity                                   52
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker MS             living     Beryllium Sensitivity                                   **
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker GC             living     beryllium sensitivity                                   58
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker LW             living     beryllium sensitivity                                   58
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker RB             living     Beryllium Sesitivity, Cancer (Colon, Liver)             63
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker NC             living     bipolar                                                 42
KCP-Bendix                           Worker CS             living     blood disorder                                          64
GSA-IRS                              Vernetha Beasley      deceased   Brain surgery, Renal Cell cancer, anemia                **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CO             living     breast fibroid, chronic anxiety, panic attacks          **
GSA-IRS                              Worker CH             living     breathing disorder                                      35
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker CH             living     Breathing Disorders, Sinus Infection, Chest pain        62
GSA                                  Worker CB             living     breathing problems                                      58
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SR             living     Breathing Problems                                      42-44
GSA-USMC                             Worker BT             living     Breathing Problems                                      63
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker JW             living     Breathing Problems                                      35
GSA-IRS                                 Worker JJ               living     Breathing Problems, menstration problems       35
GSA-IRS                                 Worker DB               living     breathing problems, pneumonia                  41
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Steven L. Harvey        deceased   Cancer                                         41
KCP                                     Joseph E. Lambe Jr      deceased   Cancer                                         mid 40s
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix                Larry O'Dell            deceased   Cancer                                         40
KCP-Bendix                              Sam Odneal              deceased   Cancer                                         64
KCP                                     David Sanders           deceased   Cancer                                         56
KCP-Bendix                              Anna Louise Cockrell    deceased   Cancer (Abdominal)                             56
GSA                                     Linda Carolyn Shirley   deceased   Cancer (adenocarcinoma)                        56
KCP                                     Richard Bjorgo          deceased   Cancer (Adrenal), Tumors                       **
GSA-NRC                                 Mary Ann Turner         deceased   Cancer (Anaplastic Thyroid)                    64
KCP-Allied Signal Aerospace/Bendix      Earnest Eager           deceased   Cancer (arynex, lungs/chest), squamous cell    73
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker WA               living     Cancer (Bladder)                               63
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker BA               living     Cancer (Bladder)                               62
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker MD               living     Cancer (Bladder)                               57
KCP-Bendix                              William Franken         deceased   Cancer (Bladder)                               63
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker GD               living     Cancer (Bladder), kidney disease               42
KCP-Bendix                              Joe. A. Duncan          deceased   Cancer (bladder, lip)                          49
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix                Emeral Dean Bohannon    deceased   Cancer (Bone/Lung/Liver)                       70
KCP-Bendix                              Alice Garland           deceased   Cancer (Brain and Breast)                      39
KCP-Bendix                              Eddy Reber              deceased   Cancer (Brain and lung), Metastatic Melanoma   48
KCP-Bendix                              Timothy Collins         deceased   Cancer (Brain and melanoma)                    34
KCP-Olathe Honeywell                    Sandra Bates            deceased   Cancer (Brain), Lung Problems                  62
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker JH               living     Cancer (breast and ovarian)                    48, 62
GSA-IRS                                 Worker KA               living     Cancer (Breast)                                50
GSA-IRS                                 Worker DB               living     Cancer (breast)                                44
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker CB               living     Cancer (breast)                                42
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Judith Davis            deceased   Cancer (Breast)                                52
KCP-Honeywell                           Worker DF               living     Cancer (breast)                                69
GSA-Center for Facilities Maintenance   Worker JH               living     Cancer (Breast)                                27
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                           Worker JH               living     Cancer (Breast)                                **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS/DOD                       Worker CH               living     Cancer (Breast)                                37
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix                Worker CH               living     Cancer (Breast)                                58
GSA-IRS                                 Worker LJ               living     Cancer (breast)                                43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker RM                    living     Cancer (breast)                                         47
GSA-IRS                               Diana Munir                  deceased   Cancer (breast)                                         41
GSA-IRS                               Worker BP                    living     Cancer (breast)                                         56
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Erna Pinkham                 deceased   Cancer (breast)                                         51
GSA                                   Worker BR                    living     Cancer (Breast)                                         48
GSA                                   Worker MS                    living     Cancer (Breast)                                         55
GSA-IRS                               Barbara Anne Williams        deceased   Cancer (breast)                                         53
