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									    Think Dot Choice Board MINIa
Using cubes,                Draw a diagram      Write a number
make a model                using a key that    sentence in
                            represents a
for an odd                                      which the sum is
                            number less than
number between                                  greater than 50.
                            100 and more than
50-70.                      50.

Using a die and blank       Write a number      Pick a number greater
hundred grid, record each                       than 20 and less than
throw by coloring in the    sentence in which
                                                70. Create a
corresponding number of     the difference is   diagram/model to
boxes. After four throws
write the total number of
                            less than 100 but   represent the number.
boxes colored by using      more than 50.
_tens_ones format.
   Think Dot Choice Board MINIb
Draw a set of tally       Count the boys and      If there were 6 horses
marks less than           girls in your class.    in your backyard, how
                          Using pictures,         many legs would you
25 and more than                                  see? Using pictures,
                          numbers, and words
10. Explain what          show your answer.       numbers, and words,
each mark                                         explain your answer.

Fill a bag with 50        Ask five students how   Write your age. Make
identical objects. Take   many brothers and       a chart to show how
out three handfuls        sisters they have.      old you will be 5, 10,
and using, pictures,      Create a chart to       15, 20, and 25 years
numbers, and words        show your answer.       from now.
describe the total
number of objects
taken from the bag.
     Think Dot Choice Board MINIc
Write five number               Write four number              Play “ It’s Greater” with a
                                sentences without the          buddy. Make a deck of card
sentences using                 greater, less than, or         numbers 0-49, distribute
the greater, less                                              cards evenly. Each player
                                equal sign. Use shapes
                                                               will show the card. The
than, and equal                 where the signs should         player with the greater
                                go. Give it to a buddy to      number will say “It’s
sign.                           solve the mysterious           Greater”. Winner is the
                                math problems.                 player with the most cards
                                                               at the end of the game.

Play “ It’s Less” with a        Put 20 dominoes in a bag.      Create a story using
buddy. Make a deck of card      Select two at a time and
numbers 50-99, distribute       record the sum for each        the words greater
cards evenly. Each player       handful. Repeat until the      than, less than, and
will show the card. The         bag is empty. Write at least
                                                               equal to.
player with the lesser          five math sentences about
number will say “It’s Less”.    your results using greater,
Winner is the player with       less than, and equal to.
the least cards at the end of
the game.
    Think Dot Choice Board MINId
Make a deck of             Make a deck of cards     Put twenty coins in a
                           51-100 using tally       bag. Pull out three at a
cards 0-50. Shuffle                                 time and put in order
                           marks. Shuffle. Select
and create a               three cards at a time    from least to greatest.
number line by                                      Put coins back in bag
                           and put in order from
                                                    and repeat nine more
putting them in            least to greatest.       times. Record results.

Create a number line       Create a number line     Using pictures, numbers
to fifty but only select   using even number        and words, create a time
half of the numbers to     words to 30.             line of showing what
                                                    you would like to learn
write. Give the            Give the number line     in the next seven days.
number line to a           to a buddy to
buddy to complete.         complete.
    Think Dot Choice Board MINIe
Pretend you are buying a     Make a web to show         Using pictures,
cookie for 25 cents. Using   how many ways you          numbers, and words,
pictures, numbers, and                                  create a word problem
                             can create addition
words, show how many                                    using this template.
ways you can use             number sentences
                             that equal 50 only         I had_cents.
pennies, nickels, dimes,
and quarters to show the     using the numbers, 1,      I bought _ for _ cents.
amount.                      5, 10, and 25.             I have _ left.

