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									                                CPCE Registration

Please complete this form and return it to Donna Schick ( in
the DeLand office (Davis Hall, Room 224) during the first 2 weeks of the semester
that you plan to take the CPCE.

Semester: ___________________________ Year: __________________

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone(s): ____________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

Program Track: _________________ Advisor: _______________________

Please note the following semester and year for each of the following:

Practicum: ____________________ Internship I: ____________________

Internship II: __________________ Expected Graduation: ____________

Cost: $40.00        Check payable to CCE due when you take the exam

You will be notified by email of the date, time and location of the test.

Please note: Study Guides are available in Donna’s office. Please keep the attached
information that provides other study resources.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Leila Roach at
Study Information and Resources
      Please refer to your Student Handbook for more information about the CPCE.
      If you want to review, Donna has pamphlets on her desk regarding the exam and a study
       guide. There are no specific study materials for the CPCE since it is very similar to the
       National Counselor Exam (NCE). If you want to go to the NBCC website at you can click on National Counselor Certification and Exam Information,
       then on View information on examinations. From there you have the option to click on
       sample questions, study guides, etc. for the NCE. From the NBCC home page, you can
       also click on CCE on the left side, and then find information on the CPCE in general.
      Students have reported that the flash cards work really well for review
      Other excellent study resources:
           o Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination by Andrew A Helwig
           o Dr. Helwig’s website:
           o Encyclopedia of Counseling: Master Review and Tutorial for the National
               Counselor Examination and State Exams by Howard G. Rosenthal Available at:
      Dr. March has worked out a deal with Linton Hutchinson to give you access to study
       materials at a reduced rate. Here is the information:

For students to subscribe at the reduced rate:
1. Go to the site's home page
2. Click on NCE
3. Scroll down and Click on the picture of "Dr. Hutchinson" on the main home page
4. When the little box comes up asking for a user name and password put in:
        Username: open
        Password: up
        (lowercase on both)

The review book for the NCE:
The Handbook of Review Materials for the NCE is a 170-page PDF file containing specific
EXAM CONTENT MATERIAL that is downloaded to your computer right away.

Please check out other information from Dr. Hutchinson's website regarding the state
licensure exams for Mental Health and Marriage & Family Therapy.

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