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					                     OTIS NOTICE
      Norm   Gerry

The Otis Notice is an unofficial newspaper published monthly in the interest of personnel at           considered an official expression by the Departments of Defense or Homeland Security, or
the Massachusetts Military Reservation. It is published by the Lujean Printing Company,                the U.S. Government. The appearance of advertisements, including supplements or inserts,
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VOLUME 30 NO. 12                                                   MASSACHUSETTS MILITARY RESERVATION 02542                                                                         DECEMBER 2009

                                                                    102nd Intelligence Wing dedicates intelligence facility
      Coast Guard News                                              By Tech. Sgt. Andrew Reitano
                                                                    102nd Intelligence Wing Public Affairs

                                                                    	     The	 102nd	 Intelligence	 Wing	 officially	 marked	 the	
                                                                    initial	operating	capability	(IOC)	of	the	102nd	Intelligence	
                                                                    Group’s	$1.8	million	Distributed	Ground	Station	(DGS)	fa-
                                                                    cility	with	a	ribbon	cutting	ceremony	Nov.	6.
                                                                          Maj. Gen. Joseph Carter, Massachusetts National
                                                                    Guard	adjutant	general,	presided	over	the	event	which	was	
                                                                    attended	 by	 Maj.	 Gen.	 Michael	Akey,	 Massachusetts	Air	
                                                                    National	Guard	commander,	Col.	Anthony	Schiavi,	102nd	
                                                                    Intelligence	Wing	commander,	Col.	David	DeNofrio,	950th	
                                                                    Electronic	 Systems	 Group	 commander	 as	 well	 as	 elected	
                                                                    officials	and	community	leaders.
                                                                    	     “With	 each	 change	 in	 unit	 designation	 and	 mission,	
  ADM Thad Allen talking with Air Station Cape                      and	the	arrival	of	new	and	more	advanced	aircraft;	in	each	
  Cod Helicopter Pilot LEUT Benny Wenban of the                     era	of	its	existence,	Otis	Air	National	Guard	Base	has	been	           allow	the	intelligence	group	to	perform	the	full	range	of	its	
  Royal Australian Navy.                                            on	the	cutting	edge	of	America’s	air	defense	system,”	said	            mission.
                                                                    Carter.	 “So	 it’s	 really	 not	 remarkable	 that	 we	 gather	 here	   	     The	Air	Force	DCGS	is	a	weapon	system	that	provides	
  Coast Guard crews receive awards                                  today	to	acknowledge	the	beginning	of	a	new	mission	for	               multi-discipline	Intelligence,	Surveillance,	and	Reconnais-
  for Acadia National Park rescue                                   Otis	and	a	new	era	for	the	102nd	Intelligence	Wing.”	                  sance	(ISR)	decision	superiority	information	to	U.S.,	allied,	
                                                                    	     The	intelligence	facility	is	part	of	the	Air	Force’s	larg-       coalition	military	forces,	government	agencies,	and	emer-
  	      The	commandant	of	the	U.S.	Coast	Guard,	Adm.	                                                                                     gency	first-responders.	
                                                                    er	 network-centric	 Distributed	 Common	 Ground	 System	
  Thad	Allen,	and	Sen.	Susan	Collins	were	in	Southwest	                                                                                    	     “This	is	a	world-class	weapons	system,”	said	DeNo-
                                                                    (DCGS)	of	ground	stations,	distributed	sites,	collaborative	
  Harbor,	Maine,	Friday,	Nov.	13,	to	recognize	the	Coast	                                                                                  frio.	“There	is	no	other	air	force,	service	or	combat	support	
                                                                    work	centers,	and	remote	sites	that	produce	strategic,	op-
  Guard crews that rescued two people who were swept                                                                                       agency	that	has	anything	that	can	hold	a	candle	to	what	is	in	
                                                                    erational,	 and	 tactical	 intelligence	 supporting	 combat	 op-
  off	 the	 rocks	 into	 20	 foot	 waves	 at	Acadia	 National	                                                                             front	of	you.”	
  Park	in	August.                                                                                                                          	     The	950th	ELSG,	based	at	Hanscom	AFB,	Mass.,	was	
                                                                    	     “This	interim	facility	will	allow	intelligence	analysts	
  	      The	awards	ceremony	was	held	at	Coast	Guard	                                                                                      responsible	 for	 developing,	 acquiring,	 and	 integrating	 the	
                                                                    to	execute	their	wartime	mission	while	awaiting	construc-
  Station	Southwest	Harbor	at	184	Clark	Point	Road	in	                                                                                     highly-classified	technologies	behind	the	weapons	system.
                                                                    tion	of	the	new	facility,”	said	Col.	James	LeFavor,	102nd	
  Southwest	Harbor,	Maine.	                                                                                                                Otis	 intelligence	 analysts	 have	 been	 performing	 the	 DGS	
                                                                    Intelligence	Group	commander.		
  	      On	Aug.	23,	spectators	near	Thunder	Hole	in	Aca-                                                                                  mission	at	other	locations	worldwide	since	2008.	With	the	
                                                                    	     The	permanent,	$14.4	million,	33,000	square-foot	fa-
  dia	 National	 Park	 were	 viewing	 waves	 being	 driven	
                                                                    cility	is	scheduled	to	be	operational	in	late	2011	and	will	                                                       continued on page 3
  ashore	by	Hurricane	Bill.		A	rogue	wave	knocked	doz-
  ens	of	people	to	the	ground,	many	suffering	injuries.	       	
  Seven	people	were	swept	off	the	ledge	into	the	ocean.	
  Four	of	those	people	were	able	to	swim	to	safety	but	a	
                                                                    Station Cape Cod Canal                                                                                 CaptureS
  man	and	two	children	were	carried	out	into	the	surf.
  	      A	 Coast	 Guard	 47-foot	 Motor	 Life	 Boat	 crew	
  was	training	several	miles	away	and	responded.	A	res-
                                                                    2009 flag football title
  cue	 controller	 from	 Sector	 Northern	 New	 England’s	                                                                                 then	returned	the	favor	as	they	shut	down	the	Air	STA	on	
  Command	Center	coordinated	the	boat	crew’s	efforts	                                                                                      3	 plays.	 	 Canal	 got	 the	 ball	 back	 and	 drove	 down	 to	 the	
  and	Coast	Guard	jet	and	helicopter	crews	from	Cape	                                                                                      10,	but	again	was	stymied.		Air	STA	finally	moved	the	ball	
  Cod, Mass., later joined the search.                                                                                                     some	and	drove	to	the	Canal	30	yard	line	on	a	nice	catch	
  	      Through	 the	 coordinated	 effort,	 Peter	 Axilrod,	                                                                              by	Shawn	Retzler	with	5	minutes	to	go	in	the	half.		But	the	
  56,	 of	 New	 York,	 N.Y.	 and	 Simone	 Pelletier,	 12,	 of	                                                                             Canal	“D”	again	rose	to	the	occasion	and	shut	them	down.			
  Belfast,	Maine,	were	rescued	after	about	an	hour	in	the	                                                                                 	     The	Canal	got	the	ball	back	and	seemed	to	be	moving	
  surf.		Seven-year-old	Clio	Axilrod,	who	had	no	vital	                                                                                    in	for	the	first	score	of	the	game	as	the	two	minute	warning	
  signs	 when	 she	 was	 recovered,	 could	 not	 be	 revived	                                                                              approached,	only	to	see	Air	STA’s	Jake	Carlson	pick	off	a	
  despite	 the	 efforts	 of	 the	 rescue	 crew	 and	 a	 medical	                                                                           pass	in	the	end	zone.		It	was	just	the	kind	of	spark	the	Air	
  team	at	a	nearby	hospital.                                                                                                               STA	needed	and	QB	Brian	Gunnoud	made	a	couple	of	key	
  	      The	 Coast	 Guard	 wishes	 to	 acknowledge	 and	                                                                                  runs	as	he	drove	his	team	to	the	3	yard	line	with	30	seconds	
  thank	the	Maine	Marine	Patrol	and	the	National	Park	                                                                                     left	in	the	half.		The	drive	was	costly	though,	as	Brian	in-
  Service	for	their	contributions	to	the	rescue,	as	well	as	                                                                               jured	his	ankle	on	the	play	and	had	to	come	out	of	the	game.	      	
  the	many	private	citizens	that	came	to	the	aid	of	those	           Photo by Mike Camire                                                  “Big	Play”	Jake	stepped	right	into	the	hot	seat	and	fired	a	
  injured	and	swept	into	the	water	on	Aug.	23.                                                                                             TD	pass	to	John	Emerson	with	23	seconds	left	in	the	half.	         	
                                                                    Otis Super Bowl 2009 Champs
  	      “We	offer	our	sincerest	condolences	to	the	Axil-                                                                                  The	Canal	then	fired	off	three	plays	but	came	up	empty	as	
                                                                    Bottom Row (L-R): Scott Opie, Jose Adams, Andrew
  rod	family	for	their	loss,”	said	Capt.	James	McPher-                                                                                     the	half	ended	with	Air	STA	up	6-0.
                                                                    Craig, Zack Nolda, Back Row (L-R): Brandon Hall, Mi-
  son,	commander	of	Sector	Northern	New	England.	“It	                                                                                      	     The	Air	STA	got	the	ball	to	start	the	second	half	and	
                                                                    chael Vadala, Andy Lieberwith, Keith Stinson and son
  always	hurts	as	a	professional	rescuer	when	there	is	a	                                                                                  had	a	chance	to	build	on	their	lead,	but	they	could	not	score	
                                                                    Devon, Neil Fleck, and Robert Devoy.
                                                                    Story by Mike Camire                                                                                               continued on page 4