Using pictures,              Pretend you are buying a   If you had a dollar,
numbers, and words,          book for 75 cents. Using
                             pictures, numbers, and
                                                        write a story to
create four coupons                                     describe how you
                             words, show how many
that do not total more       ways you can use           would spend it/save
that one dollar when         pennies, nickels, dimes,   it/ or use part of it.
added together.              and quarters to show the
    Think Dot Choice Board MINIf
Make a tree diagram        Put a combination of       Using a magazine or
to show different          fake dollar bills (1, 5,   newspaper, cut out five
                                                      items that cost 20 dollars
ways you can use a         10 and 20) in a bag.
                                                      or less. Paste on sheet
combination of 1, 5,       Create a tally chart       and illustrate which bill
10 dollar bills to equal   and record what you        you would need to buy
20 dollars.                pulled out for ten         each item and get the
                           tries.                     least amount of change

Pretend you have ten       Select two bills and       Pretend you were asked
dollars to spend on        create a graphic           to design a 15 dollar bill.
books. Using a book        organizer that shows       Using pictures,
order form and                                        numbers,
                           similarities and
calculator, show the       differences.               and words, show what
total of what you would                               your bill would look like.
buy, and how much
you would have left.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN2a
Look at three              Using a hundred        Write 20 number cards
estimation jars.                                  from 1-99 without using a
                           chart, make a set of   number ending in zero.
Estimate your answer
to the nearest ten. Put
                           “I Have , Who has?”    Place the numbers in a
                                                  bag. Pull out one number
your answers in order      cards looking for      at a time and round each
and explain how you        numbers to the         number to the nearest
got your answers.          closest ten.           ten. Record your results.

Play with a buddy. Using                          Write a mystery number
                           Make a set of cards    riddle for a number not
a hundred number chart
cover up a number with     only using number      ending in zero. After writing
                                                  three clues about the mystery
a chip and then ask your   words of multiples     number, include a statement
buddy to round the         of ten. Shuffle and    that asks for the number to
covered up number to                              be rounded to the nearest
the nearest ten.           put in order.          ten.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN2b
Put one hundred         Make a deck of cards from      Put a variety of coins in
                        11-49. Shuffle and deal the    a bag. Pull out two or
paper clips in a bag.
                        cards. Players must identify   three coins out at a time
Pull out a handful.     place value name of card.
                                                       and record you answer
Record how many         Players with the highest
                        place value win each round.    using tens and ones.
tens/ones are in your
                        Players with the most cards    Repeat nine more times.
handful. Repeat nine                                   Record results.
                        at the end of the game win.
more times.

Using a hundred         Make a deck of cards from      Make a deck of cards
                        50-99. Shuffle and deal the    using ten number words
chart, make a set of    cards. Players must identify   greater than ten and
“I Have , Who has?”     place value name of card.
                        Players with the lowest
                                                       another deck with
cards identifying 2     place value win each round.    matching numerals. Play
                        Players with the most cards    Match game.
digit numbers as
                        at the end of the game win.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3a
Using a hundred           Create a chart to         Write a mystery number
                                                    riddle for a number. After
chart, make a set of “I   show your results         writing three clues about the
Have , Who has?”          when using a die.         mystery number, include a
cards looking for         Record the number         statement that asks for the
                                                    number to be ten more than
numbers ten more          you roll, one more,
                                                    the number.
than.                     one less, ten more,
                          ten less.

Make a tree diagram       Using a hundred           Write a mystery number
                                                    riddle for a number. After
using a number            chart, make a set of “I   writing three clues about the
between 30 and 50.        Have , Who has?”          mystery number, include a
Show one more than        cards looking for         statement that asks for the
                                                    number to be ten less
and ten more than.        numbers ten less
                                                    than the number.
Include at least six      than.
branches for each.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3b
Make a deck of cards          Make a deck of cards       Create a number line to
counting by 5’s to 100.       counting by 10’s to 100.   l00 only showing the
Shuffle and deal the cards.   Shuffle. Pick a card.      odd numbers. Write a
Players must identify place
                              Make a card to show the    statement about your
value name of card. Players
with the lowest place value   multiple of ten that       pattern and explain if
win each round. Players       comes before and the       you could use your
with the most cards at the    multiple of ten that       number line to count by
end of the game win           comes after.               2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Make a deck of cards          Create a number line to    Make a deck of cards counting
                                                         by 2’s from 50-100. Shuffle and
counting by 5’s to 100.       l00 only showing the       deal the cards. Players must
Shuffle. Pick a card.         even numbers. Write a      identify place value name of
Make a card to show the       statement about your       card. Players with the lowest
multiple of five that         pattern.                   place value win each round.
                                                         Players with the most cards at
comes before and the                                     the end of the game win.
multiple of five that
comes after.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3c
Select a number         Select a number           Select a number
between 11 and 19       between 21 and 30         between 11 and 19
and create a web for    and create a web for      and create a web for
that number showing     that number showing       that number showing
addition sentences      addition sentences        addition or
that equal that         that equal that           subtraction sentences
number.                 number.                   that equal that

