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Diversity in Action


									        Diversity in Action

Long before diversity became a front-page story in business trade
    publications, it was a point of focus at Frost Brown Todd.
                                                          FROST BROWN TODD Diversit y report

It’s understandIng you can’t
make progress standIng stIll.
It’s not a program. It’s a process. It’s not about numbers. It’s about people. It’s not
just about celebrating differences. It’s about understanding what we have in common.

These are the principles that have led Frost Brown       a Director of Diversity position at the firm — making
Todd’s approach to diversity to be recognized as one     a single person responsible for driving our efforts and
of the most progressive in the legal industry. But at    to ensure diversity was given the full attention and
its core, there is something much more fundamental       resources needed.
driving the firm’s growth and leadership in this area.
                                                         We are proud of the important steps we have taken.
We have turned our principles into actions.              However, we are even prouder of the difference
                                                         those steps are beginning to make for our firm. How
Long before diversity became a front-page story in
                                                         the importance of the initiative has grown from our
business trade publications, it was a point of focus
                                                         Diversity Committee and the Diversity Director. And
at Frost Brown Todd. In 2001, the firm sharpened
                                                         how Frost Brown Todd associates, senior associates,
that focus, with the Diversity Committee encouraging
                                                         partners, counsel and staff alike have proactively
recruitment and retention of minority and female
                                                         played an increasing role.
attorneys. Today — an ever-growing mentoring
program, a commitment to work/life balance, a            On the following pages, you will find some of the
corporate culture of acceptance, and an energized        stories that have resulted from these efforts, and the
women’s initiative continue that momentum.               progress we are making toward our ultimate goal…
Perhaps the strongest statement we’ve made about         Creating an inclusive environment that is welcoming
our commitment to diversity has been in creating         to all.

                                                         Frost Brown Todd recognizes that a diverse
                                                         organization is not only “right”, but is essential to
                                                         achieving our business objectives.

                                                         The firm has made a long term commitment to the
                                                         hiring and advancement of women and minority
                                                         attorneys and seeks to hire and retain the best lawyers
                                                         from all groups represented in society.
I feel I have an advocate here to pull me up through the firm.

                   “Competition for the best candidates is more challenging than ever, so
                    we need to identify them earlier in the process. That’s why we participate
                    in the Louisville Bar Association’s Central High School Summer Internship
                    Program, to help kids understand what it takes to get into college and
                    subsequently into law school.”
                           – John CroCkett, Partner
                             Chair, Attorney Development Committee
  FROST BROWN TODD PROFile:                    B o n i ta K . B l a c K , E l i o t B a s t i a n , J a s o n W i l l i a m s

It’s aBout attractIng and
keepIng the Best attorneys.
mentoring is key to accomplishing those goals. and Bonita k. Black feels
it’s one of the biggest strengths of Frost Brown todd’s diversity initiative.

Recruitment and retention of the sharpest attorneys is             “I was hired because of my qualifications, not my
an industry challenge. Frost Brown Todd’s response                 race,” says Eliot Bastian, a former medical analyst and
to that challenge was, and continues to be, formally               case manager for a prominent national insurance firm
structured mentoring programs that provide associate               before changing to a legal career. “But once I got here,
attorneys support and counsel for years to come.                   the Diversity Program has been a tremendous help to
                                                                   my career. I feel I have an advocate here to pull me up
“We are committing substantial financial and human
                                                                   through the firm. Not a week goes by that Kim Amrine,
resources to our mentoring, training and development
                                                                   the firm’s Director of Diversity, doesn’t stop by and
programs,” states Bonita K. Black, Diversity Committee
                                                                   check on me.”
Co-Chair and Training & Development Committee
Chair. “Our Executive Committee understands the                    The firm has also connected Eliot with an internal
importance of developing our attorneys and growing                 career coach who is helping him to expand his
the firm. They have demonstrated this by supplying the             business plan in a way that builds on his assets and
resources needed to assure our attorneys succeed.”                 helps him progress toward partnership.
The resulting growth in the mentoring program can be               “This might be two or three years away,” Eliot relates.
seen through the eyes of the attorneys it has helped.              “But it’s setting a vision for my career so I can grow
                                                                   business for the firm — and for myself.”
“The mentoring aspect is probably what I’ve benefitted
from most,” states Jason Williams, a senior associate              Mentoring programs. Career counseling. Growing
at the firm. “It’s given me a chance to develop                    practice areas.
relationships and openly discuss the issues involved
                                                                   Diversity. In action.
with being a minority attorney. It’s a very progressive
posture for firms in this area.”
But all of these efforts and programs would be hollow if
we did not have our priorities right. First and foremost,
we want to hire the industry’s best and brightest.