                                                                                                                                            Photo by Monica Stinson
                                                                    Canal Team has Air Station seeing red with 26-13 victory
                                                                    	     On	Tuesday	November	4th,	Thanksgiving	came	early	
                                                                    for	the	Canal	Station	team	and	Halloween	(Trick	or	Treat?)	
                                                                    came	late	for	Air	Station	Cape	Cod	as	the	Canalmen	rallied	
                                                                    back	twice	to	capture	the	2009	Flag	Football	League	Cham-
                                                                    pionship	sponsored	by	USCG	Air	Station	Cape	Cod.
                                                                    	     The	new	“Otis	Super	Bowl”	Champs	put	it	all	together	
                                                                    this	year,	they	finished	first	in	the	regular	season	with	a	9-
                                                                    1	record	and	then	defeated	the	Marine	Safety	Detachment	
                                                                    (MSD)	Cape	Cod	team	before	coming	up	with	a	huge	win	
                                                                    in	the	finals	over	the	two	time	defending	champs;	Air	Sta-
  Senator Susan Collins of Maine and ADM Thad                       tion Cape Cod.
  Allen riding in Air Station Cape Cod MH-60                        	     As	 has	 been	 the	 case	 the	 last	 few	 years,	 both	 teams	
  Jayhawk Helicopter.                                               started	 out	 strong	 on	 defense	 in	 the	 finals	 as	 first	 the	Air	 Canal Station wide receiver Andy Lieberwith heads for
                                                                    STA	 stopped	 the	 Canal	 at	 their	 own	 20.	 	 The	 Canal	 “D”	 the goal line.

                                                                                     Commander’s Column
                                                                                                           Col. Anthony E. Schiavi
                                                                                                       Commander, 102nd Intelligence Wing

                                                                                    Active holiday season for all on MMR
	    Well	 here	 I	 am	 again	 taking	 my	 turn	 at	 writing	 the	                  community	has	always	come	together	to	help	those	in	need	                The	 commands	 on	 the	 MMR	 supported	 in	 large	 numbers	
commander’s	 column	 for	 this	 great	 publication.	 	 Seems	 I	                    whether	they	are	military	or	civilian.		It	is	a	hallmark	of	all	         the	dignified	return	of	a	fallen	comrade,	Marine	Capt.	Eric	
always	end	up	with	the	post	Thanksgiving	and	pre-Holiday	                           military	services.                                                       Jones,	 and	 showed	 the	 great	 respect	 we	 all	 have	 for	 our	
season	issue.		That	is	perfectly	fine	with	me	since	I	really	                       	     The	 activities	 supported	 by	 all	 MMR	 tenant	                  service	 members	 who	 have	 given	 their	 all	 for	 us	 and	 our	
enjoy	this	time	of	year	and	it	is	a	great	opportunity	to	not	                       organizations	are	as	varied	as	the	number	of	organizations	              country.	 	 Capt.	 Jones’	 family	 also	 saw	 firsthand	 that	 they	
only	reflect	on	the	happenings	of	the	past	year,	but	it	is	also	                    themselves.	 	 There	 is	 the	 upcoming	 “Wreaths	 across	               are	not	alone	in	mourning	the	loss	of	their	son,	our	entire	
an	important	time	of	year	for	those	who	wear	the	uniform	or	                        America”	ceremony	that	will	take	place	Dec.	12	at	11:30	                 military	mourns	as	well.			
have	ties	to	the	military	since	many	of	our	service	men	and	                        a.m.	 at	 the	 National	 Cemetery.	 	 I	 encourage	 anyone	              	      So	as	we	get	into	the	full	swing	of	the	holiday	season,	
women	will	be	away	from	family,	friends	and	loved	ones.	         	                  interested	 to	 attend	 the	 short	 ceremony	 and	 then	 assist	 in	     let	us	not	forget	that	we	can	and	should	do	whatever	we	can	
Others	 even	 right	 here	 on	 the	 MMR	 will	 be	 standing	 the	                   placing	 thousands	 of	 wreaths	 on	 the	 graves	 of	 deceased	          to	help	foster	the	military/civilian	relationships	that	are	so	
watch	ready	to	launch	in	a	Falcon	or	H-60,	supporting	U.S.	                         veterans.		It	is	second	in	size	to	a	similar	event	at	Arlington	         important	 to	 building	 our	 goodwill	 with	 those	 around	 us	
Strategic	 Command	 at	 the	 102nd	 Air	 Operations	 Group,	                        National	Cemetery.	There	are	food	drives	and	toy	collections	            regardless	of	what	time	of	year	it	is.		Volunteering	your	time	
collecting	 and	 analyzing	 intelligence	 through	 the	 102nd	                      for	 those	 less	 fortunate	 as	 well	 as	 visiting	 those	 that	 can	   is	 sometimes	 more	 meaningful	 and	 rewarding	 than	 other	
Distributed	Ground	Station,	or	performing	missions	for	Air	                         use	someone	to	talk	to	or	just	enjoy	the	spreading	of	hope	              forms	 of	 giving,	 since	 time	 is	 precious.	 	 Many	 military	
Force	Space	Command	at	the	6th	Space	Warning	Squadron.	          	                  and	encouragement	during	the	holiday	season.		The	holiday	               members,	veterans	and	folks	from	the	community	did	just	
There will also be others ensuring the protection of our base                       parties	for	our	young	military	dependants	are	always	a	big	              that	 recently	 by	 supporting	 the	 Cape	 Cod	 Cares	 for	 Our	
perimeter	 and	 infrastructure	 24/7	 as	 always	 from	 all	 the	                   hit	and	a	lot	of	fun	for	everyone.		                                     Troops	organization	with	filling	and	mailing	almost	1,000	
major	commands	on	the	base.			                                                      	     There	 are,	 however,	 some	 things	 that	 go	 on	 at	 our	        care	packages	to	our	troops	overseas.		A	special	“thank	you”	
	    The	 Otis/MMR	 community	 is	 well	 known	 for	 its	                           base	that	don’t	necessarily	fall	into	these	more	well	known	             to	 Dylan	 DeSilva	 and	 his	 family	 for	 keeping	 their	 great	
generosity	 and	 willingness	 to	 help	 others	 in	 our	 local	                     areas	 of	 community	 involvement,	 but	 nevertheless	 are	              organization	 going	 and	 providing	 so	 much	 to	 our	 service	
community.	 	 During	 this	 time	 of	 thanksgiving	 and	                            an	 important	 part	 of	 providing	 something	 back	 to	 our	            members.		In	closing,	I	would	like	to	pass	on	my	sincerest	
celebration	 of	 many	 important	 holidays,	 the	 MMR	                              community	and	in	some	cases,	our	larger	military	family.	            	   best	wishes	to	all	this	holiday	season.

