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									      Staff Update and Network Meeting

                      September 2008

South & East Area   Lancashire Adult Learning
1. The Service – Lancashire Adult Learning

2.   The New S&E Area

3. Performance and targets

4. Every Child Matters and Safeguard

5. Update

 6. The Life of a course
Lancashire Adult Learning

    South and East Area

   The Service

 Lancashire Adult Learning
In an emergency



      Lancashire Adult Learning

LAL Mission

“To enable all adults in Lancashire to achieve
success in learning, so as to improve their skills for
employment, and the quality of their personal and
family lives, and to enhance the social and economic
well-being of their communities.

To support local employers and Lancashire’s
economy through provision of high-quality,
responsive training”.
Lancashire Adult Learning

               The New Area
                North Area

                South and East Area
                   Lancashire Adult Learning

                                              Lancashire County Council
                                    Cabinet Member for Adult & Community Services
Learning &
                                    Executive Director of Adult & Community Services
                                                                                                             Director of Community

                                     Lancashire Adult Learning Strategic Board
                       [consisting of The Head of Service, The zone principals, A senior manager from the Adult
                       and Community Services Directorate, Four County Councillors, Two other members with a
                          business background and proven interest in adult learning, Up to two members with
                                                           specific expertise.

                              Lancashire Adult Learning Strategic Management Team
                          Peter Garrod [Head of Service]; Steve Hailstone [Principal South & East Area];
                                               John Wright [Principal North Area]

 Management Services                                 Quality & Curriculum                            Equality & Diversity
  [Strategic Lead – Peter Garrod]                      [Strategic Lead – Steve                    [Strategic Lead – John Wright]

                                                           South & East                                    North Area

                                                     Area Management Team                          Area Management Team
       Lancashire Adult Learning

Re-balancing/Re-shaping the curriculum
 Foundation/Skills for Life
 PCDL targeted                  Workforce Development/FE
 Skills for Life                Learner Responsive
 FLLN                           T2G [Employer Responsive]
 WFL                            Apprenticeships
 OLASS                          FLT and First Steps
     Programme Development
     PCDL Public
     Full cost recovered
      Lancashire Adult Learning

South and East Area targets 2008-09:
• Employer Responsive (T2G/NVQs) – 250
• Apprenticeships - 30
• Adult Learner Responsive (SFL etc) – 100
• First Steps/FLT – 1,500
• PCDL „public‟ – 6,000
• PCDL „targeted‟ – 4,000
• And a range of other „KPI‟s‟ on Finance, OTL,
  stakeholder satisfaction etc
      Lancashire Adult Learning

Service priorities and targets 2008-09 (S&E Area)
• Achieve all LSC targets
• Achieve targets within budget
• Contribute to a successful inspection
• Drive for excellence – improve overall grade profile in
  order to become an outstanding provider
• Maintain and extend partnerships
• Grow provision to meet worklessness agenda
• Support our workforce
 Lancashire Adult Learning

     South and East Area

Back to the agenda
Lancashire Adult Learning
  South and East Area
The Area
Management Team                            Steve Hailstone

    Helen Brocki             Anne Sturzaker            Margaret Benouaich       Ann Boocock
   Deputy Principal          Asst. Principal             Asst. Principal        Ass Principal

 Workforce Dev. Prog                                                          Foundation Prog.
                        Alston Hall Programmes            Learndirect
 Quality & Curriculum                                                       Equality and Diversity
                        Community Development        Business Development
         CPD                                                                  Learning Support
                             Sub Contracts             Public Programme
               Managers - South and East Area
                                                                Ann Boocock.
 Anne Sturzaker        Helen Brocki                                                 Benouaich
                                                              Assistant Principal
                      Deputy Principal                                              Assistant
Assistant Principal                                                                  Principal

                                         Steve Hailstone

                                                                                    Gill McBain
     Dawn Vickers      Carol Hoskinson   Jane Hassall.     Lyn Butcher              Foundation
       Business           Skills and     Skills for Life   Professional              Manager
     Development         Workforce         Manager         Development
       Manager          Development                         Manager
                      Learning Organisers

Charlotte Carlin         Mental health, Pre-entry & physical disabilities (S)

Mark Roberts             Pre-entry & physical disabilities, Volunteers (E)

