The leading fine dining and bar exhibition in Asia Pacific

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					The leading fine dining and bar exhibition in Asia Pacific

                      6 - 8 September, 2011
                   Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
                    Wanchai, Hong Kong
                               Co-located with:
TanTaliSing reaSonS To exHibiT aT
reSTauranT & bar Hong Kong 2011
                                     • Trade only - no public
                                     • Focused on top premium market
                                     • Foodservice end-users only
                                     • Decision makers/senior staff
                                     • Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China
                                     • Timed for 4th quarter
                                       – peak buying season
                                     • Perfect size for top management of
                                       hospitality segment

Visitor statistics
 Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2010
 total attendance 11,271 (+38% growth from 2009)

 Nature of business

                                               Key job title

 Visitor country of origin
generaTe genuine SaleS leadS

                      Even better than the previous show,
                      most of the visitors are end users,
                      exactly our target market.

 Mr Matthew Wong, Managing Director, JETCOOL Commercial Refrigeration

build brand loyalTy
                                                                        diSCover neW buSineSS
                      This is our third year exhibiting at the          We promoted Japanese beef to many chefs and F&B directors from
                      show. Once again the show was very                hotels, restaurants, etc. in Hong Kong and Macau. We collected over 150
                      good.                                             name cards and already booked for 2011 with a bigger space.

                                                                                                                          Mashatoshi Morita
 Ms Ksenja Marusic, Chief Executive Officer, Ellermann Trading                                                      President, Wagyu Morita

                                                                        raiSe your profile
expand CuSTomer porTfolio
                                                                        We provide a unique cutting edge sound system which can control the
                                                                        sound to one area, solving the numerous noise issues in hospitality areas
                     We met many visitors from mainland
                                                                        in Hong Kong. We managed to meet a variety of potential customers
                     China cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai,           from bars, restaurants and hotels, from Hong Kong and Macau.
                     etc. Very good!                                                                                Marcus Pittman
                                                                                      Representative Director, Jbn Sound Solutions
 Mr Chris Hui
 Group Marketing Manager, Catering Business Unit, Tsit Wing Coffee      STay CloSe To your exiSTing CuSTomerS
                                                                        Congratulations for organizing such a great show. The visitor numbers
                                                                        were the best we have ever seen and the results from the show were
meeT deCiSion maKerS faCe To faCe                                       above our expectations.
                                                                                                                            Vicky Kwong
                     We’ve been very busy. There are many
                                                                                                      Food Services & Catering Manager
                     different buyers, some of them are from                                          Wilson International Frozen Foods
                     Japanese restaurants such as Japanese
                     F&B managers.                                      demonSTraTe neW produCTS
Ms Clara Wong                                                           A lot of chefs, F&B directors, owners, etc. from Japanese restaurants in
Marketing Officer, Liquid Gold                                          Hong Kong and Macau visited our booth to try new products. We also
                                                                        received some sampling orders during the show period. We have signed
                                                                        up for 2011 event.
                                                                                                                               Seigo Hatae
                                                                                                                Vice President, Shimamoto

                                                                        STay aHead of your CompeTiTorS
                                                                        Restaurant & Bar 2010 is our first time to join & we did not expect to collect
                                                                        so many enquiries due to past experiences with other shows. But on the
                                                                        contrary, the number of visitors was way beyond our expectation. We
                                                                        collected hundreds of enquiries & our sales team is working very hard.
                                                                                                                            Patrick Lo
                                                                                                 Marketing Manager, Global Fine Foods
 The key to our success is the perfect blend of the best
 features and the finest products.

        The aim of the Hong Kong
                                              The Show Bar will once again form the
        International Beer Awards is both
                                              centrepiece of the Restaurant & Bar
        to educate consumer about the
                                              Event. This bar will be the place inside
        wide variety of different beers and
                                              the show where visitors can relax and
        to encourage licensed trade to
                                              network with their colleagues over
        increase options available to their
                                              complimentary drinks.

