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Landmarks through the Viewfinder


The digital camera viewfinder to monitor the image through the eyepiece part, and now the digital camera viewfinder eyepiece viewfinder only black and white and color viewfinder. But for professional-grade digital camera viewfinder for both black and white, black and white viewfinder for the photographer to correct more beneficial composition. Digital camera viewfinder, like the structure and its LCD screen, both with TFT LCD, while the difference is between the size and power consumption.

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									  Landmarks through the Viewfinder
                   50 Years of Preservation in Southern Indiana
              Request for submissions & explanation of juried photograph exhibit & conditions

To celebrate Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana’s 50th anniversary, the organization’s Southern Re-
gional Office invites submissions of photographs for a traveling exhibit Landmarks through the Viewfinder: 50
Years of Preservation in Southern Indiana.

The nonprofit preservation group invites professionals, students, and amateurs of all ages to submit photo-
graphs for the traveling exhibit. (We hope educators will consider incorporating the submission of entries in
their courses.)

• To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana and the contribution of its
  Southern Regional Office in influencing the preservation of the historic structures.
• To showcase the photographers’ talent and skill in capturing the spirit of historic places.
• To communicate to the exhibits’ visitors the values and benefits of preserving the structures for future

The 30 images selected for Landmarks through the Viewfinder: 50 Years of Preservation in Southern Indiana will be
exhibited at selected southern Indiana sites beginning in May 2010, in conjunction with National Preservation
Month, and ending in December 2010. Historic Landmarks will sponsor opening receptions at three of the
exhibit sites. At each location, exhibit duration will be 1 to 4 weeks.

Historic Landmarks is responsible for transporting the photographs to the exhibit sites and collaborating
with each site’s curator to present the exhibit in the most suitable arrangements.

I. Complete the entry form. Submit the photograph(s) on a CD with the entry form and entry fee to:
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Southern Regional Office, 115 W. Chestnut St., Jeffersonville, IN

2. Enter up to 5 photographs that meet the following criteria:
  A. Capture the spirit of the historic place. Image may show:
     • the building or structure only
     • the building or structure as part of a landscape, with or without people
     • the character-defining architectural feature(s) of the building or structure
     • outstanding restoration, severe dilapidation, or any condition in between
 B. Select historic southern Indiana place(s) as subject. Choose a place that’s at least 50 years old from one
 of the following counties (if you need help in selecting a site, the attached list might help spark ideas):
  Bartholomew                Gibson                      Orange                 Switzerland
  Brown                      Harrison                    Perry                  Vanderburgh
  Clark                      Jackson                     Pike                   Warrick
  Crawford                   Jefferson                   Posey                  Washington
  Dearborn                   Jennings                    Ripley
  Dubois                     Lawrence                    Scott
  Floyd                      Ohio                        Spencer

3. The photographs must have been taken by the person submitting the entry.

4. The photo must be submitted on a CD as a digital image or scan of a print in JPEF or TIFF format with
minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 8”x10” or 11”x14” (Xerox or other duplicated images and mass-produced
images such as postcards and posters are not permitted).

5. Include entry fee of $25 for up to five photographs. Entry fee is not refundable. The fee may be mailed
with a CD containing the images or you may place the fee on a credit card by including the following infor-
mation: name of cardholder, card number, expiration date, signature of cardholder.

6. Include with each photograph a copy of the Entry Application

7. Submit entry by 5 p.m. on March 1, 2010 via mail or hand-delivery to:
   Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana
   Southern Regional Office
   115 W. Chestnut St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Photographs will be selected for originality, photographic and artistic quality, and the degree to which they
fulfill the exhibit criteria. A panel of the members of Historic Landmarks’ staff and Southern Regional Council,
museum curators, and photography experts will select a total of 30 photographs for the traveling exhibit.

Historic Landmarks will print, mat and frame the winning images (unless the photographer would prefer to
make and supply the photographic print to exhibit specifications).

Historic Landmarks Foundation will notify winning photographers by March 31, 2010. Winners
will also be announced in a media release. Winning photographers will receive information concerning the
exhibit locations and schedule, reception dates, exhibition catalog, and press releases.

Photographers may offer prints of their exhibited photographs for sale during the exhibits. Historic Land-
marks Foundation will connect the photographer with an interested party so that the sale may be transacted
directly between buyer and seller.

The exhibited photographs become the property of Historic Landmarks Foundation at the conclusion of
the exhibit period (December 2010).Your entry in Landmarks through the Viewfinder constitutes agreement
to allow Historic Landmarks the right to exhibit the work in its offices, use the image in print and electronic
promotions that promote the Foundation’s preservation mission, and/or auction or donate it for fundraising
purposes to another nonprofit preservation organization. The work will not be reprinted or reproduced for
sale. All entries must be free of claims and rights of third parties.
Landmarks through the Viewfinder
                           Entry Application

 Each photograph entered in Landmarks through the Viewfinder must be accompa-
                  nied by its own copy of this entry application.

