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									                                       CURRICULUM VITAE

                                        Andreas Fahlman
                                           Andreas Fahlman
                                   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                     266 Woods Hole Road, MS #50
                                        Woods Hole, MA 02649
                                        Phone: +1-508-289-3463

Academic Qualifications

2000 Ph.D. Biology, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada
           (Advisor - Dr. Kenneth B. Storey; Co-supervisor- Dr. Susan R. Kayar)
           “On the Physiology of Hydrogen Diving and Its Implication for Hydrogen
           Biochemical Decompression”

1996 B.Sc. Multidisciplinary Ocean Studies, Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI, USA.
           Suma cum laude

Research Experience

2009-present Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Supervisor-Michael Moore)
             The mechanics of lung collapse in breath-hold diving mammals.

2008-2009          Senior Research Associate
                   Naval Medical Research Center (Supervisor-Richard Mahon)
                   Investigating natural adaptations in marine mammals that help prevent
                   Decompression Sickness

2008-2009          Global Diving Research, independent research contracts.
                   Mathematical modeling, tagging of whales in Scotland

2006-2007          Research Associate (Advisor – Dr. Andrew Trites)
                   Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
                   Diving physiology of Steller sea lions.

2004 –2006         Post-doctoral fellow (Advisor – Dr. David R. Jones)
                   Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
                    Diving physiology of mammals and birds.

2002-2004          Post-Doctoral Fellow (Advisor – Dr. Y. Handrich and Dr. Patrick J. Butler)
                   School of Biosciences- The University of Birmingham, England
                   Thermoregulatory, metabolic and cardiovascular changes in king penguins
                   during fasting in air and water.

Peer-reviewed Publications

37. Hooker, S.K., R.W. Baird, A. Fahlman. Could beaked whales get the bends? Effect of
diving behaviour and physiology on modeled gas exchange for three species: Ziphius cavirostris,
Curriculum Vitae                                                                                1
Andreas Fahlman
Mesoplodon densirostris and Hyperoodon ampullatus. Respiratory Physiology and
Neurobiology. 167: 235-246.

36. Fahlman, A., S.K. Hooker, A. Olszowka., B.L. Bostrom, D.R. Jones. 2009. Estimating the
effect of lung collapse and pulmonary shunt on gas exchange during breath-hold diving: the
Scholander and Kooyman legacy. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 165: 28-39.

35. Fahlman, A., C. Svärd, D.A.S. Rosen, D.R. Jones, A.W. Trites. 2008. Metabolic costs of
foraging and the management of O2 and CO2 stores in Steller sea lions. Journal of Experimental
Biology. 211: 3573-3580.

34. Halsey, L. G., P. J. Butler, A. Fahlman, C.A. Bost, A.J. Woakes, Y. Handrich, Y. 2008.
Modeling the marine resources consumed in raising a king penguin chick: An energetics
approach. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 81: 856-867.

33. Fahlman, A., G.D. Hastie, D.A.S. Rosen, Y. Naito, A.W. Trites. 2008. Buoyancy does not
affect diving metabolism during shallow dives in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) Aquatic
Biology. 3: 147-154.

32. Halsey, L.G, Y. Handrich, A. Fahlman, A. Schmidt, C.A. Bost, R.L. Holder, A.J. Woakes
and P.J. Butler. 2008. Recovery from swimming-induced hypothermia in king penguins: Effects
of nutritional condition. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 81: 434-441.

31. Fahlman, A., Wilson, R., Svärd, C., Rosen, D.A.S., Trites, A.W. 2008. Activity and diving
metabolism correlate in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus). Aquatic Biology. 2: 75-84.

30. Bostrom, B., A. Fahlman, and D.R. Jones. 2008. Tracheal compression delays alveolar
collapse during deep diving in marine mammals. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 161:

29. Fahlman, A. 2008. The pressure to understand the mechanism of lung compression and its
effect on lung function. Journal of Applied Physiology-Invited editorial. 104:907-908.
28. Halsey, L. G., P. J. Butler, A. Fahlman, A.J. Woakes, Y. Handrich, Y. 2008. Behavioral and
physiological significance of minimum resting metabolic rate in king penguins. Physiological
and Biochemical Zoology 81: 74-86.