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker KM                    living     Cancer (Breast), Child with issues                      40
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker SD                    living     Cancer (breast), COPD                                   55
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Worker CT                    living     Cancer (Breast), Cystic Fibrosis, Thyroid Removal       65
GSA                                   Worker NS                    living     Cancer (breast), diabetes, thyroid disease              40, 61
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker BD                    living     Cancer (Breast), Hysterectomy                           49
GSA-Corps Finanace Center             Worker BG                    living     Cancer (Breast), Hysterectomy                           43, 73
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker JR                    living     Cancer (Breast), Migraines, chronic rhinitis            60
KCP-Bendix                            Worker DM                    living     Cancer (breast), Non Hodkins Lymphoma                   63, 67, 71
GSA                                   Worker JS                    living     Cancer (Breast), ovarian cyst                           49
GSA                                   Worker MF                    living     Cancer (breast), sinus problems                         60
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker LE                    living     Cancer (breast), Thyroid Disease, Hysterectomy          62
GSA-IRS                               Worker BL                    living     Cancer (breast, lobular carcinoma in situ), arthritis   70
GSA-IRS                               Worker TR                    living     Cancer (breast, lymph node and thyroid cancer)          55
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Worker LF                    living     Cancer (breast, thyroid)                                47
GSA-Marine Corps Support Activity     Worker SB                    living     Cancer (Breast, twice)                                  56, then 65
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Betty Jean Monteil-Frazier   deceased   Cancer (carcinoma in situ of vaginal wall), Berylium    33
                                                                              Disease, radiation poisoning, adenocarcinoma of the
                                                                              Pancreatic Duct

KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Ronald Lee Corriston         deceased   Cancer (cloacogenic carcinoma)                          56
KCP-Honeywell                         Gerald Finlay                deceased   Cancer (colon and esophageal), Tumor (brain)            60
GSA                                   Worker GH                    living     Cancer (Colon and Mouth), COPD                          41-42
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker CS                    living     Cancer (colon and skin), COPD                           20
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/ Honeywell   Brenda Bennett               deceased   Cancer (Colon)                                          43
GSA-IRS                               Worker EB                    living     Cancer (Colon)                                          58
KCP                                   Dewitt Brown                 deceased   Cancer (Colon)                                          26
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Renee Ellis                  deceased   Cancer (Colon)                                          **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker CF                    living     Cancer (Colon)                                          62
GSA-IRS                              Jeanette Johnson            deceased   Cancer (colon)                                      41
GSA-IRS                              Cynthia Littlejohn-Harris   deceased   Cancer (colon)                                      31
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SM                   Living     Cancer (Colon)                                      **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Donald J Nicholas           deceased   Cancer (colon)                                      66
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker KS                   living     Cancer (colon), bowel obstruction                   47, 51
Outside agency - iron worker         Leroy Eugene Larson         deceased   Cancer (colon), Parkinsons, asbestos related lung   **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker HB                   living     Cancer (colon), Tumors (fibroid), negative pap      **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   David Foose Sr.             deceased   Cancer (colon, metastasized to lungs and liver)     60
KCP-Bendix Contractor                Lawrence Winkler            deceased   Cancer (Colorectal), Parkinsons, heart attack       67
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker MJ                   living     Cancer (Endrometrial)                               47
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Kenneth R. Sloan            deceased   Cancer (esophygeal)                                 54
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JE                   living     Cancer (head and neck)                              59
KCP-Bendix                           Richard Nance               deceased   Cancer (Heart, liver and intestinal)                **
KCP-Bendix                           Worker HS                   living     Cancer (kidney and lung mastisized), Renal Cell     70
                                                                            Carcinoma, Lymph Nodes
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CB                   living     Cancer (kidney)                                     61
GSA-Federal Police officer           Worker MH                   living     Cancer (kidney)                                     38
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker PC                   living     Cancer (Kidney, bone and lymphatic)                 45
KCP-Bendix                           Gracie Lee McArthur         deceased   Cancer (kidney, renal and brain)                    late 30s
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Bill Lord                   deceased   Cancer (liver and lung), brain stem                 74
GSA-IRS                              Esther Ruth Brand           deceased   Cancer (liver, lung)                                70
KCP-Bendix                           Worker CP                   living     Cancer (lung and bladder)                           73
KCP-Bendix                           Jay Rumberger               deceased   Cancer (Lung and brain)                             53
KCP-Bendix                           Elza Scott                  deceased   Cancer (lung and brain)                             80
GSA-IRS                              Clifford P White            deceased   Cancer (Lung and brain)                             68
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Dewain Bahr                 deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       58
KCP-Bendix                           Eugene Barnes               deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       93
