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               DT1265    03/2011

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 FAX:    608-246-5632
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               Wisconsin Department of Transportation
               PO Box 7713
               Madison, WI 53707-7713                                  Available for free distribution to Wisconsin Residents only.
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 E-mail: materials-mgt.dbm@dot.wi.gov
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QUANTITY                                                                   QUANTITY
                            ALCOHOL and OTHER DRUGS                                                      BICYCLE–PEDESTRIAN–SCHOOL BUS
EACH                                                                       EACH
                 HS100      Blood Alcohol Content (wheel calculator)                        HS202        Bicycle Inspection Form
                 HS101      Blood Alcohol Content (pocket chart)                                         Getting There Safely: Ped/Bike/School
                                                                                                         Bus/Seatbelt Handbook (K - 3)
                 HS102      Cops ‘N Shops (door cling)
                                                                                            HS204        Bicycle Safety (poster)
                 HS103      Cops ‘N Shops (poster)
                                                                                            HS205        Blades are Sharp, Stay in Line (brochure)
Out of Stock     HS104      Cops ‘N Shops (freezer cling)
                                                                                            HS206        Put Yourself in Their Skates (poster)
Out of Stock     HS107      Alcohol: Some Questions and Answers
                                                                                            HS207        Road Sharing, Street Smarts (brochure)
                 HS108      Cops ‘N Shops (How To Guide)
                                                                                                         Road Sharing, Pedestrian/Bike in Line
                            Wisconsin Has A Drinking Problem               Out of Stock     HS208
                 HS109                                                                                   (poster)
                            (check stuffer)
                                                                           Out of Stock     HS210        School Zones Save Lives (leaflet)
Out of Stock     HS111      OWI Flow Chart
                                                                                                         School Zones Save Lives
                 HS112      Road Crew Report (Sheet)                                        HS210s
                                                                                                         (leaflet - Spanish)
                 HS113      WI Drunk Driving Law (Spanish)                 Out of Stock     HS211        Using Crosswalks Safely (brochure)
Out of Stock     HS114      WI Drunk Driving Laws (brochure)                                             Bicycle Safety: Wheely Good Idea
                                                                                                         (ages 8 - 11 handbook)
Out of Stock     HS117      Drug Recognition (brochure)
                                                                                            HS214        A to Z by the Bike (ages 1 - adult)
Out of Stock     HS118      Drugs That Impair (brochure)
                                                                                            HS221        Wisconsin Bicycle Laws (card)
                            Drug Impairment Training,
                            Educators Only (brochure)                      Out of Stock     HS222        Pedestrian Safety Quiz (for children)
Out of Stock     HS121      After the Arrest (brochure)                    Out of Stock     HS226        Bicycle & In-Line Skate Laws
                 HS128      CDL Refusal (check stuffer)                    Out of Stock     HS227        Two Wheel Survival (brochure)
                            Underage Alcohol Offenses and Related                                        Sharing the Road: Survival of the
Out of Stock     HS130                                                     Out of Stock     HS228
                            Penalties (sheet)                                                            Smallest (brochure)
Out of Stock     HS137      ID Request Sign (8.5” x 11”)                                    HS233        I Stop for Pedestrians (bumper sticker)
                 HS138      FAB ID Check (sheet)                           Out of Stock     HS234        School Bus Safety (brochure)
                            Drunk Drivers Seldom Kill Drunk Drivers                         HS235        Caution: Chris Crossing (poster)
                                                                                                         Share the Road with Bicyclists
                            Busted, Over the Limit Under Arrest                             HS237
                 HS142                                                                                   (bumper sticker)
                                                                           Out of Stock     HS238        Traffic? Get Over Your Fear (brochure)
                            Be Something, African American Female
                 HS154                                                                                   Bicycle Safety - What Every
                            (poster)                                                        HS239
                            Be Something, Male in White T-shirt                                          Parent Should Know
                 HS156                                                                                   Bicycle Safety - What Every
                            (poster)                                                        HS239s
                            Underage Drinking Fines and Penalties                                        Parent Should Know (Spanish)
Out of Stock     HS159                                                                      HS240        Get There by Bike (brochure)
                 HS161      Nada Drop (poster)                                                           Hey, Why Don’t You Watch Where You’re
                                                                           Out of Stock     HS243        Going (for driver education instruction)
Out of Stock     HS163      Drunk with Power (brochure)
                                                                                                         (refer to film catalog for video)
