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                             The Pacesetter is the newsletter of the St. Paul Ostomy Association, PO Box 75365, St. Paul, MN

                             VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3                Editor: Patti Herubin              JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

                             From the Board . . .

                             New Year’s Greetings!
                               We are starting off 2011 with two special guests for our January and February meet-
 Special points of           ings. On January 15th, we will welcome Heath Tille of Coloplast, who will speak about
                             Coloplast’s ostomy products, services, and solutions. On February 19th, Maureen
                             Nagle, Dietitian, will join us to cover many dietary issues of interest to ostomates. Don’t
 • January meeting:
                             miss these interesting, educational programs!
    January 15th
                               Thanks for a great turnout at our meetings in September, October, November, and De-
 • February meeting:         cember (which was festive, with a BIG assortment of food)! Members and guests have
    February 19th            been very active in their attendance and contributions at our meetings. We have had great
                             rap sessions and speakers, which has been so beneficial for those with questions and issues
 • Our email address:
                             to discuss and tips to share. We rely on YOU to bring up your concerns, hopes, and
    stpaulostomy@yahoo.com   thoughts so others can learn. Your presence makes a difference!
                                All the best to you for happiness and good health in the new year!
                                                                                                      Patti Herubin, President

                             Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the UOAA
                             3rd National Conference that will be held in Reno
                             Nevada, August 7-11, 2011. We KNOW that it will
Inside this issue:
                             be a wonderful time, full of educational workshops,
Conference notice       1    along with some fabulous social events. I would like
                             to strongly ENCOURAGE all who can attend to do
Chapter meetings        2
                             so and I promise you will have an amazing time. Reg-
Advertising rates       3
                             istration information will be available on the UOAA
                             website, www.ostomy.org, after January 1, 2011.
Ostomy Resources        6
                             - Dave Rudzin, President, UOAA
Renew Membership        7

Board Members           8                                    Disclaimer:
                                 Please do not follow any medical advice in this newsletter without
                                           first checking with your physician or WOCN.
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    Chapter Meetings
      September through May                    September through May                  Year-Round
      3rd Saturday of each month—              1st Saturday of each month—            1st Thursday of each month—
      next mtg. January 15th                   next mtg. January 8th                  next mtg. January 6th
      10 a.m.–12 noon at                       10 a.m.–12 noon at                     6 p.m.–8 p.m. at
      Faith United Methodist Church            Stillwater Senior Community            Fairview Chisago Lakes Clinic (Board
      1530 Oakdale Ave., W. St. Paul           Center                                 Room)
      Contact: Eileen Bohrer,                  2300 Orleans St., Stillwater           11725 Stinson Ave., Chisago City,
      651.455.6467                             Contact: Dallas Zimmerman,             Contact: Diane Linngren,
                                               651.439.2075                           651.257.3808

                                (various sources; via Niagara Frontier Ostomy Association)

• Save money by making your own elastic belts for holding          • If you spring a leak while wearing your best “dry clean
    your irrigation sleeve or pouch. Save the end attachment           only” winter whites, get them to the cleaners quickly. Ex-
    from the old worn-out belt and transfer to the new elastic.        plain the nature of the stain. You can help educate the
•   A cup of buttermilk in irrigation water can help control           public and you have the best chance of getting the stain
    odor.                                                              out if you “come clean” as to what caused it.
•   If you irrigate, try adding about 1/4 cup of Vaseline Inten-   •   If you find the scissors sticky when you cut Stomahesive
    sive Care Bath Beads into the irrigation sleeve when you           wafers, lubricate the scissors with KY jelly or clean the
    are cleaning it. Rinse with clear water. Odors will be gone        blades with rubbing alcohol.
    and fecal matter will slip out easily.                         •   Try using one of those small seam rippers (available in
•   Watering cans with long, curved spouts are excellent for           any fabric store) for cutting the size you need from
    rinsing reusable pouches.                                          Stomahesive. It is quick and gives a nice smooth
•   If you notice a persistent odor after changing your pouch          edge...but be careful.
    and you wear an open-ended pouch, check to see if you          •   Be careful with zippers. They can get caught in a pouch
    have cleaned the tail piece properly. It isn’t necessary to        when zipped in a hurry.
    clean the inside of a pouch (it is acting like the inside of   •   Be careful with what you place in your pockets. Ballpoint
    your colon, which you don’t clean), but the end of the tail        pens, keys, nail files, toothpicks, and any other sharp ob-
    flap is exposed to the outside and will cause odor if fecal        jects could puncture the pouch.
    material is not removed. A careful swipe with a piece of       •   Before you leave for travel abroad, call Intermedic, Inc.,
    tissue will do the trick.                                          in New York City at 212-486-8974. They can provide you
•   Always carry an extra pouch and an extra closure clip for          with names of English-speaking doctors abroad.
    emergencies. Check it periodically to make sure that it is     •   Apple juice every morning or night helps relieve constipa-
    not showing wear and tear.                                         tion.
•   When traveling, carry a collapsible plastic cup for water, a   •   Use a toilet paper cylinder to keep the irrigation sleeve
    packet of tissues, and a small plastic bag for any other un-       open to allow drying after use and prevent mildew.
    foreseen need.                                                 •   Use a round clothespin to roll up a paste tube, thus help-
•   Check your stoma whenever you change your pouch. You               ing to get all the paste out.
    want to make sure that you catch any possible problems         •   If you find that your stoma gurgles a lot, try eating the
    early. Look for changes in color, shape, or function. Also,        solid food first at mealtimes and then drink your bever-
    look around the stoma for changes in the skin.                     age.
                                                                   •   Remember, do not avoid fluids altogether.
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                                      Improvising...or Fixing a Leak in a Hurry
                                via The Right Connection & Southern Nevada’s Town Karaya

