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BE-VIA 9.1 Na Fir Bolg
26/06/2011 – 9/07/2011

Description: Na Fir Bolg is a three day family festival (1/7-3/7) with the focus on folk music. The organisers want to provide an alternative for
commercial festivals. Therefore they choose to work only with volunteers from different organizations, many of them local. Last year the festival
received 6000 spectators. All profit of the festival goes to supporting local environmental conservation.
Type of Work: Building up and breaking down of the festival, electricity, water, tents, stages. Also creative input like decoration of the place.
Accommodation: In a house with garden in the proximity of the festival grounds
Language: English
Terminal Location: Vorselaar, near Antwerp
Notes: not accessible for wheelchairs accessible for children
Extra Costs: 0.00

BE-VIA 9.2 Boombal Festival
21/08/2011- 3/09/2011

Description: Boombalfestival (25-28/8) is a 4-days music and dance festival around folk music. Atmosphere and social contact are very important on
this small-scale and multicultural festival (2500 visitors/day) for young and old.
Type of Work: Building and dismantling of the festival (tents, dance floors, decoration, electricity, water, …)
Please note that work can be physically demanding and working hours are from 9-18h. Free time during the festival.
Study Theme: Study part around dance initiation and musical workshops.(Personal music instruments very welcome)
Accommodation: Only during the festival in tents
Language: English
Notes: Not accessible for wheelchairs and volunteers with children
Extra Costs: 0.00
BE-VIA 9.3 Fiesta Mundial

Description: Fiesta Mundial vzw is a volunteer organisation that wants to reach as many people as possible by organising a yearly worldparty with
interculturel activities. They want people to meet the many apsects of the North-South problems on a friendly way and let them taste the many
chances and possibilities 3rd world countries have to offer. They want to increase the attention and make people aware of the problems so they go
over to action for the benefit of those countries. The goal is enlarging the solidarity with other cultures and religions in Flanders and way beyond and
enlarging the livability in this world.
The festival starts on friday with a movie-evening in cooperation with local students. Music, dance, workshops, an exotic market and positive vibes
are the ingredients for the rest of the festival!
Type of Work: Mainly fysical work like building the festivaltents, setting up campingfacilities, decorating the area, building stages, arranging
watersupplies etc... The international group will support the group of local volunteers. During the festival you only work a couple of hours in the
festivalkitchen, the rest is time to relax and to enjoy. You get time to explore Belgium at the end of the camp: Gent, Brussels, Antwerp
Accommodation: International volunteers sleep in a little hut located at a camping, near the festival grounds. Common showers and toilets. In the hut
is a kitchen and a dorm.
Language: English
Qualifications: Showing of the local projects in the south that are helped by Fiesta Mundial vzw
Terminal Location: Balen, a little cosy town in the north of the province of Antwerp is surrounded by forests and sanddunes. Easy to reach by train
from Antwerp and Brussels. The area is flat and transport is by byclicle, offered by the organization.
Notes: Not accessible for wheelchairs
Extra Costs: 0.00

BE-VIA 6.1 JNM Zwartwerk

Description: JNM organizes camps for Flemish volunteers related to nature conservation and environmental issues all over the country, but this is
their only camp with international volunteers. It takes place in one of the last treasures of nature in the east of Flanders, the 30 km long valley of a
little river that runs through a wide variety of landscapes housing many rare plants and animals.
Type of Work: The work consists of mowing graslands (cut the vegetation and move it away from the grassland) and sawing away specific trees and
bushes in different areas of the valley. This helps to keep the nature ope and diverse and restores typical elements of this kind of landscapes.
Study Theme: There will be an informal study part about biodiversity and a guided visit to the heart of the park, a zone that is normally not open to
Accommodation: The volunteers stay in a cottage close to the work areas and have bicycles for transport. Shopping and cooking are done by
volunteers in a rotation system.
Language: English
Terminal Location: Koersel (Beringen), near Hasselt
Notes: Hard work, not available for wheelchairs
Extra Costs: 0.00

BE-VIA 6.2 Rizsas

Description: Rizsas is an alternative day centre for youngsters who, for various reasons, do not attend a regular school. Rizsas is a centre that
provides a setting through which youngster can find the time and space to find or redefine there interests and capacities. It is a small farm in a
village with indoor space for music workshops, handicraft, kitchen, PC and several multi-purpose rooms where activities can be organized by the
project and the youngsters. Together, youngster and facilitators are creating projects and shaping their working environment.
Type of Work: In summer, Rizsas provides a different working experience: the youngsters have holidays and won’t be there very often. Volunteers
are asked to work on the farm and to set things up for the youngsters when they come back in September/October. The youngsters have the
opportunity to help in the summer camp and to have an intercultural experience. This project is for volunteers who like to work for a soc ial project
and want to create a pleasant environment for the youngsters (renovating).
First week: Cleaning the place, weeding and harvesting, maintaining the garden, feeding the animals, working on the house (decoration, insulating,
renovating ...)
Second week: The youngsters possibly will start attending Rizsas, as regular school is starting as well. Aside from the renovating work, volunteers are
also invited to do activities with the youngsters. There will be time for workshops (cooking, creative projects, ...)
Study Theme: Workshop permaculture and intercultural exchange
Accommodation: Sleeping in tents on the grassland. Possibility to sleep inside also. There is a kitchen, 1 bathroom and 2 toilets.
Language: English
Terminal Location: Wezemaal, near Leuven
Notes: Volunteers with children are welcome. Open for wheelchairs although it will be difficult.
Volunteers can’t expect to work with the youngsters all the time. The purpose is that while they are working on the place they maybe inspire the
youngsters to help them and work together.
Extra Costs: 0.00
BE-VIA 6.3 Abdijhoeve

Description: De abdijhoeve is a totally new project. It’s a typical Flemish farm were they experiment with the name of “organic farming”
(permaculture), ecological living and alternative energy in a way of psycho-energetic thinking. It’s founded by 2 families with children. Planting new
crops, organic cooking, restore the farm in a ecological way, al ingredients for a totally fun work camp with a lot of new experiments. In the evening
there 're acoustic concerts. And it's also a preparation for a permaculture-festival in August.
You stay on the project and live on the farm. The farm is located in the green areas around Brussels.
Type of Work: Helping in the garden, organic cooking, restore the farm in an ecologic way
Accommodation: Staying at the project. No self-cooking possible, vegetarian food is possible.
Language: English
Terminal Location: Vollezele, around Brussels
Notes: Not ALL accessible for wheelchairs, families are welcome (bring your own tent with you)
Extra Costs: 0.00

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