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									    January 2008 Regional Economic Snapshot
                                Boulder                     Cheyenne                        Larimer                     Weld

                                                   After four and a half years of
                                                   consecutive growth,
                                                   employment fell in November
                                                   in Wyoming’s natural
                                                   resources & mining sector
                                                   (down 800 jobs or 2.9% from
                                                   November 2006). It appears
                        The total civilian labor   that natural gas drilling        The total civilian labor   The total civilian labor
                                                   activity slowed substantially
                        force in Boulder County                                     force in Larimer County    force in Weld County for
                                                   during 2007. Despite these
                        for November, 2007         job losses, overall              for November, 2007         November, 2007 was
    What is your latest was 179,224 of which       employment has continued to      was 177,304 of which       120,778 of which
1       monthly         173,174 were employed      grow at a robust pace (up        171,263 were employed      115,811 were employed
    unemployment rate and 6,050 were               9,900 jobs or 3.6% from          and 6,041 were             and 4,967 were
                                                   November 2006). In fact,
                        unemployed. The                                             unemployed. The            unemployed. The
                                                   Wyoming employment is
                        unemployment rate was      increasing over three times      unemployment rate was      unemployment rate was
                        3.4 percent.               as fast as the U.S. average      3.4 percent.               4.1 percent.
                                                   (3.6% compared to 1.0%).
                                                   The state’s seasonally
                                                   adjusted unemployment rate
                                                   was unchanged from its
                                                   October level of 2.9% and
                                                   remained much lower than
                                                   the U.S. rate (4.7%).
                                    Boulder                     Cheyenne                Larimer                     Weld

                        IBM announced the construction of
                        the 80,000-square-foot data center is
                                                                           Gerald H. Phipps Inc., one of
                        on-schedule and completion is set
                                                                           Colorado's largest general
                        for April 2008.
                                                                           contractors, will open a Loveland
                                                                           office next week to keep tabs on
                        The Hartford Financial Services
                                                                           major construction projects the
                        Group Inc. said that in 2008, the
                                                                           company has under way in Northern
                        company will begin a two-year data
                                                                           Colorado. Phipps broke ground on
                        center migration that will cost the
                                                                           the $42 million Diagnostic Medicine
                        company $100 million in pre-tax
                                                                           Center at the Colorado State
                        expenses. Part of that spending will
                                                                           University veterinary hospital
                        be put toward the establishment of a
                                                                           campus, and has an additional
                        data center in Boulder, hosted by
        Are any new     IBM
                                                                           contract to build the CSU Research
                                                                           Innovation Center.
2   businesses coming
                        Western Digital settled into its new
      to your region?   home in advance of opening its third
                                                                           Greeley Medical opens second
                                                                           Centerra clinic. The Greeley
                        design center — the first outside
                                                                           Medical Clinic PC will open its
                        California — on 12/10/07. Western
                                                                           second facility at Centerra, adjoining
                        Digital moved into 1951 S. Fordham
                                                                           Medical Center of the Rockies. The
                        St., the space formerly occupied by
                                                                           clinic, which will employ about 120,
                        hard drive maker Cornice.
                                                                           will anchor a second medical office
                                                                           building connected to the hospital.
                        The Longmont Tutoring Clinic, 1445
                                                                           Greeley Medical will occupy 40,000
                        Nelson Road, opened one month
                                                                           of its 81,000 square feet when it
                        ago and offers tutoring for all
                                                                           opens next November.
                        children in grades K-12, serving all
                        subjects and all ability levels.
                                      Boulder                        Cheyenne           Larimer   Weld

                           Motorola Inc. plans to relocate
                           its 100-employee local research
                           and design facility from Boulder
                           to Westminster. The move was
                           a "real estate decision and move
                           will be completed in March.        Concrete company will
    Are any companies      Novartis AG announced that it
                                                              close as of 2-29-08,
    leaving your region    will cut 2,500 jobs worldwide by   affecting approximately
         or are any        2010, making it the latest major   20 regular employees.
                           pharmaceutical to announce
     companies in your                                        Most of them will be
3                          sizable cutbacks as industry
      region laying off    costs rise, more patents expire,   absorbed into the
     workers? Do you       researchers continue to chase      existing workforce due
     see any industries    the next blockbuster drug,         to the demand for their
                           generic competition for four
    that are struggling?   drugs and lost sales from a        skill sets/craft
                           discontinued product. It is        knowledge.'
                           unknown how the cuts might
                           affect Novartis' generic drug
                           Sandoz division, which employs
                           625 people in Broomfield.
                                  Boulder          Cheyenne   Larimer   Weld

                           Imagine!, Exempla,
    Are any companies      McKesson Corporation,
    in your region doing   Northrop Grumman,
       any significant     Kable Fulfillment,
          hirings?         Lockheed Martin,
                           Transfirst, Walmart
                               Boulder                   Cheyenne               Larimer              Weld
                                                 As NCAR moves closer to
                                                 beginning site development
      Do you see any                             and construction, more
     new industries or                           inquiries are coming in from
5      new skill sets                            high-tech companies and
     emerging in your                            inquiries about training to
                                                 meet the technology
                                                 demands of these

                                                                                          Teen Job Fair 2008
                                                                                          Tuesday, March 4, 2008
                                                                                          4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
                                                                                          Island Grove Exhibition
                                                                                          525 N 15h Avenue, Greeley,