Select a number         Select a number           Make a tree diagram
between 40 and 50       between 11 and 19 and     to show how you can
and create a web for    create a web for that
that number showing     number showing
                        subtraction sentences     numbers less than
addition or
                        that equal that number.   10.
subtraction sentences
that equal that
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3d
Using pictures,             Create a T-                 Create a T-chart/diagram
                            chart/diagram to show       to show how many fish I
numbers and                                             will have left in my tank if
                            how many gumballs I
words create a              will have left if I start
                                                        I start with fifty and take
                                                        away five each day for a
word problem that           with twenty and take        week. Explain.
compares two                away two each day for
sets of objects.            a week. Explain.

Create a T-                 Using a calculator and      Create a T-chart/diagram
chart/diagram to show       book order form create a    to show how much money
                            three way chart to          I will have left if I start
how many pencils I
                            compare the prices of       with 100 cents and take
will have left if I start                               away ten cents each day
                            two books. Repeat at
with twelve and give                                    for a week. Explain.
                            least five times.
one to each of my
two best friends for
four days. Explain.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3e
Roll a die. Record the Write a letter to a          Make an incredible
number on a chart.     kindergarten                 equation web to show
And then record its                                 how to use addition
double. Repeat at
                       student explaining           and subtraction facts
                       how you use                  to make ten.
least nine more times.
                       “counting on”.

Make a deck of           Using picture numbers      Make a T-chart showing
                         and words create a comic   each of coins and bills.
cards from 50-100.       showing how one student    Complete the chart by
Now put them in          can count on and another   writing its
                         can count back. You pick   corresponding double.
order that shows         the number to start with
you know how to          and end with!
“count back”.
    Think Dot Choice Board MIN3f
Using pictures,          Draw fact family      Draw fact family
numbers, and             homes for even        rockets for odd
words explain the        numbers 18 or         numbers 18 or
“commutative             less.                 less.

Set the timer for five   Make an incredible    Make a list of ways
minutes. Practice        equation web for 18   you would teach a
flashcard facts.                               kindergarten student
Record how many
                         using addition and
                         subtraction facts.    how to learn math
cards you answered
correctly. Do again if
time permits.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN3g
Make a set of two digit   Fold a piece of paper into   Using pictures,
                          fourths. Write math
number cards that                                      numbers, and words,
                          problems for a buddy using
end in zero to 100. Put   two digit numbers. (Try to   write and solve a
in a bag. Pick out two    use problems that do not     word problem using
cards at a time and       require regrouping so that   quarters.
                          your buddy does not need
write addition facts.
                          to use a calculator to
                          complete problems.)

Using a deck of cards     Make a set of two digit      Using a deck of cards
to 20. Pull out           number cards that end in     from 20-40. Pull out
                          zero to 100. Put in a bag.
numbers from a bag.                                    numbers from a bag.
                          Pick out two cards at a
Create a tally chart to   time and write subtraction   Create a chart that
compare how many          facts. (Remember the         shows 5 more/5 less.
single digits you         larger number goes first.)
pulled out compared
to double digits.
  Think Dot Choice Board MIN3h
Using pictures,        Using pictures,        Using blocks, create
numbers, and           numbers, and           addition problems
                       words, create a        using two digit
words, create a                               numbers and explain
story problem in       story problem in
                                              your results to a
                       which the difference
which the sum will                            buddy.
                       will no be more than
no be more than

Using pictures,        Using blocks, create   Using pictures, numbers,
numbers, and words,    subtraction problems   and words, create a
                                              money word problem in
create a money word    using two digit
                                              which the difference will
problem in which the   numbers and explain    no be more than twenty-
sum will no be more    your results to a      five cents.
than fifty cents.      buddy.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN4a
Make a tree                Make a tree           If you had 100 cents
diagram to show            diagram to show       how many ways
how you would              how you would         could you share it
share ten cookies          share 30 pennies      with your friends.
                                                 Illustrate and
between two                among three
children.                  friends.