27. Montcalm-Smith, E.A., A. Fahlman, S.R. Kayar. 2008. Pharmacological interventions to
decompression sickness in rats remain elusive. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine. 79:

26. Halsey, L.G, Y. Handrich, A. Fahlman, A. Schmidt, C.A. Bost, R.L. Holder, A.J. Woakes
and P.J. Butler. 2007. Fine-scale analyses of diving energetics in king penguins Aptenodytes
Curriculum Vitae                                                                               2
Andreas Fahlman
patagonicus: how behaviour affects costs of a foraging dive. Marine Ecology Progress Series.
344: 299-309.

25. Fahlman, A., A. Schmidt, D.R. Jones, B.L. Bostrom and Y. Handrich. 2007. To what extent
might N2 limit dive performance in king penguins? Journal of Experimental Biology. 210: 3344-

24. Halsey, L.G., C.R. White, A. Fahlman, Y. Handrich and P.J. Butler. 2007. Onshore
energetics in penguins; theory, estimation and ecological implications. Comparative
Biochemistry and Physiology. 147: 1009-1014.

23. Halsey, L.G, A. Fahlman, Y. Handrich, A. Schmidt, A.J. Woakes and P.J. Butler. 2007.
How accurately can we estimate energetic costs in a marine top predator, the king penguin?
Zoology. 110: 81-92.

22. Bost, C.A., Y. Handrich, P.J Butler, A. Fahlman, L.Halsey, A.J.Woakes and Y.Ropert-
Coudert. 2007. Change in dive profiles as an indicator of feeding success in king and Adélie
penguins. Deep Sea Research II. 54: 248-255.

21. Fahlman, A. and S.R. Kayar. 2006. Influence of Temperature on Decompression Sickness
Risk in a Rat Model. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine. 77: 795-800.

20. Fahlman, A., L. G. Halsey, P.J. Butler, D.R. Jones, A. Schmidt, S. Durand, G. Froget, C-A.
Bost, A.J. Woakes, C. Duchamp and Y. Handrich. 2006. Accounting for body condition
improves allometric estimates of resting metabolic rates in fasting king penguins, Aptenodytes
patagonicus. Polar Biology. 29:609-614.

19. Fahlman, A. and D.M. Dromsky. Dehydration effects on the risk of severe decompression
sickness in a Porcine Model. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 77:102-106.

18. Fahlman, A., A. Olszowka, B. Bostrom and D.R. Jones. 2006. Deep diving mammals:
dive behavior and circulatory adjustments contribute to bends avoidance.
Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 153: 66-77.

17. Fahlman, A. A. Schmidt, A.J. Woakes, Y. Handrich and P.J. Butler. 2005. Metabolism and
thermoregulation during fasting in king penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus, in air and water
American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory and Integrative Comparative Physiology. 289:

16. Terblanche, J.S., K. Tolley, A. Fahlman, K.H. Myburgh and S. Jackson, S. 2005. The acute
hypoxic ventilatory response: testing the adaptive significance in humans populations.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A, 140: 349-362.

15. Froget, G., P.J. Butler, A.J. Woakes, A. Fahlman, G. Kuntz, Y. Le Maho and Y. Handrich.
2004. Heart rate and energetics of free ranging king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus). Journal
of Experimental Biology 207: 3917-3926.

Curriculum Vitae                                                                               3
Andreas Fahlman
14. Terblanche, J.S., A. Fahlman, K.H. Myburgh and S. Jackson. 2004. Measurement reliability
of highly variable physiological responses to experimentally-manipulated gas fractions.
Physiological Measurements 25:1189-1197.

13. Fahlman, A., A.J. Woakes, Y. Handrich, C-A. Bost, C. Duchamp and P.J Butler. 2004. The
effect of fasting on the VO 2 and fH relationship in king penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus..
American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory and Integrative Comparative Physiology 287:

12. Dromsky, D.M., B.D. Spiess and A. Fahlman. 2004. Treatment of Decompression Sickness
in Swine with Intravenous Perfluorocarbon Emulsion. Aviation, Space and Environmental
Medicine 75(4): 301-305.

