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					                       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Why do I have to take the Responsible Care® exam?
       The American Chemistry Council (ACC) requires that auditors for Responsible Care® must successfully
       complete the BEAC RC examination requirements. Reference the ACC’s document RC205.xx, which can
       be accessed at http://www.rctoolkit.com.

I submitted an application to RABQSA. Why do I have to take the BEAC exam and pay
another fee?
       All Responsible Care® Auditor applicants are required to successfully pass an examination to achieve
       full certification. BEAC’s Responsible Care® Auditor examination was finalized in April 2005, and
       under an agreement reached between the American Chemistry Council (ACC), BEAC, and RABQSA, the
       BEAC exam was made available to all Responsible Care® Auditor applicants. The exam fee paid to
       BEAC is to offset the costs of developing and administering the exam.

How much does it cost to sit for the BEAC exam?
       The fee to sit for the Responsible Care® Auditor Certification examination for non-BEAC CPEA
       applicants is $400. To become a BEAC certified Responsible Care® Auditor, an additional $95 is

What is the exam fee for BEAC applicants?
       For new applicants who wish to become a BEAC Certified Auditor (CPEA) in any of the certification
       programs, including Responsible Care®, the application fee is $120. The fee for the examination is
       $125 per part. Discounts are available for members of The Auditing Roundtable and The Institute of
       Internal Auditors.

How do I register for the exam?
       The exam registration form can be found on the BEAC website. No one will be allowed to sit for the
       examination who has not pre-registered.

Where and when will the exams be given?
       Exams will be given in various locations throughout the year. The exam schedule is available on the
       BEAC website.

Can I take the exam without submitting an application?
       Yes. Non-BEAC applicants who successfully complete the RC® examination will be granted a
       “Certificate of Attainment”. All examinees must pre-register to sit for the exam.

What is the format of the exam?
       The exam consists of three parts. Part I consists of 131 multiple choice questions and is focused on
       Basic Principles of Auditing; Part II contains 50 multiple choice questions and 10 short answer
       questions focused on Management System and Responsible Care® requirements; Part III requires
       answering three of four essay questions, focused on Understanding Management System Standards.

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What happens if I fail any part of the exam and thereby fail the exam? Will I have to
retake the entire exam?
       The overall score is an average of the scores of all three parts. You must achieve a total overall score
       of 70 to pass the BEAC Responsible Care® examination. If you fail to achieve an overall passing score,
       you would only be required to retake those parts of the examination which you did not pass.

Is there a fee for having to retake the exam?
       There is retake fee of $125 per exam part.

How long does the exam take?
       The exam is six hours in length. You are allowed two hours for each part.

What time does the exam start?
       The exam begins at 8:00 a.m. Examinees should arrive at the exam site at 7:45 a.m. to allow time for
       check in. All examinees must bring photo ID for sign-in.

What happens if I have to cancel the exam?
       BEAC requires that you give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. You can reschedule another
       examination according to your schedule. If you fail to notify within the stated time period, you will be
       charged a $50 no show fee.

Are there any study materials?
       The Responsible Care® Study Guide can be found on the BEAC website’s Responsible Care® page at
       http://www.beac.org/rcms-home.html. Click on the link to RC® Examination Study Guide. BEAC’s
       “Standards for Professional Practice of EHS Auditing” and “Competency Framework” can be found on
       the BEAC website at http://www.beac.org/guidance-gb.html (under “Guidance” on the main menu).

What is the basis of the exam? Does it cover more than one standard (RCMS/RC 14001)?
       The exam also covers Auditing Standards, and there are some questions relating to two other well-
       known management systems (OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and ISO 14001/19011). Digests of
       the standards are included in the Study Guide and will be provided during the exam.

What if I register and take the exam as a non-BEAC applicant and then decide I want to be
BEAC certified – what other fees would be required?
       Should you decide to pursue BEAC certification after you have registered for the exam and paid the
       $400 “exam only” fee, you would need to submit a BEAC application and pay an additional $95.

Is there a process for group exam processing? In other words do we get a break if we have
more than one person sit for the exam?
       There is no group discount available.

What is the turn around time for the exam results?
       The process for grading examinations takes four to six weeks.

Is it possible to have a proctor from BEAC come to our office and monitor the exam?
       Yes. BEAC will conduct an examination at your office. BEAC requires 45 days advance notice for
       special exam arrangements. If there are fewer than six examinees, your company will need to pay the
       travel expenses for the BEAC proctor.

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                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Does the BEAC Responsible Care® Auditor certification cover both RC14001 and RCMS?
       Both the BEAC and RABQSA certifications are for Responsible Care® Auditing. Auditors seeking to
       conduct RC14001 audits will need to conform with ISO 14001 requirements. The Audit Service
       Provider company is responsible for assuring the auditor meets these additional requirements. If you
       are already an ISO 140001 Auditor, BEAC Responsible Care® Auditor certification would also qualify
       you to perform RC14001 audits. If you are not already an ISO 14001 certified auditor, you would
       need to refer to the ACC’s RC205.03 Section 4.6, see http://www.rctoolkit.com/pdfs/RC205.03.pdf.

I am an independent auditor. I see to become a Responsible Care® Auditor I need 20 EMS-
related audit days. How do I get 20 audit days if I'm not yet certified? I am in the
process of linking with an ISO registrar to become an ISO lead auditor to work independently
with his company. Will these audits count?
       If you meet all other qualification criteria, including successfully passing the exam, you can be granted
       a “Conditional” certification, and will have until the end of 2005 to complete the required audits. With
       a “Conditional” certification, you can perform audits, but not serve as Lead Auditor.


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