Cardiovascular Disease

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					Cardiovascular Disease Study Guide                                                    Name______________
Pgs. 343-348 & dictionary                                                             Period 1 2 3 4 5 6

 1.    Atherosclerosis/Arteriosclerosis=

 2. Thrombus=

 3. Embolus=

 4. Aneurysm (Brain/Aortic)=

 5. Cardiac arrest=

 6. Heart Attack=

 7. Heart murmur=

 8. Cardiac Arrhythmia=

 9. Hypertension=

10. Stroke=

11. Angina=

12. Cardiovascular disease is the # ____cause of death of adults in the U.S.

13. Cardiovascular disease occurs as the result of controllable and uncontrollable risk factors. List 4 of each.
   A.                         B.                      C.                     D.

      A.                       B.                     C.                      D.

 14. List the warning signs of a stroke:
   A.                                  B.                                     C.

      D.                               E.                                     F.

 15. List the warning signs of a heart attack:
   A.                          B.                     C.                      D.

16. List 6 choices of treating CVD diseases.
        A.                             B.                                     C.

           D.                          E.                                     F.