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									The quarterly Newsletter of Oakridge United Church - Issue 17, June 2010

THE CHALLENGE:                                               with the traditional hymns. And the
TO BE PART OF GOD’S MISSION                                  children singing of Noah! How wonderful
 --Rev. Maggie Watts-Hammond                                 to work in a place filled with music!

There is a beautiful hymn that says:                         It’s been great learning together at our
                                                             Wondering Wednesdays study group
     Sing gently in springtime,
                                                             sharing ideas and questions, food and
     and join with the birds,
                                                             stories, and prayer and sometimes song.
     who warble their music,
                                                             The Adult Crossings study program we
     a song without words,
                                                             used has come to an end and we’ll look
     that floats through the air
                                                             forward to something different when we
     and that reaches the sky,
                                                             reconvene in the fall.
     a message of love
     to the maker on high.                                   Last week I was in Toronto to meet with
       (Frederick Alan Reesor)                               United Church people from across the
                                                             country at a Conference called More
So I’ve been waking in the park and
                                                             Franchises than Tim Hortons 2. In the
listening to the birds and the songs, as I
                                                             midst of glorious, sunny hot Toronto days
waited for the warmth of summer to
                                                             I was inspired by the speakers like Tite
really arrive. (I’m sill waiting). I was
                                                             Tienou who spoke so profoundly and
reminded that the song is sung by
                                                             challenged us to choose once again to be
animals that are working hard – building,
                                                             part of God’s Mission, rather than thinking
nesting, feeding chicks. And I was
                                                             God is just a part of our mission. He
thinking about how the music we sing is
                                                             spoke of the missionaries coming from
both our inspiration and our working
                                                             Africa to Canada and the U.S. today, to
songs. So thank you all for the music
                                                             reconvert us to an active Christianity. We
and the work that goes with it – the
                                                             have become the receivers of mission –
snatches of music I overhear from the
                                                             and learn anew the faith of our ancestors
Thrift Store, the children’s singing while
                                                             – that the good news of Christ is a
they plant and work, the laughter from
                                                             wonder to be shared in joy.
sandwich makers, and the almost musical
conversations as people slice strawberries,                  Have a look through this Newsletter for
the tinkle of good china for the Strawberry                  some of the highlights of our spring: We
Tea, and so much more.                                       Invited our MPs for dinner, we
                                                             gathered for a Strawberry Tea, we
All this is as well as the formal music –
                                                             worked hard on a Spring Sale, we
the wonderful music of the choir, the
                                                             celebrated Baptisms. We celebrated the
triumphal organ music from Madelene.
                                                             United Church’s 85th Anniversary. And
There have been wonderful extras like the
                                                             check out our website for more
―Gospel Boys‖ filling our hearts and ears
                                                             information and to see a few pictures.

OUR ANNIVERSARY PARTNERS                            Rev. Eric Skilling and I have plans for our
                                                    churches to share a small project with
To celebrate the United Church’s 85th
                                                    you in the fall.
Anniversary we were paired with two
other communities in other parts of the
                                                    St. Matthew-Wesley United Church in
country. I’d like to introduce you to our
                                                    North Sydney, Cape Breton is our
Anniversary partners:
                                                    other partner. They celebrated their
South Buxton in Ontario is near Lake                109th Anniversary in June. A. David Luker
Erie in the southernmost tip of Canada,             (Rev), and their congregation wrote us
made up of St. Andrew’s United in South             the following:
Buxton, and St. Luke’s in nearby South
                                                    We extend our best wishes and especially
Raleigh. They wrote us the following:
                                                    our prayers, to you the members of
We are pretty much a cash crop growing              Oakridge Pastoral Charge as we gather to
area, with corn, beans and wheat. Our               celebrate the 85th Anniversary of this
Pastoral Charge is surrounded by 100                great United Church of ours.
Wind Turbines as our landscape is very
                                                     On the 13 of June, we will not only be
flat, and being in the triangle between
                                                    celebrating our 85th United Church
Lake Huron to the North, Lake St. Clair to
                                                    Anniversary here in North Sydney but
the West and Lake Erie to the south, we
                                                    also the 109th Anniversary (9 June 1901)
have a LOT of wind.