11. Wilson, R.P., A.C. Simeone, G. Luna-Jorquera, S. Jackson and A. Fahlman. 2003. Patterns
of respiration in diving penguins: Is the last gasp based on inspired tactics? Journal of
Experimental Biology. 206: 1751-1763.

10. Fahlman, A. and S. Kayar. 2003. Probabilistic modelling for estimating gas kinetics and
decompression sickness risk in pigs during H2 biochemical decompression. Bulletin of
Mathematical Biology. 65: 747-766.

9. Dromsky, D.M., P. Weathersby and A. Fahlman. 2003. Prophylactic treatment of severe
decompression sickness with high dose methylprednisolone. Aviation Space and Environmental
Medicine. 74: 21-28.

8. Fahlman, A., J, Fisher, A Vesley, H. Sasano, J. Terblanche, S. Jackson and K. Myburgh.
2002. A simple breathing circuit to measure hypoxic ventilatory response during isocapnia.
Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 133: 259-270.

7. Fahlman, A., W. C. Lin, W. B. Whitman and S.R. Kayar. 2002. Modulation of decompression
sickness risk in pigs with caffeine during H2 biochemical decompression. Journal of Applied
Physiology. 93: 1583-1589.

6. Kayar, S.R. and A. Fahlman. 2001. Decompression sickness risk reduced by native intestinal
flora in pigs after H2 dives. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. 28(2): 89-97.

5. Kayar, S. R., A. Fahlman, W. C. Lin and W. B. Whitman. 2001. Increasing Activity of H2-
Metabolizing microbes lowers decompression sickness risk in pigs during H2 dives. Journal of
Applied Physiology. 91: 2713-2719.

4. Fahlman, A., P. Tikuisis, J. Himm, P.K. Weathersby and S.R. Kayar. 2001. On the likelihood
of decompression sickness (DCS) during H2 biochemical decompression in Pigs. Journal of
Applied Physiology. 91: 2720-2729.

3. Fahlman, A., J.A. Kaveeshwar, P. Tikuisis and S.R. Kayar. 2000. Calorimetry and
respirometry in guinea Pigs in hydrox and heliox at 10-60 atm. Pflugers Archiv. 440: 843-851.

Curriculum Vitae                                                                                4
Andreas Fahlman
2. Dromsky, D.M., C.B. Toner, S.S. Survanshi, A. Fahlman, E.C. Parker and P. Weathersby.
2000. The natural history of severe decompression sickness after rapid ascent from air saturation
in a porcine model. Journal of Applied Physiology. 89: 791-798.

1. Fahlman, A., J. Storey and K.B. Storey. 2000. Gene up-regulation in Heart during
mammalian hibernation. Cryobiology. 40: 332-342.

Book chapters and Proceedings

1. Fahlman, A., How do marine mammals avoid decompression sickness? Proceedings from
The Future of Diving: 100 Years of Haldane and Beyond. International Symposium, Dec. 18-19,
2008, Trondheim, Norway

Non-peer reviewed Publications

3. Petersen K., H.M. Dainer, A. Fahlman, and R.T. Mahon. Accelerated decompression from
saturation at 132 feet of seawater with isobaric oxygenation at 60 feet of seawater. Naval
Medical Research Center, Technical Report No 2009-01. 2009 Silver Spring, MD.

2. Parker, S.B., A. Fahlman, J. Braisted, and C.D. Forcino. 2004. Mean arterial pressure and
cerebral blood flow regression for prediction of central nervous system oxygen toxicity. Naval
Medical Research Center, Technical Report No. 2004-004. Silver Spring, MD.

1. Fahlman, A. 2001. A modified Marquardt-Levenberg paramater estimation routine for
Matlab. Naval Medical Research Center, Technical Report No. 01-02. Silver Spring, MD.

Curriculum Vitae                                                                                 5
Andreas Fahlman

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