JUNE 2008 Exam Schedule for students by VISAKH


									                               Bell High School
                        JUNE 2008 Examination Schedule

   Date        Time        Grade 9             Grade 10        Grade 11          Grade 12
                                                              ENG3C (2)       * ENG4C (2.5)
                                             BBI2O (1.5)      ENG3U (2)       * ENG4U (2.5)
                                                              ENG3UG (2)      * ENG4UG (2.5)
  June 16                                    SNC2P (1.5)
                     ENG1D (2)                                SBI3C (2)       CLN4U (2)
               12:30                         SNC2D (1.5)
                     ENG1DG (2)                               SPH3U (2)       SPH4U (2)
               p.m.                          SNC2DF (1.5)
                                                              SPH3UR (2)      SPH4UG (2)
                                             SNC2DG (1.5)
                                             * MFM2P (2)      MCF3M (2)
                                                                              MAP4C (2)
                9:00                         * MFM2P/DS (2)   MBF3C (2)
                       FIF1D (1.5)                                            MDM4U (2)
                a.m.                         * MPM2D (2)      MCR3U (2)
                                                                              MDM4UG (2)
  Tuesday                                    * MPM2DG (2)     MCR3UG (2)
  June 17
                     SNC1D (1.5)
                                                              AVI3M (2)       MCV4U (2)
               12:30 SNC1DF/DI (1.5)
                                                              HSP3M (2)       MCV4UG (2)
               p.m. SNC1P (1.5)
                                                              HSP3MG (2)      MCV4UR (2)
                     SNC1PS/DS (1.5)
                                                                              EWC4U (2)
                                             ENG2D (2)
                9:00   CGC1D (1.5)                            CLU3M (2)       ICS4M (2)
                                             ENG2DG (2)
                a.m.   CGC1DF/I (1.5)                         FIF3U (2)       ICS4MG (2)
Wednesday                                    ENG2P (1.5)
                                                                              SCH4C (1.5)
 June 18
                                                                              CGW4U (2)
               12:30                                          SBI3U (2)
                                             FSF2D (1.5)                      FIF4U (2)
                                                                              SBI4U (2)
                       MPM1D (1.5)           CHC2D (1.5)
                9:00                                                          BBB4M (2)
                       MPM1DG (1.5)          CHC2DF (1.5)     CHW3M (2)
 Thursday       a.m.                                                          SCH4U (2)
                                             CHC2DG (1.5)
  June 19
               12:30                         CHC2P (1.5)      CHA3U (2)       CHY4U (2)
               p.m.                                           FSF3U (2)       MHF4U (2)

                       Credit Rescue Blitz    Credit Rescue   SCH3U (2)
                a.m.                              Blitz
  June 20      12:30                                                          HHS4M (2)
                                              Credit Rescue   RCR30 (2)
               p.m.    Credit Rescue Blitz                                    FSF4U (2)

* Denotes Board-wide Exams              ENG (2.5)     MFM & MPM (2)
All other exams are designed to be completed in (1.5) or (2) hours. However, to remove time as a
“limiting” factor, students may have up to 2.5 hours to successfully complete their exam.
    General rules and directions are on the reverse side of this sheet.
    A conflict is when you have two exams in exactly the same time slot. Students with conflicts
       are to report to Mrs. Verreault immediately. Also read notes on the reverse.
    Students receiving extended time for 2 hour exams, please consult the lists in guidance
       and the main office for the room number. Your exam will be in that room and NOT in the
                                        Exam Expectations
A few reminders about upcoming exams:
 It is the student’s responsibility to know his or her personal examination schedule.
 If a student is late for the exam, he or she must report to the office. If a student is more than one hour
   late, he or she will not be permitted to write their exam.
 All exams must be written at the indicated time.
 Most exams are written in the gym unless specified otherwise.
 Hats, jackets, and school bags are not allowed in the gym. Leave them in your locker. iPods, mp3
   players, and cell phones are not allowed in the exam room.
 Water bottles are allowed, but no other snacks.
 Calculators will be checked in the exam room. Programmable calculators are not allowed.
 Electronic dictionaries are permitted for ESL students. They may be checked during the exam.
 You will need a green or yellow textbook permit to enter the exam room. Place permit on the desk in
   the exam room and it will be collected during the exam.
 Textbooks are to be returned to your classroom teacher 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. A
   green permit means you have returned ALL your textbooks. Listen for daily announcements as to
   which room to return your textbooks.
 If you do not return your books, your teacher will provide you with a completed liability form that you
   will bring to the main office. The liability will be logged and the main office will issue a yellow permit for
   your entry to the exam room.
 Once your exam is finished, you will be directed to go to the library, the cafeteria, or home to study.
   We need to keep the halls, foyer and the rest of the school quiet for students writing and teachers
   marking exams.
 In the event of a serious illness, the parent must call the school before the exam (828-9101) and a
   medical certificate must be provided to the office.
 Students who qualify for extended time will not write in the gym. Please check the lists in the Main
   Office or in Guidance for the room number. The exam length will be time and a half.
 If busing is canceled or the school is closed due to inclement weather, the local radio stations will
   announce this. The examination schedule will bump one full day ahead. If in doubt, call the school
   (828-9101). It is unlikely that this type of situation will occur in June.
 In the exam room, it is the student’s responsibility to do the following:
                Follow directions from any teacher in the gym.
                Bring required materials: pen, pencil, ruler, and a calculator.
                Check that all parts of the exam have been received.
                Turn in the exam with your name on all sheets.
                Raise your hand if assistance is required.
                Do not bring in any materials which appear to be for the purpose of giving or getting
                      assistance from another student.

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