                                                    of our present building with its
At St. Andrew's, we have an extra 1.5               Presbyterian heritage. It is our hope that
acres that is planted for the Canadian              you will have a most blessed day of
Foodgrains Bank. The crops are just going           celebration and praise as we thank God
in because of an abundance of rain this             for the many rich blessing He has
spring. It’s on the late end, but we have a         bestowed upon all of us as members of
good length of growing season, so it                His family. Our blessing and prayers go
should not be a problem. Although we                out to all of at Oakridge Pastoral Charge.
support the local food bank, we do not
                                                    Please say a special prayer for these our
see a lot of poverty in our communities. A
                                                    sisters and brothers in Christ in these
mission we are just starting, is to provide
a place for young families who are settled
in our farming community to get together
and share a meal and time together – it’s
                                                    BOARD & COUNCIL
not about the money, it’s about a busy
                                                     --Tom Holmes, Board & Council Chair
lifestyle with very little time to relax with
friends and neighbours.                             I do believe that Oakridge United is
                                                    progressing nicely. We have had to face
We pray for our folks who are burdened
                                                    adversity in the past but that is behind us
with dementia and Alzheimer's, both the
                                                    now. We have been fortunate that we
individuals and their families. We pray for
                                                    have received special leadership from our
safety for our farming folks as they work
                                                    minister Maggie.
long hours preparing the fields and
planting the crops. We pray that our rural          Sunday service attendance is holding up
churches strive to find mission in their            well. With occasionally a new person
rural communities. We give God thanks               joining us, the comments we receive are
that we have this starting relationship             that we are a friendly congregation and
with Oakridge United.                               everyone is made welcome.
Our choir provides us with special music           rehearsal we often speak of and pray for
and we are appreciative of their                   those who we feel need
contribution.                                      encouragement and prayer.
We now have an active Sunday School—               The choir celebrated the end of the choir
thank you Cheryl and Chrstine for making           rehearsal season with a Sunday lunch
this possible.                                     buffet party at the residence of Diane and
                                                   Don Wyllychuk. Bell ringers and singers
We are grateful for the special staff we
                                                   gathered to enjoy a wonderful variety of
have, although we have missed our
                                                   food from north and south India, the
dependable custodian Dave for a period
                                                   Philippines, as well as fresh fruits,
of time.
                                                   vegetable salads and desserts from all the
I take this opportunity to thank all who           musicians. The personal chef of Diane and
dedicate their time and talent to                  Don took care of kitchen duties – son
contribute to the work of our church.              Grant W baked the ham and served
Special thanks to Pat Pratt who, in                appetizers. Everyone appreciated the
addition to her many other duties, has             generosity of our host and hostess.
assumed the roll of Board Secretary on a           I shall be away all the Sundays of July
temporary basis. Pat, I do believe you will        and the first Sunday of August. The
receive some relief from this duty.                following guest musicians will serve
A special thanks as well to Cheryl and             Oakridge while I am on summer vacation:
those who serve at the Thrift Shop. We             Ginger Shaw will be here during July, and
are grateful for the additional revenue            Marc D’Anjou will take care of August 1st.
and service provided to our community.
                                                   I’ll attend the church music conference
We are fortunate at OUC for the blessings          which is in Victoria this year, and visit my
bestowed upon us. Thanks be to God.                Chemainus relatives. We’ll walk on the
                                                   beach and attend Chemainus United
                                                   Church. Then there is apricot jam to
                                                   make, visit my music professor in
MUSIC NEWS                           ♫             Bellingham, and enjoy a local music
—ALL THE NEWS FIT TO SING                          conference day sponsored by Northwest
--Madelene Klassen, Music Minister                 Music Company in the venue of St.
What a wonderful time the Choir has had            George’s Greek Orthodox Church, where
this Spring. Since Easter we had the fun           150 or so music directors gather to chat,
and challenge of learning ―Promised Land‖          keep up to date and sing new music all
with interesting rhythms and interweaving          day long, eat jelly doughnuts and enjoy a
musical lines, as well as renewing our bell        catered picnic. May you have a blessed
ringing skills and ringing ―Love Divine, all       Summer. Your continued prayers and
Loves Excelling‖, an arrangement I wrote           good wishes are really appreciated.
for our       bell ringers in 2007. Drew
Lemen          joined us as a new ringer
– so lucky for us with his energy, faith           SPIRITUAL NURTURE
and good humour. We are blessed with                --Dorothy Briggs, Chairperson
good singers who cheerfully volunteer              We have just completed the bible study
every week for practice and arrive early           with Rev. Maggie and look forward to a
on Sunday. At the end of our Thursday              new one in September. Approximately 12
                                                   attended and all are welcome.
                                                  givings and with summer approaching
Roy Stark’s bible study uses the                  please remember Mission & Service
     lectionary readings and will con-            commitments during July and August.
      tinue over the summer at 10:45am
    Sundays in the church library.