                                                                                          Regional Job Fair 2008
                       WY-CO Workforce           Senator Mike Enzi is                     Thursday, March 13, 2008
      Is your region   Partnership will be       scheduled to speak at the                2:00 pm.-6: 00 pm
                                                                                          Larimer County Fairgrounds,
        having any     hosting a Regional Job    January Cheyenne
6                                                                                         First National Bank West
    upcoming events of Fair on March 13, 2008,   Chamber of Commerce                      Exhibit Hall
         interest?     2-6 pm, at the Larimer    luncheon, Friday, January                Loveland, Colorado.
                       County Fairgrounds.       11th.
                                                                                          Business Career Event 2008
                                                                                          Thursday, April 10, 2008
                                                                                          4:00 pm - 6: 00 pm
                                                                                          Aims Community College
                                                                                          Aims CC Corporate
                                                                                          5590 W. 11th Street,
                                                                                          Greeley, CO.
                                        Boulder                     Cheyenne               Larimer                     Weld

                           Crispin Porter + Bogusky - recently
                           heralded for its campaigns with
                           companies like Burger King and
                           Volkswagen has applied for a
                           business incentive that would allow it
                           to add 100 more people at its                       A new study indicates more tan
                           Boulder site.                                       24,800 workers in Northern Colorado
                                                                               are underemployed. Larry
                           Ball Aerospace & Technologies                       Burkhardt, president/CEO of Upstate
                           Corp. was awarded a contract to                     Colorado Economic Development in
                           develop an antenna system for a                     Greeley, said those 24,800 were
                           Sandia National Laboratories system                 qualified for positions with higher
                           that detects, locates and                           salaries and may, for example, be
                           characterizes ground-based nuclear                  commuting to Denver but eager to
     Is there anything     detonations worldwide. Financial                    find work closer to home. The study,
       else workforce      terms of the contract were not                      commissioned by a partnership of
                           disclosed.                                          stakeholder agencies, surveyed the
     related that you'd
7                                                                              work force within a 30-mile radius of
      like to add that     42 Productions, a full-service,                     U.S. Highway 34 and Interstate 25. It
    might be of interest   Boulder-based film and video                        found that of the 383,900 in the
                           production company, is filming two                  area's civilian labor force, 15,800
       to the group?       full-length feature films in 2008 in                were unemployed and actively
                           Boulder. "Woodshop" will begin at                   seeking work and 24,800 are
                           the end of January and continue                     employed but interested in changing
                           through April. The film is a comedic                their jobs. The report found that
                           drama about a high school boy who                   about 25 percent of the available
                           is determined to make it into an Ivy                workers would consider a new job
                           League School but receives an F in                  paying $13.99 per hour or less, while
                           a chemistry class and is forced to                  the top 25 percent would command
                           take vocational woodshop class.                     more than $26.51 per hour.
                           “Coda" is slated for early spring or
                           summer and s also a comedic drama
                           set in a high school and is about a
                           boy in a band.
                          Boulder   Cheyenne            Larimer            Weld

                                               Aims receives funding for
                                               EMT scholarships. Aims
                                               Community College has
                                               received $46,200 in
                                               scholarship funding to
                                               assist nontraditional
                                               students. The Daniels
    Are there any new                          Opportunity Scholarship
8   trainings available                        funding will provide 28
      in your region?                          scholarships to
                                               emergency medical
                                               technician and paramedic
                                               students at Aims. The
                                               scholarships will be
                                               awarded during the next
                                               two years.
                                      Boulder                 Cheyenne                 Larimer                      Weld

                                                                         Northern Colorado employers expect
                           Collaboration and Teamwork -                  to hire at a brisk pace during the first
                           Laurels Apartments Renovation                 quarter of 2008, according to the
                                                                         quarterly Manpower Employment
                           Project: The Boulder County
                                                                         Outlook Survey. For the first three
                           Housing Authority teamed with
                                                                         months of 2008, 40 percent of the
                           the Sheriff's Office,                         Northern Colorado companies
                           Transportation Department and                 surveyed said they planned to hire
                           Workforce Boulder County to                   more employees while only 7
                           renovate a previously                         percent said they would be reducing
                           uninhabitable, four-unit complex              their payrolls. Another 30 percent
                           in Broomfield into habitable                  said they expect to maintain current
      Is there anything    affordable housing. The project               staffing levels and 23 percent said
             else          utilized the labor of a team of               they weren't certain. The best job
                           young Workforce Boulder                       prospects for the first quarter
         newsworthy                                                      appeared to be in construction,
                           County workers, who gained
9    happening in your     valuable on-the-job experience
                                                                         durable goods manufacturing,
                                                                         transportation/public utilities and
    region you’d like to   that has helped each of them to               wholesale/retail trade and services.
           share?          obtain related employment or
                           attend college. By using the                  An express bus between Greeley
                           Workforce youth and leveraging                and Loveland is chugging toward
                           outside funding sources, the                  reality. Daggett said planners hope
                           Housing Authority saved more                  this system will provide one link in
                           than $550,000 off the estimated               the chain for a future regional mass-
                           cost of the project. The project              transit system. “It ties the region
                                                                         together, it ties the three big cities,
                           received a Pinnacle Award
                                                                         because there’s already regional
                           which showcases the County's
                                                                         service between Loveland and Fort
                           most innovative, excellent                    Collins,” Daggett said. The buses
                           programs. Winners exemplify                   will run hourly between Loveland
                           leading edge in public service.               and Greeley, with three stops.

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