         Hong Kong is a city famous
         for its constantly evolving
         nightlife and vibrant party
         scene. Nothing stands still
         for long and the cocktail
         menu is no exception.

        This dedicated exhibition is for                  Chefs Masterclasses
        Japanese restaurant and bar                       programme features some
        operators in Hong Kong. With                      of the best chefs in the
        over 1,300 Japanese outlets,                      world demonstrating their
        Hong Kong is the biggest and                      signature dishes.
        most concentrated Japanese
        F&B market outside of Japan!
                     AV Equipment        Vegetables
EPOS Systems           Frozen Foods          Meat
                 WatersSpirits Beer                   Fish
             Catering Equipment                           Gourmet Chocolates
                                                       Furniture Tea Ware
                                                      Refrigeration Equipment
                                                          Desserts      Juices                Tableware

 Within this exclusive theatre, a
 selected group of the world’s leading
 chefs and food scientists showcase
 why a keen understanding of the
 chemistry behind cooking is essential
 for ambitious chefs.
                                                             The Restaurant & Bar Wine
                                                             Tasting Sessions have
                                                             become the stuff of legend.
                                                             More visitors attend every
                                                             year, learning how to select
                                                             the right wines for their

                                                             A dedicated Coffee & Tea
                                                             Theatre will host seminars
                                                             that cover all aspects of
                                                             choosing, preparing and
                                                             serving great coffee & tea,
                                                             while maximising turnover
                                                             and profits in a café setting.

New for 2011 Hospitality Design
will feature a carefully selected
group of the most innovative
                                                                                Asian Seafood Exposition is
design products to cater to an
                                                                                Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong’s
audience of restaurant and bar
                                                              premier seafood trade event and it is co-located
designers who have an eye for
                                                              with Restaurant & Bar HK 2011.
quality and know how to create a
stunning restaurant theme.

With many overseas producers of top-end restaurant grade        Hong Kong and Asia Pacific diners have a strong and growing
products looking to introduce their products into Hong Kong,    love of desserts, chocolates, cheeses and sweet wines.
Restaurant & Bar is pleased provide the best suppliers with     After appetiser and main course, this last course is critical
a route to market. leveraging the success of our brand to       to a restaurateur’s success. The incremental sales here
bridge the gap between suppliers and distributors we are        boost profits and, as this is the final course, it leaves a lasting
looking forward to bringing the best from around the world to   impression on diners! Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong is pleased
the restaurants of Asia.                                        to provide a special focus on all aspects of the last course in
                                                                the 2011 event.

                                                                The décor and ambience of a restaurant, bar or entertainment
                                                                venue is crucial to its success. Hospitality Design will feature
                                                                a carefully selected group of the most innovative design
                                                                products to cater to an audience of restaurant and bar
                                                                designers who have an eye for quality and know how to create
                                                                a stunning restaurant theme.

• Hospitality Associations & Partners
• Electronic Direct Mail Campaign
   - Send to database of over 50,000 contacts
• Visitor invitation
   - Produce 300,000 for HK, Macau,
     and nearby Asia Pacific
• Pre-Show newsletter
   - 30,000 trade personnel
• Telemarketing
   - A list of 1,000 of Hong Kong and Macau’s most
     influential decision makers and ViP visitors from 2010
• Press Media & Advertising
• Social network
   - facebook, linkedin, Twitter, etc.

