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					Award Winning Comic Art….
                            Glenn Fabry                                      2007

• Neverwhere
                            Art Portfolio
• Preacher
                                                     Hello, my name is Glenn Fabry and
• Hellblazer                                         I am an illustrator.
• Batman                                             Previous clients include Atari, The Tatler,
• Slaine                                             Infogrames, Paramount Pictures, and
                                                     Marvel and DC Comics in the USA.
• Daredevil
• Thor
In side this is sue:

slaine                 2
Early work             3
Hellblazer             5
Graphic Novels         7
Games & cards          9

Preacher               11

Endless Nights         13

Other Projects         13

neverwhere             15

Anatomy Books          17

Figurines              17   Contact Details
authority              17
                               Glenn Fabry Studios
Work so far            18
                              116 Rodmell Avenue,
Contact                20      Saltdean, Brighton,
                              East Sussex, BN2 8PJ
                                 United Kingdom

                                    Tel / Fax:
                              (+44) 01273 - 300845

    Award Winning                             Page 2
Award winning comic art
My First Professional Work
I studied illustration at Richmond for four
years and my first professional work was
for punk rock group ‘The Stranglers’ when I
left art college. I also has a few
commissions for illustrations for magazines
like Ms London while I did the rounds with
my portfolio.

In 1984 I started work on
2000AD, Britain's flagship comic’s
weekly, which then had a
readership of upwards of
200,000 a week.

My main character was the Celtic
barbarian ‘Slaine’ written by
Pat Mills - I stayed with 2000AD
for eight years, while also pursuing
a freelance career which included
television advertising, magazine
covers and computer games
     MAY 2007                                                                                Page 3
 Glenn Fabry Studios -

Early Work
From the mid eighties onwards I was producing
mainly black and white comic strip line work on
2000AD characters such as Judge Dredd and Slaine.
Then my painted work started getting more attention
and I was commissioned for cover illustrations for
various E-map and Fleetway publications such as
Crisis and Revolver as well as freelance excursions
                                        magazines &

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    Award Winning                           Page 5
Award winning comic art
I moved to Brighton in 1990, after some
pre-production work for Paramount
Pictures and in 1992 started painting the
cover art for the DC Vertigo series
‘Hellblazer’ - recently filmed as
‘Constantine’ starring Keanu Reeves.
    Award Winning                                                              Page 7
Award winning comic art
Graphic Novels
Fore the next ten years I was primarily a
cover artist for a variety of publications
from both DC and Marvel comics in
America and have worked on well
known characters such as Spiderman, The
Hulk, The X-Men, Batman, Judge Dredd,
Daredevil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Vampirella, the Joker, Tank Girl amongst
very many others.

The vast majority of my work has been in
in comic strips for the past 20 years, for
which I've won numerous international
awards including an Eisner Award
(equivalent to an Oscar in the comic biz)

Most of my comic strip work has been
collected in graphic novel form, and my
cover art reprinted in books like ‘Vertigo

                                             Visions’ and ‘The Art of Marvel

                                             I also worked in 2004 with film director
                                             Kevin Smith on ‘Daredevil - Bullseye’ for
                                             Marvel comics and also ‘Thor - Vikings’
                                             for Marvel with Garth Ennis - also for

                                             My other graphic novels include:

                                             •     Judge Dredd - Batman -
                                                   Judgment on Gotham

                                             •     Slaine the King

                                             •     Slaine Demon Killer

                                             •     Slaine Tomb of Terror

                                             •     The Authority: Kev by Garth Ennis

                                             •     Thor Vikings by Garth Ennis

                                             •     Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights

                                             •     Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

                                             All of these have been reprinted around
                                             the world in many different languages.
     MAY 2007                                                                     Page 9
 Glenn Fabry Studios -

Games & Cards
I have worked on 'Magic the Gathering' &
‘World of Warcraft' card games and I've
also painted covers for computer games
including 'Desperados' and 'Dungeons and

                                           Dragons - Heroes' for Atari. My
                                           specialty is hand drawn & hand
                                           painted illustrative work,
                                           concentrating on dynamic imaginative
                                           character and the human figure.
                                                                                 Award Winning             Page 11
                                                             Award winning comic art
                                                             I also worked on the best selling Vertigo
                                                             series 'Preacher', for which I supplied the
                                                             painted covers.

                                                             Preacher is currently in pre-production for
                                                             HBO as a live action TV series.

                                                      My covers for Preacher have been collected
                                                      in book form, and won me the first of my
                                                      Insi de Stor y Headli ne

                                                      two Eisner Awards (an Eisner is the comic
                                                      strip Oscar). This is probably the work that
                                                      I am best known for in the United States.
“To catch the reader's attention, place an            Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon,
interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”
                                                      it’s a critically acclaimed highlight of the
                                                      genre. ‘Preacher - Dead or Alive’ collects all
                                                      my covers and features a written
                                                      commentary by me and Garth Ennis. The
                                                      collected Preacher editions ‘Gone to
                                                      Texas’, ’Until the End of the World’, ‘Proud
                                                      Americans’, ‘Salvation , War in the Sun’, All
                                                      Hell’s A Coming’ and ‘Ancient History’ are
                                                      available in bookstores worldwide.