                                                            Bonita K. Black (left) is a partner in Frost Brown Todd and has
                                                            been practicing law since 1984. Her practice areas include
                                                            transactional law, telecommunications regulations, and
                                                            corporate and municipal finance law.

                                                            Eliot Bastian (center) joined Frost Brown Todd in 2003 as
                                                            a lateral associate from another local firm. He is in the
                                                            litigation department and focuses on bankruptcy, health
                                                            care, and insurance.

                                                            Jason Williams is a senior associate, and is involved in
                                                            mergers and acquisitions. Jason was a summer associate with
                                                            the firm in 2002 and returned as a new associate in 2003.
Today I work under a reduced billable hour schedule, putting me under less
pressure and — in my opinion — helping me perform better for clients.

                         “Several months ago I was really busy, working on an intense project
                          with three children at home. Two of my colleagues who work with similar
                          clients called me out of the blue and offered whatever help I needed. They
                          kindly said, I needed to ‘get a life.’ I was so impressed not only with their
                          willingness to help but their concern for me.”
                                  – Claria ShadwiCk, Partner
                                    Lexington Office
               FROST BROWN TODD PROFile:                     S u S a n H a l l , M u r r ay G r i e S S , K i M a M r i n e

It’s aBout BeIng open to
Ideas that help Balance lIFe.
“I love my position as a partner and director of diversity because
I get to grow and nurture what I already love about Frost Brown todd.”

It’s hard to find someone more passionate and                    balance of work and life outside of work,” offers Murray
energized by the culture at Frost Brown Todd than Kim            Griess, counsel for the firm. “They were very flexible
Amrine. That’s probably why she was named the firm’s             and very supportive. Today I work under a reduced
first Director of Diversity — a unique position among            billable hour schedule, putting me under less pressure
U.S. law firms where a minimum of one-third of her               and — in my opinion — helping me perform better
billable hours’ goal is applied to diversity efforts.            for clients.”
“It was the diversity and acceptance that brought me             In 2006, though, we got a glimpse of Frost Brown
here in the first place,” Kim offers. “When I joined I had       Todd’s culture, when Kim was diagnosed with
a young child and wasn’t your typical 24-year-old right          breast cancer.
out of law school.”
                                                                 “I had to stop working for six months to have two
Today Kim enjoys a unique and rewarding dual role                surgeries, go through chemo, and to take care of
at Frost Brown Todd, continuing to practice business             myself and my family,” relates Kim. “The firm was
litigation and advertising law while also helping to             fantastic. I got a card everyday for six months.
evolve the firm’s diversity initiatives like flex-time and       People from the firm took care of my yard. One of the
telecommuting. Senior Associate Susan Hall has seen              departments I don’t even work in sent me a freezer
tremendous benefits from these efforts.                          filled with frozen meals, then kept it full the whole time
                                                                 I was off. One of the partners even took me to my
“I have two small children at home, and now I’m
                                                                 treatments twice a month.”
expecting twins,” Susan relates. “The firm has been
great to me, reducing my billable hour goal by 15-25%            “We came together as family. It was the perfect
and letting me work 8:00-3:30. They also helped me               demonstration of what the diversity program should
move to Lexington so I could be closer to my family.”            be about.”
But the firm’s flexibility doesn’t only benefit the              Naming a Director of Diversity. Finding flexible
women attorneys.                                                 solutions. Supporting each other in times of need.
“I came to Frost Brown Todd looking for a better                 Diversity. In action.

                                                                 Senior Associate Susan Hall (left) focuses
                                                                 on commercial real estate transactions.

                                                                 Murray Griess (center), counsel for
                                                                 Frost Brown Todd, practices labor and
                                                                 employment law, representing a variety of
                                                                 large clients.

                                                                 Partner Kim Amrine is the firm’s Director
                                                                 of Diversity as well as a litigator, with a
                                                                 focus on complex commercial matters and
                                                                 advertising law.
 They create a dialogue so attorneys don’t have to worry about unspoken
issues. They can simply practice law and know that if they do good work,
   they can have a good career here. That’s what they’ve done for me.

