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									JOB DESCRIPTION - Managing Director of the Peacock Playhouse
As a member of the Board of Directors and manager of the Peacock Playhouse, the Managing Director is the Corporation’s
ambassador to the Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia community, donors, media, clients and peer institutions. The
Managing Director is also responsible for providing strategic direction for the deployment of the Corporation’s physical, financial
and human resources; managing its facilities, programs and activities; supervising the personnel that report directly to the Managing
Director; providing staff support to the Corporation’s Board of Directors, its officers and committees; and ensuring that the assets of
the Foundation are properly maintained and accounted for.

Specific Duties:

        Establish the Playhouse’s master calendar, including all plays, other performance entertainment and related theatre uses, and
         assure the effective marketing and advertising of all planned events.
        Work with the resident acting company, the Licklog Players, and any other performance groups in establishment of an
         enhanced and cohesive season with the objective of achieving a diverse and balanced set of offerings to the Peacocks’
        Formulate the operating plans and budgets for the Playhouse, provide supervision to all paid and volunteer staff and assure
         the implementation of all approved plans.
        Serve as the primary implementer for the policies and procedures which the LLPAA Board of Directors deem necessary and
         appropriate and be the chief executive decision maker for guest directors, designers, technicians, and stage managers, and, as
         necessary, choreographers and musical directors
        Provide the daily interface with contractors, maintenance and service personnel, and act as the primary public face of the
         Center to all of its constituents.
        Develop an annual fund development strategy, pursue grants, and assist with Capital campaigns as they may be necessary to
         assure the financial soundness of the Playhouse.

Position Requirements:

        Management experience in a performing arts organization including programming, facilities management and operations.
        Experience in fundraising/development/capital campaigns preferred.
        Proven track record in creating a positive environment that engages and inspires a broad community.
        Diplomacy and an understanding of decision-making and coalition building within an established dramatic arts setting.
         Exceptional communication skills to deliver the mission and image of the Peacock Playhouse Performing Arts Center in its
         formative years.
        Construction and/ or building renovation experience will be a strong plus.
        Knowledge of the Performing Arts environment in a small town setting will be an advantage.
        Ability to delegate and appoint sub-committees, chairman or hire staff with a discerning eye.

The Managing Director must be proactive and operate with a minimum of supervision, driven and creative in pursuing the
Playhouse’s business plan, and charismatic, engaging and inclusive in dealing with the Board, the Licklog Players, volunteers,
donors, user groups and the community at large.

To apply:
Please submit your resume with a cover letter addressing programming and fundraising experience. In addition, please provide a
writing sample answering the following three questions:

1. What is your definition of effective leadership? How do you apply it?
2. How do you achieve excellent community and constituent relations?
3. How would you measure success of a Performing Arts Center?

Apply by letter to Lilith Lidseen Performing Arts Center, P.O. Box 1426, Hayesville, NC 28904, or by e-mail to

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