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									                      Flow Chart
for Accounting and Finance Official Source Record Disposition

             1. ABS issues Notification to Dispose of Official
             Source Records.

             2. Department identifies official source records
             that meet the respective disposition dates.

             3. Department completes the Disposition Log
             and contacts the ABS Policies and Procedures
             manager to arrange a site visit.

             4. ABS Policies and Procedures Manager
             visits the department to review the Disposition
             Log, conduct random tests, and authorize records
             for disposition.

            5. Department makes arrangements for the
            disposition of the authorized official source records.

             6. Department initials and dates the last column
             on page 2 of the Distribution Log, thereby
             indicating that disposition of the official source
             records has been completed, and returns it to the
             ABS Policies and Procedures Manager.

            7. ABS Policies and Procedures Manager,
            (using the information provided by the department
            on page 2 of the Disposition Log), fills out the
            Colorado State Archives Certificate of Records
            Disposal form and submits it to the State Archivist.

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