KCP-Bendix                           Troy Bedford                deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       46
KCP-Bendix                           Trent Bell                  deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       52
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker PB                   living     Cancer (Lung)                                       64
GSA-IRS                              Worker MB                   living     Cancer (lung)                                       43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Teresa Cavin                deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       51
GSA-IRS                              Gwendolyn Coleman           deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                       56
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                  Zeke Cornhusker         deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           68
KCP-Bendix                            Gillis M. Durbin        deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           72
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Worker AG               living     Cancer (Lung)                                           65
KCP-Bendix                            Paul Hammer             deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           77
GSA-USMC                              Ernest Kistler          deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           7
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Earnest Kistler         deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           45
KCP                                   Phillip Mullane         deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           77
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Barbara Jean Reynolds   deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           68
GSA-IRS                               Pat Rittenhouse         deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           60
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Worker JR               living     Cancer (lung)                                           50
GSA-IRS                               Deborah Szydloski       deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           57
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Deward Taylor           deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Anthony Williams        deceased   Cancer (Lung)                                           53
KCP-Bendix                            Carol Woods             deceased   Cancer (lung)                                           61
GSA-IRS                               Worker RR               living     Cancer (lung), chronic allergies                        51
KCP-Bendix                            Worker VS               living     Cancer (lung), COPD                                     75, 77
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Patricia Newsome        deceased   Cancer (Lung), Heart Failure                            40
GSA                                   Charles E. Elrichs      deceased   Cancer (lung, bone and brain)                           55
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Lynne Wenner            deceased   Cancer (Lung, skin and throat)                          60
GSA-IRS                               Janet Ann Mills         deceased   Cancer (lung, spread to brain)                          56
GSA-FAA                               Donald C Anderson       deceased   Cancer (melanoma), Hepatitis C                          57
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker CF               living     Cancer (melanoma), Tumors (cervical, uterine, fibroid   24
                                                                         breast), hysterectomy, arthritis, cervical pre-cancer
                                                                         cells, sinus problems (infections), anxiety attacks,
GSA-Contractor/Southern Foods/AramarkWorker ML                living     Cancer (Melanoma, occular melanoma)                     57
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   James S. Rogers          deceased   Cancer (metastatic prostate)                            68
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker RN                living     Cancer (Nasopharyngeal and Neck Lymph gland)            55
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Sam S Sellers            deceased   Cancer (non-small cell lung), COPD                      55
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Jack W Smith             deceased   Cancer (Oatcell, lung)                                  54
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Doris Haynes             deceased   Cancer (Ovarian)                                        48
GSA-IRS                              Worker JY                living     Cancer (ovarian)                                        71
GSA                                  Marcia Zidell            deceased   Cancer (Ovarian)                                        60
GSA-Payroll                          Eleanor Jean Merrell     deceased   Cancer (Ovarian, Breast and lymph node )                54
KCP-Honeywell                        Terry Price              deceased   Cancer (Pancreateic)                                    49
KCP-Bendix/Westinghouse              Fern Hansen            deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic and breast)                        70s, 86
GSA-IRS                              Worker MA              living     Cancer (pancreatic)                                   55
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Don C. Beymer          deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   58
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Gene Boyce             deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   59
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Neta Carden            deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   86
KCP-Bendix                           Bernard J Drees Jr.    deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   34
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Marion Giorgini        deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   64
KCP                                  Mary H. Jenkins        deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   81
KCP                                  Robert L. Jenkins      deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   67
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Delores O. Jessee      deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   65
KCP-Honeywell                        David Johnson          deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   57
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Joe Kondas             deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   47
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Keith Kuhn             deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   55
GSA                                  Robert Middleton Jr.   deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   55
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   David Owsley           deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   58
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   David Clark Powell     deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   61
