A consulting team that has been selected to assist in preparing the Corridor Management Plan for the Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail consists of four firms by NewJersey


									Consulting Team Highlights:

The consulting team that will be assisting in the preparation of the Corridor Management Plan for
the Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail consists of four firms. Taintor & Associates, Inc.,
will be the lead consultant, with Rick Taintor as project manager. The other firms are Whiteman
Consulting Group, Ltd.; Paul Daniel Marriott and Associates; and Howard/Stein-Hudson
Associates, Inc.

Rick Taintor, John Whiteman and Dan Marriott are three of the top scenic byway specialists in
the nation, as measured by time with the program, involvement in setting national policy, and
total byway work in their portfolios. All three have worked with the National Scenic Byways
Program since its inception in the early 1990s and have extensive experience in scenic byway
policy, planning, education and project implementation.

Rick, John and Dan have worked together on a wide variety of projects over the last 15 years, the
majority of which have been related to scenic byways and rural and heritage tourism. Typically,
Rick specializes in land use issues, Dan specializes in historic roads, highway design and
landscape architecture, and John focuses on tourism, marketing and interpretation. Together, they
are skilled in facilitation, byway programming, plan design and implementation strategies.

The following examples indicate the breadth of the team’s scenic byways expertise:

    ♦ Rick and John are co-authors of Byway Beginnings: Understanding, Inventorying, and
      Evaluating a Byway’s Intrinsic Qualities (National Scenic Byways Program).

    ♦ Dan is author of the Community Guide to Planning and Managing a Scenic Byway
      (National Trust for Historic Preservation), From Milestones to Mile-Markers,
      Understanding Historic Roads (America’s Byways Resource Center), and Preserving
      Historic Roads.

    ♦ Rick and John assisted in the creation of state scenic byways programs for Nevada,
      Vermont and Rhode Island.

    ♦ Rick and John have carried out national byway research projects for the America’s
      Byways Resource Center.

    ♦ Rick, John and Dan have prepared corridor management plans for 19 National Scenic
      Byways and All-American Roads and 9 other scenic byways; successful nominations for
      9 National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads; and NSB grant applications for 9
      national and state-designated byways.

    ♦ Dan specializes in historic and scenic road protection, scenic landscape evaluation and
      design issues related to scenic byways. He founded the Historic Roads Conference and is
      author of three books on preserving and planning for historic roads.

    ♦ Rick has served on the Blue Ribbon Panel that advises the Federal Highway
      Administration on scenic byway designation.
    ♦ Rick, John and Dan are currently working with the Federal Highway Administration’s
      National Scenic Byways staff to assess the first 15 years of the program and make policy
      recommendations to maintain the quality of the program.

In addition to specific scenic byways experience, John and Dan have extensive experience in
rural and heritage tourism strategies:

    ♦ Dan was director of the Rural Heritage Program at the National Trust for Historic

    ♦ John has worked on more than 25 community-based tourism projects across the country,
      many of them in rural areas.

Finally, Rick Taintor and John Whiteman were the consultants for the Pinelands Rural Economic
Development Pilot Program in 1999-2000, working with 7 Pinelands municipalities including 6
of the communities along the route of the Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail. The project
recommended that scenic byway designation be considered for two of the Pilot Program’s study
areas: the Mullica River Preservation Corridor (Mullica, Washington and Bass River townships)
and the Delaware Bayshore communities (Dennis and Maurice River).

In addition to the three principals, several other staff persons from Taintor & Associates will be
participating in the project in various support roles, including research, map preparation and web
site design.

The consulting team also includes Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, which provides consulting
services in the areas of traffic engineering, roadway design and civil engineering, public
involvement, land development and institutional planning, and municipal and regional planning.
Howard/Stein-Hudson will be contributing to the corridor management plan in the areas of traffic
safety and transportation improvements.

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