         sAMPlE OF 2010 ViSiTOR
798 UniT & CO                                              BRECHT’S CiRClE BAR & RESTAURAnT
A-1 BAKERY CO (HK) lTD                                     BRiDAl TEA HOUSE HOTEl lTD
ABERDEEn BOAT ClUB                                         BUBBA gUMP SHRiMP CO                                                             A lot of interesting items. i am
ADVAnCE CATERERS lTD                                       BUBBlES SUSHi
AgAVE TEQUilA Y COMiDA                                     BUOngUSTO                                                                        looking for beverage items,
AgE BAR & RESTAURAnT                                       BUTTERFiElD’S
AgnES B CAFE l P g                                         BUZZ MAnAgEMEnT                                                                  tableware, etc.
AgOn HOTElS & RESORTS lTD                                  CAFE COnCEPTS
AiR FRAnCE KlM CARgO                                       CAFÉ DE CORAl HOlDingS lTD
AiR nEW ZEAlAnD                                            CAFE DE PARiS
AKAgAWA JAPAnESE RESTAURAnT                                CAFE DECO gROUP                                        Mr Lars Ruecker, Assistant F&B Operation Manager
AKU TEPPAnYAKi JAPAnESE RESTAURAnT                         CAFE EinSTEin
Al BiSTRO RESTAURAnT & BAR                                 CAFE lOCOMOTiVE                                        LeMeridien Cyberport Hotel
Al DEnTE gROUP                                             CAFFE HABiTU
AlliED SUn lTD                                             CARiTAS CATERing SERViCE                           lOFT 15                                         THE CHARTERHOUSE CAUSEWAY BAY
AMBER - THE lAnDMARK MAnDARin ORiEnTAl                     CARREFOUR                                          lSg lUFTHAnSA SERViCE HK lTD                    THE CHinA ClUB
AMERiCAn ClUB                                              CASA liSBOA                                        lSg SKY CHEFS                                   THE CiTY OF DREAMS
AnA F&B gROUP                                              CASA RESTAURAnT                                    lUK KWOK HOTEl                                  THE ClEARWATER BAY gOlF & COUnTRY ClUB
AnTHOnY’S RAnCH                                            CATERing BY ViViAn                                 M A x COnCEPTS HOng KOng MAxiM’S gROUP          THE DiARY FARM CO lTD
APERi WinE CEllAR lTD                                      CATERing MAnAgEMEnT COMPAnY                        MACAU DYnASTY RESTAURAnT                        THE DYnASTY ClUB
AQUA RESTAURAnTS                                           CATHAY PACiFiC CATERing SERViCES (HK) lTD          MACAU gOlF & COUnTRY ClUB                       THE EMPEROR ( HAPPY VAllEY) HOTEl
ARASHigAWA YAKiTORi                                        CEllARMASTERS WinE ClUB                            MACAU TOWER COnVEnTiOn & EnTERTAinMEnT CEnTRE   THE FlYing PAn
ARC PROJECTS lTD                                           CEO gATEAU CAFE                                    MAgUSHi                                         THE FOREign CORRESPOnDEnT’S ClUB
AREx CAFFE                                                 CEO KARAOKE                                        MAnCHESTER UniTED RESTAURAnT BAR HK             THE gARDEn HOTEl gUAngZHOU
ARMAni                                                     C’EST BOn gRill & BAR lTD                          MAnDARin ORiEnTAl                               THE glOBE
AROME COFFEE                                               CHAMPS BAR - THE CHARTERHOUSE CAUSEWAY BAY         MARCO POlO HOTElS gROUP                         THE HARBOURViEW
ASHiMA YUnnAn RESTAURAnT CO lTD                            CHARTWEllS COMPASS gROUP HK lTD                    MAxiMS gROUP                                    THE HK ClUB
ASiA BARiSTA ASSOCiATiOn                                   CHATEAU lAMMA                                      MCDOnAlD’S                                      THE HK JOCKEY ClUB
ASiA HOTEl                                                 CHEUng CHAU WinDSURFing CEnTRE OUTDOOR CAFE        MEgAn’S KiTCHEn                                 THE HOng KOng ClUB
AZUMA RESTAURAnT                                           CHEZ lUng CATERing CO lTD                          METROPARK HOTEl                                 THE HOng KOng COUnTRY ClUB
BABY BlUE CAFE & BAR                                       CHEZ PATRiCK RESTAURAnT                            MgM MACAU                                       THE HOng KOng gOlF ClUB
BACAR WinE BRASSERiE                                       CHill ClUB                                         MiRAMAR HOTEl & inVESTMEnT COMPAnY lTD          THE HOng KOng JOCKEY ClUB
BACCHUS ClUB lTD                                           CHinA BEACH ClUB                                   MYUng gA KOREAn REST                            THE KiMBERlEY HOTEl
BACKSTAgE liVE RESTAURAnT                                  CHinA OVERSEAS HOTEl & RESTAURAnT MAnAgEMEnT lTD   nAM AH RESTAURAnT 1964                          THE KOWlOOn HOTEl
BAli RESTAURAnT                                            CHinA RESOURCES VAngUARD (HOng KOng) CO lTD        nEWAY KARAOKE BOx lTD                           THE lAnDMARK MACAU