  If you do “spring a leak,” especially when away from home, it can be a cause of panic. Being prepared can help you keep
your cool. Wearing an pouch cover provides extra protection. One person noted that when he had a leak near the seal, he
was able to stuff several folded tissues between the pouch and cover. This absorbed the leakage and kept him going for 90
minutes until he was able to get back home and change.
  A pouch cover has the advantage of soaking up perspiration on a hot day. Perspiration can quickly
                                                                                                                   “Wearing a
undermine the best adhesives. A good ostomy powder can help soak up moisture too. Lacking this,
corn starch or baby powder is equally effective. Some people always carry Band-Aids with them. She                     pouch
said she used the tape to mend a small tear in the pouch. It worked so well that she forgot about the           cover provides
makeshift repair until her regular time to change pouches!                                                    extra protection.”
  One ileostomate told about his pouch filling with gas while he was hurrying to catch a plane, and he
didn’t have time to stop in the restroom. He used a pin to poke a hole in the top of his pouch. By press-
ing his arm against his body, he was able to avoid an emergency until he could safely use the restroom on the plane.
  Another ileostomate told about using a disposable diaper to wrap around her appliance. It kept her safe until she could get
home and change. Individually packaged alcohol wipes or towelettes are easily carried and are great helpers in cleaning up an
emergency. Best of all, though, take precautions to try to avoid having an emergency.
     PAGE 4                                                                                          THE PACESETTER

                                                                         Ileostomies and the Immune System
                                                                     By David Beck, MD, Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans
                                                                     In response to a query about the possible side effects of
                                                                  ileostomy surgery on the immune system, Dr. Beck noted
                                                                  that the surgery, by itself, should have no long-term effect
                                                                  on the immune system. Although there is some transient
                                                                  reduction in a patient’s immune system response right af-
                                                                  ter major surgery, this usually returns to normal in a cou-
                                                                  ple of days. However, the diseases that cause patients to
                                                                  need a stoma (such as inflammatory bowel disease), the
                                                                  medications used to treat the diseases (such as steroids), or
                                                                  malnutrition associated with the disease may all affect the
                                                                  immune system.
                                                                     If you are concerned, there are several tests a doctor can
                                                                  perform to test your immune system. One of these in-
                                                                  volves placing chemicals or allergens into the skin to see
                                                                  how the body responds. Others involve blood tests. We
                                                                  are continually learning more about the human immune
                                                                  system from our experience with HIV infections. Most
                                                                  efforts are directed toward identifying and then treating
                                                                  the cause of the immune dysfunction. Although good nu-
                                                                  trition and some supplements (such as vitamins) are neces-
                                                                  sary for the immune system to work, little has been proven
                                                                  to improve immune function.
                                                                               Thanks to Ostomy Outlook, North Central, OK,
                                                                                          via Rosebud Review, Eau Claire, WI
 Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America
 (YODAA), which is under the umbrella of UOAA, is a
 great resource and provides education and information for
 young adult ostomates (18-35). Check out the discussion
 forums at www.yodaa.org!
                                                                              The Mystery of Electrolytes…
                                                                                 Gatorade or V-8 Juice
                      About Fistulas                                 By Liz O’Connor, RN, CWOCN—Metro Maryland
             Thanks to Mayo Clinic Newsletter                              Ostomy Association and Youth Group
  What is an anal fistula? Is there a cure? A fistula is an ab-      A prior newsletter article recommended Gatorade (like
normal, tubular connection between two organs or between          the athletes drink between quarters of a game) for main-
an internal organ and the outside surface of the body. An         taining electrolyte balance for ostomy patients. Metro
anal fistula is commonly a passage between the anal canal         Maryland recently received a letter from a member who
and the skin near the anus. It’s usually the result of an         had relocated to North Carolina. He had done some re-
anorectal abscess that drains through the skin. The cause of      search on the matter and found that V-8 Juice has a higher
such an abscess may be an infection that began within the         amount of both sodium and potassium. So which is better
anal canal or rectum, or even from a more distant location        for the ostomy patient who is experiencing diarrhea or
in the small or large intestine as a result of inflammatory       excessive perspiration?
bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative           It seemed wise to consult a dietitian on this matter. She
colitis. Treatment may include surgical drainage of the ab-       explained that technically the patient is correct, but the
scess and antibiotics. If the problem is a complication of        advantages of Gatorade are that it is almost immedi-
IBD, treatment of the underlying condition usually is neces-
sary to resolve the problem and prevent recurrence.                                                             (Continued on page 5)
   VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3                                                                                                 PAGE 5

