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									Business Mileage Manual

Getting started
Go to the Setup tab and enter the various information for your business as shown in Figure 1

                                                 Figure 1

Creating a new trip template
Now that you have entered your business information, go to the Trips tab and click Create to create a
trip template. You’ll need to select a business, purpose, origin and vehicle. Once the desired information
has been entered, click Create. At this point you’ll see a new trip template in your trip list as shown in
Figure 2.

                                                 Figure 2
Recording a trip
You can now record a trip by first clicking on the desired template, filling in the end odometer
information and clicking Complete as shown in Figure 3. A new entry will be recorded in your Reports

                                                 Figure 3

Deleting an entry
You can delete entries by first checking the desired entries and then clicking the Delete button as shown
in Figure 4. This method works in the Trips tab as well as the Reports tab.

                                                 Figure 4
Filtering reports
By default, a filter is specified which filters by the current month when you navigate to the Reports tab.
If you would like to specify a custom filter, first click Remove followed by Filter then use the Filter By
date range dialog to specify a custom filter as shown in Figure 5.

                                                   Figure 5

Exporting Reports
You can export a report by clicking the Export button in the Reports tab as shown in Figure 6. Fill in your
email in the dialog to email the report to yourself.

Note: Some user have reported their reports getting caught by the Junk filter.
Note: The report is also saved to the SD card in the root folder as a csv file. You can access this SD file by
plugging your phone into your computer and using the phone as a hard drive. Please refer to your
phone’s user manual for more information.

                                                   Figure 6
You can access the settings for business mileage by click the Menu button on your phone then Settings
or going to the Setup tab, then clicking the Settings item as shown in Figure 7.

                                                 Figure 7

Figure 8 shows the various settings for business mileage.

                                                 Figure 8

Default Distance Unit – Sets the default distance unit used in the app. Either miles or kilometers are
supported. The default value is miles.
Automatically calculate round trip – When set, completing a trip records the total distance traveled for
the round trip. (Origin to destination to origin)
An example: Assuming I drove 4 miles to my destination, a total of 8 miles would be recorded. (4 miles
added for the return trip). The default value is on.
Default origin – The default origin to use when creating a template.
Default destination – The default destination to use when creating a template.

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