BAngKOK THAi RESTAURAnT                                    CHinESE CUiSinE TRAining inSTiTUTE                 nEWTOn HOTEl HK                                 THE lAnDMARK MAnDARin ORiEnTAl
BAnYAn BAY CAFE                                            CHiRAM STRATEgiC gROUP                             ngA TiM RESTAURAnT                              THE lAngHAM HOTElS inTERnATiOnAl
BAnYAn gROUP gOlD OCEAn RESTAURAnT                         CHM CATERing MAnAgEMEnT CO lTD                     nHA TRAng ViETnAMESE CUiSinE                    THE lUxE MAnOR
BARiSTA ACADEMY HOng KOng lTD                              CHOi FOOK SEAFOOD REST                             niSHiMURA RESTAURAnT                            THE MiRA HOng KOng
BARiSTA CAFE                                               CHOY FAST FOOD                                     nOBU inTERCOnTinEnTAl HOng KOng                 THE PARK lAnE HOTEl
BAROlO                                                     CHUng SHing RESTAURAnT lTD                         nOVOTEl CEnTURY HOng KOng                       THE PAWn
BEiJing ClUB                                               CinECiTTA                                          nOVOTEl HOTElS                                  THE PEAK lOOKOUT
BEiRA DOS nAMORADOS                                        CiRClE K                                           OCEAn PARK CORPORATiOn                          THE PEninSUlA HOng KOng
BEST WESTERn HOTEl CAUSEWAY BAY                            CiTY gARDEn HOTEl                                  OCEAnnA                                         THE REPUlSE BAY CO lTD
BEST WESTERn SHEnZHEn FEliCiTY HOTEl                       CiTY OF DREAMS                                     OliVER’S SUPER SAnDWiCHES                       THE RiTZ-CARlTOn HOng KOng
BiSTECCA                                                   CiTY SUPER                                         ORiEnTAl SAKE BAR                               THE ROYAl gARDEn
BlUE lEMOn                                                 ClEARWATER BAY gOlF & COUnTRY ClUB                 OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE                              THE SAnDWiCH ClUB lTD
BO innOVATiOn                                              ClUB lUSiTAnO                                      OVO gROUP                                       THE SPAgHETTi HOUSE RESTAURAnT lTD
BOCA                                                       COCOCABAnA                                         OYSTER BAR & gRill                              THE STOnEgRill gROUP
BOOKWORM CAFE                                              COFFEE & TEA ACADEMY OF HK                         PACiFiC COFFEE CO                               THE UPPER HOUSE
BORACAY REgEnCY BEACH RESORT & COnVEnTiOn CEnTER           COFFEE COnCEPTS                                    PAnDA HOTEl                                     TOi HOKKAiDO RiCE PiZZA
BOURBOn BAR & SMOKEHOUSE                                   COnCEPT CREATiOnS lTD                              PARK HOTEl                                      TOYAMA JAPAnESE RESTAURAnT
BREADTAlK COnCEPT HOng KOng lTD                            COnDOR ASiA EnTERTAinMEnT gROUP                    PARKnSHOP SUPERMAKRET (HOng KOng)               TRADERS HOTEl HOng KOng
                                                                                                              PATiSSERiE TOnY WOng                            TREASURE lAKE CATERing HOlDingS lTD
                                                                                                              PEARl On THE PEAK                               TURKiSH AiRlinES
                                                                                                              PEninSUlA HOTEl                                 VA BEnE RiSTORAnTE
                                       i brought my young chefs                                               PiCKlED PEliCAn
                                                                                                              PiZZA ExPRESS (HK) lTD
                                                                                                                                                              VEniCE RESTAURAnT
                                                                                                                                                              VERO CHOCOlATES
                                       and bartenders to watch the                                            PiZZA HUT HK MAnAgEMEnT lTD
                                                                                                              PlAZA PREMiUM lOUngE
                                                                                                                                                              VERTigO UlTRAlOUngE
                                                                                                                                                              ViCTORiA HARBOUR RESTAURAnT gROUP (HK)
                                       demonstrations and seminars as it                                      POKKA CORPORATiOn (HK) lTD
                                                                                                              POSTO PUBBliCO