Air Station Cape Cod Enlisted Person of the Quarter goes to Shannon L.
Murphy, Food Service Specialist Second Class USCG
Commanding Officer                                                                  changes,	ensuring	supplies	were	broken-out	and	necessary	                es,	 tending	 the	 register	 or	 cleaning	 the	 galley.	 Petty	 Offi-
Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod                                                    preparations	 were	 made	 available	 for	 the	 following	 day’s	         cer	 MURPHY’s	 hard	 work	 has	 paid	 off	 creating	 a	 pleas-
                                                                                    menu.	Responsible	for	acquiring	provisions,	she	effectively	             ant	working	environment	and	dining	atmosphere	all	can	be	
	     Petty	Officer	SHANNON	L.	MURPHY	has	been	se-                                  managed	a	weekly	departmental	budget	in	excess	of	$5000.	                proud	of.	Her	commitment	to	the	men	and	woman	of	Air	
lected	as	the	Fourth	Quarter	2009	“Enlisted	Person	of	the	                          In	addition	to	managing	the	weekly	budget,	Petty	Officer                 Station	Cape	Cod	and	the	Massachusetts	Military	Reserva-
Quarter”	while	assigned	to	United	States	Coast	Guard	Air	                           MURPHY	 oversaw	 an	 overall	 monthly	 food	 inventory	                  tion	serve	as	a	model	for	all.	
Station	 Cape	 Cod	 Comptroller	 Department	 from	 July	 1,	                        exceeding	 $15,000,	 accurately	 accounting	 for	 each	 day’s	           	      Petty	 Officer	 MURPHY	 is	 commended	 for	 her	 out-
2009	–	September	30,	2009.	During	this	period,	Petty	Of-                            usage,	ensuring	a	flawless	end-of-month	galley	report.	Re-               standing	 performance	 of	 duty	 and	 esprit	 de	 corps.	 Her	
ficer	MURPHY’S	performances	of	duty	as	a	Food	Service	                              cently	acclimated	to	Dining	Facility	Automation	Manage-                  meritorious	service	has	upheld	the	highest	traditions	of	the	
Specialist	have	been	exemplary.                                                     ment	procedures,	Petty	Officer	MURPHY	quickly	mastered	                  United	States	Coast	Guard.
	     Petty	Officer	MURPHY	has	demonstrated	tremendous	                             the	program	and	provided	valuable	training	and	mentorship	               	      In	recognition	of	this	achievement	Petty	Officer	MUR-
initiative,	dedication,	and	leadership	in	carrying	out	various	                     to	a	fellow	shipmate,	ensuring	financial	accountability	even	            PHY	is	granted	a	72-hour	liberty	pass,	and	awarded	a	$100	
duties	assigned	to	her.	As	a	valued	member	of	the	Air	Sta-                          in her absence.                                                          savings	bond	and	a	reserved	parking	space.
tion	 Cape	 Cod	 Galley	 team,	 Petty	 Officer	 MURPHY	 has	                        	     	In	preparation	for	the	2009	Food	Service	Assistance	
contributed	greatly	to	the	improvements	within	the	galley.	                         Team	visit,	Petty	Officer	MURPHY	worked	long	hours	en-
Her	contributions	have	enhanced	overall	food	service	pro-                           suring	 all	 necessary	 paperwork	 was	 inspection	 ready.	 On	
ductivity,	 as	 well	 as	 improving	 the	 overall	 dining	 experi-                  her	 own	 initiative,	 she	 spent	 countless	 hours	 organizing	
ence	for	all	who	frequent	the	galley	facility.	                                     dry	 stores	 and	 re-counting	 inventory	 items.	 Petty	 Officer	
	     Seeking	added	responsibility,	Petty	Officer	MURPHY	                           MURPHY’s	 dedication	 and	 attention	 to	 detail	 earned	 the	
has	 proven	 instrumental	 as	 the	 unit’s	 “Jack-of-the-Dust,”	                    galley	an	outstanding	evaluation	for	the	inspection.                                                                      Mike

ensuring	food	services	personnel	were	well	equipped	with	                           	     When	 not	 involved	 with	 “Jack-of-the-Dust”	 duties,	
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Otis Notic

all	necessary	supplies	for	the	daily	menu.	This	required	ef-                        Petty	 Officer	 MURPHY	 can	 be	 found	 assisting	 the	 duty	
fective	 communication	 advising	 duty	 cooks	 of	 any	 menu	                       cooks	 with	 the	 meal	 preparations,	 assembling	 box	 lunch-

     THE	OTIS	NOTICE Kaehler Korner
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                                                                                                                                                                    emergency	care.
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102nd Intelligence Wing
continued from page 1
addition	of	this	facility,	those	same	Guardsmen	will	now	be	        to build this state-of-the-art
able	to	support	the	fight	on	terrorism	from	their	home	state	       intelligence	 facility,”	 said	
of Massachusetts.                                                   Schiavi.	 The	 new	 facility	
	     The	new	Otis	facility	is	dubbed	DGS-Massachusetts	            will	be	energy	efficient	and	
and	is	the	eleventh	such	location	to	commence	operations	           environmentally	compliant.
–	joining	five	active	duty	and	five	Air	National	Guard	sites	             In an effort to facili-        Single Membership Senior Single Membership
within	the	Air	Force.	Once	the	permanent	facility	is	com-           tate the construction pro-             1 Month - $105.00  (55 Years of Age or older)
pleted,	Otis	will	become	the	third	Air	National	Guard	site	         cess,	 Schiavi,	 a	 licensed	          3 Month - $185.00   1 Month - $90.00
(after	Kansas	and	Indiana)	to	operate	a	full	range	DGS.             heavy	 equipment	 operator,	           6 Month - $210.00   3 Month - $157.50
Following	 the	 ribbon	 cutting	 ceremony,	 the	 official	 party	   climbed	 into	 an	 excavator	           Annual - $285.00   6 Month - $180.00
and	more	than	100	Otis	personnel	attended	a	ground	break-           and	 began	 demolishing	 an	                                Annual - $247.50
ing	ceremony	at	the	future	site	of	the	permanent	DGS	facil-         old	 security	 forces	 opera-        Family Membership Family Senior Membership
ity.	                                                               tions center where the new             (2 Adults & 2 Children)             (55 Years of Ages & Older - 2 Adults)
	     “With	the	support	of	our	federal	and	state	civilian	and	      intelligence center will be             1 Month - $160.00                          1 Month - $135.00
military	leadership,	we	were	fortunate	to	secure	the	funding	       located.                                3 Month - $250.00                          3 Month - $202.50
                                                                                                            6 Month - $300.00                          6 Month - $247.50
                                                                                                             Annual - $425.00                           Annual - $360.00
     BOUCHIE INSURANCE                                                                                   Additional children may be added to the membership for a fee of $50.00 per child.
                                                                                                                 Guests welcome to join you for a fee of $8.00 per guest per day.
          Robert E. Bouchie Jr., Insurance Agency, Inc.                                                 Hours of operation are 5 AM to 11 PM, seven days a week,
                                                                                                                365 days a year. The pool; is closed from
                                                                                                                          1 PM to 2:30 PM daily.