Name: __________________________________________                                      Requirements for entry
                                                                                      See the accompanying "Request for
E-mail Address: ____________________________________                                  submissions" document for detailed
                                                                                      entry guidelines.
Postal Address: ____________________________________
City: ____________________________________________                                    1. Submit your photograph
                                                                                      as a digital image on CD with the
State: _________________ Zip: _____________________                                   entry application (one for each
Daytime Phone: ____________________________________                                   photograph submitted) and entry
                                                                                      fee to:
Nighttime Phone: __________________________________                                   Historic Landmarks Foundation
                                                                                      of Indiana
Photo Title: _________________________________________                                Southern Regional Office
                                                                                      115 West Chestnut Street
Name and street address of primary historic place depicted:                           Jeffersonville, IN 47130
________________________________________________                                      2. Describe your photo on a
Southern Indiana city and county where photo was taken:                               separate typed sheet in 75 words
                                                                                      or less. Please include what ap-
________________________________________________                                      peals to you about this subject
                                                                                      and why you believe it is an
Approximate date photo was taken: _____________________
                                                                                      important historic place.You may
Identification of person(s) and other structures in photo                             also include within the 75-word
(if applicable) ______________________________________                                limit your motivation for taking
                                                                                      the photograph, what was hap-
________________________________________________                                      pening when you took the photo,
                                                                                      your feelings when you took the
Price of a print of this work ___________________________
(If you wish prints to be listed in the catalog as available for sale; see “Request   photo, what you learned from
for submissions & explanation of juried photographic exhibit & conditions.”)          the experience.

In submitting entry form, I agree to the guidelines, terms, and con-                  3. All entries must be submitted
ditions outlined in Historic Landmarks Foundation’s “Request for                      by 5 p.m., March 1, 2010.
submissions & explanation of juried photographic exhibit & condi-
tions” concerning its Landmarks through the Viewfinder traveling ex-                  If you have questions or need
hibit. I further agree that all photos I enter become the property                    more information please
of Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.                                          contact Historic Landmarks
                                                                                      Foundation of Indiana’s
Signature: ______________________ Date: _____________                                 Southern Regional Office
   Landmarks through the Viewfinder
                                                   Suggested sites
The following list is for inspiration only – photographers are not limited to these sites. For more information about any of these
locations, contact Historic Landmarks’ Southern Regional Office, 812-284-4534 or

Bartholomew County
Zaharako’s, 1316 Franklin Street, Columbus
Sand Creek Township National Register District, Columbus
Columbus Armory, 646 Franklin Street, Columbus
Simmons School, North State Road 9, Hope

Brown County
Stone Head Monument, on SR 135 where it runs into Bellsville Pike

Crawford County
Proctor House, Marengo, about one mile east of Marengo

Clark County
Bethlehem Elementary School, 2nd Street, Bethlehem
Beeler House, 360 Main Cross Street, Charlestown
Elks Building, 240 Spring Street, Jeffersonville
Lewman Building, 256 Spring Street, Jeffersonville
Cowman Building, 527-531 Spring Street, Jeffersonville
820 Meigs Avenue, Jeffersonville
Elliott House, 834 Walnut Street, Jeffersonville
Maschmayer House, 209 West Market, Jeffersonville
Gregory House, 313 Pearl Street, Jeffersonville
Preservation Station, 100 Preservation Place, Jeffersonville
Holzberg Staton House, 218 Logan Street, Jeffersonville
Grisamore House, 111-113 West Chestnut Street, Jeffersonville
Willey-Allhands House, 115 West Chestnut Street, Jeffersonville
Varble House, 125 West Chestnut Street, Jeffersonville
Quartermaster Depot, Spring Street, Jeffersonville
Colgate-Palmolive, Clarksville
John Work House, 3709 Tunnel Mille Road, Charlestown
Carnegie Library, Warder Park, Court Avenue, Jeffersonville
First Presbyterian Church, 222 Walnut Street, Jeffersonville
Richard Lewman Farm, 6020 Salem-Noble Road, Charlestown

Dearborn County
Carnegie Hall, 14687 Main Street, Moores Hill
Aurora Town Hall, Third and Main streets, Aurora
Crescent Brewery Caverns, 327 Second Street, Aurora
Laughery Creek Bridge, spanning Laughery Creek on old Highway 56 south of Aurora
Riverview Cemetery, 3635 East Laughery Creek Road at Highway 56, Aurora
Vereastau Historic Site, 4696 Vereastau Lane, Aurora
Hill Forest, 213 Fifth Street, Aurora
Manchester I O O F Lodge, Manchester
Jesse Hunt Hotel, 92 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg
High Street, Lawrenceburg
Dubois County
Bretz Building, 302 Fourth Street, Huntingburg
Finch House, Ferdinand, moved from English
Gramelspracher-Gutzweiler House, 1103 Main Street, Jasper
Kilian House, 415 Main Street, Huntingburg
Woollenman House, Ferdinand
Cabby O’Neill Gymnasium, 340 W 6th St, Jasper

