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									                                   MGMT 326 – Spring, 2010
                                   Information for Final Exam

Exam date and time: Wednesday, April 28, 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Approximate Exam Format: Multiple choice 40% to 45%; problems and analysis 55% to 60%.
Multiple choice questions will count one point each. There will be NO discussion questions.

Material Covered

   All material assigned for Tests 1, 2, and 3, with one exception: There will NOT be any
    questions about Excel or Excel Solver.
   Chapter 10 (pages 343-355 and 366-367), PowerPoint presentation for Chapter 10, and Self-
    study Problems for Chapter 10.

Important Information

   Questions will be evenly distributed over the course.
   Multiple choice questions will count one point each.
   Multiple choice questions will be the same types of questions that were asked on previous
    tests. In most cases, they will not be the same questions.
   No exam problem will count more than 8 points.
   Formulas that were given on a test will be given on the final exam, if they are needed. You
    are responsible for knowing which formulas to use and how to use them. Some formulas on
    the exam may not be used.
   No formulas will be given for Chapter 10 problems.
   Tables that were provided for use during tests will be provided for the final exam, if needed.
   Bring a pencil and a calculator that works.
   You will not be allowed to leave the room and return to finish the exam.
   If you have an exam conflict that involves this course (2 exams at the same time, 3 exams on
    the same day, or 3 exams in 4 consecutive exam periods) and want my help in resolving it,
    print your exam schedule from old Wingspan and show it to me. I will arrange a time when
    you can take the MGMT 326 exam. Exam conflicts must be resolved by Monday, April 26.
    You can find the general exam schedule at
   Records and Registration will post final grades in old Wingspan on Tuesday, May 11, at

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