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									                                FIRST GRADE

In first grade, our goal is to provide an atmosphere of high expectations,
challenging curriculum, and generous support so that each student achieves
success and develops a life-long love of learning.

                 BIBLE and CHARACTER EDUCATION
In first grade, classes use Lifeway Bible curriculum. It introduces spiritual training
to help the students apply Biblical principles throughout life. In addition, students
memorize a Bible verse each week. We celebrate Christmas with a presentation
of the play, "Rebecca’s Shawl," where each student has a special part. First
grade students also learn about the Easter story by filling Resurrection Eggs with
meaningful symbols. The school year ends with a reading of Dangerous Journey,
a version of Pilgrims’ Progress.

                              LANGUAGE ARTS
In first grade, the emphasis is on continuing to read. Students are encouraged to
read at school and participate in many fun activities related to the stories they
read. The reading series introduces new words and skills throughout the year.
Some of the skills introduced include main idea, cause and effect, and drawing
conclusions. In addition, first grade uses the ABeka phonics program that
emphasizes special phonetic sounds. To enable the students to put their
thoughts on paper, they do creative writing. Through the language curriculum,
Harcourt Language, students learn grammar, as well as different writing
techniques. The Association of Christian Schools International spelling program
offers challenging words that reinforce the special sounds and patterns the
children learn in phonics.

In first grade, the Abeka math program is used. It combines basic number
concepts with addition and subtraction speed drills. Students study time,
measurement, money, fractions, geometry, and beginning multiplication. The
curriculum builds on and reviews these skills throughout the year.

                           SCIENCE and HEALTH
The first grade science program combines literature with hands-on activities.
Students study exciting units that address weather, matter, magnets, bones, the
heart, teeth, plants, and animals. Students observe and predict outcomes while
learning to conduct safe experiments.
                              S0CIAL STUDIES
First grade curriculum explores holidays, economics, history, geography, and
citizenship. The students identify anthems and mottoes of the United States and
Texas. They also identify historic figures. The students learn the importance of
family customs and traditions. They also learn to make maps and identify the
location of places in their school and community.

First grade students learn further basic elements of using a computer and also
learn to type. They learn graphing, basic internet navigation, and to access the
network where they can save and retrieve documents. The Office Suite, which
includes Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Microsoft Publisher is used to
teach word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and brochures. Graphic
organizer software like Kidspiration helps students organize information for the
language arts programs. The students also learn how to manipulate graphics and
work in the lab with the Smartboard, an interactive whiteboard.

EXCEL stands for Extended Curriculum and Enriched Learning. The first grade
EXCEL program promotes higher-level thinking skills, problem solving, art,
classical art studies, and theater arts. The students are given opportunities to
practice creative problem solving strategies both individually and while learning
the value of teamwork. Many of their solutions are presented orally. Each
semester, the students will study works of art, artists, and they will be able to
create their own masterpiece. They will receive instruction in different art
mediums and participate in the International Children’s Art Exhibition.

First grade students learn what an author and illustrator are, the parts of a book,
how to arrange books in alphabetical order, the difference between fiction and
nonfiction books, why call numbers are used, and how to use a primary
dictionary. Story time is also part of the students' library experience.

The first grade music curriculum continues to build on a foundation of music skills
and appreciation of music using a variety of methods. Activities include singing,
singing games, movement, listening, playing instruments, reading, and writing.
The students participate in one musical stage production each year.
In first grade, the students continue to practice careful listening and matching
pitch with student and teacher voices. Students love to play “Lucy Locket,” a
listening and singing game. With continued emphasis on steady beat, the

         students are introduced simple rhythms such as quarter note, eighth notes, and
         quarter rest. The students also sing, tap, read, and write various rhythm patterns.
         The students begin to read simple pitch notation using solfege syllables such as
         sol, mi, and la. A favorite listening activity is “Follow the Drinking Gourd, an
         historic African-American folk song that was used to guide slaves to safety on the
         “Underground Railroad.”

                                    PHYSICAL EDUCATION
         The goal of our physical education program for first grade is to teach our
         students to be physically active. The students learn to stretch, do cardio vascular
         workouts, and other fitness activities. They also learn individual and team skills,
         rules, and compete in games using the skills they learned. Special rewards are
         given with programs such as Marathon Kids and Jumping Rope. Students have
         physical education class twice a week for forty-five minutes and thirty minutes for
         recess each day.


         The study of Spanish begins with the development of listening skills as a means
         of building vocabulary. Music, games, songs, and scripture are incorporated into
         the learning process. The first grade students identify basic shapes, use colors to
         describe objects, and listen and recognize sounds of vowels and consonants
         distinctive to Spanish. Students write sentences in Spanish about colorful
         clothing, as well as other topics and read them to the class with their English


         First grade has the opportunity to take many interesting field trips.
         Students enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch, Wells Branch Homestead, Elgin
         Christmas Tree farm, and the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham. Highlights of first
         grade include basket weaving, our annual Christmas play, a Spring Musical, and
         participation in several mission projects throughout the year.

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