                                                                                                                                                              W HOng KOng
                                                                                                                                                              WATERFROnT R+B
                                                                                                              POUSADA DE SAO TiAgO                            WATERMARK
                                       was a good experience for them.                                        PRESS ROOM gROUP                                WESTin HOTElS 7 RESORTS
                                                                                                              PRET A MAngER (HK) lTD                          WinDY CiTY inTERnATiOnAl
                                                                                                              PRinCE HOng KOng MARCO POlO HOTElS              WYnn MACAU HOTEl
       Mr Marin Kniss, Group Executive Chef, Café Deco Group                                                  RED BAR + RESTAURAnT
                                                                                                              REgAl AiRPORT HOTEl
                                                                                                                                                              xEn COFFEE
                                                                                                                                                              xi YAn
                                                                                                              REgAl HOTEl inTERnATiOnAl                       xiAO nAn gUO HOlDingS lTD
                                                                                                              REgAl ORiEnTAl HOTEl                            YEH lAM KWOK CATERing HOliDingS lTD
COnRAD HOng KOng HOTEl                                     HK El gRAnDE HOlDingS lTD                          REgAl RiVERSiDE HOTEl                           Ying CHinESE CUiSinE
COSMOPOliTAn HOTEl                                         HK FEDERATiOn OF RESTAURAnTS & RElATED TRADES      REgEnCY HOTEl MACAU                             YMCA OF HOng KOng
COURTYARD MARRiOTT                                         HK gOlD COAST HOTEl                                REnAiSSAnCE HARBOUR ViEW HOTEl                  YOSHinOYA FAST FOOD (HK) lTD
coVa                                                       HK JOCKEY ClUB                                     REPUBliK                                        ZAMBRA
CROWnE PlAZA HOng KOng CAUSEWAY BAY                        HO CHOi SEAFOOD REST                               RHOMBUS inTERnATiOnAl HOTElS gROUP inC          ZEn CHinESE CUiSinE PTY lTD
CRYSTAl JADE CUlinARY COnCEPTS HOlDing (gREAT CHinA) lTD   HO HO CATERing lTD                                 Ritz- Carlton                                   ZEnSE HOTEl
CUiSinE CUiSinE                                            HOi YAT lTD - TAiWAn KiTCHEn                       ROKA                                            ZUMA
DAH CHOng HOng lTD                                         HOliDAY inn gOlDEnMilE                             ROSEDAlE On THE PARK                            小飛象葡國餐廳
DAiMARU SUSHi                                              HOllY BROWn                                        ROYAl HK YACHT ClUB                             五月花管理有限公司
DAiRY FARM                                                 HOng KOng BAR & ClUB ASSOCiATiOn                   ROYAl PARK HOTEl                                百佳(香港)有限公司
DElAnEY’S WAnCHAi                                          HOng KOng COCKTAil SCHOOl                          ROYAl PlAZA HOTEl                               西苑酒家
DEliCiOUS CATERing (gROUP) lTD                             HOng KOng CRiCKET ClUB                             RUTH’S CHRiS STEAK HOUSE                        西貢星越泰風味館
DEliFRAnCE (HK) lTD                                        HOng KOng FOOTBAll ClUB                            SABATini RiSTORAnTE iTAliAnO                    志蓮淨苑
Dining COnCEPTS - BlT                                      HOng KOng JOCKEY ClUB                              SAiling BOAT CATERing MAnAgEMEnT lTD            明星海鮮酒家(集團)
DiSCOVERY BAY MARinA ClUB                                  HOng KOng POliCE FORCE CATERing UniT               SAn SAn TROiS RESTAURAnT                        長洲帆船餐廳
DOMAni RiSTORAnTE                                          HOng KOng SKYCiTY MARRiOTT HOTEl                   SATAY King (HOlDingS) CO lTD                    長洲美景同樂餐廳
DOTCOD                                                     HOng KOng WinE SOCiETY                             SHAMROCK iRiSH PUB                              南亞餐廳 1964
DRAgOn-i RESTAURAnT SDn BHD                                HOng KOng YOUng CHEFS ClUB                         SHAngRi-lA HOTElS & RESORTS                     郎田日本料理
DUETTO                                                     HOnK KOng FOOTBAll ClUB                            SHAngRi-lA inTERnATiOnAl HOTEl MAnAgEMEnT lTD   唐人街富瑤咖啡
DYMOCKS DiSCOVERY BAY AnD gAllERY CAFE                     HOTEl iCOn                                         SHARK’S Fin CiTY RESTAURAnT                     海洋超級漁港