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Donald D Smith         deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   63
GSA-IRS                              Rosa Ruby Smith        deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   71
Outside agency - contractor          Worker VT              living     Cancer (pancreatic)                                   84
GSA-IRS                              Jill Wilcox            deceased   Cancer (pancreatic)                                   51
GSA-IRS                              Mildred A. Wright      deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic)                                   74
GSA-IRS                              Dorys Ann Wilson       deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic), lung issues, asthma              72
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker BL              living     Cancer (pancreatic), renal stone disease, portal      63
KCP-Bendix                           Tommie Graham          deceased   Cancer (Pancreatic, metatasized to liver), insulin-   **
                                                                       producing tumor
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             David Borchardt        deceased   Cancer (pancreatic, suspected)                        66
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Harold Halley          deceased   Cancer (Prostate                                      **
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker DG              living     Cancer (prostate and kidney) chromophobic             62
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker RC              living     Cancer (Prostate)                                     53
KCP-Bendix                           Worker CF              living     Cancer (prostate)                                     61
KCP-Bendix                           Anthony Gonzalez       deceased   Cancer (Prostate)                                     78
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JJ              living     Cancer (Prostate)                                     51
GSA-Federal Supply Service           Worker SM              living     Cancer (Prostate)                                     54
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SM                living      Cancer (prostate)                                         56
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Worker EP                living      Cancer (Prostate)                                         **
KCP-Bendix                           Worker PR                living      Cancer (prostate)                                         62
GSA                                  Victor Rolen             deceased    Cancer (prostate)                                         59
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Reuben Nathaniel Tripp   deceased    Cancer (prostate), Chronic leukemia                       78
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Clyde Kelso              deceased    Cancer (Prostate), COPD,, Emphysema                       65
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Albert L Brewster        deceased    Cancer (Prostate), hodgkins lymphoma                      62
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker EB                living      Cancer (Prostate), Kidney Problem, Gallbladder            65
KCP-Bendix                           Worker BE                living      Cancer (prostate), Stroke, Asthma/Gout                    30+
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker DS                living      Cancer (Prostate), Tumor by ear, Asthma, memory           30
                                                                          loss, and nerve damage
Bannister Fed. Complex               Barbara Cotter           deceased Cancer (Rare Intestinal)                                     44
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                 Donald Vickers           deceased Cancer (Renal cell carcinoma)                                57
KCP-Bendix                           Worker ER                            Cancer (renal cell carcinoma), restrictive lung disease
                                                              kidney cancer                                                         47 and 65

KCP-Allied Signal                    Worker AG                living      Cancer (Renal), Tumor (Kidney), diabetic asthma           60s
GSA-IRS                              Sue Fitch                deceased    Cancer (Skin)                                             50s
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JV                living      Cancer (skin)                                             mid 50s
KCP-Bendix                           Worker RD                living      Cancer (Skin), anemia, leukemic cells, joint disease      72
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker DW                living      Cancer (skin), knee problems, disc problems               **
GSA-IRS                              Worker MO                living      Cancer (skin), Sarcoidosis, Non Hodkins Lymphoma,         44
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker BS                living      Cancer (Skin), Tumors (fibroid), hysterectomy             30
KCP-Bendix                           Lewis Cox                deceased    Cancer (small cell carcinoma)                             78
KCP-Bendix                           Rufus Earl Frisby        deceased    Cancer (small oak cell carcinoma, partoid)                45
GSA                                  Worker JS                living      Cancer (Squamous Cell Carinoma)                           63
GSA                                  Roy Edward Jeffery       deceased    Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)                          73
GSA-IRS                              Danielle Thompson        deceased    Cancer (stage 4 uterine)                                  50
KCP-Bendix                           Mary Pauline Campbell    deceased    Cancer (stomach)                                          62
KCP-Bendix                           Jerry Rayford            deceased    Cancer (Stomach)                                          40
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             James Marrion Merriott   deceased    Cancer (throat and tongue)                                57
KCP-Bendix                           Dora Farrar              deceased    Cancer (throat)                                           79
KCP-Bendix                           Harold Overstreeet       deceased    Cancer (throat)                                           **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker JB                living      Cancer (thyroid, spread into lungs), basil cell           65
Electrician                          Worker TE         living     Cancer (tongue)                                           59
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker DC         living     Cancer (uterine)                                          60
GSA-IRS                              Worker SD         living     Cancer (uterine), hysterectomy                            51
GSA-IRS                              Worker DV         living     Cancer (uterus), Hysterectomy                             61