                            Crusade Against Drunk Drivers
                 HS165                                                                      HS244        Wisconsin Pedestrian Laws (card)
                            (Check Stuffer)
                 HS166      Crusade Against Drunk Drivers (poster)
                 HS168      Only 3 Beers (poster)
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QUANTITY                                                           QUANTITY
                         GENERAL SAFETY                                                    RAILROADS
EACH                                                               EACH
Out of Stock   HS302     Making the Good Turn (brochure)                          HS703    Key Safety Tips (brochure)
               HS303s    GDL Supervised Driving Log (Spanish)                              Operation Lifesaver: Look, Listen and Live
                         County Traffic Safety Commission                                  (brochure)
Out of Stock   HS305                                                              HS707    Operation Lifesaver (bookmark)
               HS308     Road Rage (poster)                                       HS709    Myths or Realities? (brochure)
Out of Stock   HS310     All About the Roundabout (limit 50)
               HS313     Bystander Care (poster)                                           SEAT BELTS
                         Move Over Law, Be on the Safe Side                       HS805    Click-it the Cricket (bookmark)
Out of Stock   HS328
                         (leaflet)                                                         Click-it the Cricket
                         Move Over Law, Be on the Safe Side                       HS806
Out of Stock   HS329                                                                       (activity booklet for kids)
                         (poster)                                                          Seat Belt Required in This Vehicle
Out of Stock   HS330     GDL For Parents (brochure)                               HS811
Out of Stock   HS331     GDL For Teens (brochure)                                          CHAD - Children Have an Identity
                         Construction Zone Safety                                          (3” x 5” sticker)
Out of Stock   HS348                                                              HS813    Kids Belong in the Back Seat (poster)
                         for Workers (brochure)
Out of Stock   HS349
                         Construction Zone Safety                                 HS823    Louie Clark’s Story (poster)
                         for Motorist (brochure)
                                                                                  HS824    Stay in the Game (poster)
               HS350     Construction Zone Safety (poster)
                                                                                  HS830    Child Booster Seat Law (card)
               HS351     Construction Zone Special (poster)
                                                                                  HS830s   Child Booster Seat Law (card Spanish)
               HS360     Vision Decision Truck Safety (brochure)
                                                                                  HS831    Child Booster Seat Law (sheet)
               HS361     Zero In Wisconsin (window cling)
                                                                                  HS831s   Child Booster Seat Law (sheet Spanish)
               HS362     Zero In Wisconsin (poster)
                                                                                  HS838    Click-it the Cricket (sticker)
                                                                                  HS839    Saved By the Belt Club (poster)
                                                                                  HS840    Saved By the Belt Club Application
               HS503     Share the Road (brochure)
                                                                                  HS841    Seat Belt Bag (plastic)
               HS504     Motorcycle Safety Month (poster)
                                                                                           Kids Count on You
               HS505     Motorcycle and Moped Statute Card                        HS842
                                                                                           (belt sleeve for auto/truck dealers)
               HS506     Ride Sober (brochure)                                             Kids Aren’t Cargo
                                                                   Out of Stock   HS844
               HS507     Ride Sober (poster)                                               (hang tag for auto/truck dealers)
                                                                                           Airbag Danger Zone
               HS508     Gear Up (brochure)                                       HS845
                                                                                           (placard for auto/truck dealers)
               HS509     Gear Up (poster)
               HS510     Organ Donation (poster)
Out of Stock   HS511     Get Trained (brochure)                                            Transportation Safety Video Catalog
               HS512     Get Trained (poster)                                              (limit 1)
                         Cycles Have Equal Rights                                          Transportation Safety Materials Order
               HS513                                                              DT1265
                         (bumper sticker)                                                  Form (limit 2)
               HS515     Rustic Road (brochure)                                            Transportation Safety Films Order Form
                                                                                           (limit 2)
               HS516     Riding in Work Zones (brochure)
               HS517     Get Licensed (brochure)
               HS518     Get Licensed (poster)
Out of Stock   HS520     Mopeds (brochure)
                         Full Gear, Fool’s Gear
                         (11” x 12” poster)
               HS522     Vision Test (leaflet)
               HS523     Rustic Roads (poster)
               HS524     Work Zones (poster)
               HS525     Mopeds (poster)
                         Advanced Training,
Out of Stock   HS526
                         Motorcycle Program (brochure)
                         Advanced Training,
                         Motorcycle Program (poster)
                         Wisconsin’s Motorcycle
                         Safety Program (brochure)

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