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  Take a trip to the Pearl Islands…
The Pearl Islands or       Amenities Include:
  Archipiélago de las      • Diving
  Perlas are located off   • Snorkeling
  the pacific coast of
                           • Excursions to
                             uninhabited islands
                           • Pearl shopping
                           • Past “Survivor”
        Gamboa Rain Forest
Take a tour of the       See:
  Beautiful rainforest   Breathtaking views
Aerial Trams available   Colorful Birds
                         Capuchin Monkeys
          The Panama Canal
Come visit the historic   The Panama Canal
 Panama Canal               uses a series of locks
                            to move boats from
                            one level of water on
                            one side of Panama
                            to a higher or lower
                            level of water on the
                            other side of Panama.
                            Come and visit the
                            wonder of modern
          Quick Travel Tips
The currency of Panama     Keep in mind you are
  is technically the
                             visiting a different
  Balboa, a coin based       culture and be mindful
  currency.                  of local customs
The American dollar is
  generally accepted
  everywhere               The people of panama
                             prefer a dressy dinner
Credit cards are also        and men in shorts are
  accepted, but no debit     frowned upon.