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Facebook exploit


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    Copyrighted   2010   |   All Rights Reserved

     Im not responsible for any legal action
filed in by Facebook by any misuse or
actions that you have learned in this ebook.
Do not abuse, spam, or harass any member
at any point in time. This Ebook is simply a
guide to show ways of earning money on
Facebook. Im not responsible if you cannot
earn any money with the methods described in
this ebook. Me and many others do everything
that’s in this ebook and succeed with the
methods below.

1.Facebook is the largest social network in
  the world, with over 175 million active

2.Facebook has more viral channels than any
  other social network/similar website.

3.Facebook allows regular users to access it’s
  FBML format which allows users to
  customize everything!

4. Facebook is a billion-dollar industry that
   YOU want to be a part of.

1. The first step to creating your facebook
  social empire is your profile. When
  creating your profile you want to have a
  believable profile picture as well as
  something that will really appeal your
  targeted niche.

2. Proxies are a must when creating more
  than 5 profiles on the same IP. The ratio
  that you want to keep is 5 accounts per a
  proxy. It’s best to use the proxy that was
  used to create the account when using the
  account. If you use more than 5 profiles
  per a proxy you could be flagged as fake or
  spamming. (Take time in making your
  profiles as like many others when you put
  a lot of time into your links and pages it
  can also go straight down the drain if your
  profile doesn’t look legit.)

3. A common way to attract attention to your
  profile is through the use of e-whores.
  These are accounts of girls or washboard
  abed men that generally are appealing to
  the eyes of everyone. You need to find
  around 8-15 self-shot pictures that look
  appealing but make you look like a realistic

     You can find some good pictures by
      searching: Dumpster babes, self-shot
      chicks, mirror shots, hard abs, and
      washboard abs. I would stay away
      from watermarked images or popular
      people since it would be really obvious
      you’re not really that person.

4. Fill in the profile with any attributes that
  you want your profile to have. (If you
  don’t want your profile to be marked as
  fake or spam then you need to fill out all
  the info areas with info that would match
  the gender of your profile. If you were
  trying to match the profile of some hot
  chick then you would probably not like
  terminator, guns, and sport.)

5. To find friends you can do a multitude of

     Use a Facebook Bot (Facebook Friend
      Bomber, Facewizard) These programs
      cost money to use but they are well
      worth the time! You can get them for
      free but it’s not suggested (illegal).

     Post pictures of your profile person in
      big groups related to your niche. If
      you post up a hot picture than nobody
      can resist adding you and you will
      begin to get 10-20 people a day adding
      you just from that picture.

     Get active on a page of your niche and
      people will start adding you. You can
      post comments on the new statuses or
      start your own discussion In the fan
      page “discussion” tab. (I get around
      200 friend invites a day per a profile
      just by being active on my profiles and
      sharing info, tips, and talking about my
      profiles life.)
      Post status updates in which other
       people will comment on. (When others
       comment on something of yours they
       will publish their comment + your
       status on your page) You want to
       create a strong following of your
       facebook profile. If you want people to
       believe what you say in your future
       statuses that you want to earn money
       on them with you need to get their

 6.Don’t post anything with a download link or
   any link to an offer until your page is
   around a week old as it will probably get
   your profile deleted! Again don’t post stuff
   until you capture the trust of the people on
   your facebook profile!

                Fan Pages

    Fan pages are a huge way to market your
links on facebook. This is one of the best ways
to capitalize on facebook if done correctly.
After creating the facebook fan page you must
create a blog or a free blogger website that
claims the publishing rights of the fanpage
or all your work and effort will go down the
drain! You must publish a couple of relevant
articles related to you fan page as well. Never
create a fan page claiming to be the legit rep.
for a big name company or any company (for
legal issues).

         How to Create a Viral Page?

   1. Research some trending topics that you
       think others would like to join / know
       about. Usually things about girls,
       thoughts, love, or funny sayings go
       viral on facebook really fast so just
       think of some topics and act fast to
       monetize them! (If you watched
       American Idol and saw the “Pants on
       the Ground Guy”. Somebody created a
       catchy profile page that was about him
       and has over 3 million fans. That fan
       page is worth over $15,000 at least if
       you count each fan being worth $0.005
       which is the lowest price that should be
       accepted at current market.) Make the
       title of the fan page really appealing
       and pop out when others see it. A
       major portion of the people who join
        will be through chat feeds & invites so
        a name that stands out from the rest
        will get more attention!

 This is the profile picture for the fan page. Notice
how it is captivating and gets the attention easily
           even when seen as a thumbnail.

   2. In the case of fan pages.. a picture is
     really worth 1,000 words! One of the
     most important parts of your fan page
     besides the name of the page is the main
     profile picture! People love pictures!
     Google a picture that fits your fan page
     and is very exciting, funny, or strange.
     Make sure the picture also looks good in
     thumbnail view since that will go on the
     home page of all your fans.