Jenny Roscow             Blind & VI, Volunteers (S)

Nicki Burke              Employability/First Steps (E)

Karen Swainston-Thomas Older learners, Blind & VI, Employability/First Steps (E)

Donna Galway             Carers (area-wide)

Aateeka Khalid           Mental health, other targeted, Ethnic communities (E)

Kath Riley               Older learners, other targeted (S), OLASS (area-wide)
                  Curriculum Leaders
Access to Learning Will Oldham    Visual and Performing Arts Sally Gildert

FLLN Andrea Cowton                Literacy Kathryn Taylor
Numeracy Alison Masheder          Wider Family Learning Hilary Jenkins
ESOL Janet Asiliskender           Pre-entry Deborah Toward

Healthy Living Lynda Ralph
Languages Helene Purnell / Michelle O’Sullivan

Employability/First Steps Claire Grimshaw   ICT Jennie Bentham

Please enter your line manager‟s name onto the
front of your information booklet
IAG and Learning Support
 Information Advice and Guidance
 Doreen Farmer
 Tina Jones
 Cheryl Colby
 Robert Holmes

 Learning Support Co-ordinators
 Leyanne Sheridan (East) (New Directions Coord)
 Debs Toward (South)
            Performance data
      Quality indicators and Targets

                    Aug 2007 to July 2008

South & East Area   Lancashire Adult Learning
Progress with action points from
Curriculum - Self Assessment Report Actions being addressed this year

1. Incomplete use of the outcomes of initial assessment to inform
     differentiated teaching and learning
2. Incomplete procedures for screening skills for life needs and
     following up outcomes for learners
3. Continue to improve the recording of learner progress against
     identified core learning outcomes
4. Continue to improve the use of ILT to further enhance teaching
     and learning
5. Map learning outcomes against the requirements of ECM
6. Inconsistencies in the quality of provision between the three zones
7. Insufficient use of target language in some classes
8. Ensure recognition and referral for support for learners with
     additional learning needs
End of Year Report on 2007/2008 –
           Good news
  learner numbers have met target
  SZ 100.3%
  EZ 105.5%

  OTL grade profile – improvement on last year
  07/08 (72% outstanding and good and 3% unsatisfactory)

  06/07 (69% outstanding and good and 4% unsatisfactory)
   Headlines – learner feedback
                         Autumn           Spring   Summer

Did you tutor tell you
about your rights as       89.91%         91.80%    93.69%
one of our learners?

My college / provider
explains to me how
                         excellent or     93.37%    95.40%
they have responded
to my views

Overall, how satisfied
are you with your            99%
                                           99%       99%
current learning         very or fairly
                                           83%     86%very
Lancashire Adult Learning                                                                                                                       OBERVATIONS OF TEACHING AND LEARNING SUMMARY 2007-08

                                                                                                  Grade Profiles (as a % of
   2007-08                                                          East Zone                     observations)                                     South Zone                 Grade Profiles (as a % of observations)
                                                                                     %                                                        Number
                                                                 Number              OTLs                                                     needed to           % OTLs
                                                    Number of    needed to Number against                                           Number of meet      Number of against
   SSA AREAS                                         Courses     meet target of OTLs target              1        2           3   4 Courses target      OTLs      target                1          2          3          4
 1 Health, Public Services & Care                          36             10       5     50%             1        3           1   0        33        10         9        90%            4          4          1
 2 Science & Mathematics                                     1             1       1 100%                         1
 3 Agriculture, Horticulture & Animal Care                   9             1       1 100%                         1                        15          2                 0%
 4 Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies                  1
 5 Construction, Planning & the Built Environment
 6 Information & Communication Technologies               155            16       12        75%         1       8         3       0      123          10         10    100%             3          5          2
 7 Retail & Commercial Enterprise                           8             1        3       300%          0       0         2      1        13           1          3   300%             1          1          1
 8 Leisure, Travel & Tourism                              155            16        9        56%          1       6         2      0        62           6         10   167%             5          3          2
 9 Arts, Media & Publishing                               125            13       25       192%          4      19         2      0       132          10         11   110%             5          4          2
10 History, Philosophy & Theology                          12             2        3       150%          0       1         2      0         1
11 Social Sciences
12 Languages, Literature & Culture                         75            10       12       120%         1        7        4       0       68            9         9    100%             2          5          2
13 Education & Training [Teacher Training]                  4                                                                               5           1         4    400%             4
14 A2L Preparation for Life & Work                         84            10        7        70%         2        4        1       1      235          24         26    108%             2          8         12          4
14 Preparation for Life & Work [CD]                        15             2        1        50%                                            26           2         0       0
14 Preparation for Life & Work [FLLN]                      41            10        7        70%          1        2           3   1        50          10         7     70%
14 Literacy                                                35            10        3        30%          1        2                        26          10         7     70%                        6          1
14 Numeracy                                                37            10        4        40%                   4                        21           2         5    250%                        6          1
14 ESOL                                                    23             2        4       200%          0        2           2   0        15           2         8    400%             1          3          1
14 Literacy & Numeracy
14 WFL                                                     25            10        2        8%                    1           1            45         10          9     90%                        2          7