EAST HOng KOng                                             HOTEl niKKO HK                                     SHEnZHEn FAiRWOOD FAST FOOD lTD                 海瑞聯餐飲管理有限公司
EATOn HOTEl HOng KOng                                      HUllETT HOUSE                                      SHERATOn HOTEl & TOWERS                         國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司
ECliPSE MAnAgEMEnT lTD                                     HYATT REgEnCY                                      SHing Hin CATERing gROUP                        張保仔館
El CiD SPAniSH RESTAURAnT                                  iBiS nORTH POinT                                   SiR HUDSOn inTERnATiOnAl lTD                    深圳毛家飯店
EliTE COnCEPTS                                             igOR’S gROUP                                       SKY21 BAR & RESTAURAnT                          渥鐵板燒日本料理
EMilY’S iCE CREAM PARlOUR                                  il BEl PAESE                                       SODExO (HK) lTD                                 湛江大鮮然海鮮酒家楼
EMPiRE HOTElS AnD RESORTS                                  inAgiKU                                            SOgO HK CO lTD                                  越棧
EnOTECA gROUP                                              inTERCOnTinEnTAl                                   SOlAR FinE WinE & TASTing ROOM                  新港明珠海鮮酒家
EPiCUREAn MAnAgEMEnT lTD                                   iSlAnD PACiFiC HOTEl                               SOlAS                                           新葡京酒店
EPOCH                                                      iSlAnD SHAngRi-lA                                  SPAgHETTi 360                                   煌城海鮮火鍋酒家
ESPRESSAMEnTE illY                                         JARDinE RESTAURAnT gROUP                           SPOOn BY AlAin DUCASSE                          葡京酒店
FAiRWOOD HOlDingS lTD                                      JOSEPH’S CATERing SERViCE lTD                      STAR CRUiSES (HK) lTD                           福臨門(九龍)酒家有限公司
FAT AngElO’S                                               JUMBO KingDOM                                      STARBUCKS                                       翠華餐廳
FinDS                                                      JW MARRiOTT HOTEl HOng KOng                        STUDiO CiTY COnCEPTS lTD                        德興海鮮火燒
FOOD REPUBliC                                              JYU JAPAnESE FinE Dinning gROUP CO lTD             SUPER STAR gROUP                                稻香集團
FOOK lAM MOOn RESTAURAnT                                   KAiOUSEi SEAFOOD (HK) lTD                          SUPER SUSHi JAPAnESE RESTAURAnT                 澳門佳景集團江戶日本料理新濠天地店
FOUR SEASOnS HOTEl HOng KOng                               KAMUKURA JAPAnESE RESTAURAnT                       SUSHi DOKORO MATSUDO                            澳門旅遊塔會展娛樂中心
g SUSHi                                                    KAnAMiZU SUSHi                                     SUSHi OnE gROUP                                 澳門漁人碼頭
gAiA gROUP                                                 KEE PRiVATE MEMBERS ClUB                           SUZUKi CAFE CO                                  澳門賽馬會(香港會所)海景餐廳
gATE gOURMET HOng KOng lTD                                 King lUDWig                                        TAnDOOR inDiAn REST                             澳門賽馬會(香港會所)喜駿日本料理
gATEWAY HOTEl                                              King PARROT gROUP                                  THE ABERDEEn MARinA ClUB                        譚仔雲南米線
gEnKi SUSHi CO lTD                                         KingS CAFE gROUP                                   THE AMERiCAn ClUB                               東莞太子酒店
gOCCiA RESTAURAnT E BAR                                    KOH - i - nOOR
gOURMET HOUSE MACAU lTD                                    KOWlOOn CRiCKET ClUB
gRAnD HYATT                                                KOWlOOn SHAngRi-lA HK
gRAnDViEW HOTEl MACAU                                      l’ HOTEl iSlAnD SOUTH
HABiBi HOlDingS                                            l S Dining inTERnATiOnAl lTD
                                                           lADiES RECREATiOn ClUB
                                                           lAn KWAi FOng HOTEl
                                                                                                                                           Perfect for networking. The show is
                                                           lAnDMARK HOTEl
                                                           lAngHAM HOTElS inTERnATiOnAl                                                    not massive but it has all of the right
                                                           lARDOS STEAK HOUSE
                                                           l’ATEliER DE JOEl ROBUCHOn                                                      things inside.
HEBE OnE O OnE                                             lE MERiDiEn CYBERPORT HK
HEiCHinROU                                                 lEOniDAS COlOCATE SHOPS
HK DiSnEYlAnD                                              lES ARTiSTES CAFE                                     Mr Jaakko Sorsa, Executive Chef, FINDS Restaurant
* some images in this brochure are courtesy of the Hong Kong & Singapore Tourism Boards