                                                  Don't forget our mandate - First for First.
Our prayer cycle continues and visitation         The first Sunday of the month is for First
to our shut-ins by Roy and Nancy Stark,           United Church. Check page 2 in OUC
and others, is faithfully done.                   Announcements in the June 13 Bulletin
                                                  for a list of non perishable food items
The Sunday School children are looking
                                                  needed by First United Church, or take a
forward to presenting ―Noah’s Ark‖ June
                                                  grey flyer from the narthex.
27th. It was quite a production painting
the rainbow last week! Approximately 6-8          Excerpts from First United’s May 2010
children attend Sunday School regularly,          News Update:
with more on special Sundays.                     1) Bunk beds have replaced pews in the
                                                     Sanctuary enabling 200 of the average
A question for you:
                                                     250 nightly sleepers to sleep on beds.
What does it mean to have faith?
                                                  2) A Time to Heal CD's are still available
Romans 12:9-21, Hebrews 11:1-12:2.
                                                     for purchase from the office or at
                                                  3) Join us June 30th as we celebrate the
                                                     Thrift Store's 1st Anniversary! Come
 --Doug Golding, Treasurer
                                                     share coffee & cookies outside the
                       MAY       Y-T-D               store and check out the mini sale at
                                                     340 East Hastings.
Contributions        $ 7,675    $ 46,818
Thrift Shop            3,138      10,660
Use of Facilities      7,950      36,996
                                                  THRIFT SHOP MARCHES ON
Total Income         18,763       94,474           --Cheryl Entwistle, Chairperson
Expenses             22,608       97,262
                                                  Successful Spring Thrift Shop Sale:
   (Deficit)        ($ 3,846)   ($ 2,788)         The annual Thrift Shop "Spring Has
                                                  Sprung Sale" held on May 8th was
Please keep in mind that through the
                                                  blessed with sunshine and warm
summer months the expenses of the
                                                  temperatures. A perennial sale, a table of
church continue. Therefore it is very
                                                  desirable collectibles, delicious home
important that everyone ensures that
                                                  baking, an array of brand new items, and
their offering come in regularly so that we
                                                  racks of boutique clothing for all ages and
are able to support our activities.
                                                  stages were the added attractions of
                                                  the day. Profits from the sale were most
                                                  acceptable and appreciated by all.
 --Rod Hourston, Chairperson                       Mark Your Calendars:
                                                  It is always nice to have a special
Mission and Service Fund
                                                  occasion to look forward to. The Thrift
Total to the end of May - $3,085.
                                                  Shop is currently planning a fall event:
This compares with a total of $2,985 in
                                                  "THE AUTUMN BONANZA". With fall
2009. We are falling behind in our M&S
                                                  comes canning, pickling, jam, jelly, and
relish production and the such. With the         June 20th was Father’s Day and The Rev.
help of the volunteers and members of            Michael Mandich preached as Rev. Maggie
the congregation we will dazzle our              was on study leave.
customers with fruits of the land.
                                                 On June 27th the Sunday School will gift
  Date.      Saturday, Sept. 11th
                                                 us with the story of Noah’s Ark.
  Time:      9:00 am to 1:00 pm
                                                 Maggie will be away on holidays July 25th,
Call for Volunteers:
                                                 and August 1st and 8th.
Do you have any free time to work as a
volunteer in the t Shop? We desperately          A special thank you to Iain & Robin
need help to sort donations, wash sale           Hammond for their assistance in trying to
items, iron clothing, fill shelves with          rectify the Sunday morning sound system
treasured items, and tidy shelves.               problems.
Reminder of our work bee times:
                                                 We thank Isobel Main for taking on the
Tuesday & Fridays: 0930 to 1230
                                                 task of getting people to purchase bulletin
Saturday:               0900 to 1:00
                                                 covers for 2010. There are still a few
Summer is upon us now and we need to             Sundays left.
find people to relieve volunteers for
                                                 The Worship Committee is looking for
holiday time. Please see the sign-up sheet
                                                 members to help with Communion and
in the Hall at coffee time on Sunday.
                                                 other Worship related tasks. For further
Rags for Sale:                                   information, please contact Mindy Lane
Do you have friends, family or neighbours        (604) 734-7921.
that need rags for a wide variety of tasks
i.e. painting, automobile maintenance and
repairs, furniture refinishing, or other         HAPPENINGS
projects. The Thrift Shop sells bags of
rags as follows:                                 The Abrahamson’s have had two special
Cut & folded rags $10 for large black bag        events happen this spring:
Uncut rags $7 for large black bag                On May 7th Shattered Productions used
 And of course ..... a million thanks to         their Vancouver home to produce a
those volunteers who come on a regular           segment of the movie ―Shattered‖ which
basis and make our job at the Thrift Shop        will be shown on Global in the fall. The
more fun and much more successful.               story of the movie is the life of a lad, who
                                                 is now a policeman.
