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									Premium Braided Fishing Line

5   western filament
                                    western filament
                             The Leader In High Performance
                             Premium Braided Fishing Line
                                                                           The most advanced braided fishing line
                                                                           on the market today!

                                                                           Our original “salt and pepper” Line, TUF-Line is manufac-
                                                                           tured with Spectra® fibers and has an amazing 4% stretch
                                                                           which translates into super sensitivity and more powerful
                                                                           hook sets when compared to monofilament. TUF-Line is
                                                                           also hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and won’t swell in
                                                                           diameter. TUF-Line is over 40% smaller in diameter than
                                                                           equivalent test monofilaments, which substantially reduces
                                                                           line drag.

                                                                            Line Test 15       20     35     50     80   100 130 150 200

                                                                            Diameter .007” .009” .012” .017” .020” .021” .027” .028” .030”

                                                                           Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2500 yard spools.
                                                                           Mill ends available.

TUF-Line Plus®
The newest wave in fishing line

Our 100% pure Spectra® Fiber fishing line, TUF-
Line Plus is available in white or grass green. This
super line has only 3% stretch giving you more
powerful hook sets and more sensitivity than you
could ever imagine. TUF-Line Plus is also
hydrophobic and has excellent U.V. resistance
which enables it to last up to four times longer than
monofilament. TUF-Line Plus is also 50% smaller
in diameter than equivalent test monofilaments.

Line Test   12   18    30    50    65   80    100 130 200

Diameter .005” .007” .009” .012” .017” .020” .021” .027” .030”

Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2500 yard spools.
Mill ends available.                                             ®Spectra - Registered Trademark of AlliedSignal, Inc.
                       Premium Quality Braided Line
                        for fresh or salt water fishing
Western Filament, Inc., creators of the famous “W-40” lines has been producing quality braided lines for over 50 years.
Designed by fisherman for fisherman, these high quality braided lines will capture the confidence of the most discriminating
angler with prices to please everyone.
                                                           Thermally Enhanced Fishing Line

                                                           100% Spectra fiber fishing line, thermally enhanced with a unique hot coat-
                                                           ing process. The coating process adds additional body to the otherwise very
                                                           flexible line that outperforms conventional braided lines. Longer casts, fewer
                                                           rod tip wraps, improved knot holding performance, and better packing on the
                                                           reel are just a few of the features that this casting line has to offer. When long
                                                           casts and high abrasion resistance are needed, SuperCast is sure to be the
                                                           line of choice.

                                                             Line Test        15      20      30             50         65           80     100               130 150

                                                             Diameter        .006” .008” .011” .014” .016” .018” .019” .022” .023”
                                                           Packed: 150, 300, 600, 2500 yard spools

                                       The low stretch, premium quality braided line

                                                          Braided Dacron®
                                                          Ideal for trolling, casting and bottom fishing.

                                                          The highest quality Dacron® fibers and most advanced braiding machines in
                                                          the industry are combined to manufacture this premium line. Its low stretch
                                                          gives quick response to strikes and increases sensitivity. The spliceable con-
                                                          struction and specially formulated wax eliminates strength loss from knots
                                                          which reduces your chances of lost fish. Braided Dacron lines are available
                                                          in a variety of lengths and pound tests all with I.G.F.A. approval.

                                                            Line Test         20 30 40 50 80 100 130 160 180 200 250

                                                          Packed: 150, 300, 600, 1200 and 2500 yard spools (20 through 100 lb. test)
                                                          150, 200, 600, 1200 yard spools (130 through 250 lb. test)

Braided Dacron® with Teflon®
For trolling, casting and bottom fishing.
                                                                                                                                                        ATED RAIDE
This Premium Braided Dacron® fishing line has the added advantage of                                           AT
                                                                                                                 ED BRAIDED
                                                                                                                            DA                   O
                                                                                                                                                      CO          D

Teflon coating. This provides a smoother running, longer lasting line for off-



shore or lake trolling, surf casting or bottom fishing. The reduced friction
results in longer casts and easier line retrieval. It’s available in a variety of
lengths and pound tests.

  Line Test         20 30 40 50 80 100 130 160 180 200 250

Packed: 150, 300, 600, 1200 and 2500 yard spools (20 through 100 lb. test)
150, 200, 600, 1200 yard spools (130 through 250 lb. test)                                     ® Dacron, Teflon - Registered Trademark of Dupont
                            western filament
                                                          Braided Dacron®
                                                          Flyline Backing
                                                          Western Filament is proud of our premium quality flyline backing.
                                                          This small diameter, low stretch braided backing is waterproof and
                                                          will not rot or mildew. Our flyline backing is available in 20 and 30
                                                          pound tests in white, chartreuse, and fluorescent orange.

                                                            Line Test         20     30     Packed: 100 and 2500 yard spools.

Braided Nylon
Sturgeon Leader
This heavy duty shock leader was created for the angler who ties
their own leaders. Manufactured with nylon multi-filament yarn, our
sturgeon leader has excellent abrasion resistance and superior
shock resistance. Sturgeon leader is available in three pound tests.

