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									My name is Jeannine Tyler and I live in Atlanta with my partner and our four kids, ages 3-15. I currently work for a recruiting firm doing Internet researching and sourcing, which allows me to work out of my house. It’s great because I get to watch the baby do all his firsts and still work out of my home office. My specialization originally was Software Architecture, and while I loved the more business aspects of Architecture, I didn’t really look forward to the more advanced programming classes. I feel I got a good idea of coding and how it fits into software architecture from the basic courses, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to succeed at actually creating programs. Thus, I changed to a general specialization and had to choose a few new courses. This was one of them. I chose this class because it sounded interesting and I thought classes in security would be a good compliment to what I was already learning. I would like to work with databases as possibly a DBA, maybe even implementing database software on the functional or technofunctional side of things. I felt that security was related to this, and that this class would give me some good insight. While I deal with the Internet regularly, and have some basic knowledge of home security with our network, I don’t have any work or real-life experience with security, nor do I have any knowledge of forensics. I’m sure that most of the people in the class will have more experience than I do with network hardware and security protocol. I look forward to learning from that experience.

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