   Totals                                                 841           124       99                    12     61     23    3             870        109         118                   27         47          32         4
                                                                                       %           12.12% 61.62% 23.23% 3.03%                                                     22.88%     39.83%      27.12%      3.39%
End of Year Report on 2007/2008

  • Tutor Qualifications – 68% and 88% of our tutors
    have the minimum qualifications

  • Projecting a balanced budget
    Key Priorities for this year
• To improve the SFL referrals

• To have in place ILPs or portfolios for all
  non-accredited courses

• To assess and record achievement
  against the curriculum framework for
  non-accredited provision
 Every Child Matters
(and vulnerable adults)

 Enquiry following the death of Victoria
  Climbié, which led to -
 Green Paper: “Every Child Matters” (ECM)
  and The Children Act – 2003-2004
 An integrated and multi-agency approach
  to keeping children safe
 Education providers are contributory
   Relevance to Lancashire Adult

LAL works directly with children on Family
Learning programmes, and we believe
that our work with other adults/parents
can influence the welfare of many other
            The ECM framework

5 outcomes:
     Staying safe
     Being healthy
     Enjoying and achieving
     Making a positive contribution
     Achieving economic well-being
           What we are doing
 Review of curriculum to:
  - embed ECM outcomes where possible
  and/or relevant
  - introduce new courses which directly
  address ECM outcomes
 Gather relevant feedback from learners and
 Staff training
 Programme of health promotion
A dual approach – promoting positive action and preventing harm

    We have a Safeguarding Children and
     Vulnerable Adults Policy (available on
     the website) which includes:
        Procedures to address instances of suspected / actual
        Procedures to prevent and minimise the risk of abuse
        Code of conduct
    This applies to:
        Family learners
        Discrete groups who generally fit the “in scope”
        Any individual learner in any class who may temporarily
         or permanently come into scope
                 Who is “in scope”?
 Children (ie anyone below 18 years of age)

 Vulnerable adults, defined as:
  “A person who is 18 years or over and:
  - Receiving a social care service or direct payment
  - Receiving a health service
  - Living in sheltered housing
  - Detained in custody or under a probation order
  - Requiring assistance in the conduct of his/her affairs
  - Receiving a service or participating in an activity targeted
  at older people, people with disabilities or people with
  physical or mental health conditions”
(SVG Act 2006)
         What you need to do

 Be vigilant but don‟t over-react
 Attend any training that you are asked
  to do
 Make yourself familiar with the policy
 If in doubt, seek advice from
  Safeguarding Manager (Ann Boocock)
Group Activity – Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans

• In groups, refer to the blank copies of
  the new documents provided

• Discuss and give examples of what to
  write on each pro-forma for your
  allocated topic. Consider: H&S, E&D,

• Feedback

    Health and Safety
  Equality and Diversity
    Learning Support
E-learning and Learndirect
       CPD update
Health and Safety Update
      Health and Safety Update
• Registers – H&S info and who is in my
• Do you need help to leave the building?
• Risk assessment – Insurance-Personal
• Personal safety – screech alarms
• Healthy Living – Health Screening Tool
Equality and Diversity
    Equality and Diversity

               Equality and Diversity

Higher % of             Recognition in    Ground rules
  learners             course delivery,    explained in
 identifying               design,        induction and
their ethnic            materials and        deviation
   origin.                 content          challenged
Update – learning support
  Additional Support for learners

Examinations and assessments

 Please inform learning support coordinators if
  you envisage that learners will need to have
  special arrangements approved by an awarding
  body in good time before the date of the exam.
 You will need to identify this on the yellow
  exams form and contact LSCs to discuss
  possible arrangements
       External carers and visitors

• If the group you are taking includes vulnerable adults or
  children, as they will not be CRB cleared, you need to
  conduct a risk assessment which should ensure that no
  learners may be put in danger.