KCP-Allied Signal/Benix/Honeywell    Annette Orlando   deceased   Cancer/Sarcoma                                            50
GSA-IRS                              Worker AT         living     chronic asthma and bronchitis                             25
GSA-USMC                             Worker GB         living     Chronic Bronchitis, Irritable Bowl Syndrome               34
GSA-IRS                              Worker MW         living     Chronic dry cough, chest and joint pain                   61
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker TK         living     chronic dry cough, tightness in his chest, night sweats   **
                                                                  and fatigue
GSA                                  Worker DS         living     chronic headaches, depression, skin rashes                42
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CW         living     Chronic illnesses                                         **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SL         living     Chronic Sinus Infection                                   28
KCP                                  Worker CN         living     Coats Disease, High Blood Pressure                        **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LD         living     COPD                                                      39
GSA-DOD/USMC                         Worker AM         living     COPD                                                      48
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LR         living     COPD                                                      **
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Worker CS         living     COPD                                                      49
GSA                                  Worker GT         living     COPD                                                      35
GSA-IRS                              Worker PH         living     COPD (broncial)                                           59
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker DH         living     COPD, Accute Brochanites, Asthma                          66
KCP-Bendix                           Martin Slyman     deceased   COPD, asthma, atrial fibrillation                         47
GSA-Treasury                         Worker AP         living     COPD, Asthma, chronic bronchitis                          50
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker PM         living     COPD, Asthma, Lung Disease, Hysterectomy                  45, 55*
GSA                                  Worker MJ         living     COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema                       51
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Worker RS         living     COPD, Emphysema, Asthma                                   45
KCP-Bendix                           Worker JS         living     COPD, emphysema, possible lung and liver cancer           81
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker SK         living     COPD, emphysema, scoliosis                                58
GSA-USMC                             Worker BB         living     COPD, enlarged heart                                      58
GSA-IRS                              Worker CR         living     COPD, fibromyalgia, depression                            38
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker EP         living     COPD, heart attack                                        57, 38
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CB         living     COPD, Hysterectomy, gallbladder                           38, 41 &52
KCP-Bendix                           Worker PB         living     COPD/Asthma, Hysterectomy, Gall Bladder                   70
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker TM         living     Degenerative spine and disk disease                       45
KCP-Bendix                           Worker TL         living     degentivative disc diease, arthirtis, Leukopenia          50
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JPF              living     diabetes, breathing problems                            55
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker DH               living     diffuse disease, left carotid endarterectomy, chronic   50
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SA               living     Dizziness                                               52
GSA-IRS                              Worker DG               living     emphysema                                               49
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             David Walters           deceased   emphysema                                               61
GSA-Childcare                        Worker KL               living     Emphysema, asthma, Bronchitis
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Harvard Yancey          deceased   emphysema, thyroid cancer, chronic cough                31
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SJ               living     end stage renal disease, headaches                      62, 45
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker KR               living     enlarged thyroid                                        52
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker GM               living     Eye and Knee Cysts                                      76
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker MC               living     fibroid cyst on ovaries, Hysterectomy                   39
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker LS               living     fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue                           47
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Gladys Mears            deceased   fibrosis of the lungs                                   60-71
GSA-Contractor                       Worker *A               living     Gallbladder disease                                     **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LP               living     Gallbladder disease, pancreatitis                       27
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SF               living     gallbladder problems                                    52
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker BC               living     Gout, diabetes, heart condition                         47
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JK               living     Graves Disease                                          43
VA                                   Worker DW               living     headaches                                               **
KCP-Honeywell                        Worker MC               living     Hearing problems                                        n/a
GSA                                  Worker MS               living     Heart and lung problems                                 75
KCP-Bendix                           Worker GM               living     heart attack, breathing problems                        67
KCP-Allied Signal                    Willie Dexter Watkins   deceased   heart failure                                           32
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker JR               living     Heart Failure, Breathing Problems                       57
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                    Worker VB               living     heart failure, Hyperthyroidism, anxiety disorder        49