Floyd County
Stoy-Moody-Shrader House, 141 West Main Street, New Albany
Pepin House 1003 East Main, New Albany
Isaac Smith House, 513 East Main, New Albany
Beard-Kerr-Kintner House,, 566 Georgetown-Lanesville Road, Georgetown
1746 Ekin Avenue, New Albany
921 East 11th Street, New Albany
Cardinal Ritter House, 1218 East Oak Street, New Albany
Brown-McCulloch House, 1605 East Spring Street, New Albany
Division Street School, 1803 Conservative Street, New Albany
Baptist Tabernacle, 316 East Fourth Street, New Albany
Scribner House, State and Main streets, New Albany
State Bank Building, 9110 State Road 64, Georgetown
Mount Saint Francis, U. S. Highway 150 at Paoli Pike, Floyds Knobs

Harrison County
Westfall House, 210 West High Street, Corydon
Leora Brown School, 400 Summit Street, Corydon
Leonard Carter House, Corydon
Breeden’s Bridge, O’Bannon Woods State Park over Blue River east of IN 62 about three miles south of Leavenworth
1850s Haypress Barn, O’Bannon Woods State Park, 7234 Old Forest Road, Corydon

Jackson County
House, 621 North Chestnut Street, Seymour
Farmers’ Club, 105 South Chestnut Street, Seymour
Travis Carter House, 410 Indianapolis Avenue, Seymour
Joe Jackson Hotel, corner of West Water Street and South Main Street,Vallonia
Medora Brick Plant, Brick Plant Road off of South County Road – 950 West, Medora
Post Office, 50 Emily Street, Seymour

Jefferson County
John Finley Crowe House, 172 Crowe Street, Hanover
Railroad Station, 615 West 1st Street, Madison
Eleutheherian College,6927 W. State Road 250, Lancaster
St. Stephens A M E Church, 210 W Main Street, Hanover
David Wilson House, 315 East 2nd Street, Madison
Elks Lodge, 313 E 1st Street, Madison
Masonic Lodge 583, Canaan
Ebenezer A M E Church, 409 Poplar Street, Madison
Broadway Second Baptist Church, 615 Broadway Street, Madison
Christ Episcopal Church, 506 Mulberry Street, Madison
Old Madison High School and Brown Gym, 2421 Wilson Avenue, Madison
Schroeder Saddletree Factory, 106 Milton Street, Madison
Jennings County
Eldo Hicks House, 142 East Brown Street,Vernon
Carnegie Library, 143 East Walnut Street, North Vernon
Park Theater, 25 N Madison Avenue, North Vernon
Jennings County Court House, 24 N Pike Street,Vernon
Walnut Grove School, Muscatatuck Park,Vernon
Downtown North Vernon National Register Historic District

Lawrence County
Moses Fell Building, 1015 16th Street, Bedford
Gus Grissom Home, 415 Grissom Avenue, Mitchell
William Wiley House, 15th Street, Bedford
1903 I Street, Bedford
1831 I Street, Bedford
Indiana Limestone headquarters, 405 I Street, Bedford
Lawrence County Museum 929 15th Street, Bedford

Ohio County
Ohio County Historical Society Museum, 212 S Walnut Street, Rising Sun

Orange County
West Baden Springs Hotel, West Baden Springs
Homestead Hotel, West Baden Springs
Oxford Hotel, Broadway Street, West Baden Springs
Dixie Garage, Sinclair and Broadway Street, West Baden Springs
Bungalow, Broadway Street, West Baden Springs
Artie Smith Log Cabin, near West Sinclair Street at French Lick Creek, West Baden Springs
Lingle House, 214 West Main, Paoli
Former Paoli High School, U. S. Highway 150 (East Main Street), Paoli

Perry County
Rickenbaugh House, Celina Lake, Hoosier National Forest, near St. Croix
Heim-Haury House, 109 Seventh Street, Cannelton
Obrecht House, 344 Seventh Street, Tell City
Schweizer Hall, 310 9th Street, Tell City
Mason House, 109 S 3rd Street, Cannelton
Perry County Courthouse, Tobin Township, Rome
Perry County Courthouse and Museum, Seventh and Taylor streets, Cannelton
Indiana Cotton Mill, 310 Washington Street, Cannelton

Ripley County
Tyson Auditorium, 100 South High Street,Versailles
Tyson Temple United Methodist Church, 325 West Tyson Street,Versailles

Scott County
Scottsburg Railroad Depot, 90 N. Main, Scottsburg
Garriott Grocery, 87 East Wardell Street, Scottsburg
Scott County Court House, 1 E. McClain Avenue, Scottsburg

Switzerland County
Hoosier Theater, 209 Ferry St,Vevay
Old Brick Privy, Courthouse Square,Vevay

Washington County
Beck’s Mill, Mill Creek on South Mill Creek Road, Beck’s Mill
Christian Tash Farm, 5902 East Blue River Road, Pekin
John Bowman Farm, Eastern School Road, Salem

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