City of Apopka New Resident Guide by pengtt


									WELCOME HOME!
Dear Resident,
On behalf of Mayor John H. Land, the City
Council and the city staff, it is with great pride
that I welcome you to Apopka! It is such a
pleasure to have you as a member of our

During the next few minutes, you will
experience a brief tour of your new city and
discover important information about your
community and the services we provide.

I hope you enjoy your new home, and I look
forward to meeting you very soon.

Commissioner Kathy Till
 Location and Population
 Your Elected Officials

 City Departments

 City Services

 Other Important Information
   Location:
       12 miles NW of Orlando on Highway 441
       Encompasses an area of over 30 square miles
   Population:
       In 2008, there were over 40,000 residents in the city of
        Apopka, making it the second largest city in Orange
   City Hall address:
       120 E. Main Street (corner of Park Ave. & Main St.)
   Hours of Operation:
       City hall is open Monday through Friday from 7:00
        am to 6:00 pm (except on holidays)

Phone: 407-703-1703

 Email:                      Email:
 Phone: 407-889-7434         Phone: 407-889-4123

 Email:                      Email:   Phone: 407-484-3597
 Phone: 407-782-6619
   Council Meetings
   Held in Council Chambers at City Hall
   First Wednesday at 1:30 pm
   Third Wednesday at 8:00 pm
   Open to the public
   Citizens wishing to speak at meetings are
    urged to contact the Mayor’s office 24 hours
    in advance to be placed on the agenda

   Expresses the policy of
    the Council or directs
    certain types of
    administrative action.
   Requires only one
    reading and may be
    changed by a
    subsequent resolution

   An ordinance or
    amendment is a
    “Legislative Act” and
    requires two readings
    at separate Council
MOTIONS                          SAMPLE MOTION
                                    September 17, 2008 City
   A motion is ordinarily           Council Meeting:
    used to indicate                Authorization to take action:
                                         Award a contract to The Crom
    majority approval of a
                                         Corporation in the amount of
    procedural action, such              $951,787.00, for the construction of a
                                         new in-ground storage tank for the
    as the filing of a report.           North Reuse Pump Station.