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Tim Nelson Jr           deceased   heart problems                                          50
GSA-warehouse                        Bobby Rex Smith         deceased   heart problems, diabetes, asbestos                      **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker DD               living     heart problems, high blood pressure, colon problems,    49
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker RW               living     heart valve replacement                                 73
Outside contractor                   Worker JR               living     Heart, digestive and spine problems                     38
GSA-IRS                              Worker KW               living     hepatitis C                                             45
GSA-IRS                              Worker TB               living     high blood pressure, carpal tunnel, breathing           **
GSA-DOD                               Worker JC           living     Hypersensitivity, Pneumenitis                          63
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker BR           living     Hyperthyroidism                                        42
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Worker MF           living     Hypothyroidism                                         40
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker DB           living     Hysterectomy                                           38
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker LF           living     hysterectomy                                           **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker AF           living     hysterectomy                                           43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker SS           living     Hysterectomy                                           55
GSA-IRS                               Worker LS           living     Hysterectomy                                           46
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker TH           living     Inflammatory and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia    46
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker LM           living     kidney disease, high blood pressure, headaches         40s
GSA                                   Worker NC           living     Leiomyosarcoma                                         50
KCP-Bendix                            Joseph Christian    deceased   Leukemia                                               59
GSA-General Services                  Worker TH           living     Leukemia                                               51
KCP                                   Gregory Martin      deceased   Leukemia                                               38
KCP-Bendix                            Francis Maschler    deceased   Leukemia                                               42
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Angelina Nastasio   deceased   Leukemia                                               **
KCP-Bendix                            Worker MR           living     Leukemia                                               **
KCP-Bendix                            Lowell Smith        deceased   Leukemia                                               late 70s
GSA-IRS                               Worker LR           living     Leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic)                         70
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Dion Wright         deceased   Leukemia (Acute lymphocytic)                           44
KCP-Bendix/Honeywell                  Martin Shipley      deceased   Leukemia (Chronic Lymphatic)                           39
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Worker KE           living     Leukemia (Chronic Lymphocytic)                         32
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Worker GS           living     Leukemia (Chronic Lymphocytic) and interstitial lung   57
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Wilda Lois Braden   deceased   Leukemia (chronic myelomonocytic)                      74
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Thomas Walsh        deceased   Leukemia (Myeloid)                                     57
Outside Agency-Construction company   Worker LW           living     Leukemia, Gall Bladder removed, pancreatitis           68-72
KCP-Allied Signal                     Worker CD           living     Leukemia, Hyperthyroidism                              38
GSA-IRS                               Robert Lancaster    deceased   Leukemia, lung infection                               63
GSA-IRS                               Worker DB           living     Liver disease, Hepatitis C, high blood pressure        46
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Worker BH           living     Liver disease, hystorectomy, severe depression         24
KCP-Bendix Contractor                 Don Winkler         deceased   Liver disease, Parkinsons                              unknown
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker KB           living     lung and sinus problems                                49
GSA-IRS                               Worker JR           living     Lung Disease                                           59
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker PS           living     Lung Disease, diabetes, sleep apnea                    49
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CS           living     Lung Disease, pulmonary fibrosis                       **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker FR           living     Lung problems                                          81
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker TR           living     Lung Problems                                          **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Worker JS           living     Lung Problems                                          **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker TT           living     Lung Problems, Gall Bladder Disease, Sinus             33
KCP-Bendix                           Worker EF           living     Lung Problems, Hysterectomy, Bone Disease              30
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker KC           living     lung scarring, Migraines, Hypertension                 **
KCP-Allied/Honeywell                 Worker DR           living     Lupus, Hardening Arteries                              45
KCP-Bendix                           Robert DeLuca       deceased   Lymphoma                                               65
GSA                                  Worker MN           living     Lymphoma Diffused Large B-Cell                         73
GSA-IRS & KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix   Worker LO           living     lymphoma, neuropathy, hives, resistant pneumonia       32, 34, 75, 78
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker KH           living     Mantel Cell Lymphoma                                   47
GSA-IRS                              Worker RD           living     mass in stomach, arm and leg pain                      51
KCP-Bendix                           Worker TZ           living     Miscarriage , Non Hodkins Lymphoma, Birth Defect       37