Caption de-
scribing pic-
ture or
    Award Winning                                                           Page 13
Award winning comic art
Endless Nights
                               In 2005, I worked on the
                               New York Times best Seller
                               ‘Endless Nights’ by Neil
                               Gaiman which featured a      illustrate Neil Gaiman's
                               collection of artists        Neverwhere in 2005 for
                               working on his hugely        DC’s Vertigo Publications.
                               successful ‘Sandman’

                               I won my second Eisner
                               award for my part of this

                               This pretty much led on to
                               me being asked to

Other Projects
There have been a lot of     I’ve also drawn issues of
cover illustrations for US   Howard the Duck’, ‘Birds
comics and series of         of Prey’, ‘Global
comics including             Frequency’ and ‘The
‘Spiderman - The             Midnighter which appear
Thousand’, ‘Outlaw           in various collections.
Nation’, ‘Event Horizon’,
‘Gangland’, Swamp            I’m currently working on
Thing’, ‘The Trenchcoat      the ‘Greatest Hits’
Brigade’ and ‘Spawn the      graphic novel with David
Dark Ages’.                  Tischman for Vertigo.
      MAY 2007                                Page 15
 Glenn Fabry Studios -

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere’ has been a
novel and a television series. After the
success of ‘Endless Nights’ Vertigo were
looking for a follow up and I was picked
to supply the illustrations for this latest
incarnation of his well loved story.

It’s adapted by Mike Carey.

 It’s the largest body of work I’ve done on
any single project, and I had to design the
look of the characters and locations
without upsetting Gaiman's loyal fan
base. Suggested for Mature readers.

 This story can fit 75-125 words.

 Selecting pictures or graphics is an im-
 portant part of adding content to your

 Think about your article and ask yourself
 if the picture supports or enhances the
 message you’re trying to convey. Avoid
 selecting images that appear to be out of

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      MAY 2007                                            Page 17

Anatomy books
I currently have two tutorial books out.

'Muscles in Motion - Figure Drawing for the
Comic Book Artists, which is a printing of
my sketch books and 'Dynamic Anatomy for
the Fantasy Artist' for Quarto Publications.

Hellblazer & Preacher Figurines
                            Two popular characters
                            from the Vertigo range of
                            adult orientated comics.

                            This came from my cover
                            work in these publications.

                            I was asked to design these
                            - the sculptures are by
                            William Paquet.

Authority & Kev
     MAY 2007                                                                                                          Page 18
    Glenn Fabry Studios -