On a T-chart show how      If you had 50 cents   Count an odd number of
many leaves are on a                             pennies . Can you share it
                           how many ways         equally with one friend?
four leaf clover.
Continue the pattern for   could you share it    Two friends? Three
ten clovers. Explain how   with your friends.    friends? Make a chart and
you would share these      Illustrate and        explain your answers.
lucky clovers with some    explain.
of your friends.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN4b
Using a die and blank       Roll a die. Using a         Write a letter to a
hundred grid, record each   tens/ones flip chart
                                                        kindergartener and
throw by coloring in the    show the number in the
corresponding number of     ones column. Do the same
                                                        explain how they can
boxes. After four throws    for the tens so that you    tell if a number is odd
write the total number of   make a number between 11-   or even.
boxes colored by using      99. Find the number on a
_tens_ones format. Show     hundred chart. Color only
why the number is even or   the even numbers.

Using sentence strips                                   Play with a buddy. Using a deck of
                            Using a hundred chart       cards numbered 40-60, pull a card
make a number line only     make a pattern that         and match that number with
writing the odd             distinguishes the           bundles of ten straws and ones.
                                                        You get one point for each odd
numerals. Show how
                            even numbers from           number you pull and two points
you will mark the spot                                  for each even number. Player with
                            the odd numbers.            the least points wins.
for the even numbers
without using numerals.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIN4c
Using a strip of         Using a large brown circle,   Make circles and
                         make pizza crust. Use other
brown, dark green,                                     squares. Cut and
                         scraps to make your
and light green paper,   favorite kind of pizza. Cut
make a fractile tree     your pizza in equal shares.
                                                       label each section.
showing, whole, half,    Explain using pictures,       Create a fraction
                         numbers, and words, how       sentence for each.
and fourth.
                         you shared your pizza.

Pretend you have a       Make circles, squares         Write an explanation
dozen cookies. Using     and rectangles. Cut           why it is important to
pictures, numbers,       each shape into equal         know the difference
                                                       between halves, and
and words, show how      parts. Label each part.
you would share the      Make a pattern with
cookies equally.         your shapes.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIMIa
Using paper clips,       Using blocks,           Using three different
measure five items in    measure the length      sizes of measuring
your desk. Make a        and width of five       cups, measure rice in
                                                 each cup. Write about
chart to show your       books. Chart your
                                                 why you think
results and write an     results. Write about
                                                 measuring cups are
explanation.             something you           important.

Using three different    Make a web using        Select five items from your
                                                 school box to weigh using
sizes of measuring       pictures, numbers
                                                 a balance and cubes. Chart
spoons measure           and words, showing      your results. Make a
water. Using pictures,   things that help you    statement about your
numbers, and words,      measure length,         findings.
write about what you     weight, and capacity.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIMIc
Create your own          Using a sentence strip,    Work with a buddy. Each of
                         create a ruler, using NO   you make a “ruled”
measuring tool using                                measuring tool showing at
a strip of adding        numbers and measure        least six segments. Compare
                         five objects in your       and contrast measurement of
machine tape. Explain
                         desk. Write about your     five objects. Were they the
how and why you                                     same or different? Explain
created it the way you                              using pictures, numbers, and
did.                                                words.

Measure three            Write a story about        You put your shoes on
                                                    this morning and they
objects, with three      an “inchworm” and          don’t fit! Write about how
different                tell about things it       you could find out why
measurement tools.       might measure in           they don’t fit and what
Make a chart to          his habitat.               you would do about it!

show results.
    Think Dot Choice Board MIMIb
Take out four different      Play with a buddy.                Do a picture walk
                             Fold your paper in fourths. You
objects from your            will each “secretly” draw an
                                                               through a favorite
school box. Estimate         object (i.e. pencil). Swap        book. Find five items
                             drawings and estimate how
how many paperclips          long your partner’s object is.
                                                               to measure. Use both
long each object is.         Then measure with a non-          standard and non-
Make a chart to show         standard and standard form of     standard units. Make
                             measurement. Record results
your results.                and repeat.                       a chart to list results.

