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									                                      Amendment to
                                 Rental Inspection Contract
THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between the City of Platteville Common Council, hereinafter
called the “City”, and MV Service & Consulting, LLC, hereinafter called the “Contractor”.

WHEREAS, the City has previously entered into a contract with the Contractor to perform
inspections of residential rental property in the City of Platteville, with said contract being
approved and signed by the Contractor on May 2, 2006; and

WHEREAS, the City now desires to make changes in the scope of services described in said
contract, and the Contractor is agreeable to these changes,

NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto mutually agree to the changes in the contract as follows:

1.      Scope of Services

The Contractor shall document the condition of the units that are inspected through the use of
digital photos only if specifically directed to do so by the City. If such photos are required, the
Contractor shall receive compensation as provided in the Fee Schedule that is a part of the original

IN WITNESS THEREOF, parties hereto have caused this agreement to be executed the year and
date shown below by their proper officers and representatives.

Marty Limmex, Managing Partner
MV Service & Consulting, LLC

Lon Pluckhahn, City Manager
City of Platteville


                                               Annette M. Dutcher, City Clerk

Amend ment to Rental Inspection Contract      1                               City of Platteville

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