; HSB 4M0 Society Challenge and Change
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HSB 4M0 Society Challenge and Change


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									      HSB 4M0
Society Challenge and
 Course Outline
 Class Expectations

 Assessment and Evaluation

 Course Issues Introduction:

    • “White Flight”
    • Morality
    • The Apology
“White Flight”
   Bertrand Russell - "Most of the greatest evil
    that man has inflicted upon man comes
    through people feeling quite certain about
    something which, in fact, was false.“
    • Dangers of moral certainty – Burning
      Witches, Nazism, Stalinism, McCarthyism.
   Morals change depending upon the context
    • Peaceful Society: Mutual collaboration  Mutual
      benefit for the group.
    • War torn Society: Individual Competition 
      Individual benefit.
               The apology
 Apology – from Greek apo and logos
  (from speech)
 Then:

    • Meant to defend or justify one’s opinion
      / actions.
   Now:
    • Purpose is to accept responsibility and
      admit fault.
       Apologies and Society
“Mr. Speaker, on behalf of all Canadians and
  the Government of Canada, we offer a full
  apology to Chinese Canadians for the head
  tax and express our deepest sorrow for
  the subsequent exclusion of Chinese
  immigrants…Canadians, however, are a
  good and just people, acting when we’ve
  committed wrong. And even though the
  head tax-a product of a profoundly
  different time-lies far in our past, we feel
  compelled to right this historic wrong for
  the simple reason that it is the decent
  thing to do.”
                      Stephen Harper, 2006
                 And yet?
    • Apologies like this neither defend nor
      admit fault.
    • Rather, these apologies try to separate
      the wrong-doer from who they are or
      what they did and promote some moral
1.   What does the nature of apologies in 21st
     Century Canada say about our society?
2.   Are we too quick to apologize? Why or why
3.   What are the implications of casual
     apologies for society?

    TASK
     • Write a 250 word paragraph (one page
       typed double space, 12 pt. font) that
       discusses the above questions.
     • 10 Marks – 5 Marks Ideas & 5 Marks Comm
     • Due Friday September 10, 2010

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