Gamepad blueooth instead of ANDROID phones by golekrecehan


									Gamepad blueooth instead of ANDROID phones
I got a free of charge Android phone, the HTC Magic , with my tightfisted phone contract. Android is
fantastic, but I’ve each time wished it had a upright so I might type and occupy yourself games more
without doubt. I wondered if I’d be able to eternally grasp an outdoor upright, or even a gamepad, and clip
it on.

Well, instantly you can. Tiny bluetooth keyboards (and their drivers) with the purpose of design with an
Android phone are a fragment expensive and unreliable next to schedule of copy, but in attendance is a
tightfisted game controller: The BGP100 bluetooth gamepad:

So I bought solitary to try it not in.

Getting it to design though was tricky – this is all pretty extra, and I couldn’t recover a excellent how-to.
So I wrote solitary:

  1. Buy a BGP100.
  2. Download the Gamepro driver from the Android Market
  3. Switch Bluetooth on, if it isn’t already. For my HTC Magic (Android OS 1.5 I think) I press Menu,
select Settings, Wireless controls and tick Bluetooth.
  4. Enable Gamepro in you phone settings. For my phone, I press Menu, select Settings, Locale & text,
and tickMMG GamePro. Below with the purpose of be supposed to be MMG GamePro Settings.
  5. Open MMG GamePro Settings. Choose your Gamepad Model (Gamepad BGP100 instead of me, but
Zeemote JS1 factory too).

    GamePro Settings
  6. Scan instead of your gamepad by critical skim through to grasp the Bluetooth Address (switch it on
foremost – on the BGP100 the power switch is a sliding switch after that to the R button). You’ll need with
the purpose of attend to soon after, correspond with it down.
  7. Skip the Registration Key instead of instantly. Leave it break; foremost we need to test with the
purpose of everything factory.
  8. Hit [Save] to save your GamePro settings.
  9. Change Android’s current “Input Method”. Right instantly your phone is using a virtual trace upright
(or bodily upright if you gain one) as it’s Input Method. To conversion it to GamePro, long press on almost
several standard textbox (for illustration, start the standard robot messaging app, create a extra message,
press and carry inside the “To” field) and rap Select input method and select MMG GamePro. Then resign
with the purpose of app. Note with the purpose of you will gain to conversion the input method back
similar to singing. (I haven’t found a opportune way to prepare this yet – anybody need to correspond with
a widget with the purpose of toggles bluetooth and the input method?)
 10. Test. You be supposed to instantly be able to run to the Android homeland screen and custom the d-
pad (or joystick) to highlight icons.

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