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Chapter 14 Lecture 1

              Diversity Defined
   Human diversity
    • Visible
    • Less or invisible
   Diverse structural configurations
   Diverse processes

Global Organizations Emphasize
 Inclusive Networks When They
   a) reexamine their norms or traditional ways of
    doing things
   b) seek and value similarities as well as
    differences as sources of competitive
    advantage, and
   c) train people for skills that enhance a sense
    of inclusion

                      Diversity Initiatives
Communications                        Education and Training             Employee Involvement
CEO speeches                          Diversity briefings for managers   Task forces on diversity
Written diversity policy; diversity   Awareness training for everyone    Interest groups for members of
brochures                                                                diverse populations
Second language publications          Diversity skills training          Company time provided for
                                                                         diversity planning
Reports to the public or to           Multicultural team training        Networking groups
Press releases                        Sexual harassment training
Career Development                    Performance and Accountability

Mentoring                             Define behaviors that enhance
Succession planning for diversity     Monitor and report on diversity
Individual development plans          Link rewards to achieving
                                      diversity objectives
Assign people to diverse jobs over    Develop diversity measures that
a career                              are both qualitative and
Networking directories
Approaches to Managing Human
    Discrimination and fairness
    Access and legitimacy
    Learning

                                                              Strategic Responses for Managing Diversity and
                                                                          their Implementation
                                                                             Episodic                               Freestanding                                  Systemic

                                                                     1                                         2                                          3
                                                             Deny an assignment to an                 Choose to risk fines or other costs,       Choose geographic locations for the

                                                             employee because a client might          rather than engage in equal                business which avoid diversity / where
                                                             object to the employee’s                 employment opportunity practices           the local workforce does not contain
                                                             nationality, race, gender, age, etc.                                                protected classes
Strategic responses for managing diversity

                                                                      4                                        5                                           6

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pressures for Diversity
                                                             In response to a governmental            Regular sexual harassment training         Performance appraisal standards for
                                                             employment audit, provide a              which focuses on how to avoid legal        managers include specific targets /
                                                             workshop for protected groups on         liability                                  quotas for hiring of protected groups
                                                             “how to succeed by adapting to fit
                                                             into the organization”

                                                                       7                                        8                                             9
                                                             To increase diversity awareness for      Sponsor an annual event that               To ensure equal pay, program the HR
                                                             managers, bring in a speaker to tell     celebrates a protected group, e.g.,        computerized management system to
                                                             them how to value the diversity of       Special Olympics                           annually review and adjust pay
                                                             their employees                                                                     differentials between non-protected
                                                                                                                                                 and protected groups

                                                                     10                                        11                                          12
                                                             Pilot an employee network                Regularly include vendors, suppliers,      Different business units continually
                                                             conference that engages employees        and customers in the organization’s        share information about their diversity

                                                             and their managers in reciprocal         diversity training offerings to increase   successes and failures, then adapt and
                                                             learning activities                      their involvement in and contribution      integrate them into their businesses

                                                                                                      to diversity efforts

                                                                  Marginal                                                                                             Strategic
                                                                                                    Executive priorities for managing diversity                                                                             6
             Diverse Structures
   Hierarchical
    • Export office to functional to divisional to hybrids
   Internal horizontal
    • Networks, shamrocks, matrix, virtual
   Interorganizational
    • Joint ventures
    • Strategic alliances

            Diverse Processes
   IT—integration depends on infrastructures that
   HR—selection, development, and
    compensation in different nations and regions
   Labor practices and conditions
   Social responsibility and ethics initiatives