                                                                ▲              ▲
                                                                    ▲          ▲

          MAIN GATE

        RT 28            RT 28

                                   RT 151

                        RT 28A

                                                                                                      291 Jones Road • Falmouth • 508-540-2000

                                                                  QB Brian Gunnoud (far left) of the Air Station team fires a pass

                                                                  2009 flag football title                                                 passes	to	gain	a	first	down.		The	key	for	the	Canal	was	they	
                                                                                                                                           were	keeping	the	ball	away	from	wide	out	Jamar	Jones	and	
                                                                  continued from page 1                                                    Sammy	Pulliam,	who	acts	as	the	Air	STA’s	possession	re-
                                                                                                                                           ceiver.		The	Air	STA	turned	the	ball	over	on	downs	and	then	
                                                                  despite	Brian’s	return	to	the	line-up.		The	Canal	put	a	drive	
                                                                                                                                           had	to	stop	the	Canal	as	the	two	minute	warning	sounded.	           	
                                                                  together	and	got	a	big	catch	from	Brendan	Hall	for	a	first	
                                                                                                                                           Needing	a	defensive	stop	to	keep	their	hopes	alive;		the	Air	
                                                                  down.		Then	they	tied	the	score	as	QB	Neil	Fleck	hit	Zack	
                                                                                                                                           STA	did	just	that	and	started	out	on	their	5	yard	line	with	yet	
                                                                  Nolda	with	a	3	yard	TD	pass.		Scott	Opie	made	the	all	im-
                                                                                                                                           another	chance	to	retake	the	lead	and	capture	their	3rd	title	
                                                                  portant	extra	point	catch	as	the	Canal	pulled	ahead	7-6	with	
                                                                                                                                           in a row.
                                                                  9	minutes	to	play.		The	TD	was	big,	and	highlighted	a	half	
                                                                                                                                           	     But	on	this	night,	the	Canal	Station	would	not	be	de-
                                                                  time	 adjustment	 the	 Canalmen	 made,	 they	 came	 out	 with	
                                                                                                                                           nied,	 Keith	 Stinson	 crushed	 the	Air	 STA’s	THREE-PEAT	
                                                                  a	 two	 back	 set	 in	 the	 backfield.	 	 Call	 it	 the	 “Canal-Cat.”	
                                                                                                                                           dreams	as	he	not	only	intercepted	the	ball	at	the	Air	STA	
                                                                  Sometimes	 the	 snap	 went	 to	 QB	 Zack	 and	 sometimes	 it	
                                                                                                                                           20,	he	returned	it	for	a	pick-six	(touchdown	interception)	
                                                                  went	 to	 Neil,	 another	 twist	 was	 that	 Zack	 would	 get	 the	
                                                                                                                                           to	give	his	team	a	20-13	lead.		It	was	without	question	the	
                                                                  snap	 and	 then	 hand	 off	 to	 Neil.	 	 Either	 way	 it	 seemed	 to	
                                                                                                                                           biggest	play	of	the	game	and	seemed	to	break	the	Air	STA’s	
                                                                  throw	off	the	Air	STA	defenders	a	little	and	it	bought	the	
                                                                                                                                           spirits.		It	may	have	been	a	dagger	in	the	heart,	but	the	Air	
                                                                  Canal	some	all	important	time	to	avoid	the	rush.	
                                                                                                                                           STA	 still	 trailed	 by	 only	 one	 score	 and	 they	 got	 the	 ball	
                                                                  	     But	the	Air	STA,	who	finished	8-2	during	the	regular	
                                                                                                                                           back	with	1	minute	and	54	seconds	to	go.		That	my	friends	
                                                                  season	and	were	the	two	time	defending	champs	were	not	
                                                                                                                                           is	an	eternity	in	flag	football.		But	again	it	was	the	Canal	
                                                                  about	to	roll	over	and	play	dead.		One	minute	after	the	Canal	
                                                                                                                                           defense	that	rose	to	the	occasion,	this	time	it	was	Neil	Fleck	
                                                                  score,	Brian	hit	John	Emerson	with	a	40	yard	scoring	strike	
                                                                                                                                           who	picked	off	a	pass	that	zipped	through	the	hands	of	an	
                                                                  as	 his	 team	 regained	 the	 lead	 at	 13-7	 as	 John	 also	 made	
                                                                                                                                           Air	STA	receiver	and	returned	it	inside	the	Air	STA	20	yard	
                                                                  the	 one	 point	 conversion.	 	 Up	 to	 this	 point,	 the	Air	 STA	
                                                                                                                                           line.			The	Canal’s	strong	pass	rush	contributed	greatly	to	
                                                                  had	kept	the	Canal’s	speedy	wide-out,	Andy	Lieberwith	in	
                                                                                                                                           the	turnover.		Seconds	later,	they	added	icing	on	the	cake	
                                                                  check,	Andy	had	been	coming	up	with	long	TD	catches	all	
                                                                                                                                           as	Zack	Nolda	hit	Rob	Devoy	with	a	20	yard	scoring	strike	
                                                                  season,	but	so	far	the	Air	STA	had	been	successful	in	shut-
                                                                                                                                           that	 sealed	 the	 deal.	 	 The	 Canal	 Station	 sideline	 erupted	
                                                                  ting	him	down.		Facing	3rd	and	35	for	a	1st	down	from	their	
                                                                                                                                           with	cheers	as	they	pulled	ahead	26-13	in	the	waning	sec-
                                                                  own	5	yard	line,	the	Canal	went	for	broke	as	Zack	hit	Andy	
                                                                                                                                           onds	of	the	game.		
                                                                  with	a	long	TD	bomb	(75	yards)	and	he	raced	into	the	end	
                                                                                                                                           	     As	the	final	seconds	ticked	off	the	clock,	Air	STA	QB	
                                                                  zone	as	they	tied	it	up	at	13-13.		Then	came	the	all	impor-
                                                                                                                                           and	Captain	Brian	Gunnoud	led	his	team	over	to	the	other	
                                                                  tant	extra	point,	Zack	fired	to	Opie,	who	caught	the	ball	in	
                                                                                                                                           side	of	the	ball	and	congratulated	and	shook	the	hands	of	all	
                                                                  the	end	zone,	but	although	Opie	(his	body)	was	in	the	end	
                                                                                                                                           the	Canal	players,	it	was	a	nice	show	of	sportsmanship.
                                                                  zone,	the	ball	was	not.		Opie	had	the	presence	of	mind	to	
                                                                                                                                           	     USCG	MWR	Coordinator	Candy	LeBlanc	then	hand-
                                                                  quickly	pull	the	ball	back	into	the	end	zone	with	him	before	
                                                                                                                                           ed	 out	 second	 place	 trophies	 to	 the	Air	 STA	 players	 and	
                                                                  a	defender	could	get	to	him,	thus	giving	his	team	the	lead	at	
                                                                                                                                           then	the	championship	hardware	to	the	Canal	team	as	they	
                                                                  14-13.		It	was	a	very	heads	up	play.		
                                                                                                                                           celebrated	their	very	impressive	run	to	the	2009	title.		
                                                                  	     The	Air	STA	got	the	ball	back	with	just	over	3	minutes	
                                                                  to	play	and	needed	a	score	
                                                                  to	retake	the	lead,	but	they	
                                                                  could	 not	 complete	 any	