                           “Many people think of diversity in very narrow terms — black and
                            white — but that ignores the reality that the gay and lesbian population
                            is nearly as large as the African-American population, while the Hispanic
                            population is larger than both. Understandings of diversity are changing
                            to reflect this. What we have done in the area of diversity, especially in
                            conservative Midwestern markets, is remarkable.”
                                   – Jack Harrison, Partner
                                     Pro Bono coordinator
                            FROST BROWN TODD PROFile:               S u S a n W i l l i a m S , B e r n i e m c K ay

It’s aBout apprecIatIng
people For Who they are.
to say Bernie mckay is active in the community would be a huge understatement.
currently, he works with equality cincinnati, a non-profit group working
for the equal treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.

He’s also vice chairman of the board of directors for     so attorneys don’t have to worry about unspoken
Caracole, an organization devoted to providing housing    issues. We can simply focus our attention on practicing
for the homeless who are HIV positive. And he is          law and know that if we do good work, we can
involved with the Women’s Crisis Center.                  have a successful career here. That’s what they’ve
                                                          done for me.”
“Sure, it takes a lot of time to work with these
organizations,” says Bernie the Attorney, as he is        Susan Williams has seen Frost Brown Todd’s approach
known around the firm. “But they are made up of good,     to diversity from a different side – one that goes
quality people. And when good, quality people ask for     beyond our relationship with her.
help, you have to give it.”
                                                          “The firm covers my domestic partner under the
That’s the same attitude Frost Brown Todd has taken in    health benefits plan,” Susan offers. “More importantly,
supporting Bernie’s work in the community, becoming       the firm makes domestic partners feel included and
sponsors of the annual benefit for Equality Cincinnati,   comfortable at firm events.”
Caracole and the Women’s Crisis Center.
                                                          Encouraging community outreach. Addressing
“Frost Brown Todd is the only law firm to be a Top        unspoken issues. Embracing a variety of
Level Sponsor for Equality Cincinnati’s and Caracole’s    family structures.
annual benefit,” Bernie continues. “The firm truly
                                                          Diversity. In action.
puts their money where their mouth is in terms of
diversity. And by embracing it, they create a dialogue

                                                          Partner Susan Williams (left) has been
                                                          practicing law since 1984 and has tried over 75
                                                          jury and bench trials combined. Her practice is
                                                          dedicated to major commercial and insurance
                                                          coverage, fraud and bad faith disputes.

                                                          Bernie McKay is a partner in the firm, as well
                                                          as vice chair of the Personal Planning and
                                                          Family Business Department. He practices
                                                          estate planning, trust and probate law.
Policies can be changed overnight — attitudes take time.

                 “We are particularly proud of our Women’s Initiative. It’s one thing to
                  elevate individual women to leadership positions — and we have a good
                  track record in that area — but it’s quite another to create a program that
                  connects all women in the firm to prominent women in the community.”
                         – Dick Erickson, co-managing Partner
                                   FROST BROWN TODD PROFile:                 Alison stemler, JAne sheA

It’s aBout connectIng In Ways
that strengthen relatIonshIps.
“I’ve seen great changes in the opportunities for women and minorities in my
career. there used to be more walls and double-standards than there are today.”

With that statement, Jane Shea provides insight to           “I’m probably too close to it to say for sure, but I would
the perspective she brings as co-chair of Frost Brown        say it’s benefited us most in recruiting and retention,”
Todd’s Women’s Initiative — a program that assists           states Alison. “We’ve recruited some wonderful new
in the development and mentoring of women lawyers            lawyers which I believe have made the firm better as
in the firm, and seeks to heighten their visibility in the   a whole. When we have a broader array of people for
community. Jane and co-chair Alison Stemler, have            our clients to work with, it strengthens our relationships
helped expand the program, networking opportunities,         with them. It broadens our ability to communicate
quarterly lunch and marketing events, and even events        effectively with them.”
that bring the firm’s women lawyers and women
                                                             Still, with all the growth and success of the Women’s
clients together.
                                                             Initiative, Jane and Alison say there is more to do.
“Our predecessors were very energized in this area
                                                             “Policies can be changed overnight — attitudes take
and deserve a great deal of credit for its success,”
                                                             time,” reveals Jane. “If people are not encouraged to
Jane claims. “The program is still evolving and gaining
                                                             change, they will not. They must be challenged.”
momentum. It’s not the only women’s initiative in
the market, but is the most prominent among large            Mentoring women lawyers in the firm. Heightening
law firms.”                                                  their visibility in the community. Challenging
                                                             traditional attitudes.
How has the firm benefited from the initiative?
                                                             Diversity. In action.