(Continued from page 4)                                                        Skin Sealant—Do You Always Need it?
                                                                                     Highlife, Vancouver, British Columbia
ately absorbed by the intestine due to its high osmolality.
                                                                             You should try applying your pouch without this
The sugar content provides a quicker boost of sodium and
                                                                          product a few times to see if you really need it. Some
potassium. The sugar content provides a quick increase in
                                                                          people get excellent wear time without using sealant.
energy. If an ostomy patient (especially one with an ileo-
                                                                          Others may find it improves skin health and pouch ad-
stomy) has diarrhea, this is the product of choice. It is bet-
                                                                          hesion. Skin sealants such as Skin-Prep by Smith &
ter to pour the Gatorade over ice and sip it. Do not gulp it
                                                                          Nephew, Skin Gel Wipes by Hollister, Allkare by Con-
or you reduce its effectiveness.
                                                                          vaTec, and Bard Skincare Protective Film are available
   If you know that you run low in sodium and potassium,
                                                                          in different forms, such as small wipes, sprays, or appli-
V-8 juice can also be used for a longer-term result. It is
                                                                          cator bottles.
wise to consult your physician if you have frequent
                                                                             These products contain a plastering agent as their
problems with electrolyte imbalance. Follow his or her
                                                                          main ingredient and are used to provide a thin protec-
directions. If you have an ileostomy and are vomiting re-
                                                                          tive film on the skin surface. This film helps prevent
peatedly, get medical advice immediately. Otherwise, you
                                                                          injury to the surface layer of the skin during appliance
might end up needing IV fluids. Normally, eating a well-
                                                                          removal. It also acts as a moisture barrier. For people
balanced diet with an average amount of salt is sufficient.
                                                                          with dry skin, the film actually improves appliance adhe-
Episodes of diarrhea or excessive perspiration in the heat
can catch one off guard. It is wise to have some Gatorade
                                                                             Skin sealants also contain variable amounts of isopro-
on hand. A few bottles of V-8 juice on your pantry shelf
                                                                          pyl alcohol, so burning and stinging often occur when
might come in handy, too!
                                                                          the sealant is applied to damaged skin. Therefore, skin
   Editor’s Note: For those with short bowel syndrome, eating raw/
                                                                          barrier powder should be used rather than a skin sealant
cooked fruits and veggies is not always the best, so keep several small
                                                                          on irritated skin. It is also important to know that skin
cans of V-8 juice handy to drink instead of eating a serving of vegeta-
                                                                          sealants may not be recommended for use under
bles. You might even take one to a restaurant when you know the
                                                                          certain skin barriers. The protective agents may
only vegetable being served is “al dente” broccoli.
                                                                          reduce the adherence of the barrier.
  PAGE 6                                                                                        THE PACESETTER