Write a story about what     Put a grab bag of items           If you had to measure
would happen if a            together for a buddy (and         the perimeter of our
carpenter measured           he/she will do the same           classroom, what would
everything he made with      for you.) Exchange bags,          you use? Using
his left foot. Would it be   estimate length of each           pictures, numbers, and
a standard or non-           item, and then put in             words, explain.
standard measurement?        order of shortest to
   Think Dot Choice Board MIM2a
Draw a clock and         What would happen if       Buddy Time! You both have a
                                                    clock. Make a deck of cards
label the parts of the   all of the clocks in the   with time phrases (1 pm, 2 pm
clock. List reasons      our school stopped?        etc-12 pm). Shuffle. The first
                                                    player picks a card and shows
why we should know       Using pictures,            the time to the nearest hour and
how to tell time.        numbers, and words,        the buddy has to show the
                                                    nearest half hour that comes
                         explain your answer.       after the card shown. When all
                                                    of the cards are gone, shuffle
                                                    and trade roles.

Using pictures,          Make a word map for        Visit the media
numbers, and words,      the word “minute”.         center/Internet and list
make a time chart        Define it in your own      different tools people
                                                    have used/use to keep
using hours and half     words, tell why it is
                                                    track of time.
hours to explain a       special, list examples
day in our classroom.    and non-examples.
  Think Dot Choice Board MIM2b
Make a flip book      Survey ten friends            Make a chart to show
for the days of the   and make a tally              how many days each
                                                    month has. Write a
week. Include         chart to show                 statement about what
abbreviations and     when they have a              you found out.
what you do on        birthday.
each of the days.

Visit                 Go to the library and         Write down the
                      check out a book that has      to do with a particular day
                                                    steps you would
and do calendar       or the use of a calendar.     take to teach
activity for the      Make a sequence flip          someone how to
                      book to share the special     use a calendar.
day. Write about      events in the story.
what you learned.
    Think Dot Choice Board MIM2c
Divide a paper in fourths and                              Write a riddle
illustrate four things you do
                                 Write a riddle
when you are getting ready       about an event            comparing the time it
for school in the morning.                                 takes to do two tasks.
Cut paper into four sections.    using the words,          Use the words
and put the events in order to   before/after.             shorter/longer.
explain what takes you the
shortest time to do to what
takes the longest time to do.

Illustrate five tasks            Write the directions to   Use a minute timer. Record
                                                           how many flash cards your
(one on each index               your favorite game.       buddy can answer in one
card) you have done              Be sure to put the        minute, two minutes, and
today. Shuffle them              directions in order.      three minutes. Make a T-chart
                                                           to show your results. Repeat
up and put them in               Read them to a buddy.     with your buddy recording
before/after order.                                        your results.
  Think Dot Choice Board MIGIa
Build, draw,   Build, draw,             Build, draw,
name, and      name, and                name, and
describe a     describe a               describe a
triangle.      rectangle.               pentagon.

Build, draw,   Make a word map for      Make a compare and
               the word “rectangle”.    contrast chart for the
name, and      Define it in your own    characteristics of a
describe a     words, tell why it is    hexagon and triangle.
               special, list examples
hexagon.       and non-examples.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIGIb
Build, draw,             Build, draw,             Build, draw,
name, and                name, and                name, and
describe a               describe a               describe a
cylinder.                cone.                    rectangular

Make a word map for      Make a compare and       Make a diagram for
the word “cylinder”.     contrast chart for the   two dimensional
Define it in your own    characteristics of a     figures and another
words, tell why it is    cone and cylinder.       one for three
special, list examples                            dimensional figures.
and non-examples
   Think Dot Choice Board MIGIc
Create a picture     Fold a piece of                 Fold a piece of
using 2-D shapes     drawing paper and cut           drawing paper and cut
                     out a medium sized              out a large rectangle.
(squares, circles,   circle. Open up the             Open up the folded
triangles, and       folded paper and                paper and create a
rectangles.)         create a picture using          picture using the
                     the circle.                     rectangle.