         To all Veterans
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               “Thank You”
                                                                    Monica Stinson

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Connery Ave Gym ‘SWInGS’ Into ACtIon
                                                                                                                                                              THE OTIS NOTICE —DECEMBER 2009 — 5

Story by Mike Camire
Volleyball League starts play
	     Now	 that	 the	 flag	 football	 season	 is	 over,	 the	 ESD	
Rough	Sets	led	by	Scott	Reckner	and	Eric	Potier	are	back	
to	defend	their	title.		They	will	face	some	tough	competi-
tion	from	4	other	teams;	Air	Force	Pave	PAWS	(2nd	place	
last	year)	led	by	Tara	Dunn	and	Scott	Crossman,	Air	Station	
Cape	Cod	led	by	Dave	Miller	and	his	Band	(sorry,	had	to	
get	that	one	in),	FED	led	by	Kyle	Lucina	and	last	but	not	
least	the	CG	Cutter	SANIBEL	crew	led	by	Mike	“Jorgy”	
Jorgensen	and	Mike	Jarbeau.
	     The	league	is	sponsored	by	U.S.	Coast	Guard	Air	Sta-
tion	Cape	Cod	and	the	teams	play	on	Tuesday	and	Thursday	
nights,	 using	 U.S.	Volleyball	Association	 rules,	 the	 teams	
play	a	best	of	3	games,	using	rally	point	scoring	with	games	
to	25.		If	there	is	a	3rd	and	deciding	game,	that	game	goes	
to	15	points,	teams	must	win	all	games	by	two	points.
	     The	 season	 started	 on	 November	 17th	 with	 a	 great	
match-up	 involving	 the	 two	 squads	 who	 made	 it	 to	 last	
year’s	finals	as	the	ESD	Rough	Sets	(defending	Champs)	                                                                                                                                   Photo by Scott Reckner
took	 on	 the	 talented	 Air	 Force	 team,	 Pave	 PAWS.	 	 The	
Rough	 sets	 “served”	 notice	 that	 they	 are	 ready	 to	 defend	          In for the set: Foreground (L-R): Jason deLeon, Cathy Gross, Dave Miller, Gary Spurgeon Rough Sets: (L-R) Tim
their	title	as	they	scored	a	25-18	victory.		Behind	the	serv-               Melchione, Joe Russillo, Rodney Lewis, John MacGregor.
ing	 of	 “Chief”	 Rodney	 Lewis,	 the	 Rough	 Sets	 led	 9-3	 as	
Eric	Potier	had	a	big	kill.		Pave	PAWS	cut	the	lead	to	11-7	                                                                                          22-19,	but	Sam	dropped	a	point	in	the	back	row	and	Cathy	
                                                                                        USCG AIR STATION CAPE COD
as	both	Tara	Dunn	and	Scott	Crossman	spiked	balls	into	the	                                                                                           served	out	the	game	point	for	a	25-19	Air	STA	win,	forcing	
                                                                                              Volleyball League
floor.		                                                                                                                                              a	deciding	game	3.		
                                                                                                 (thru 11/24)
	     The	 Rough	 Sets	 seized	 back	 the	 momentum	 and	 in-                                                                                         	     In	Game	3	the	SANIBEL	jumped	out	to	a	6-2	lead	as	
creased	their	lead	to	17-8	as	Tim	“Melch”	Melchione	had	2	                                                                                            Ben,	Matt	and	Jorgy	made	points.		The	Air	STA	came	back	
                                                                                                             W                    L
kills,	Big	John	MacGregor	blocked	a	Pave	PAWS	spike	for	                                                                                              as	 Dave	 made	 some	 kills,	 but	 Zeb	 got	 the	 serve	 back	 for	
                                                                             Rough Sets                      4                    0
a	point	and	Eric	added	3	service	aces.		Pave	PAWS	made	                                                                                               SANIBEL	and	scored	some	points	for	a	12-9	lead.		Air	STA	
                                                                             FED                             2                    2
a	brief	rally	as	Tara	had	another	kill	as	did	Scott	who	got	                                                                                          stepped	it	up	as	Dave	and	Jason	had	kills	to	make	it	12-10,	
                                                                             SANIBEL                         1                    1
a	pretty	set	from	Alvin	“D-Train”	Dean	to	cut	the	lead	to	                                                                                            but	the	SANIBEL	kept	pace	as	they	won	some	long	volleys	
                                                                             Pave PAWS                       1                    2
19-12.	 	 Rodney	got	back	to	the	service	line	and	scored	2	                                                                                           to	escape	with	the	win,	15-10	and	taking	the	match	2	games	
                                                                             Air Station                     1                    4
points,	right	before	Pave	PAWS	Amy	Maddox	scored	2	ser-                                                                                               to 1.
vice	points	for	her	team	to	make	it	21-13.		Big	John	then	                                                                                            	     With	FED	looking	for	their	1st	win,	they	had	to	take	
took	over	at	the	front	line	and	scored	twice	for	the	Rough	                 dropped	in	a	point	but	Ben	Diaz	countered	with	2	service	                 on	the	unbeaten	Rough	Sets	who	were	looking	for	their	3rd	
Sets	as	they	built	their	lead	to	24-18.		Pave	PAWS	last	ditch	              points	as	the	Air	STA	led	20-19.		Mike	“Jorgy”	made	a	kill	               win	a	row.		The	Rough	Sets	took	a	6-2	lead	on	the	strength	
effort	 came	 from	 the	 slick	 moves	 of	 Mike	 Vassoler	 who	             as	 the	 SANIBEL	 took	 the	 lead	 for	 the	 1st	 time	 and	 then	        of	service	aces	from	Eric	Potier	,	Tim	Melchione	and	the	
made	2	kills	at	the	front	line,	but	a	side-out	ended	it	as	the	             Fred	came	up	with	a	big	kill	as	his	team	led	23-22.		Matt	                net	play	of	Joe	Russillo.		FED	scored	some	points	as	Mar-
Rough	Sets	won	25-18.		                                                     Travo	finished	off	the	game	with	2	service	points	as	SANI-                quis	Jean	set	Wyatt	Helley	to	cut	the	lead	to	7-5.		
	     In	game	2	the	teams	got	right	back	at	it	as	the	Rough	                BEL	completed	the	rally	for	a	25-22	win.		Game	2	followed	                	     The	Rough	Sets	responded	as	Eric	had	a	kill	off	a	Scott	
Sets	 jumped	 out	 to	 a	 4-0	 lead	 behind	 the	 serves	 of	 Eric	         pretty	 much	 in	 line	 with	 the	 first	 as	 SANIBEL	 led	 12-10	        Reckner	set	and	Joe	and	Eric	both	had	service	aces	as	the	
and	the	front	line	play	of	Big	John.		Pave	PAWS	scored	4	                   on	the	strength	of	the	play	from	Fred	and	Zeb,	the	Air	STA	               built	the	lead	to	16-10.		Marquis	made	2	nice	plays	at	the	
quick	points	to	tie	it	as	Tara	slammed	home	2	kills.		Pave	                 rallied	 back	 as	 Sam,	 Dave	 and	 Jason	 Deleon	 scored	 key	           net	as	his	team	cut	the	lead	to	16-13,	but	Rodney	Lewis	and	
PAWS	got	on	a	run	and	built	a	15-9	lead	on	a	service	point	                 points.	The	Air	STA	took	control	as	Dave	and	Jason	both	                  Eric	had	kills	to	put	the	Rough	Sets	ahead	20-16.		Rodney	
from	Scott,	a	slick	drop	shot,	a	tip	shot		and	a	kill	by	Mike	              had	several	big	kills	for	a	19-14	lead.		Cathy	and	Sam	trad-              (a	nice	dig	off	the	floor	saving	a	ball)	and	Eric	(another	kill)	
“V”	who	showed	off	his	diverse	skills.		Three	more	play-                    ed	off	setting	each	other	and	Dave	added	in	some	booming	                 built	the	lead	back	up	22-17.		FED	scored	a	few	points	as	
ers	chipped	in	as	the	D-Train	and	Amy	dinked	in	shots	and	                  serves.		The	SANIBEL	had	one	last	gasp	as	Fred	made	a	                    Kyle	Lucina	had	2	service	aces	and	Rick	Molina	had	2	kills	
Tara	 finished	 it	 off	 with	 an	 impressive	 kill.	 	After	 a	 Tim	       kill	 and	 scored	 from	 the	 service	 line	 to	 cut	 the	 deficit	 to	   to	make	it	a	one	point	game	at	22-21.		 continued on page 6
Melch	 kill	 gave	 the	 Rough	 Sets	 some	 hope,	 Nicole	 Wil-
liams	blasted	2	kills	as	Pave	PAWS	seemed	on	their	way	to	
a	game	two	win	with	a	19-11	lead	as	D-Train	added	2	more	
service	points.		
	     But	 the	 battle	 tested	 Rough	 Sets	 did	 not	 panic,	 Tim	
Melch	scored	3	service	aces	while	Big	John	dominated	at	
the	front	with	a	huge	kill	and	a	block.		Rodney	fired	in	an-
other	 2	 service	 aces	 and	 before	 Pave	 PAWS	 knew	 it;	 the	
game	was	tied	at	21-21.		Eric	made	the	decisive	shot	as	he	
dropped	 in	 a	 point	 for	 a	 22-21	 lead	 and	 Big	 John	 scored	
as	well.		Nicole	cut	the	lead	to	24-23	with	a	kill,	but	Scott	
Reckner	found	a	spot	on	the	floor	as	he	dropped	in	a	shot	
to	 give	 his	 team	 the	 25-23	 win	 and	 a	 2-0	 victory	 in	 the	
	     In	the	next	match	Air	Station	Cape	Cod	took	on	the	
Cutter	 SANIBEL.	 	 The	 SANIBEL	 is	 playing	 a	 whacky	
schedule	as	they	had	to	work	their	games	in	around	their	
deployments.		(I	hate	it	when	work	gets	in	the	way	of	play	
time!)		The	SANIBEL	opened	a	few	eyes	as	they	pulled	out	
the	win,	25-22.		For	a	Cutter	team	who	has	not	had	any	time	                                                                                                                                 Photo by Toby James
to	practice,	the	SANIBEL	minimized	their	mistakes	and	got	
big	games	from	John	Vicich,	Fred	Blumberg	and	Zeb	Tim-
berman.		                                                                   Hail to the Chief! Rodney Lewis of the Rough Sets dives to save the ball (and point). Left side of net, (L-R) Tim
	     The	Air	STA	built	an	11-6	lead	behind	the	fine	serv-                  Melchione, Scott Reckner, Joe Russillo, John MacGregor as they take on the Air Station team.
ing	of	Cathy	Gross	and	the	net	play	of	Sam	Pulliam.		The	
SANIBEL	rallied	back	as	Zeb	had	a	couple	of	kills	to	make	
it	11-10,	but	Dave	Miller	took	over	at	the	serving	line	and	
bombed	his	way	(4	pts)	to	a	15-10	lead.		John	“V”	had	2	
kills	on	sets	from	Fred	to	cut	the	lead	to	16-14.		Air	STA	
                                                                                                                                    Happy Holidays
jumped	back	up	on	a	John	Emerson	kill	and	a	monster	spike	
by	Dave,	who	was	set	up	by	Cathy	for	a	19-16	lead.		Cathy	

