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					      CPW 4U1

Canadian And World Politics
    What is this going to be like?
•   Reading and then more reading
•   Seminars
•   Presentations
•   Essays
•   Midterm
•   Lectures
This course is structured for students interested in
pursuing a university education. The class features
many characteristics of an introductory University
level Political Science course: weekly readings,
lectures, seminars, tutorials, debates, mid-term and
final examinations, and a reading week. This method
of program delivery is an attempt to facilitate the
transition from secondary education to post-
secondary education.
       Philosophers’ Fridays

        The Great Debates:
• Is American health care better than
  Canadian health care?
• Should collective rights take precedent
  over individual rights?
• Are “dirty hands” necessary in politics?
• Should religious beliefs be excluded from
  the consideration of public policy?
• Can native sovereignty coexist with
  Canadian sovereignty?
• Is school choice beneficial?
     Political Hot Spots 2008: Top 20 Failed
•   Somalia
•   Sudan
•   Zimbabwe                       Indicators of instability:
•   Chad                           demographic pressures,
                                   human flight, refugees and
•   Iraq
                                   displaced persons, group
•   Democratic Republic of Congo   grievances, uneven
•   Afghanistan                    development, economy,
                                   delegitimization of state, public
•   Cote d’Ivoire                  services, human rights,
•   Pakistan                       security apparatus,
                                   factionalized elites, and
•   Central African Republic       external intervention.
•   Guinea
•   Bangladesh
•   Myanmar
•   Haiti
•   North Korea
•   Uganda
First Essay:                                         Second Essay:
• Due Friday, March 13                               • Due Friday, May 29
•   1. Outline and contrast some of the basic        •   Economic Freedom and Global
    elements of the Realist approach and                 Prosperity
    contrast them with the Idealist approach to
    world politics. What are the basic                   An increasingly large body of research
    assumptions and elements of each view?               demonstrates a positive relationship
    What are some of the main differences                between economic freedom and prosperity.
    between the two theories? Who are some of            What are the determining factors in this
    the major proponents of realism and of
    idealism? What are some of the other                 relationship? Is economic freedom the most
    important theoretical approaches to                  effective way to pull a nation out of extreme
    international relations, and in what way are         poverty?
    they similar or different from realism and
    idealism?                                        •   Choose one or more of the five component
OR                                                       areas of the Fraser Institute’s Economic
•  2. Outline and contrast some of the basic             Freedom of the World report as a case
   elements of the Theory of Hegemonic                   study, and examine the reasons why reform
   Stability. What are the basic elements of             to a nation’s institutions may lead to greater
   Hegemonic Stability? What different                   economic growth. Use existing research,
   systems or methods does a hegemon have
   to provide stability? What are some                   economic analysis, and specific examples to
   historical examples? Who is the current               support your argument.
   global hegemon and how has their
   hegemonic standing changed since the end
   of the Cold War? How has stability been
   insured or threatened through current
   hegemonic foreign and domestic policy?
   What is currently providing the greatest threat
   to hegemonic stability?
            Midterm Exam
  Political Cartoons
  Short Essay

  Date: Thursday, April 9
             Final Exam
• Tuesday, June 16: Short Answer
• Wednesday, June 17: Essay
• Tuesday, June 23: Monster Seminar
What is different about this course?
• It should help you to understand the
  value of the $15,000 you are about to
    Stay on top of the course:

    CPW 4U1
    Canadian and International Politics

    •Course Overview http://cdhshistory.com/doc/courseoverview.wpd
      Scavenger Hunt Homework
•   Name the two politicians pictured on the CPW website.
•   Print the reading and questions that are due on Friday.
•   What is the only photograph in the CPW gallery?
•   What is happening on February 19th in Ottawa?
•   What is the prof’s name on the sample front page of an MLA-
    formatted paper?
•   Who had the highest mark in this course last year?
•   Name two students from this class who participated in the Begbie
    competition last year?
•   What happened on June 10, 1957 in Canadian history?
•   What is Mrs. Paul-Girdwood’s e-mail address as posted on the
•   Name one theme listed for the exam review.

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