                                                 On June 19th their granddaughter Michelle
WORSHIP COMMITTEE                                married Russell on the beachfront at their
 --Mindy Lane, Chairperson                       Point Roberts cottage. The bride made
                                                 her entrance, wedding dress and all,
On June 6th we celebrated the 85th
                                                 riding her horse, Dandy, along the sand
Anniversary of the United Church (June
                                                 to the big event. It was a memorable and
10th). We were twinned with another
                                                 happy day.
church, St. Matthew-Wesley United in
North Sydney, Cape Breton. We received           Holiday Plans:
anniversary prayers from them. Our               Win Waterhouse is enjoying a tour of
celebration included the Bell Choir at           England, Wales & Scotland including the
worship and we enjoyed a celebration             Orkney Islands. She will be travelling for
cake at refreshment time.                        about three weeks. We are looking
forward to having her back early in July.        instructions from Worksafe to avoid any
Rob Waterhouse will be visiting here in          heavy lifting.
Cheryl Entwistle is planning a couple of
trips this summer—Saskatchewan in July           G20 & PEOPLE OF FAITH
and Texas in August. As this Newsletter is       - WE INVITED OUR MP’S FOR DINNER
being compiled we understand she’s in              --Rev. Maggie Watts-Hammond
Kelowna for a few days to babysit a three        In the lead up to the meeting of the
year old. Good luck, Cheryl.                     leaders of the G8 and G20 Nations – The
Sharon, our church secretary, just               United Church and the organizers of the
returned from her summer holiday—a               Religious Leaders Summit asked us to
week in beautiful Oregon, travelling the         ―Invite Our MP’s to Dinner‖. They asked
coast and walking in the Columbia River          that as people of faith, we gather with
Gorge. The highlights were getting out on        people of other faiths to let our MPs know
the expansive sand dunes south of                that we are vitally concerned with issues
Florence, and then seeing some beautiful         of Peace, Poverty and Care of Creation.
waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.          So … we did! Oakridge United Church,
Did you know?                                    together with the Multifaith Action
Irene Biro, Marigold Bragg, and Marion           Society, the Baha’i Community and the
MacAulay were all born within one week           Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara; we
of each other in the same year, but in           sponsored a dinner and invited our MPs.
different countries. Anyone want to guess        Held at the Baha’i Centre, about 65
the three countries?                             people representing a variety of faiths
                                                 gathered together to share our views.
Lorna Persson wishes to thank people for         Both the NDP and the Liberal parties sent
the many cards, prayers and phone calls          representatives: Don Davies, NDP MP for
she has received from her church family.         Vancouver –Kingsway and Sukh Dhaliwal,
It has been a bumpy road. First, being           Liberal MP for Newton-North Delta and
knocked down in London Drugs, then a             Joyce Murray, Liberal for Vancouver -
small stroke while in Holy Family taking         Quadra was represented by Gabe
therapy after her hip operation, then            Garfinkel.
three ribs broken when a chair collapsed.
Lorna is at home now with full-time help.        In addition to the Christians, Baha’i, Sikh
                                                 and Multifaith sponsors, we were joined
Bessie Quirk had a quick visit to the            by Zoroastrians, Hindus, First Nations and
hospital, but now is back home. Always           people of other faiths.
cheerful, she reports she is OK.
                                                 The organizers had agreed, we wanted
We’ve missed seeing Cathy Mennie                 this to be a gathering to give ―Reason for
around, but she’s had several falls lately       hope, not justification for despair‖. That
that are keeping her close to her new            we wanted to support and encourage our
home at Shannon Oaks.                            MPs to do the right thing, not harangue
On a cheerier note, we were relieved to          them for what we disagree with. So the
welcome back our custodian, Dave, this           evening opened with a statement read by
past Thursday to start his gradual return        Maggie Watts-Hammond that said in part:
to work. He will begin with four-hour            “We know the challenges. We have heard
shifts on alternate days, and has strict         the statistics. We have seen the pictures
of black death spilling from the sea, of           piece made by Laura Sheahan.
children scrabbling for a few grains of
                                                   A highlight was the Gospelboys —14
wheat, of people grieving over broken
                                                   members of the Vancouver Welsh Male
bodies and a future annihilated.
