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									                              Teaneck School District
                                 Course Syllabus

Course Title:       Marketing Essentials

James Lagomarsino
voice mail:       (201) 862-1200 ext. 6192

Marc Monroe
voice mail:         (201) 862-1200 ext. 6205


Course Description:
Marketing Essentials provides students with a firm understanding of the principles of
marketing as they apply throughout many sectors of the business community.
Students will be introduced to the marketing process, including the 4 P’s of
marketing (product, promotion, price and placement) and will learn how marketers
research, rationalize, plan and implement marketing decisions and solutions to
achieve their intended business objectives. Students will also learn about the larger
business community and see the connection between marketing decisions and their
impact on the sales process. Additionally, students will continually assess aspects
of consumerism from the perspective of their acquired marketing savvy and be
better prepared to interpret marketing issues specifically and business decision-
making in general. Students will explore potential career paths and also gain critical
insight that will benefit them as consumers in the American economy. Technology
will be integrated throughout the curriculum to assist students with researching and
preparing course materials including: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet
Research and a simulation entitled Virtual Business.

Textbooks & Materials:
Marketing: An Introduction, 10th Edition

Units of Study:
   • Marketing: Creating & Capturing Customer Value
   • Company & Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
   • Analyzing the Marketing Environment
   • Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights
   • Understanding Consumer & Business Buyer Behavior
•   Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers
•   Products, Services & Brands: Building Customer Value
•   New Product Development & Product Life Cycle Strategies

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