Example of a picture I’ve used on one of my pages

   A picture like this grabs attention and members
    even told me they joined cause they liked the

   3. Some of the widely known ways to get a
     huge page is by promising something
     within the page. You can make a page
     for instance that says, “1,000,000 to
     keep the Gulf safe from Oil”, “Like this
  page to see Justin Beiber oiled up”, or
  “Like this page to see Miley Cyrus Kiss a
  Girl.” You may already know not to join
  these kinds of groups but 99.9% of
  people on facebook will join anything and
  don’t care about it since it only takes a

4. Facts about things also makes for a
  great fan page. If you know some wacky
  things that others might think is funny or
  unordinary people will join. With these
  kinds of groups you get people to join,
  they like whatever you have posted in
  the group, and then they will share all
  the info with their friends and in no time
  your facebook fan page will go VIRAL!

5. Stay active within your fan page!
  Whenever you get someone else to post
  something on your fan page you are
  going to get more members. If a fan
  posts on your page then whatever they
  post and the topic will be shown on their
  wall and home page. This is a huge way
  to get a steady flow of fans to join your
     So why is a facebook fan page so
important? Facebook fan pages are so
valuable for many reasons. You can post links
to your offers via the status updates. You can
sell your status updates to other people that
want to post something on your fan page. (The
current rate for this is $1 = 10k fans rounded
to the nearest $5. You can post a new status
update with a link safely every 4 hours. If you
have a ton of fans you can be raking in a
bunch of money daily just from status
updates.) Facebook is full of clickers so fan
pages is the perfect opportunity for you to
strike it rich with them! Never post a status
update with a link to something until you have
around 10k fans. (This is to assure your page
will not be taken down.) Some people use
viral scripts to get more members but facebook
is starting to crack down on the use of these
and you page can and will be terminated
quickly if you use a script like that. ( Some of
the scripts that can go viral but used at caution
because if abused your page will be taken
down are Ctrl+C, 3-step-add-me, and the java
code that tells users to invite all their friends.
You can Google these codes but it again is not
recommended you use them because they are
cracked down of very fast!)

      How do I know if my page is viral?

    True viral pages will grow about 40-60 fans
a second. I’ve seen some pages get to
300,000 members within the first day!

        How can I market my page?

     People on forums and over the internet sell
facebook statuses for their fan pages all the
time. The going rate is $1.00 = 10k fans. So
with this you can publish a link on the main
page of over 300,000 members of a fan page
for roughly $30. You may think this won’t
work but if your content is good and it is niche
targeted you can really see a good outcome
from buying a status.

How can I make 2 viral pages at the same

    When making a fan page I always try to do
make two of the same niche pages so that I
can milk every last member. You can link your
two fan pages to where someone joins one
page and they see a link to your other page
which is also a cool page about the niche they
are interested into.

                Bum Marketing

    What is bum marketing? Basically it is
profiting on the success of other users
creations or using free over looked techniques
to persuade a lot of users.

   Why bum marketing? You profit on the
pages that other people have already setup for
you! With little effort you can begin creating
your auto pilot income!

         This is my most favorite and by far the
easiest way to get traffic from facebook. For
this method you are going to need a good
picture that people will want to view or look at.
Make sure it is related to your niche so that
they know what you are offering. What you do
is search a for a facebook page. Type in
something really general such as “the” “love”
“girl”. These terms will often bring up a
plethora of fan pages with many being
1,000,000+ fans. Simply go to the page you
wish to target and post a picture of your niche
your wishing to share. Add a clickable link in
the description as well as a catchy caption with
it. People on facebook will click anything as
long as it has an enticing picture to go a long
with it! Depending on how many pictures /
posts you put up and how targeted the info is
you can generate a huge amount of traffic with
little effort. If you can find a fan page that is
really active then people will look at the photos
and links and the WILL see everything you

With bum marketing you can easily drive over
6k hits to your site within only one day!


   Don’t spam to much on facebook. Post
    meaningful messages with your links
    attached so you will get followers but not
    get flagged.

   Stay active on your profiles so that people
    don’t flag your profile as being fake.

   Post meaningful info to all your friends.
    People on facebook aren’t stupid but they
    also aren’t the smartest and they can be
    manipulated if the info is sound.
  Take caution to everything you do as
   facebook can and will delete all your hard
   work if you abuse the system.
              Link Tracking

     I recommend using Bit.ly. With this you
can see exactly where and how users are
accessing your content and it even tracks the
clicks countries. If you don’t use Bit.ly your
scrubbing yourself from proteintial knowledge
that you could have to better yourself with
your niche.
Thanks for purchasing Facebook DOMINATION.

   I will be creating a new ebook explaining
   Yahoo Answers DOMINATION very soon!

For support:

I will help you on anything that you need help
with. (Ideas, Pictures, and Advice)

Yahoo Messanger: brentwadkins@yahoo.com

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