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									Professional Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: Beautiful, Brilliant Teeth the Easy Way

This article explores the differences between an over-the-counter and a professional teeth
bleaching treatment. It then goes on to explain how the treatment process works.

Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: An Overview

In our caffeine and nicotine-fuelled era of civilization, teeth whitening in Encinitas has become
one of the easiest and most affordable ways that you can drastically
improve your appearance! Let’s face it: there is probably at least
one thing you don’t like about your smile… perhaps it’s your front
tooth that you chipped as a teenager when you wiped out on your
skateboard, or maybe it’s the effect your 20-a-day smoking habit
has had on your pearly whites. But if there’s one thing that’s
constant across the board - whoever you are and whatever your
current standard of oral health and hygiene - if given the chance,
most people would opt for teeth that are a few shades lighter and
brighter. The great news it that this is what teeth whitening in Encinitas is all about! Tens of
thousands of people embark upon the treatment every year and achieve the dazzling results they
want without having to fork out huge amounts of cash or undergoing invasive, expensive and
painful procedures. Teeth whitening in Encinitas is a quick and easy treatment that can be done
absolutely any time; this is because you do it yourself!

Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: The Best Way to Brilliant

There are a truly staggering number of ‘teeth whitening’ products on
the market from toothpastes that promise sparkling white to
mouthwashes that guarantee stain-removal. What these products all
have in common is that they contain a bleaching agent, which is
mass-produced in a single dose for everyone who uses them. This is
the problem with using over-the-counter whitening products and the
reason why dentists will always recommend a professional       teeth
whitening in Encinitas: Because your specific needs as a patients
will be taken into account and a customized treatment plan arrived
at. Furthermore, the results you attain through teeth whitening in
Encinitas will be far more natural and beautiful AND you will avoid
any nasty symptoms such as gum inflammation, sensitivity and even
burning from developing. So, now that it has been established that a
professional teeth whitening in Encinitas the best solution for
teeth that have lost their brilliance, let’s explore how the treatment works:

Step # 1 ~ During your next dental appointment, you tell the dentist that you would like a teeth
whitening in Encinitas treatment.

Step # 2 ~ He will create a mold or impression of your teeth; this will aid in the fabrication of a
mouthguard or stent that will hold a special bleaching agent against your teeth.

Step # 3 ~ You return to the dental office the next day to pick up your custom fabricated
mouthguard and your special bleaching gel.

Step # 4 ~ That evening, you carefully line the inside of the mouthguard with the bleaching agent
and place it in your mouth for one or two hours, while watching Oprah or a rerun of Friends.

Step # 5 ~ You repeat step 4 every day for one to two weeks, until you have reached the desired
level of whiteness! Teeth whitening in Encinitas is that convenient, quick and simple!

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