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker *A           living     Miscarriages, Hysterectomy, Colitis                    25
GSA-MCFC/DFAS/other                  Worker *A           living     Multiple Myeloma                                       46
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Catherine Patton    deceased   Multiple Myeloma                                       49
KCP                                  John Hoefer         deceased   Multiple Myleoma                                       **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker SB           living     Multiple Sclerosis (Suspected)                         58
GSA-IRS                              Worker VAH          living     multiple sclerosis, depression, bipolar                40
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Worker CF           living     multiple sclerosis, respiratory distress               36
GSA-IRS                              Worker RS           living     multiple sclerosis, Thyroid cyst, goiter, overactive   **
                                                                    thyroid, memory loss, Rheumatoid Arthritis
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        James Eaton         deceased   multisystem organ failure, seizures, tremors,          53
                                                                    neurologic problems
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker SM           living     neurological problem                                   73
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker GR           living     Neuropathy                                             52
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker TN III       living     Neuropathy, fibromyalgia, liver/kidney with heavy      54
                                                                    metal poisoning
GSA - contractor                     Worker CH           living     night sweats, breathing problems, headaches, fatigue   28

GSA-IRS                              Worker RA           living     Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma                                  43
GSA-IRS                              Worker BL           living     Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma                                  39
GSA-IRS                              Delories M. Riggs   deceased   Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma                                  41
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker AR                 living     Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma                                     34
KCP                                  Harley Sartain            deceased   Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma                                     57
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Charles Randall Hawkins   deceased   Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma                                    73
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell   Barbara McKay             deceased   non-Hodgkin's lymphoma                                    54
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LL                 living     pancreatitis                                              37
KCP-Bendix                           Worker DM                 living     Parkinson's disease                                       68
KCP-Bendix                           Worker MK                 living     persistent cough                                          50
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker RM                 living     polymyalgia rheumatica, chronic arthritis,                62
                                                                          degenerative disc disease
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker LP                 living     Polyps/atypical cells, Sinus Chronic Infections           59
GSA-MCFC/DFAS/IRS                    Worker KS                 living     Respiratory issues                                        32
KCP-Bendix                           Jeanette Brown            deceased   Respiratory Problem                                       51
GSA-DOD/IRS                          Worker JC                 living     respiratory problems, fainting spells, frequent head      45
                                                                          aches with blurred vision
GSA-IRS                              Worker GW                 living     rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hysterectomy                **
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker JH                 living     Rhinitis, Bell's Palsy, Chronic Bronchitis, laryngitis,   **
                                                                          Asthma, herniated disc
KCP-Allied Signal/Honeywell          Worker EB Sr              living     Sarcodosis and lung disease                               48
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix             Worker PB                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               40
Bannister Fed. Complex               Worker SC                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               33
GSA-IRS                              Worker LD                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               **
Delivery worker                      Worker KD                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               45
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                        Worker CD                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               56
GSA-IRS                              Lucenthia Farste          deceased   Sarcoidosis                                               26
GSA-IRS                              Worker RG                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               38
Other-outside agency                 Worker JF                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               22
GSA-IRS                              Worker BJ                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               34
GSA                                  Worker DN                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               41
KCP-Bendix                           John Pledger Sr.          deceased   Sarcoidosis                                               **
GSA                                  Worker RP                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               38
GSA-IRS                              Worker RR                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               53
GSA-IRS                              Birdie Tillmon            deceased   Sarcoidosis                                               **
Outside Agency-pipefitter            Worker JT                 living     Sarcoidosis                                               39
GSA-IRS                              Worker SW                 living     sarcoidosis                                               50
GSA                                  Worker KW                 living     sarcoidosis                                               34
KCP-Honeywell                  Worker DY                 living     sarcoidosis                                           56
