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									STUDY GUIDE

Recommendations to follow:
   1.    Answers are thought to be short in most of the cases
   2.    Try as much as you can to connect the terms and understand the association between some of the concepts in order
         to get the whole picture about the topic. Memorizing alone can give you probably around a 70/100 in the exam, but
         some questions always require connecting two or more ideas to come up with a short and precise answer.
   3.    If you understand these review questions you should do fine in the test, questions in the test will variations of the
         same themes covered in these questions.

Body’s Control Mechanisms: Endocrine system
  1.    What is hormone? Where are hormones produced?
  2.    What is target cell?
  3.    Why would some drugs have an effect in some tissues but no effect in others?
  4.    Explain some the possible effects hormones can have in the target cells
  5.    How are prostaglandins hormones different in their action compared to peptide and steroid hormones?
  6.    How are prostaglandins and steroid hormones similar regarding their structure?
  7.    Explain how the action of a peptide hormone differs from that of a steroid hormone
  8.    A hormone is released in the bloodstream and reaches all organs of the body… but it can have different
        effects in different parts…how come? Explain.
  9.    Name the glands in the body where different hormones are produced
  10.   Explain the relationship between the hypothalamus and the posterior pituitary gland.
  11.   The anterior pituitary is the main gland of the body, produces a bunch of hormones that have effects in
        many different organs, how is this gland controlled?
  12.   How is hormone production controlled? In other words, how does the body know when to stop producing
        hormones? (Negative feedback, explain what it is)
  13.   What glands in the body are responsible for the integration between the nervous and endocrine system?

Human Biology                                                                                      Instructor: Jose Bava, Ph.D

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