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        ******REGISTRATION DUE APRIL 16TH ******

Theme: “New Developments in Women’s Mental Health Research”
Date: Friday, May 16th , 2008
Location: Cummings Auditorium, Women’s College Hospital, 76 Grenville St.
Toronto, ON

To register, please complete the questions below and ret urn to ttpresearch@wchospit al.ca by
April 16 . Space is limited so we encoura ge you to respond ASAP.

There will be three 1-hour sessions with two sessions occurring simultaneously. For each time
slot, indicate which of the two sessions you will attend by writing in the appropriate number in the
space provided. (Please see schedule on next page for details.)

9:00 – 10:00 AM – Se ssion ________
        Session 1: Women’s sexual orientation and provision of services
        Session2: Life stressors and their impact

10:15 – 11:15 AM – Session ________
        Session 3: Adult survivors of child abuse
        Session 4: Reproductive life stages, mood and anxiety

11:30 – 12:30 PM – Sessi on ________
        Session 5: Intervention studies
        Session 6: Service needs in unique populations

12:30 – 2:00 pm – Lunch and Poster Sessi on
Do you plan to stay for lunch (and the poster session) Yes _____       No _____


Affiliation: _____________________________

Email: ___________________________

Can we include your name and email address in a list of attendees for distribution
at the conference? Yes ________ No ________
          5Th Annual Women’s Mental Health Research Day

                               May 16, 2008
                        Women’s College Hospital
                          Cummings Auditorium
                        76 Grenville Street, Toronto

8:00 – 8:45 AM – Registration

8:45-8:55 AM – Welcome and orientation

9:00 – 10:00 AM – Sessions 1 and 2

Session 1: Women’s sexual orientation and provision of services
 Women’s sexual orientation, mental health and mental health care use: Results from
   a Canadian population-based survey
      Lori E. Ross, PhD; Leah S. Steele, MD, PhD, Cheryl Dobinson, MA, Scott
      Veldhuizen, BA, Jill Tinmouth, MD, PhD
 Self-Disclosure Processes of Lesbian/Queer Women during Interactions with Mental
   Health Service Providers
      Andrea Daley, PhD
 LGBTTT Mothers navigating the adoption system: the impacts on mental health
      Scott Anderson

Session2: Life stressors and their impact
 A Qualitative Inquiry of Women’s Abortion Experiences
      Wendy Carter, PhD
 Diabetes and Mental Health: A Qualitative Study of Psychological Suffering in
   Women with Insulin-Treated Diabetes
      Mona Gupta, MD
 The Implications of Working with Female Trauma Survivors on Psychotherapists’
   Experiences of Intimacy
      Mary Kate Garrity, EdD (cand)

10:15 – 11:15 AM – Sessions 3 and 4

Session 3: Adult survivors of child abuse
 Examining the Distinctive Features of Adult Attachment in Women with Histories of
   Childhood Abuse
       Ritu Bedi, PhD (cand), Robert T Muller, PhD, Catherine Classen, PhD
 Memory for childhood abuse: Examining betrayal trauma theory
       Susan O’Rinn, BA, Vicky Lishak, BA, Catherine Classen, PhD, & Robert Muller,
 The impact of the Women Recovering from Abuse Program on clients’ attachment
       Catherine Classen, PhD & Robert Muller, PhD
Session 4: Reproductive life stages, mood and anxiety
 Characterizing Anxiety in the Perinatal Period: Research in Progress
      Diane de Camps Meschino, MD, Sophie Grigoriadis, MD, Lori Ross, PhD, Greer
      Slyfield Cook, MSW, Maura O’Keefe, MSW, Elaine Barrons, RN Alicja Fishell,
      MD, Sarah Romans, MD, Lana Bradley, MA
 Women, depression and hormones
      Sophie Grigoriadis, MD
 Mood in relation to the frequency and severity of hot flashes in a sample of recently
   postmenopausal women: a work in progress
      A. Morra, BSc, J. Blake, MD, J. Manson, BScN, RN, R. Moineddin, PhD, M.C.
      Tierney, PhD

11:30 – 12:30 PM – Sessions 5 and 6

Session 5: Intervention studies
 Results of an Outcome Evaluation of the Brief Psychotherapy Centre for Women,
   Brief Relational-Cultural Therapy (BPCW-BRCT) Model.
       Anne Oakley, PhD, Shirley Addison, RN, MHSc, Niva Piran, PhD, Gary
       Johnston, MA, Christine Dunbar, MD
 Body Image and Psychosocial Functioning in Women with Breast Cancer: Can We
   Fix What We’ve Broken? A Randomized Trial.
       Mary Jane Esplen, PhD, Ellen Warner, Karen Fergus, PhD, Jiahui Wong, Susan
       Clarke, PhD (cand)
 Motivational Interviewing for Women with Binge Eating Disorder: The Role of Self-
       Stephanie Cassin, PhD

Session 6: Service needs in unique populations
 Mental health needs and ways of coping among recent immigrant women from South
      Salaha Khan, PhD (cand), & Jeanne Watson, PhD
 The Role of Gender in Adult Children’s Perceptions of Elderly Parents’ Service
      N. Vitopoulos, BSc, J. Charles, MD, R. Moineddin, PhD, M.C. Tierney, PhD
 Empathic Understanding of the Mental Health Challenges faced by Two-Young Black
   Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto
      Edna Aryee, PhD (cand)

12:30 – 2:00 pm – Lunch and Poster Session

   Mental health services experiences of bisexual people in Ontario (Work in Progress)
        A. Eady, BA (cand), C. Dobinson, MA, A. Travers, MSW, A. Scheim, L. Ross,
   Development of an Adherence Scale for the Brief Psychotherapy Centre for Women
    Brief Relational Cultural Therapy Model (BPCW-BRCT)
        Shirley Addison, RN, MHSc and Anne Oakley, PhD
   Relationship Satisfaction, Commitment, and Sexual Satisfaction in Married and
    Cohabiting Heterosexual and Same-Sex Couples
        Christina M Yager, BA, Kelly B Smith, MA, Nina Mafrici, BA & Caroline F Pukall,
   Promoting Safety and stability in women with complex mental health needs: An
    outpatient psychiatric service for women
        Donna Akman, PhD, Cheryl Peever, MSW, Diane Whitney, MD
   Charting age-related and time-varying transition-related changes in psychological
    distress across the reproductive life course
        Gail Kunkel, PhD (cand)
   Sexuality and sexual orientation: A survey of the learning needs of mental health
        Greer Slyfield Cook, MSW, Lori Ross, PhD
   Street Involved Youth, Pregnancy and Parenting
        Katharine King, MA, Tara Fidler, MA
   Postpartum Sexuality: Research in progress
        Lana Bradley, MA, Lori E Ross, PhD, Meredith Chivers, PhD, Richard Pittini, MD,
        Laura Villegas, BA, Greer Slyfield Cook, MSW
   Understanding the Role of Culture in Postpartum Depression: A pilot project
        Lori Ross PhD, Sherry Thompson, RN, Kapri Rabin, MSW, Grazyna Mancewicz
        MSW, Paola Ardiles, MHP, Lana Mamisachvili, HBSc
   Physical activity and mood among urban Canadian women
        Petrovic M, Romans SE, PhD
   Analyzing Mood Variability in a Random Sample of Canadian Women
        S.E. Romans, PhD, M. Petrovic, D. Tang
   Why Are They at Risk? Postpartum Depression and Single Mothers’ Perceptions of
        Tracy M. Woodford, MPH (cand), Lori E. Ross, PhD

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