                                                             Alison Stemler (left) is a partner in the firm,
                                                             concentrating her practice on employee
                                                             benefits and executive compensation. She is
                                                             also a resource to a number of practice groups
                                                             throughout the firm.

                                                             Counsel Jane Shea works in commercial law,
                                                             primarily for financial institutions. She also
                                                             created and chairs Frost Brown Todd’s Privacy
                                                             Law practice group.
 It’s about diversity in thought. In experience.
And in embracing what makes each of us unique.

            “Our Diversity Program is still a work in progress, but we’re
             making good advancements. We have top-down support and bottom-up
             involvement. Plus inside-out activity through our Women’s Initiative.”
                    – Lori Landrum, Partner
                      Former Co-chair, Women’s initiative
                               FROST BROWN TODD PROFile:           Dick Erickson, ED Glasscock

It’s not aBout the numBers.
“turning a diversity initiative into a head-count is one way to
measure progress, but probably not a particularly effective one.”

That’s the opinion of Co-managing Partner Dick          about communicating. It’s about listening. It’s about
Erickson and you’ll find it mirrored by the other       talking to people in hallways and raising everyone’s
Co-managing Partner Ed Glasscock as well. Theirs is     consciousness — from the executive committee to the
a somewhat broader view of diversity, and it sets the   youngest attorney.”
tone for how the program manifests itself throughout
                                                        “There are some people on the outside who look at it in
the firm.
                                                        terms of how many more diverse lawyers we have now
“Diversity extends beyond race, gender and creed,”      than last year. But we think going through the process,
imparts Ed. “It’s about diversity in thought. In        raising consciousness, and making it a better place to
experience. And in embracing what makes each of         work is what’s important and right.”
us unique. At its best, it promotes camaraderie and
                                                        Can you measure that?
makes for a happier, healthier place to work.”
                                                        “We don’t think so.”
From their perspective, getting a firm to embrace
diversity doesn’t have to be complex, either.           Listening. Communicating. Raising consciousness at
                                                        all levels.
“When you think about it, diversity and inclusion
are really about simple things,” Dick reveals. “It’s    Diversity. In action.

                                                        Dick Erickson (left) and Ed Glasscock
                                                        are co-managing partners for
                                                        Frost Brown Todd.
At Frost Brown Todd, we believe diversity is not
     a luxury to our clients. It’s a necessity.

            “We move forward as a law firm when we empower our lawyers
             and staff to engage one another. We help mentor them to become true
             business partners by understanding differences, sharing successes and
             working together to achieve something remarkable.”
                    – Ed Glasscock, co-managing Partner
                                                            FROST BROWN TODD Diversit y report

It’s aBout never BeIng satIsFIed.
as you can see, we’ve taken a number of important steps toward having
a successful diversity Initiative, and we’re quite proud of the statements
our lawyers have made about how it has benefited them and the firm.

But we’re far from finished. And, frankly, we never        At Frost Brown Todd, we believe diversity is not a
will be.                                                   luxury for our clients. It’s a necessity. Today’s complex
                                                           problems need to be approached from varying points
As Co-managing Partner Dick Erickson has said
                                                           of view. And the more diverse views we can bring to
on many occasions, this is not a sprint — it’s a
                                                           the table, the better we believe the insight — and the
marathon. It’s going to take time and we will meet
                                                           solution that comes from it — will be.
some obstacles. However, as long as we stay focused
on our goal, we know we’ll always be running in the        Our clients deserve nothing less.
right direction.
                                                           For more information about our Diversity Program,
What is that goal?                                         visit us at Or contact our
                                                           Director of Diversity, Kim Amrine, at 513.651.6800.
To provide our clients with the best possible
                                                           And see why we say there’s only one way to
legal counsel.
                                                           approach diversity.
That happens when we provide them with the best
                                                           In action.
legal talent available. And with the most diverse points
of view.

                                                           Frost Brown Todd is committed to the ideal that the
                                                           firm can and should be managed so every employee
                                                           will be professionally fulfilled.

                                                           To achieve this goal, we operate so all partners
                                                           and employees have the opportunity to seek and
                                                           obtain challenging work and professional growth;
                                                           all partners and employees demonstrate mutual
                                                           respect, courtesy and concern for each other and
                                                           all employees are encouraged and permitted to
                                                           afford time and attention to their families and other
                                                           personal priorities.
T H I S   I S   A N   A D V E R T I S E M E N T.

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