                                                               Things You Really Always Wanted to Know
                                                                          About Toilet Paper
                                                               Are all sheets the same size? This is important. The
                                                            size of a sheet of toilet paper may vary from one manufac-
                                                            turer to another. The standard is 4.5” x 4.5”. However, in
                                                            the last ten years manufacturers have come out with
                                                            “cheater sheets.” These can run as small as 4” x 3.8”! This
                                                            means about 15% less paper. So don’t be confused by the
                                                            advertisement that says “our roll is the cheapest.” It may
                                                            be that theirs has fewer sheets and smaller size sheets.
                                                               How many sheets are on a roll? Traditionally, indus-
                                                            trial rolls of toilet paper have 1,000 per roll of one ply and
                                                            500 per roll of two ply. Recently, manufacturers are mak-
                                                            ing jumbo size rolls with 2,000 sheets. These require spe-
                                                            cial large dispensers and are good for
                                                            public-use bathrooms because they last
                                                            longer. However, the consumer market
                                                            has many different size rolls. Some rolls
                                                            only have 200 sheets! Some of the sheets
                                                            are smaller than the standard industrial
                                                            size of 4.5” x 4.5”. I’ve seen sheets as small as 4” x 3.8”.
                                                            Be careful. Small rolls have to be changed more often and
                                                            generally do not cost less. Don’t get fooled!
                                                                           More Toilet Paper Trivia
                                                              The first loo paper was used in Britain in 1857. It was
                                                            called “curl papers” and came in flat packs. Chemists
  The Phoenix magazine is published quarterly—              (druggists) sold it from under the counter because people
    March, June, September, and December.                   were embarrassed to see it displayed. Toilet rolls were first
                                                            sold in 1928. Soft paper was introduced in 1932 but was
                                                            unpopular at first. In 1957, colored paper was first used.
                                                              Romans never ran out of toilet paper! They used a piece
                                                            of sponge fixed onto a short wooden handle. In front of
                                                            the loo was a water channel to “dip the stick.” Some peo-
     OSTOMY RESOURCES                                       ple think that this is where the expression “wrong end of
                                                            the stick” comes from. By the middle of the nineteenth
Here is a list of phone numbers for Ostomy supply           century, the chamber pot and the outhouse were still the
manufacturers. Most will provide FREE samples.              only choices for the rich or poor in the large cities of
                                                            Europe and America.
     COLOPLAST .........................888.726.7872        Source: The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia via The Road Runner of
                                                            Albuquerque, NM
     CONVATEC ..........................800.422.8811
     CYMED ..................................800.582.0707     Marshmallows...An Ileostomate’s Best Friend
     Kem Enterprises -                                                 Ostomy Association of Houston, TX
                                                             Eat a couple of marshmallows up to 30 minutes before
         Osto-EZ-Vent™...............888.562.8802           changing your pouch. One ostomates says, “I eat a couple
     HOLLISTER ..........................800.232.4060       of marshmallows just as I go into the shower, which takes
                                                            me 10 to 15 minutes to complete….” Another tip is to
     MARLEN ................................216.292.7060    put an ice cube in a thin washcloth and circle the stoma
     NU HOPE ..............................800.899.5017     for about 20 seconds. This will shock the stoma into de-
                                                            laying output for awhile.
     VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3                                                                                     PAGE 7

L I T TL E L A R RY.. .

  A new teacher was trying to make          Larry’s kindergarten class was on a        Little Larry attended a horse auc-
use of her psychology courses. She       field trip to their local police station   tion with his father. He watched as
started her class by saying,             where they saw pictures tacked to a        his father moved from horse to
“Everyone who thinks they’re stupid,     bulletin board of the 10 most wanted       horse, running his hands up and
stand up!” After a few seconds, Little   criminals. One of the youngsters           down the horse's legs and rump, and
Larry stood up. The teacher said,        pointed to a picture and asked if it       chest. After a few minutes, Larry
“Do you think you’re stupid, Larry?”     really was the photo of a wanted per-      asked, “Dad, why are you doing
“No, ma’am, but I hate to see you        son. “Yes,” said the policeman. “The       that?” His father replied, “Because
standing there all by yourself!”         detectives want very badly to capture      when I’m buying horses, I have to
                   …                     him.” Larry asked, “Why didn’t you         make sure that they are healthy and
  The math teacher saw that Larry        keep him when you took his pic-            in good shape before I buy. Larry,
wasn’t paying attention in class. She    ture?”                                     looking worried, said, “Dad, I think
called on him and said, “Larry! What                                                the UPS guy wants to buy Mom ....”
are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?” Larry
quickly replied, “NBC, FOX, ESPN
and the Cartoon Network!”

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