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									 “How to Make a Website That
 Interacts With the Web Using
        These Features”
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Would you like to know how to make a website that interacts with the web and greatly
increase the traffic in your site? One of the most effective ways to get people to view your
website on a regular basis is to create an interactive website. This means that you need to
think of ways to catch viewer's attention with some interesting gimmicks and not just rest on
having amazing content.

There are some tools in the web you can use in order to make your website more interactive
to your viewers. Here are some of them:

1. Forums and Comments

A great way to increase traffic into your site is by allowing your site viewers to communicate
with fellow viewers about the content you upload. This will give them a motivation to keep
coming back to your website as well as invite others to join in the bandwagon. Enabling
comment features and installing discussion boards will also help you build rapport with your
viewers. They can express their satisfaction and sentiments to your content and will enable
them to give out suggestions.

2. Videos

This tool allows your viewers to use all senses to appreciate your website even better. Videos
help them see, hear and understand the contents of your blog or website because they are very
entertaining and catchy. If you want to know how to make a website that interacts with the
web by using this feature, all you have to do is have a separate account in any video
uploading site and link it with your very own website.

3. Flash Games
Making your site more interactive to your viewers mean that you make them think, react and
let them enjoy responding in the process. Flash games allow them to give a willing response
to questions, riddles and puzzles that will make your site even more interesting. Of course
you have to be able to link this with your content so it doesn't look like a misfit or a blatant
propaganda to attract their attention.

4. Polls and Contests

Polls are surveys that allow your viewers to submit their votes or participate in voicing out
their choice among a given set of options. You can post a certain question or a feature in your
website that allows the visitors of the site to cast their votes. You can also hold a contest for
them to encourage them to continue to visit your site and recommend it to others. This is an
effective strategy if you want more people in your site because these act as incentives for
taking regular visits to your website.

5. Web Widgets

Widgets are interactive tools that contain real-time information or can perform a certain
function. Most websites use social media web widgets like Facebook, Twitter and chat
widgets to let their viewers know that they are streaming 24/7 and can be seen in other social
sites as well. This establishes presence all over the web and is a key feature that will let you
experience the benefits of knowing how to make a website that interacts with the web just by
installing widgets into your site.

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