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Volleyball League                                                      had	a	big	kill	off	another	Christy	set	as	FED	built	a	14-10	
                                                                       lead.		The	Rough	Sets	stormed	right	back	as	Tim	had	a	tip	
                                                                                                                                            server	stepped	to	the	serving	line;	Tim	Melchione.		Melch	
                                                                                                                                            promptly	drilled	2	service	aces	to	force	a	tie	at	24-24.		With	
                                                                       shot;	 Joe	 Russillo	 added	 a	 kill	 and	Toby	 James	 scored	 to	   Joe	still	at	the	front	line,	he	then	tipped	a	ball	over	the	net	
continued from page 5                                                  make	it	14-13.		Now	it	was	FED’s	turn	as	Rick	Molina	had	            for	another	point	that	put	them	up	25-24.		Tim	served	again	
	     But	the	Rough	sets	just	had	too	many	weapons,	Rod-               a	service	ace	for	a	16-13	lead,	Tim	Melch	saved	a	ball	(and	         and	 after	 a	 long	 volley	 the	 Rough	 Sets	 forced	 a	 side-out	
ney	set	Tim	Melch	for	a	kill	and	then	he	returned	the	favor	           a	point	as	he	dove	to	the	floor)	and	bumped	a	shot	over	the	         which	gave	them	a	huge	come	from	behind	26-24	victory	
as	 he	 set	 Rodney	 (after	 a	 long	 volley)	 for	 the	 game	 win-    net	and	Scott	Reckner	had	a	kill	as	FED	hung	on	at	17-16.	       	   over	a	FED	team	that	played	great	but	knew	they	had	just	
ning	shot,	25-21	Rough	Sets.		FED	got	off	to	a	good	start	             FED	surged	ahead	as	Rick	took	over	at	the	front	line,	with	          let	a	tough	game	slip	away.		The	big	win	(2-0	in	the	match)	
in	 game	 2	 as	 Kyle	 had	 a	 service	 ace,	 perhaps	 they	 were	     2	big	kills,	with	the	1st	set	made	by	Kyle	and	the	second	           pushed	 the	 Rough	 Sets	 early	 season	 record	 to	 3-0	 in	 the	
boosted	by	the	newest	addition	to	the	team,	as	proud	par-              made	by	“Queen”	Monica	Stinson.		                                    young	season.
ents	Matt	and	Christy	Plaud	had	their	new	arrival,	in	tow;	            	     The	“Queen”	followed	that	up	with	a	service	ace	and	           	     In	 other	 matches,	 The	 Rough	 Sets	 dropped	 the	 Air	
baby	daughter	Kasey	-	who	was	born	on	September	16th!	             	   FED	nudged	ahead	21-18	as	the	Rough	Sets	used	a	time	out	            STA	to	0-2	on	the	season,	winning	25-15	and	25-19	for	a	2	
Christy	 is	 the	 quarterback	 and	 lead	 setter	 for	 FED	 team,	     to	regroup.		The	time	out	was	helpful,	as	Tim	Melch	had	             game	sweep.		Pave	PAWS	picked	up	their	first	“W”	as	they	
and	she	sets	the	tone	for	everything	FED	does	offensively	             two	big	kills	but	Kyle	answered	with	a	kill	off	a	Marquis	           beat	FED,	losing	the	1st	game	25-13,	before	rallying	back	
with	the	ball.		FED	pulled	ahead	5-4	as	Marquis	dropped	in	            set,	then	Wyatt	added	2	service	aces	that	put	the	Rough	Sets	        and	taking	the	next	two	games	and	the	match,	winning	25-
a	nice	shot	and	Kyle	had	a	kill,	set	by	who	else?	Christy	of	          on	the	brink	of	losing	their	1st	game	of	the	year	at	24-19.	     	   22	and	15-9.		FED	then	picked	up	their	1st	win	as	they	sank	
course.		FED	built	the	lead	to	9-5	as	Marquis	had	a	service	           At	this	point,	in	rally	point	scoring,	any	mistake	the	Rough	        the	 SANIBEL,	 losing	 the	 1st	 game	 25-19	 before	 coming	
ace	and	Kyle	had	2	more	kills.		                                       Sets	would	make	now	would	cost	them	the	game	and	force	              back	to	win	game	2	(25-23)	and	game	3	(15-3).
	     Good	teams	usually	respond	quickly	to	adversity,	and	            a	game	three,	but	they	were	not	ready	to	concede	just	yet	to	        	     Play	continues	through	the	10th	of	December	and	will	
the	Rough	Sets	responded	as	expected.		Scott	Reckner	and	              FED.		                                                               then	conclude	with	playoffs	before	the	holidays.		So	stand	
Tim	Melch	dropped	in	touch	shots	and	Scott	added	a	ser-                	     Joe	“R”	got	the	all	important	side-out	with	a	kill	and	as	     by,	the	bump,	set	and	spikes	are	going	to	keep	on	coming!
vice	ace	and	just	like	that	it	was	tied	at	9-9.		Wyatt	Helley	         luck	would	have	it,	the	Rough	Sets	best	and	most	consistent	

