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									Headstart                                                                 Operations Manager


Location: Weltech centre, Welwyn Garden City
Salary: EDT grade 4 (c. £30000 depending on experience and skills)
Applications to Gordon Mizner, CEO

Reports to – Director Headstart.

Headstart summer courses have been built in recent years into a major programme covering
the UK. Several variants and diversity programmes have also been introduced along side it,
with student numbers growing year-on-year.
EDT is moving to a fully integrated regional organisation and as part of this reorganisation the
current Director HS will be taking up the newly established role of Development Director.
EDT is now seeking an Operations Manager for Headstart who will be responsible for all the
central Headstart activities, plus liaison and coordination for those elements to be delivered
eventually through the regions.
The Operations Manager will report to the Director Headstart/Development Director.


    1.    Budget responsibility and management of all Headstart products
    2.    Liaison with universities to ensure excellence of provision
    3.    Support to Director in identification and generation of sponsorship in line with budgets
    4.    Liaison with supervisor and university partners to ensure all academic, administrative
          and financial arrangements operate smoothly
    5.    Ensure all student and supervisor recruitment targets are met
    6.    Liaison with EDT administration to ensure administrative and financial arrangements
          operate smoothly
    7.    Development of course materials, in line with academic considerations and budgetary
    8.    Support to Director HS and Regional EDT Directors in sourcing new university and
          supervisor partners to meet requirements of the programme
    9.    Proactive marketing and recruitment of students for all Headstart products
    10.    Active supporter of EDT concept and other EDT programmes


The Operations Manager will be expected to manage all aspects of the Headstart programme
to ensure excellence of provision, including coordinating those elements that transition to the
regions. This is an operational post and the Manager may expect strategic and academic
advice via the Director HS and the Education Director. The post involves UK travel and
occasional weekend work.

The person appointed will be responsible for the budget for key individual elements and be
expected to achieve commercial objectives by supporting the Director in sourcing and
managing sponsorship. He/she will be responsible for the development and issue of learning
and promotional materials on an ongoing basis. He/she will support the Director HS /
Development Director in identifying new sponsors, managing them, and achieving the growth
in income and student numbers required by the Business Plan.

The person appointed will be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of student
administration runs smoothly – enrolment, induction, timetabling etc.

                             Job Specification and Role Definition                               1
Headstart                                                               Operations Manager

He/she will ensure that there is proper liaison with partner institutions to ensure academic,
administrative and financial arrangements operate smoothly and recruitment targets are met.
They will encourage best practice within the stakeholder group, particularly Supervisors and

The person appointed will not be expected to teach specialist subjects on the programmes
but may be required to conduct student induction from time to time. He/she will chair relevant
liaison committees and host recruitment and social events.

The person appointed will have relevant work or consultancy experience with a commercial
background. He/she need not have an academic background but preferably will be educated
to degree level or equivalent, or other relevant work-related post-graduate qualification.

He/she must have demonstrable sales, marketing or senior general management experience
and skills. Administration assistance will be available.


1       Students and parents
2       Academic staff
3       Sponsors and Supporters
4       Administrative staff across the Trust University (Accountants, Education Advisors,
        Regional Directors, etc)
5       Staff from partner institutions and universities
6       Course Supervisors
7       Relevant professional bodies


The attributes outlined below form the basis of selecting the person to be appointed.


   Work, consultancy or training experience with a commercial background
   Financial literacy and ability to manage a budget
   Demonstrable experience of fundraising
   Enthusiasm, drive, presence and self-motivation
   Good communication and presentational skills
   Ability to work independently for sustained periods
   Ability to work co-operatively and confidently with administrative and academic
    colleagues and other stakeholders
   Ability to recognise and meet essential deadlines


   Degree or equivalent
   Experience of working in a sales environment
   Curiosity and creativity
   Assertiveness
   Good listener
   Tact and sensitivity

Date of Issue – September 2007

                           Job Specification and Role Definition                             2
Headstart                                           Operations Manager

            Job Specification and Role Definition                   3

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