Create a picture     Look in magazines for           Find a 3D shape in the
                     pictures of 2D and 3D           class. Write a riddle about
using 3-D shapes     objects. Make a tally chart     it. Share it with the class.
                     to record your findings.        Make a tally chart to record
(Cylinders, cones,   Stop when you have found        how many students
rectangular          five of either. Which did you   guessed the correct object.
                     find more of first? Explain.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIG2
Pick four 2D           Pick four 3D             Using pattern blocks
geometric shapes and   geometric shapes and     create a pattern for
make a three way       make a three way         five blocks. Illustrate
chart to compare       chart to compare         the pattern and
number of sides and    number of sides and      extend it twice in your
number of corners.     corners.                 illustration.

Make a web             Using pattern blocks     Buddy Time! Put 3D
                       create a pattern for     shapes in a bag.
naming,                                         Describe the object you
                       seven blocks.
illustrating, and      Illustrate the pattern   want the buddy to pull
showing examples                                out without naming it.
                       and extend it twice in
of different sizes     your illustration.
of 2D objects.
    Think Dot Choice Board MIG3
Make a flip book           Write the directions     Make a flip book.
illustrating and           on how to get to the     Illustrate and write a
writing a sentence         gym from our             sentence for these
with the words, near,      classroom. Be sure to    words: up, down,
far, below, and above.     include the words left   behind, in front of,
                           and right in your        and next to.

Make a set of direction    Put direction cards in   Write a story about an
word/picture cards.        a bag. Pull out one      animal/person trying to
Shuffle. Play match        card at time and have    get to a special place for
game by finding the card                            a special time, using as
                           your buddy guess the
that describes the                                  many direction words as
                           word as you act it out
opposite direction                                  you can.
                           (without talking).
(i.e. near and far)
   Think Dot Choice Board MIDIa & b
Ask ten friends           Make a graph to         Make a picture
about their favorite      show the number of      graph to show
food to eat in the        letters that are in     how many boys
lunchroom. Create a       five of your friend’s   and girls we have
tally chart to record     first names.
                                                  in our class.
your results.

Open a book. Make         Close your eyes and     Pick out a handful of
a tally chart             pick out 25 cubes.      coins from your coin
                          Sort and graph your     manipulatives. Sort and
showing how many                                  graph results. Write a
2 letter, 3 letter, and   results. Write a        statement about your
4 letter words are        statement about your    findings.
on one page.              findings.
   Think Dot Choice Board MIPIa
Using,                  If five children were   Using,
pictures, numbers,      in line, how many       pictures, numbers,
and words, describe     shoes would you         and words, describe
how many mittens        see? Explain using      how many
and scarves             pictures, numbers,      horseshoes I need
needed for five         and words.              for seven horses?

Using pictures,         Using,                  Using pictures,
numbers and             pictures, numbers,      numbers and words,
words, explain how      and words, how          explain how many
many ways I could       many wheels are on      ways I could have fifty
                                                cents in my pocket.
have fifteen cents in   three bikes and four
my pocket.              red wagons?
 Think Dot Choice Board MIPIb,c & d
Make a deck of cards     Using a deck of cards      Using a deck of cards
from 10-20. Pull two     with numbers 1-20, pull    20-50, pull out two
cards and write and      two numbers and write      numbers. Using a
illustrate an addition   a math sentence using      calculator, add the
word problem using       the correct signs to       two digit numbers and
                         complete the sentence.     record the number
those numbers.           Repeat until all cards     sentence and sum.
                         are used.

Using a deck of cards    Make a deck of cards       Using pictures, numbers,
                         from 10-20. Pull two       and words explain how you
20-50, pull out two
                                                    know when to add/subtract
numbers. Using a         cards and write and        in your head, when you
calculator, subtract     illustrate a subtraction   need to use paper and
the two digit numbers    word problem using         pencil and when you need
and record the           those numbers.             to use a calculator.

number sentence and

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