Randolph, native receives U.S. Air Force military award during
change of command
by Lieutenant Colonel Patrick McNamara
	     Colonel	 Donald	 F.	 Mofford,	 a	 resident	 of	 Randolph,	       mendation	Medal,	Air	Reserve	Forces	Meritorious	Service	             	      Colonel	Mofford	enlisted	in	the	Air	Force	in	April	1971	
Mass.,	has	been	decorated	with	the	United	States	Air	Force	            Medal,	 Combat	 Readiness	 Medal	 and	 the	 Armed	 Forces	           and	after	completing	Basic	Military	Training	and	Ground	
Legion	of	Merit	Award	during	a	recent	change	of	command	               Reserve	Medal.                                                       Radio	Communications	Equipment	school	he	was	assigned	
ceremony	from	the	Massachusetts	Air	National	Guard,	Otis	              	     As	 the	 commander	 of	 the	 253rd	 Combat	 Communi-           to	the	5th	Mobile	Communications	Group	at	Robins	AFB,	
Air	National	Guard	Base,	Cape	Cod.	                                    cations	Group,	Massachusetts	Air	National	Guard,	Colonel	            Ga.	While	on	active	duty,	Colonel	Mofford	participated	in	
	     Colonel	Mofford	relinquished	command	to	Lieutenant	              Mofford	 was	 responsible	 to	 organize,	 train	 and	 equip	 as-     multiple	deployments	as	a	Ground	Radio	Communications	
Colonel	Arthur	P.	Wunder	on	Oct.	3,	2009	at	a	ceremony	                signed	staff	members	and	attached	forces	to	ensure	mission	          Equipment	Technician.	Colonel	Mofford	was	released	from	
officiated	by	Major	General	Michael	Akey,	Massachusetts	               readiness	in	support	of	wartime	requirements	for	Combat-             active	 duty	 in	 December	 1973	 to	 join	 the	 901st	 Commu-
Air	 National	 Guard	 commander.	 	 Colonel	 Mofford	 is	 be-          ant	 Commanders.	 He	 was	 responsible	 to	 provide	 timely,	        nications	 Flight	 (Air	 Force	 Reserves)	 at	 Westover	 AFB,	
ing	assigned	to	the	Massachusetts	Air	National	Guard	Joint	            ready,	 reliable	 forces	 and	 mission	 ready	 communications	       Mass.,	 as	 a	 Ground	 Radio	 Communications	 Equipment	
Force	Headquarters	in	Milford,	Mass.,	as	the	Massachusetts	            equipment	as	required.	He	provided	management	oversight	             technician.	In	March	1977,	Colonel	Mofford	joined	the	Air	
Air	National	Guard	Director	of	Communications.		                       of	over	800	personnel	that	are	aligned	in	seven	units	in	three	      National	Guard	assigned	to	the	253rd	Combat	Communica-
	     During	 the	 change	 of	 command	 ceremony,	 Colonel	            states	 enabling	 the	 HQ	 253rd	 Combat	 Communications	            tions	Group.	He	served	as	a	Radio	Frequency	Management	
Mofford	was	presented	the	Legion	of	Merit	Award	in	which	              Group	to	meet	state	and	federal	mission	requirements.		              Technician	until	August	1982	culminating	his	enlisted	ca-
he	 was	 recognized	 for	 his	 superior	 initiative,	 outstanding	     	     Colonel	Mofford	attended	public	schools	in	Randolph,	          reer	as	a	master	sergeant.
leadership	 and	 personal	 endeavor	 which	 reflected	 great	          Mass.		He	received	a	Bachelor	of	Science	degree	in	Electri-          	      In	August	1982,	Colonel	Mofford	was	commissioned	
credit	upon	himself,	the	Air	National	Guard	and	the	United	            cal	Engineering	from	Southeastern	Massachusetts	Univer-              as	 a	 second	 lieutenant	 and	 assigned	 to	 the	 253rd	 Combat	
States	 Air	 Force.	 	 Colonel	 Mofford	 has	 previously	 been	        sity	in	1981	and	a	Juris	Doctor	degree	from	New	England	             Communications	 Group	 as	 Unit	 Operations,	Training	 and	
awarded	 the	 Meritorious	 Service	 Medal,	Air	 Force	 Com-            School	of	Law	in	1985.		                                             Education	 officer.	 Shortly	 thereafter,	 he	 was	 assigned	 as	
                                                                                                                                            the	Chief,	Tactical	Engineering	Branch	participating	in	the	
                                                                                                                                            planning	 and	 execution	 of	 numerous	Air	 Force,	 JCS	 and	
                                                                                                                                            NATO	deployments.	In	September	1992,	he	transferred	to	
                                                                                                                                            the	267th	Combat	Communications	Squadron	as	the	Chief	
                                                                                                                                            of	 Maintenance.	 From	 January	 1996	 to	 July	 2001,	 Colo-
                                                                                                                                            nel	 Mofford	 was	 commander	 of	 the	 267th	 Combat	 Com-
                                                                                                                                            munications	Squadron	during	which	time	the	unit	was	the	
                                                                                                                                            first	Air	National	Guard	unit	to	receive	Theater	Deployable	
                                                                                                                                            Communication	 (TDC)	 equipment.	 Under	 his	 leadership,	
                                                                                                                                            the	267th	created	the	TDC	schoolhouse	which	was	used	to	
                                                                                                                                            teach	 members	 of	 the	 267th	 the	 new	 equipment	 and	 later	
                                                                                                                                            used	as	the	model	for	the	TDC	schoolhouse	for	Air	Combat	
      US Histor y to 1865 (HIS103-68)                                  Monday          5:15-8:15 pm            TBA                          Command	during	the	Kosovo	Crisis.	In	July	2001,	Colonel	
                                                                                                                                            Mofford	moved	to	the	assignment	as	Deputy	Commander	
      Public Speaking (COM203-68)                                      Tuesday         5:15-8:15 pm            P. Lee                       of	 the	 253rd	 Combat	 Communications	 Group.	 In	 2003,	
                                                                                                                                            Colonel	 Mofford	 was	 activated	 in	 support	 of	 Operation	
      English Composition II (ENL102-68)                               Wednesday 5:15-8:15 pm                  L. Haselton                  Iraqi	 Freedom.	 In	 September	 2005	 he	 became	 the	 Group	
      Developme ntal Psyc hology (PSY233-68)                           Thursday        5:15-8:15 pm.           P. Bertucci                  	      Colonel	Mofford	is	a	patent	attorney	in	his	civilian	oc-
                                                                                                                                            cupation	and	a	founding	partner	of	the	intellectual	property	
                                                                                                                                            law	firm	of	Daly,	Crowley,	Mofford	&	Durkee,	LLP	in	Can-
                    *Enrollment is open to anyone with base access: active duty, reserve                                                    ton,	MA	where	he	provides	a	wide	range	of	legal	services	
                   and retired military personnel, auxiliarists, all dependents, civilian and                                               related	to	the	acquisition,	maintenance	and	enforcement	of	
                                                                                                                                            U.S.	 and	 foreign	 intellectual	 proprietary	 rights	 which	 in-
                                             contract employees.                                                                            clude	patents,	trademarks,	copyrights	and	trade	secrets	on	
                                                                                                                                            behalf	of	individuals	and	corporations.	
                  Air & Army Guard Personnel: Cape Cod Community College is a state
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                                  Payment	 must	 accompany	 all	                                                    Notes of Interest
                                  classified	advertising	to	insure	
                                  insertion.                             The German American Club of Cape Cod                                         The American Red Cross, Cape Cod and Islands
                                  MILITARy PERSONNEL-                    	     Invites	 you	 to	 its	 annual	 Christmas	 Dinner	 Dance	               Chapter,	 will	 offer	 a	 training	 class	 for	 babysitters	 on	
                                  MMR	military	personnel	may	            on	Saturday	December	12,	2009	at	Fraternal	Lodge	1989	                       December	12,	2009	at	the	Chapter	House	on	286	South	
                                  submit	in	writing	free	classified	     Falmouth	Road	(Route	28)	Centerville,	MA.	Social	Hour	                       Street	in	Hyannis.	
                                  ads to appear in this publication -    5:30	P.M.	Dinner	6:30.	Dancing	to	10:00.	Music	by	the	                       	 The	 course	 runs	 from	 9	 a.m.	 to	 4	 p.m.	 including	 a	
                                  25	word	maximum	accompanied	           “Vagabonds”	A	veggie	Tray	and	a	full	course	Turkey	din-                      lunch	 break.	 It	 is	 designed	 for	 6th	 to	 9th	 graders,	 ages	
                                  by	a	$2.00	composition	fee.		
                                                                         ner	including	German	Christmas	Stollen	for	dessert	will	                     11	to	15,	interested	in	becoming	a	responsible	Babysitter.	
                                  Mail to: Otis	 Notice	 P.O.	 Box	
                                  571,	Osterville,	MA 02655
                                                                         be	served.		Beer	and	Wine	cash	bar.		Donation	of	$22.00	                     The	 participants	 will	 learn	 Babysitting	 responsibilities,	
                                                                         per	person.	Mail	reservations	payable	to	German	Amer-                        characteristics	 of	 children,	 supervising	 and	 playing	
House for Sale                    Firearms Instructor:                   ican	 Club	 of	 Cape	 Cod	 to	 Evelyn	 Russ.	 P.O.	 Box	 764,	               with children, basic care such as feeding and changing,
Take Advantage of Tax             do you need an F,I,D,                  South	Chatham	MA	02659	*Phone	508	432-6645	Reser-                            accident	 prevention,	 emergency	 action	 and	 First	 Aid.	
Credits                           Card for pepper spray or               vation	deadline	is	Dec.	8,	2009.                                             Cost	of	the	course	is	$50.	All	participants	will	receive	a	
Situated on a grassy              a license to carry a fire-                                                                                          reference	handbook	with	CD	and	a	first	aid	portfolio.
knoll, offering privacy and       arm LTC ? 508-548-5879                                                                                              	 Successful	 participants	 will	 receive	 a	 Babysitter’s	
close to Massachusetts                                                                                                  Course	completion	certificate	that	does	not	expire.
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beautiful 3 bedroom, 2
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comforts of home includ-
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ing a sunroom with hot
                                       This Paper
                                                                         Homeless	 Children	 is	 looking	 for	 energetic	 and	 enthu-
tub, gleaming hardwood
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floors, new baths and a
                                                                         homeless	 shelters	 in	 Barnstable,	 Bristol,	 and	 Plymouth	                         All Hands
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Medal of honor grave                                                                                                                                                        USCG
                                                                                                                                                                         Bowling Night