 Line Test        54 72 96

Packed: 50 yard spools.

                                                          Lead Core Trolling Line
                                                          Tightly braided high tenacity Nylon multi-filament yarn encapsu-
                                                          lates a 99.9% pure lead core. Our “pure” lead construction offers a
                                                          smaller diameter than standard lead core lines. Color metering
                                                          every 10 yards with a high visibility dye enables the angler to
                                                          instantly determine depth. A must for every angler who needs extra
                                                          weight for deep water trolling.

                                                            Line Test         12 15 18 27             36    45

                                                          Packed in 100 yard spools. Mill ends available on a first come first serve basis.
                                                                       Slinky Drifter Cord
                                                                       Braided high tenacity Nylon multi-filament yarn in an Olive Green color
                                                                       enable the angler to custom build soft, flexible, snag-proof weights.
                                                                       Perfect for heavy cover or rocky, fast water conditions. Three size
                                                                       ranges to accommodate every fishing condition.

                                                                        Regular 32-1 .1875”          Magnum 32-2 .25”          Super Magnum 48-2 .375”

                                                                       Packed: 50 foot bags or 900 foot rolls.

Planer Board Line
High visibility, Fluorescent Orange braided Dacron line has the advan-
tage of low stretch and long life. Smaller diameter than standard Planer
Board Line allow the planer to run more smoothly with less line drag.
Available in two pound tests for every fishing condition.

  Line Test        130      200

Packed: 150 and 300 foot.

                                                                          Braided Nylon Ice Fishing Line
                                                                          Tightly braided nylon line impregnated with a Teflon® coating to ensure
                                    Braided Nylon                         minimal moisture absorption. Nylon Ice line has a very high abrasion
                                  Teflon Coated
           Teflon Coated    Ice Fishing Line                              and shock resistance. The tightness of the braid provides a super
        Ice Fishing Lin           Excellent Abrasion Resistance           smooth texture that is easy on hands and tackle but will resist freezing.
                                                         MADE IN USA

                                     TEST              YARDS              Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any fishing condition.

                                        Western Filament, Inc.
                                          630 Hollingsworth Street
                                         Grand Junction, CO 81505
                                                                            Line Test         15 20 25 30           40    50     60       80

                                                                          Packed in 50, 100, and 150 yard spools. Color: Black

Braided Nylon
Vinyl Coated Ice Line
A unique braided core is the foundation for this exceptional tip-up line.                                                                  Braided Nylon
Unlike ordinary tip-up lines, our core is braided to ensure the longest life,                                                             Vinyl Coated
                                                                                                                   Vinyl Coated    Ice Fishing Line
smallest diameter, and highest abrasion resistance. The dense Vinyl                                              Ice Fishing Lin             Superior Flexibility.
                                                                                                                                          Will Not Freeze Or Crack.
coating ensures that the line remains soft and resistant to freezing even                                                                  TEST
                                                                                                                                                                MADE IN USA

under the most frigid ice fishing conditions.
                                                                                                                                               Western Filament, Inc.

 Line Test         15 20 30 50                                                                                                                   630 Hollingsworth Street
                                                                                                                                                Grand Junction, CO 81505

Packed in 25 and 100 yard spools. Color: Black
Why Braided Line
Rather Than The
More Common

Western Filament’s Braided line offers:
    Higher abrasion resistance         Greater knot strength
    Will not curl or become entangled as easily
    Superior flexibility and limpness
Our superior quality braided lines boast all of the above qualities as well as the advantage of low stretch characteristics.
Compared to the leading nylon monofilament, our braided lines have at least 50% less stretch. And we all know that less
stretch means greater sensitivity to bites and immediate strike impact.

For over 50 years, Western Filament has been braiding fine fishing lines. Now Western Filament introduces a wide
selection of premium quality braided lines suitable for the most discriminating angler.

These premium lines include:
     TUF-Line             TUF-Line Plus                       Braided Dacron® for trolling and casting
     Teflon coated braided Dacron®                             Braided Dacron® Flyline backing
     Super Cast           Braided Ice Lines                   Braided nylon Sturgeon leader

About Western Filament
Western Filament, Inc. was founded
in 1938 as a manufacturer of fishing
lines. For over fifty years the compa-
ny has provided exceptional braided
products utilizing high performance
fibers such as Spectra®, Kevlar®,                                                It takes approximately 200 hours at 13
Nomex®, Ceramic, Fiberglass,                                                     yards per hour to make a bulk spool of
Nylon, and Polyesters.                                                           TUF-Line Braided Fishing Line.

Centrally located, Western Filament has the ability to provide more responsive service to customers on both coasts. Our
multi-million dollar manufacturing facility includes over 50,000 square feet of integrated industrial technology. Over 2,000
braiding machines, 500 twisting spindles, and a complete dyeing and packaging department produce braided material for
the recreational, aerospace, and electrical industries. Western Filament’s
research and development lab is located on site and offers continuing
reliable innovations in braided material. A state-of-the-art certified Total
                                                                                  The End Product . . .
Quality Management system ensures customers unparalleled product quality.
                                                                                  Satisfied Customers

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