                                                                                          Sme fund for HK Companies:
                                                                                          Hong Kong registered companies with less than 50 full time
                                                                                          staff are eligible to apply for the SME Export Marketing Fund,
                                                                                          which allows companies to claim up to 50% of their costs to
                                                                                          be reimbursed.

                                                               Space only
                                                               What you will receive:
                                                               The floor space of the area you booked
                                                               What you need to order in addition?
                                                               •	 Flooring     •	 Fascia Board          •	 lighting   •	 Cleaning
                                                               •	 Walls        •	 Furniture             •	 Power
                                                               Cost: HK$ 3,000/m2 or US$ 385/m2

                                                               Walk on package
                                                               What you will receive:
                                                               •	 Carpet         •	 Fascia Board        •	 lighting   •	 Cleaning
                                                               •	 Walls          •	 Furniture*          •	 Power      •	 Rubbish Bin
                                                               * Counter and Chairs

                                                               Cost: HK$ 3,500/m2 or US$ 450/m2

          Sponsorship and advertising opportunities
          There are a variety of sponsorship and advertising
          opportunities at Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2011.
          They vary in scale and size of investment to match
          all budgets, ranging from a major brand building
          exercises over a few months to a simple banner
          displaying your company logo on our site. For details,
          please contact the organiser.

          Contact details

          Hank Teh, Sales Director

          James orr, Senior Sales Manager

          david Chan, Sales Manager

          Stuart bailey, general Manager                                                                 diversified events Hong Kong
                                                                  2707B 27/F island Place Tower, island Place
                                                                                                         510 King’s Road, north Point, Hong Kong
          Join us on:                                                                                    Tel + 852 3105 3970
                                                                                                         fax + 852 3105 3974