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When I read the assignment, what came to mind was something I saw recently on the job boards, and ethical hacker. While I know what a hacker is, I hadn’t heard of an ethical hacker before and decided to do some research on it. We all pretty much know what hackers are. They are the ones that break into databases and steal credit card numbers. Sometimes hackers have a plan in mind for monetary gain, other times its just pointless malicious behavior. Either way, hacking in the United States is illegal, except if asked for, which is when a business would need an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker will go into a business and, at their request, hack the system to see if they can break in and access important data or see if they could slip in mischievous viruses or worms. This enables the business to see just how good their security measures are when it comes to thwarting any attempts to break in. Ethical hackers can also become certified by the EC-Council. In my mind, I see hackers as high schoolers (or junior high students) that have nothing better to than surf around and cause problems for other people. While that might have been true when I was younger, the hacker of today is older and wiser, not to mention much more sophisticated. Still, the idea of hiring a hacker to hack is funny to me, much like the kid who spent endless hours on the Atari dreaming of being hired to play video games all day long.

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