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									HSBC Mutual Funds

HSBC Mortgage Fund
Advisor Series
As at January 31, 2011

Fund Description
The fundamental investment objective of this Fund is to earn as high a level of income as possible while protecting invested
capital by investing primarily in residential first mortgages on property in Canada and other debt obligations. Subject to the
availability of suitable mortgages, the Fund will invest primarily in uninsured Canadian dollar denominated mortgages.

                                                                                                                              Since                  Date of
Past Performance                                 1 Year         3 Year 1         5 Year 1            10 Year 1             Inception 1             Inception
Investor Series                                      2.10%          4.19%           3.61%                3.72%                   5.26%            Dec 9, 1992
Advisor Series                                       2.10%          4.25%           3.65%                      −                 3.48%          Mar 22, 2002

Calendar Year Returns                                                       Return Analysis (Advisor Series)
Year              Investor       Advisor                 Manager            # of Years Up (+)                                                                8
2010                2.13%            2.14%                      −           # of Years Down (−)                                                              0
2009                4.78%            4.79%                      −           Best 1 Yr. Ttl. Rtn. (J an 09)                                             6.92%
2008                6.14%            6.31%                      −           Worst 1 Yr. Ttl. Rtn. (J un 06)                                            0.89%
2007                2.07%            2.06%                      −           Average Up (+) Years                                                       3.42%
2006                3.06%            3.06%                      −           Average Down (−) Years                                                           −
2005                2.01%            2.01%                      −
2004                3.57%            3.50%                      −
2003                3.38%            3.44%                      −
                                                                            Portfolio turnover                                                               −
2002                3.12%                  −                    −
                                                                            P/E ratio − Fund (Advisor Series)                                                −
2001                7.78%                  −                    −
                                                                            P/E ratio − Benchmark                                                            −
                                                                            Dividend yield before fees (Advisor Series)                                      −
Portfolio Composition (in %)                                                Dividend yield before fees (Benchmark)                                           −
                                                                            Distribution frequency                                                            *
                                                                            *Income/Dividend component only. Capital gains distributions, if any, are distributed
                             Residential Mortgages           78.64%         annually for all funds.

                             Cash and Cash Equivalents       11.40%

                                                                            Top Holdings
                             Bonds                           9.96%          Residential Mortgages                                                    78.64%
                                                                            Canada Housing Trust No. 1, Frn, September 15, 2015                        5.18%
                                                                            Royal Bank of Canada 0.00%, February 1, 2011                               1.15%
                                                                            Financement Quebec, Frn, June 2, 2016                                      0.97%
                                                                            Canada Hous. Trust #1, 4.0%, June 15, 2012                                 0.92%
Mortgage Maturities (in %)                                                  Enbridge Inc., 1.16%, February 7, 2011                                     0.65%
                                                                            Honda Canada 1.11%, March 7, 2011                                          0.65%
                                                                            Inter Pipeline Fund 1.24%, February 14, 2011                               0.65%
                             Less than 1 year                15.30%
                                                                            Shoppers Drug Mart 1.04%, February 4, 2011                                 0.65%
                             4−5 years                       8.82%          Union Gas Ltd. 1.05%, February 4, 2011                                     0.65%
                             1−2 years                       30.72%         Total                                                                    90.11%

                             2−3 years                       25.78%

                             3−4 years                       19.38%
HSBC Mutual Funds

HSBC Mortgage Fund
Advisor Series
As at January 31, 2011
Fund Details                                                                     Fund Commentary
Total Assets:                            $1,596.9 million                        Renewed confidence in the global economic recovery pushed bond yields higher
                                                                                 in the fourth quarter. While concerns surrounding European sovereign debt
RRSP Eligible:                           Yes
                                                                                 persisted, credit markets remained relatively stable. Mortgage rates, which had
Minimum Initial Purchase:                $500                                    lagged bond yields lower in the second quarter, were similarly sticky in the
Minimum Subsequent Purchase:             $50                                     opposite direction as bond yields rose. This allowed mortgages to outperform the
Order Cut−off Time:                      1:00pm PST                              broader bond market on the quarter. It appears that the Banks are being more
                                                                                 aggressive in their mortgage pricing. We believe that mortgage rates represent
Investment Advisor:                      HSBC Global Asset
                                                                                 fair value at current levels. The relatively high running yield of the Fund continues
                                         Management (Canada)
                                                                                 to be a positive for returns, and will help to offset some of the negative impacts if
                                                                                 mortgage rates move higher. Portfolio duration is conservatively positioned at
Inquiries:                               1−888−390−3333                          slightly below two years.
Clients may purchase the Investor and Advisor Series units of all HSBC           Global economic activity continues to be characterized as modestly positive;
Mutual Funds in U.S. dollars, with the exception of the Canadian Money           however the pace of growth appears to have gained some momentum.
Market Fund. The U.S. Dollar Purchase Service is offered as a convenience        Developing economies are expected to continue to outpace the developed world
to advisors and investors. Performance of a fund using the U.S. Dollar           in 2011. While the Canadian economy continues to perform reasonably well,
Purchase Service may vary from the performance of the same fund in               external factors have been a significant drag on growth With US growth
Canadian dollars due to fluctuation in the exchange rate between the two         seemingly gaining traction, the headwinds from trade may begin to subside
currencies. However, it will have no impact on the overall performance of your   somewhat next year. The level of economic activity and employment in Canada
clients´ investment in Canadian dollar terms and does not act as a hedge         are both now back to pre−recession levels. For 2011 we anticipate a similar
against currency fluctuations between the Canadian and U.S. dollars.             pattern of a positive, but modest economic expansion. We expect the Bank of
                                                                                 Canada to continue gradually moving away from emergency type interest rates.
                                                                                 The rates were increased three times in 2010 to the current 1.00%. We expect
                                                                                 the Bank of Canada to resume interest rate hikes by the second half of the year.
                                                                                 With longer term yields expected to rise modestly over the next year, the
                                                                                 objective will be to maintain the Fund’s interest rate exposure below the
                                                                                 benchmark in the near term. In the short−term, we feel that valuations in the
                                                                                 mortgage market are attractive, particularly when compared with money market
                                                                                 securities, and will continue to invest excess cash. The average term of the
                                                                                 mortgages in the fund remains conservative at approximately 1.8 years.


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