                                                   Voice Choir. They entertained us with
There is a great temptation to believe the         spiritual music and ended with an Irish
situation is hopeless – that decisions will        blessing.
continue to be made in the same old way,
                                                   Our youngest attendees (grand-children
with the same results. That commitment
                                                   of folks in the congregation) helped draw
to greed, profit, power and individual or
                                                   the winning numbers for the door prizes,
ethnic pre-eminence will overwhelm the
                                                   which were lovely gift baskets and two
ability of the world to act in compassion.
We are tempted to believe that we have
no impact on the world. But we have                The net proceeds were $1,102 including
gathered to give reason for hope, not              the sale of some of the centerpieces. The
justification for despair. We have                 proceeds were given to the General Funds
gathered as people of faith, as people of          of the church.
goodwill, called by God or the spirit as we
                                                   Many thanks to Pat Pratt and her
understand it, to work together - not as
                                                   committee consisting of Mona
people of anger wasting our time on
                                                   Blusson, Margaret Boyes, Joyce
                                                   Livingston, Sharon Morrow, Wisty
We know the world cries out for                    Scarrow, Shirley Sharf, Carole Teather,
leadership, the whole of creation groans           Win Waterhouse and Val Weinert.
in the struggle for survival. So we have
invited you, our elected representatives
to offer our support for, and to ask for - a       COMING EVENT
new kind of leadership. We commit                   --Pat Pratt, Chairperson
ourselves to pray for, to work for, to
                                                   Mark your calendars now for August 11th.
support, and to demand that leadership.
                                                   That’s the evening for our 3rd annual
Inspired, Creative, Courageous
                                                   Family Fun Night.
leadership. We ask of you and your
colleagues “Go forth and do things                 Last year we enjoyed a ―Beach Party‖ and
differently!” Commit yourselves to                 this year we’re looking forward to a
principles of compassion that will guide           ―Western Night‖. So put on your jeans
you into that kind of leadership.                  and plaid shirts and join the fun.
                                                   It’s a family night so all children and
                                                   grandchildren have a special welcome.
                                                   Dinner will be hot dogs (maybe chili dogs)
 --Joyce Livingston
                                                   and much more. There will be games, a
Our second Strawberry Tea was held June            fish pond, crafts and singing for all. We
12 with over 80 people attending. Our              look forward to seeing you Wednesday,
minister, Rev. Maggie, welcomed the                August 11th—more details in the summer
guests and Janice Douglas acted as MC              bulletin announcements!
for the afternoon event.
The tables were set with fine china, and
each was adorned with a lovely centre-
                                                    WESTERN WOMEN’S CONFERENCE

                                                       Fri to Sun, Sep 24th – 26th OR
                                                        Mon to Wed, Sep 27th-29th
    157th Oakridge United Church
                                                            at Naramata Centre
          NEW Scout Group
                                                              in the Okanagan
Scouts is pleased to be re-establishing a
Scouting group at Oakridge United. We                 A retreat for women of all ages.
offer programs for boys and girls ages 5-          A time to be nourished and inspired,
26. Our programs focus on healthy active         to connect, reflect & simply be together!
living, leadership and environmental
stewardship.                                                Keynote presenters
                                                              Omega Bula
Using the outdoors and experiential
                                                             Donna Sinclair
learning as our methodology, Scouting
programs (Beavers 5-7yrs; Cubs8-10yrs;
                                                              Worship Leader
Scouts 11-13yrs; Venturers 14-17yrs;
                                                             Keri Wehlander
Rovers 18-26yrs) provide young people
with the skills and tools to be able to
                                                               Music Leader
make positive life choices and play a
                                                               Barb Myers
constructive role in society.
Are you interested in volunteering as a       
leader (training provided) and making a       
difference in the lives of youth in the               Tel. 1-877-996-5751 ext. 200
community and having fun –we can help!
                                                 Registration forms are on the brochure
Meetings will begin in the fall on Tuesday
                                                 posted on the board in the hall, and you
evenings in the Oakridge United hall.
                                                 can register on line. Do it now to be sure
                                                 of a place.
   For more information please contact
    Jennifer Koel at 604-230-8619 or

                                                        Oakridge United Church
                                                          Tel. 604-324-7444
    ------------------------------                         305 West 41st Avenue
    Newsletter Team: Jean Bartlett,
                                                         Vancouver, B. C. V5Y 2S5
    Dorothy Briggs, Joyce Livingston,
    Cathy Mennie, Sharon Morrow,               
    Pat Pratt, Diane Wyllychuk                


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