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					                     CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER
                     BOARD MEMBERS                          DENVER BOARD OF ETHICS
                     EDGAR L. NEEL – CHAIR                  WEBB MUNICIPAL BUILDING
                     ANN A. TERRY – VICE CHAIR              201 West Colfax, 2nd Floor - (2.H-13)
                     LESLIE M. LAWSON                       Department 703 - (for U.S. Mail)
                     LORI MACK                              Denver, CO 80202-5330
                     SYL MORGAN-SMITH
                     STAFF DIRECTOR
                     L. MICHAEL HENRY                       Phone: (720) 865-8412
                                                            Fax:     (720) 865-8419

                   DENVER BOARD OF ETHICS
                 MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 25, 2008
Chair Edgar Neel called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. Also present in person were
Lori Mack and Ann Terry. Leslie Lawson was present and participated by telephone
conference call. Syl-Morgan-Smith was absent.
1. It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the minutes of the meeting of July 24,
2. Jim Thomas, Human Resources Director for the Department of Aviation summarized
   his request for an advisory opinion regarding possible conflicts of interest for
   employees at Denver International Airport who wished to engage in outside
   employment working for private snow removal contractors at DIA and responded to
   questions from the Board of Ethics.
3. Linda Misegadis, Director of Payroll and Human Resources Administration of the
   Office of the Controller, summarized her request for an advisory opinion as to
   whether she could accept waiver of a conference fee for a national conference
   sponsored by a company with which the city does business in return for her speaking
   at the conference. She also responded to questions from the Board members.
4. Deanna Vega, who has just left city government as an Administrative Support
   Assistant IV in the Electronic Engineering Bureau of Technology Services, described
   her request for an advisory opinion. She has been offered a job by an electronics
   company which she dealt with in her city job. She answered questions from Board
5. Victor Anthony, a staff accountant at the Wastewater Management Division,
   summarized his request for an advisory opinion. He owns and self-manages two
   apartment buildings (ten rental units) in Denver and wished to know whether he is
   required by Section 2-63 of the Code of Ethics to report that and obtain approval from
   his appointing authority.
6. Bill Vidal, the Manager of the Department of Public Works, described his request for
   an advisory opinion regarding a possible conflict of interest because a consulting
   company in which his brother-in-law is the managing partner may apply for a
    consulting contract with the Public Works Department. He answered questions from
    board members.
7. Lisa Herrera-Hodges and Nicole Lucero-Holub of the Career Service Authority
    explained to the Board the 2008 Employee Survey and discussed specific questions
    relating to ethics that the Board would like to see included in the survey. They
    indicated that they would meet with the Board to discuss the survey results in a few
8. Kelly Greunke of the Budget and Management Office, the Board’s budget analyst,
    discussed with the Board the possibility of requesting a supplemental appropriation
    for unbudgeted personnel costs and for the printing of additional ethics handbooks for
    city employees.
9. Staff Director Michael Henry advised the Board that 10,000 copies of the 2008 ethics
    handbook have been received from the printer and have been distributed to city
10. The Board went into executive session to deliberate on Cases 08-54 through 08-59.
11. The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

                                                  Respectfully submitted,

                                                  Michael Henry, Staff Director

Approved by the Board of Ethics on October 23, 2008


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