• Tutors need to familiarise themselves with the tutor
  guidelines for working with support workers and give a copy
  of the guidelines to the carers/external support worker.

• They need to also complete a form which records who they
  are, who they work for and what their role is.
           Learning Support
The fading strategy

• Tutors will receive an indication of the
  level of support learners need at the
  start of the course.
• We hope and plan for most learners to
  become more independent as they
  progress and then the level of support
  will be gradually reduced.
Developments in E-learning
             VLE (Moodle) Training

Initial training for tutors is planned for:-

Lancashire College
Wednesday 24th September 9.30 - 11.30am
Tuesday 21st October 3.15 - 5.15pm

Altham Offices
Tuesday 30th September 2.00 – 4.00pm
Places are limited, please apply with a Staff Development
  Application form via your Curriculum Leader.
           The Learning Centre

• Make sure your learners have the skills and
  can access VLE and electronic resources
• Improve your own skills
• The Learning Centres offer real alternatives to
  classroom based learning with on-line
  Learndirect courses and flexible drop-in
  facilities for learners and staff – consider this
  for progression/alternative offer to learners not
  at the level for the taught course
         The Learning Centre
The Open learning centre is open to all staff and learners
(please telephone to book a place at busy periods). The Centre offers
learndirect courses on a flexible learning basis
The open learning centre will also be an access point for the
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for both staff and
learners and will provide support to staff wishing to develop
or upload materials or just help with how to use it!
               Skills for Life
• All tutors to conduct screening during

• Screening tools are available via your
  curriculum leader

• All SFL needs to be referred via the LS3 to
  the Learning support coordinators.

• Learner and Tutor SFL needs – consider
  learndirect, T2G or Taught classes
   Staff Survey

Update – staffing
             Staff Survey

• Every year we survey the staff to give
  us an indicator of how the organisation
  is performing.

• We recognise that this year has been
  one of change with the restructure on-
  going and it is very early days.
Claiming for your teaching – pg 5/33
 • Must have a current contract – please
   do not extend or change dates of
   classes without approval from admin.
   Venue payments and learner data
   depends on accurate MIS.

 • Please submit monthly with the register.

 • If the register does not come in your
   claim will be delayed
     IFL – Institute for Learning
Mandatory for all tutors teaching on LSC
  provision – LAL courses – Your
• To Join (before Sept 30th with your current quals)

• Renew your membership

• Complete your CPD record

• Update your qualifications
Activity – What Makes an Excellent Tutor?

• In pairs, list the points you feel relate to
  an excellent tutor within adult learning.

• Feedback from your pair to the rest of
  the group and add to your list.
Criteria for Tutor selection
        We expect our most regular tutors to have
         relevant skills and qualifications

        • A full teaching qualification (at Level 4/5)
        • Subject Qualifications at least to level 3 (or
          where they did not exist, expertise at that
        • To have qualifications in Literacy and
          numeracy - at least to level 2
        • To have qualifications in ICT at level 2 (or
          where they did not exist expertise at that
        • To have completed training and development
          to work in specific programme areas where
          appropriate e.g. family learning, pre-entry etc.
Criteria for Tutor selection
      Delivery and facilitation of high quality learning
         and implementation of RARPA

      Measured by:
      •   Observations of teaching and learning
      •   Good achievement rates at or above
          benchmark for the programme area
      •   Good attendance/retention rates at or above
          benchmark for the programme area
      •   Satisfactory lesson visit reports
      •   Course feedback results above benchmark
          for programme on relevant questions
      •   Good feedback return rates
      •   Implementation of any action points from
          OTL, LV course file checks and reviews.
Criteria for Tutor selection