    It may also be used to          Motion:
                                        Motion was made by Commissioner
    authorize                            Till and seconded by Commissioner
                                         Dean. Motion carried unanimously,
    administrative officials             with Mayor Land and
    to take certain actions.             Commissioners Arrowsmith, Dean,
                                         McQueen and Till voting aye.
   Department Name                            Phone Number
   Administrative Services                    407-703-1703
   Switchboard/Receptionist                   407-703-1700
   Building                                   407-703-1713
   City Clerk’s Office                        407-703-1704
   Community Development & Planning           407-703-1712
   Code Enforcement                           407-703-1712
   Zoning                                     407-703-1712
   Information Technology                     407-703-1722
   Engineering                                407-703-1718
   Finance                                    407-703-1725
   Fire Services (Business)                   407-704-1756
   Ground Maintenance                         407-703-1731
   Mayor’s Office                             407-703-1703
   Human Resources                            407-703-1743
   Public Services (Water, Sewer, Streets)    407-703-1731
   Recreation                                 407-703-1741
   Sanitation                                 407-703-1731
   Utility Billing                            407-703-1727
   Police Services (non emergency)            407-703-1757
   Police Services (administration/records)   407-703-1771
   EMERGENCY                                  911
   Mayor/Administration Offices
   Financial Services
   Human Resources
   Police Services
   Community Development
   Recreation
   Public Services
   Fire
   Administrative Services         City Clerk’s Office
    Office                          Phone: 407-703-1704
                                      Custodian of City Seal & City’s
   Phone: 407-703-1703                 official public records
       Citizen Advocate              Attends, records and prepares
                                        minutes of all City Council
       Purchasing                      meetings
       Facilities Maintenance        Provides information to the
       Volunteers                      public regarding City matters
                                      Conducts City elections
                                      Responsible for legal
                                        advertisements for public
                                      Cemetery
                                      Notary Services
                                      Peddlers & Solicitors
                                      Official Records
                                      Public Notices
   Budget and                          Utility Billing
    Accounting Division                  Division
       Responsible for gathering,          Reading meters
        organizing and reporting            Billing and processing
        all financial and                    payments for utility
        accounting information               services
                                            Processes new customer
                                             applications for utility
   Assures that the City is      Interested in a job?
    an equal opportunity          Job Line – 407-703-1721
    employer, which does          Postings at City Hall
    not discriminate based
    on gender, race, color,       Visit the web site at:
    national origin, age,
    citizenship, marital
    status, religion,
    disability, or other
    protected classes.
   The police                   Administration
    department provides           Division
    24-hour law                  Patrol Division
    enforcement coverage         Investigations
    within the municipal          Division
    boundaries of the City
    of Apopka and is             Code Enforcement
    responsible for              Community Oriented
    enforcing all state and       Policing
    local laws and
    includes the following
   The Community                 Planning and Zoning
    Development                   Engineering Plan
    Department is charged          Review
    with ensuring that            Economic Development
    development related            & Community
    activities are conducted       Redevelopment
    in a manner beneficial
    to the public health,
    safety and welfare of
    the community. The
    divisions include:
   Administration            Cemetery Division
   Design engineering        Utility Construction
   Fleet maintenance         Wastewater Treatment
   Sewer Collection           Plant
    Maintenance Division      Water Distribution
   Solid Waste Division       Maintenance
    (Sanitation)              The Water Plants
   Stormwater System          Division
   Street Maintenance        Inmate Program
   Grounds Maintenance
   Supports a professional Fire      Fire Stations located at:
    Department with services            175 East Fifth Street
    available 24 hours a day.           428 West Welch Road
   Functions include:                  801 Piedmont-Wekiwa Road
       Fire Suppression                2750 West Orange Avenue
       Advanced Life Support
       Ambulance Services            The Apopka Fire
       Hazardous Materials            Department has been
        Mitigation                     independently rated by the
       Disaster Emergency             Insurance Services
        Management                     Organization (ISO) as a
                                       Class 1 Department. This
                                       rating puts the Department
                                       in the top .09% of fire
                                       departments in the country.
   Parks and Facilities include:         Youth Programs include:
       Kit Land Nelson Park                  Ballet, Point, Tap, Hip Hop,
       Edwards Field                          Lyrical and Jazz Dance
       Fran Carlton Center                   Acrobatics
       Apopka Athletic Complex               Cheerleading
       Alonzo Williams Park                  Tennis and Soccer
       Dream Lake Park                       Flag Football
       Northwest Recreation Complex      Adult & Senior Programs
                                              Art
                                              Social Bridge
                                              Crafts and Chatter
                                              Walking Club
                                              Softball Leagues
                                              Weekly Attraction Trips
                                              Monthly Senior Luncheons
                                              Annual Senior Sports Day
                                              Card and Table Games
   Administers and enforces                Beware of unlicensed
    regulatory codes and
    ordinances to protect local              contractors!
                                            You can check on the
   City building code requires a
    permit for any new building,             licensing of any
    addition, structure, remodeling          individual by calling
    work or demolition work.
   Contact 407-703-1713 or 407-
                                             1-800-342-7940 or
    703-1762 or visit our web site at:       1-800-359-6310 to obtain
    building permit information,
    schedule inspections and
    construction plan reviews
   Orange County Commissioner – District 4
       Fred Brummer
   Florida House of Representative – District 38
       Bryan Nelson
   Florida State Senator – District 9
       Andy Gardiner
   Supervisor of Elections – Orange county
       Bill Cowles
   Orange County School Board – District 1
       Christine Moore Curtis
   Orange County Property Appraiser
       Mr. Bill Donnegan
   Orange County Tax Collector
       Mr. Earl K. Woods
Commissioner Kathy Till
Web Site:
Cell Phone 407-484-3597

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