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									                              Double Act

Book report
 Gemma Nakakura-Parry
      (with a little help from my dad)

             Double Act
             By Jacqueline Wilson

• Genre: Fiction
• main Characters: Ruby and Garnet
• Setting: In a house and in the school

 What if you had a twin brother or
sister, and did everything together?

This story is about two girls who are twins, but
     they are forced apart by having to go to
                 different schools.
 The main characters of this book are
  twin girls called Ruby and Garnet.

• Garnet likes TV, listening to tapes, chocolate, cake and
• On the other hand Ruby likes bunnies, base ball, swimming
  and tennis.
• Even though they are twins they each have their own
  personality and like very different things from each other.
• But they are still best friends and do everything together.
  They are a perfect `Double Act’.

            A few jokes from

    Knock Knock!         Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?         Who's there?
       Cats go               Atch
                          Atch who?
    Cats go who?
                          Bless you!
No they don't, cats go

                        Hello year 4

             A little about
               the story

• The story begins when the girls’
  mother dies and their father remarries.
• The girls have to move to the
  countryside because Dad and Rose (the
  stepmother) open a bookshop.
• The girls find the countryside strange
  and boring, but they choose to have
  fun by causing mischief.

                         Hi Miss Thomas

             A little more
            about the story

At the end of the book, the girls apply for
   a boarding school.
   Garnet gets a place in the school
   however her sister Ruby didn’t get a
   place in the school.
   So the twins won’t see each other for a
   long time but Ruby and Garnet keep in
   touch with each other.

                My opinion
The part I found weird was when
  Jacqueline Wilson described the twins
  as if they were two girls who didn’t
  know each other at all because she
  said the two girls liked totally different
  things from each other.

             More of an opinion
The part that upset me was when Garnet goes to different
  school and Ruby has no one to play with, and another part I
  found upsetting was when Judy took Garnet away from Ruby
  so Ruby got very annoyed and won’t speak to Garnet.
Because Ruby was very annoyed, she cut her hair off so she no
  longer looked like Garnet. I found this part funny.

                     Happy New Year

          My Conclusion

Are the twins going to be a `Double
   Act’ forever?
If you don’t mind lots of disgusting
   bits, like when Ruby put worms in
   the bully’s pants, then I
   recommend you to read this book.


Book report
Thank you for listening


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