        •   Compliance with administrative procedures
            which enable us to monitor quality and
            maintain our ability to claim funding.
        •   Return of enrolment forms and other
            documentation relating to start of learners
            within two weeks of the course start date
        •   Regular return of registers noting H&S
        •   Return of all documentation in the course file
            within 2 weeks of the last session of the
            course including the register with
            achievement tracked
        •   Encouraging the return of feedbacks from
        •   Submission of fee claims on a monthly basis
Criteria for Tutor selection

        •   Willingness to undertake self-development
        •   The amount of relevant CPD hours
        •   Attendance at staff, curriculum meetings and
        •   To be able to use E-mail for communication

        •   Contributions to the development of the
            curriculum or quality promotion
        •   To demonstrate a professional approach to
            all aspects of their work including:
               –   Being positive about the Service
               –   Cooperating with administrative staff and
                   academic staff
               –   Complying with all policies and procedures
             The Life of a course

South & East Area   Lancashire Adult Learning
             The provision
• PCDL Public Programme – to provide the people of
  Lancashire with local opportunities for learning.

• Targeted Programme – to provide learning which is
  designed to meet an identified need of a target group
  (identified by government priorities, LCC priorities and
  LAL development plan) e.g. community development

• Employer Responsive and Learner Responsive
  (Former WBL and FE provision) To help people to gain
  skills to progress into or within employment.
ACE (Access courses entry system)
 •   Rationale – The learning and Skills Council (LSC) funds us to meet
     their targets set by government. The rationale for the course explains
     how that course justifies the funding we are drawing down.

 •   Target group – The target group of learners in some cases
     complements the rationale

 •   Course details – This describes the course level, length of the course,
     the curriculum area etc

 •   The Venue details (if venue not currently approved it cannot be

 •   The Tutor (if the tutor is not currently on the approved database they
     cannot be selected)
         The course is set up
• Group needs identified in the rationale by
  learning organiser - A standard course
  could meet these needs

• Tutors design the course to meet the
  rationale and submit on a SOW to C.L.

• C.L. approves the course and admin put up a
  course pack for collection by the tutor.
Course File Process Diagram

   Rationale sent out       SOW                Tutor Contract raised
                            based on

                     Pack is ready for collection

                           Also collect:
 Photocopying, learner handbooks/info sheets/ enrolment forms etc
  Tutor prepares for course
• If non-accredited….. Prepare the portfolios or ILPs

• Minimum course objectives as laid down on the
  curriculum framework are identified and an initial
  assessment prepared and typed onto the front page of
  the portfolio.

• This can be e-mailed to the admin centre where they
  will be printed off (1 week notice please)

•   Tent Card positioned
•   Learner Handbook explained
•   Course explained
•   Health and safety risk assessment carried out
•   Tutor conducts initial assessment and amends SOW/
    objectives to meet needs
•   SFL screening carried out (tutor devised or provided via
•   Confidential window of opportunity provided for learners to
    share concerns
•   Support needs noted and request made
•   Enrolments checked and returned to admin.

• This year:

 Induction checklist on the reverse of the register
  must be counter signed by a learner
 Two kinds of register – short course and standard
 Copied to admin with register to support first pay
  claim after start of course

• PS: don‟t forget the late joiners – they need induction
             Course File
• Standard documents used by the
  service (LAL)

• Website link

                 On course
• Accredited courses have their own portfolio but
  must have an exams form filled out.

• Non-accredited learners need to have completed:
 Learning portfolios
• or
 Individual learning plans

• Please track progress and keep learners informed
  of their own progress and further needs through
                End of course
• Discuss their next step and if possible ascertain what
  they will do next.
• Arrange IAG for them if they wish
• Conduct the anonymous feedback as prescribed
• Hold informal feedback
• Complete course review and evaluation document
• Fill out learner case study if appropriate
• Return register with achievement identified.
• Return requested paperwork to support pay claim
Course File Process Diagram
  Rationale sent out    SOW          Tutor Contract raised
                        based on

     Pack is sent out   sent back    Course live on system
                        in to

                        All Course       Final payment
       Feedback and
       Course review    Docs              made to tutor

  Group Activity – Course Level Review

1. In your groups, examine the end of course
   evidence provided.

2. Refer to the Course Level Review pro-forma
   and discuss how to complete it from the
   evidence given.

3. Practice completing the form.

4. Feedback to the main group.

                Thank you very much

          Induction supplies available from Reception
                       See you next time

South & East Area   Lancashire Adult Learning

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