GSA-IRS                        Worker SU                 living     Sarcoidosis on the skin                               32
GSA-IRS                        Worker GL                 living     Sarcoidosis, hysterectomy                             39
GSA-IRS                        Worker BP                 living     sarcoidosis, hysterectomy                             43
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix       Worker JW                 living     sarcoidosis, Lung Disease, congestive heart failure   43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker WC                 living     Sarcoidosis, stroke, gastric bypass surgery           60
KCP-Bendix and GSA-MCFC/DFAS   Worker TG                 living     scarring of lungs, shortness of breath                47
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker SM                 living     Sinus Problems, headaches, pain all over body         52
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker AW                 living     Skin Disorder, thyroid disease                        34-35
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker RC                 living     Skin Problems                                         **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix       Worker SL                 living     sores on head                                         50
KCP-Bendix & GSA               Worker MC                 living     Stillborn Birth                                       31
GSA-DOD                        Larry Grau                deceased   Stroke                                                61
KCP-Bendix                     Worker WA                 living     stroke, heart attack, breathing problems              47
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker CW                 living     Systemic Mastocytosis, Blood and Skin Disorder        46
KCP-Bendix                     Worker CS                 living     Thymoma                                               59
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker CG                 living     thyroid cysts                                         39
GSA                            Worker SG                 living     thyroid disease                                       30
GSA                            Worker RH                 living     Thyroid Disease                                       **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker ZC                 lving      thyroid disease, fibrous disease                      48
not disclosed                  Worker *A                 living     Thyroid Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma         **
KCP-Bendix                     Worker SD                 living     Thyroid Problems, Goiter, fibromyalgia                20s
GSA-IRS                        Catherine Tousley         deceased   Tumor (Brain and cervical)                            51
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS              Lavelle E. Monroe         deceased   Tumor (Brain and ovarian), Hyperthyroidism            33, 35, 68
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix       Worker RB                 living     Tumor (Brain)                                         31
GSA                            Donald Blount             deceased   Tumor (Brain)                                         68
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix       Ken Gilmore               deceased   Tumor (Brain)                                         59
KCP-Allied Signal              Worker ML                 living     Tumor (Brain)                                         35
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker WH                 living     Tumor (Brain), Hysterectomy                           54
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker GW                 living     Tumor (Brain), lung disease                           45, 52
GSA                            William Van Compernolle   deceased   Tumor (Brain), Seizures                               42
GSA-USMC                       Worker AH                 living     Tumor (Breast)                                        56
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                  Worker LF                 living     Tumor (face), nerve problems, shingles                **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix       Alan Schloman             deceased   Tumor (Glioblastoma Brain)                            49
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/Honeywell    Worker LK       living     Tumor (Pituitary)                                    61
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker KP       living     Tumor (spine), left para spinal mass                 34
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Worker DM       living     Tumors (breast), unexplained bronchitis, recurring   48
                                                                 infections, recurring unexplained illnesses,
                                                                 unexplained scales on legs, clogged sweat glands
GSA-IRS/MCFC/DFAS                     Worker JM       living     Tumors (fibroid), Hysterectomy                       67
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker SR       living     Tumors (Fibroid), Hysterectomy, Asthma               **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker PB       living     Tumors (Fibroid), Hysterectomy, Lupus                43
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker SS       living     Tumors (Fibroid), miscarriage, hysterectomy          30
GSA-MCFC/DFAS/USMC                    Worker GD       living     Tumors (leg)                                         30s
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix/ Honeywell   Worker MG       living     Tumors (thyroid)                                     60
Bannister Fed. Complex                Worker RM       living     Tumors on back, Thyroid Nodules, Heart arrithmia,    45
                                                                 Intestinal problem (partial removal)
KCP-Honeywell                         Worker IT       living     Tumors, Heart Disease                                **
KCP-Allied Signal/Bendix              Worker ML       living     Tumors, Parkinsons, lung problems                    66
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker LS       living     Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, heart disease,        46
KCP-Honeywell                         Worker RC       living     Type 2 Diabetes, Neuropathy, heart attack            50
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Karri Sanders   deceased   unexplained death                                    **
KCP                                   Worker AH       living     unexplained headaches                                38
KCP-Allied Signal                     Worker JT       living     unexplained seizures                                 28
KCP-Bendix                            Worker FF       living     Unknown health issues                                **
GSA-MCFC/DFAS                         Worker DP       living     Uterine Fibroids, thyroid disease                    58
KCP-Allied Signal                     Worker MK       living     Wilm's Tumor                                         40

** age of diagnosis is unavailable

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