Work So Far...                                                             Wolverine, Gen 13,
                                                                           Spawn: The Dark Ages
                                                                           (with L. Sharp), Weird
•    The Green TV (in Working            1990, by Igor Goldkind).          War Tales, Gangland,
     Klass Superhero #1 & 2,         •   Computer                          Scarab (with T Luke) and
     1977 , 1980 by GF).                                                   many more.
                                         Games Covers
     Wrote and drew
     ‘JackinBlack’ for
                                         Incredible Hulk, Spider-      •   Collected
                                         man and Avengers,                 Works Batman/
     ‘Strangled’, official fanzine
                                         Speedball 2, Arcanum,             Judge Dredd: Die Laugh-
     of the Stranglers ‘81 -
                                         Desperados, Dungeons &            ing part one by John
                                         Dragons - Heroes - and            Wagner/Alan Grant
•    Slaine (by Pat                      many more.                        (with Jim Murray & Jason
     Mills) for                      •   Deadline                          Brashill). Slaine the King
     2000AD                              Magazine            Loveboy       by Pat Mills (Titan Books)
     Time Killer (in 2000AD                                                Also appears in The Col-
                                         loves Lovegirl (in
     411-412, 419-421, 427-                                                lected Slaine by Pat Mills
                                         Deadline, June 1990, by
     428, 431, 30 Mar - 6 Apr                                              with Mike McMahon
                                         B Ewins). Waltz (in Re-                                             sketchbook in print), Muscles
     1985, 25 May - 8 Jun                                                  (Titan Books) Slaine
                                         volver 3, Sep 1990, by                                              in Motion (my sketchbook in
     1985, 20 Jul - 27 Jul 1985,                                           Demon Killer by Pat Mills
                                         Tony Salmons). Prisoner                                             print again but with more
     17 Aug 1985. Inks by                                                  with Dermot Power (Titan
                                         of Justice (in Crisis 52,                                           text), Web of Spiderman
     Bryan Talbot #431). Tomb                                              Books). Vertigo Visions
                                         Nov 1990, by Alan                                                   (Marvel comics), Outlaw
     of Terror (in 2000AD 447 -                                            (with loads of other guys)
                                         Mitchell). One I Love (in                                           Nation by Jamie Delano
     448, 458 - 460, 7 Dec - 14                                            by Vertigo Books Endless
                                         Revolver Romance Spe-                                               (Vertigo Howard the Duck
     Dec 1985, 22 Feb - 8 Mar                                              Nights (with other artists)
                                         cial, Mar 1991, by G                                                (Marvel Comics), Dynamic
     1986). The Devils Banquet                                             - New York Times Best
                                         Ennis). Along for the Ride                                          Anatomy for Fantasy Artists
     (in 2000AD Sci-Fi Special                                             seller
                                         (in A1 #1, Oct ‘92, by                                              (some of my writing and
     Sum 1986). Slaine the King          Igor Goldkind).               •   Other Clients                     drawing plus a load of other
     (in 2000AD 500-508, 517
                                     •   Hellblazer                        Manumission (Ibiza night          people), Howard the Duck
     - 519, 13 Dec 1986 - 7
                                                                           Club), off-licence                (by Steve Gerber, one
     Feb 87, 11 Apr - 25 Apr             Covers 52- 88 Nov                 windows, caricatures, the         chapter), Global Frequency
     87). The Killing Field (in          91 to 1996                        Dept of Environment,              (by Warren Ellis), 3 covers
     2000AD 582, 9 Jul 1988,
     by Angie Mills). Slaine the     •   Preacher                          Paramount Pictures                for Sal Abbinanti, 8 Magic
                                                                                                             the Gathering cards, 5
     King (in 2000AD 589 -               Covers 1 - 66 1994            •   2003 - 2006
                                                                                                             covers for the Magnificent
     591, 27 Aug - 10 Sep                - 2000 plus specials,             work Dead or Alive                Kevin by Garth Ennis &
     1988). The High King (in            graphic novels & posters          collected Preacher covers         Carlos Esquerra for
     2000 Ad Yearbook 1992,
                                     •   Various Covers                    by me & Garth (DC                 Wildstorm comics: chapter
     Aug 1991). Demon Killer                                               Vertigo), Slaine the King
                                         2000AD, Deadline,                                                   three of the Kev: Authority
     (in 2000AD 852-858, 11                                                (by Pat Mills Titan Books),
                                         Crisis, A1, Vengeance of                                            saga, Event Horizon:
     Sep - 23 Oct 1993).Scatha                                             Thor - Vikings (Marvel
                                         Bane, Lobo; Portrait of a                                           Alternative cover Mamtor
     (in News on Sunday 1 - 6, 8                                           Comics Graphic Novel by
                                         Victim, Vertigo Jam,                                                Publishing, Neverwhere by
     26 Apr - 31 May 1987, 14                                              Garth Ennis), The Author-
                                         Lobo’s Back (graphic                                                Neil Gaiman & Mike Carey
     Jun 1987, by Pat Mills).                                              ity Kev (Wildstorm
                                         novel), Aliens/Predator                                             for Vertigo.
•    Tharg’s Future                      (Dark Horse Comics), The          Graphic Novel by Garth
                                                                           Again), Endless Nights        •   Currently
     Shocks (in 2000AD                   Human Torch, Vampirella,
                                         Teenage Mutant Ninja              (one of seven chapters by         working on;
     567, 26 Mar 1988, by
                                         Turtles, Spectre, Batman,         DC Vertigo by Neil                ‘Greatest Hits’ for DC
     Chris Smith). Portrait of the
                                         Tank Girl, Cauldron,              Gaiman), Monogram (My             Vertigo
     Artist as a Psychopathic
     bankrupt (Heartbreak Hotel
     3, Apr/May 1998, by GF).
•    Judge Dredd
     The Sage (in 2000AD
     577,4 Jun ‘88, by Wag-
     ner/Grant). The Power of
     the Gods (in 2000AD 600,
     12 Nov ‘88, by A. Grant).
     Talkback (in 2000AD 740,
     20 Jul ‘91, by Ennis, re-
     printed in Rock Power, Jan
•    A1 Bricktop (in A1#1-6a,
     May 1989 - Mar 1992, by
     GF & Chris Smith). A Day in
     the Life (in Crisis 39, Mar
        Glenn Fabry Studios
   116 Rodmell Avenue, Saltdean
       Brighton, East Sussex
              BN2 8PJ
          United Kingdom
   Tel / Fax: (+44) 01273 - 300845

Thank you for your time...
                 I am currently looking
                 for work in the
                 illustrative field and I
                 hope that you would be
                 interested in considering
                 my work for use in your
                 My contact
                 numbers are
                 All the best,
                 Glenn Fabry

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