I lost 63 pounds doing this and you can too by jeffafro


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									I lost 63 pounds doing this and you can too!
I started out weighing in at 281 pounds. It happened playing video games and eating Chinese. Pretty sad story actually. One day, I was sitting on the couch eating Chinese and realized that I was going to be 300 pounds if I didn’t do something about it! So this is what I did… 1. I strapped on a backpack and walked to the local YMCA (which was about a mile away). 2. Worked out for about an hour 3. Walked back The next day I ran to the YMCA and kept up this trend. You can do it. Don’t think you can’t. Find some kind of exercise that you love. I love to cycle so that’s what I did. Twice a week I got out on the roads. There was a group that rides about 30 miles on Tuesdays in my town and I started riding with them every week. The next step is to get your eating habits in order. This is what my eating schedule looked like: 1. Breakfast - Bowl of oatmeal with salt 2. Lunch – Bowl of oatmeal with salt 3. Spinach Salad with grilled chicken, carrots, and balsamic vinaigrette That was the trend that kick started the weight lose. Of course this is not a healthy diet to continue for the long run. So only do this to kick start the weight lose. Two months tops! You should consult the food pyramid or Google some search terms for healthy eating and you can find lots of things! Good Luck!

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