Mandate to Sell a Business

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					                                                                                       Unit B4, Sanlam Business Park,
                                                                                       Racecourse Road,
                                                                                       Milnerton 7441
                                                                                      Telephone: 021 551 6636
                                                                                      Fax::       0865 875252

Thank you for your courtesy in requesting us to market your business.
Experience has taught us that to be successful a seller must furnish us (the agent) with basic reliable information about the
We therefore request you to complete the following questionnaire and fax it back to us so that we can evaluate and assess the
situation and advise you on the marketing and pricing of your business.

As business brokers since 1953, we assure you that we will treat this information in the strictest confidence.

Name of business

Owner (s)                                                                                               Cell:

Contact details                                                    Fax                                          H

Physical address

VAT registered?                                                VAT Registration No

Website & E-mail             www.                                                                               @

Main activities of

Ownership structure                                    Trust                         Company                    Close Corp

Name of co / cc                                                                      Reg. No.

Financials - are AFS available?                                                      State year & month:

How will owner prove figures?

Name of accountant

Name of auditor

Are Vat receipts on file?

Please state source          Web site                  Argus                         Die Burger                 Other


          excl. stock
  + Stock at cost (if
         applicable)                                                                 Signature

    PRICE incl stock                                                                 Name

The Broker                                             Fax                                                      @

                  Chambers Property & Financial Services cc. CK Reg. No.1999/031032/23. Sole member: D.J. Chambers (F.C.I.S.)

                                              CBB - Sales Request Form - Pg.1

     CURRENT ASSETS                                                          EXPENSES (Excl / Incl.Vat) Average Month
                    Buildings    R                                                           Advertising R
                        Plant    R                                                Audit / accountant fee R
          Furniture & fittings   R                                                         Bank charges R
             Motor Vehicles      R                                                             Electricity R
                   Sub-total                             -                               Entertainment     R
                                                                                              Insurance R
                     Debtors     R                                              Motor Vehicle Expenses R
                       Stock     R                                                            Packaging R
             Total assets        R                       -                                        Rental R
                                                                                 Repairs / maintenance R
 CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                            Salaries R
                    Creditors    R                                                  Staff Welfare / teas R
                   Overdraft     R                                                 Stationery & printing R
                      Leases     R                                                              Sundries R
        Long term liabilities    R                                                  Telephone / cell ph R
    TOTAL LIABILITIES            R                       -                                       Wages R
     Average Mth Turnover        R                                                                         R
               Cost of Sales     R                                                             Sub-total R                                 -
                Gross Profit     R                       -                                  Leases / HP R
                   Expenses      R                                                                         R
             NET PROFIT          R                       -                           Total expenses R                                      -

  Mandate to sell
  I, the Seller, who is authorised to deal with the said business have provided Cape Business Bureau with the information contained
  I hereby appoint them as agents to sell the said proposition, Shares, Loan Accounts and Members interest as applicable etc.
  Should a property form part of the sale or be sold under separate negotiation the normal commission structure for property sales will
  apply for the property.

  Commission Structure
  The mandate to us implies that provided we introduce a buyer and become the effective cause of a sale you will pay our commission as
1 R20, 000 minimum on amounts up to R200 000, plus Vat
2 10% on all amounts above R200 000, plus Vat.
  The commission shall be calculated on the gross value of the assets which include goodwill, stock, equipment, furniture & fittings,
  inclusive of leases and HP on plant, equipment or vehicles, the total value of such liabilities being deemed to be part of the selling price
  for the purpose of calculating the commission payable.

               The Broker                                            Date
                         Fax                                        Email                              

              Chambers Property & Financial Services cc. CK Reg. No.1999/031032/23. Sole member: D.J. Chambers (FCIS)

                                                  CBB - Sales Request Form - Pg.2

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