marker ceremony                                                             6                      7                    8

                                                                                                                    Crosswinds Club
                                                                                                                                             9                       10                   11

	     The	late	Army	Sergeant	First	Class	Jared	C.	Monti	was	      	                                              Open Wednesday-Sunday                                      Army                 Party
honored	at	a	ceremony	held	at	the	Massachusetts	National	                                                                                                                Bowling Night

Cemetery	on	Wednesday,	November	11,	2009	at	11:00	am.                       13                     14                   15                   16                      17                   18    $1 Bowling     19
                                                                                                                                                                                               @ Crosswinds
	     The	 ceremony,	 sponsored	 by	 the	 U.S.	 Army	 10th	                                                                                       Last Night
Mountain	Division	included	a	public	unveiling	of	his	new	                                                                                           Adult                                CDC
headstone	 to	 reflect	 his	 being	 awarded	 the	 Congressional	                                                                                   Bowling              Air Force        Winter
                                                                                                                                                   League             Bowling Night      Sing-a-long
Medal	 of	 Honor.	 Officials	 from	 local,	 State	 and	 Federal	
                                                                            20                     21                   22                   23                      24      5:30p        25                   26
Government	were	in	attendance.
	     SFC	Monti,	a	native	of	Raynham,	Massachusetts,	was	                            @                                                                                   Christmas Eve
                                                                                                                                                                           Service at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roxy Closed
                                                                                                                                                                                              9a Service at
killed	 in	 action	 during	 an	 intense	 firefight	 in	Afghanistan	          Crosswinds                                                                                   Base Chapel
                                                                                                                                                                                              Base Chapel
                                                                            Sundays Open @12p                                                                                                                  Crosswinds Closed
while	trying	to	rescue	a	wounded	member	of	his	unit.
	     President	Obama	posthumously	awarded	SFC	Monti	                       27                     28                   29                   30                      31
                                                                                 Crosswinds Club                                                                                                  For More Details
the	Medal	of	Honor	at	a	White	House	ceremony	on	Septem-                             OPEN for                                                                                                          Read the
ber	17	of	this	year.	His	parents	accepted	the	award	on	his	                         Football!                                                           Crosswinds Closed
                                                                                                                                                                                                  MWR Rec Deck
behalf	at	the	event.	

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