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                  FOR:               Physical Therapy Services

      DESCRIPTION:                   Qualifications proposals for physical therapy services
                                     from qualified firms/individuals for the Special Education

            PROPOSAL                 Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
            DEADLINE:                2:00 p.m

Qualifications Proposals for the above will be received by the San Benito Consolidated
Independent School District (SBCISD) ATTN: Ms. Theresa Cantu, Director of Special
Education at the Administration Building located at 240 North Crockett Street, San Benito,
Texas 78586.

Copies of the Request for Proposals of Qualifications Package are available at the office of
Ms. Theresa Cantu, Director of Special Education, SBCISD, 240 North Crockett Street, San
Benito, Texas 78586, phone (956) 361-6120, or at San Benito CISD web site:

This is reserved, as the interest of the SBCISD may require, to reject any or all qualifications
proposals, and to waive any formalities in proposals received and accept the proposal most
advantageous to the SBCISD.

Ms. Emma McCall
Business Manager
San Benito CISD

                             REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS
                             PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES

I.    Intent and Scope

      It is the intention of the San Benito CISD to engage the services of a contractor for a
      Physical Therapy services for the students of the SBCISD for an undetermined number of
      students when and if the District and the Program Director determine the need for such
      Therapy Services.

      Once Contractor initiates services, they will continue until such time as the Director and/or
      the Special Education Director and the licensed therapist determine and agree that services
      are no longer necessary.

      Contract Service Period: This contract is expected to begin August 1, 2008 and end July
      31, 2009. There will be an option to renew annually for an additional two years if both
      parties agree to the renewal in writing. In no instance shall this extension be considered

II.   Requirements and Conditions

      A. Contractors Responsibilities

      1.    The Contractor will provide a complete itemized record of services rendered when
            billing the district. Charges will be in accordance with the fee schedule as included
            in this agreement. Other charges will be mutually agreed upon from time to time.

      2.    The Contractor shall update the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) as necessary and
            provide end of the year recommendations via the IEP prior to the end of the school

      3.    The Contractor shall contact and coordinate with District’s Program Director
            regarding the scheduling of service visits.

      4.    The Contractor shall perform discharge summaries for students no longer qualifying
            for therapy services.

      5.    Contractor agrees that it will permit the Program Director to examine evaluate its
            program of services provided under this contract and to inspect its records relating to
            said services, as applicable to the students from the District.
6.    The Contractor shall agree to replace, reassign or dismiss therapists if necessary
      upon notification from client of unsatisfactory performance or other misconduct.

7.    The Contractor shall provide progress reports every six (6) weeks as scheduled per
      school year.

8.    The Contractor shall provide evaluations as requested by the Special Education

9.    Contractor shall provide services in accordance with the guidelines as provided by
      the American Physical Therapy Association or related entity, and the State of Texas
      Physical Therapy License requirements.

10.   The Contractor must provide the personnel to provide direct service for children.

11.   The Contractor agrees to maintain current Texas licensure along with all others
      contracted by the Provider to provide services, and to maintain professional liability

12.   The Contractor agrees to provide Physical Therapy treatments to those students
      qualifying as set forth by the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and approved by the
      Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.

13.   The Contractor agrees to provide a licensed Physical Therapist (P.T.) to complete
      assessments as requested in writing by the ARD Committee and submitted in a
      timely manner for consideration by said committee.

14.   The Contractor agrees to attend ARD Committee meetings when requested and when
      Given adequate notification in writing (at least one week) and when scheduling

15.   The Contractor agrees to assist students and their family with equipment referrals
      and resources.

16.   The Contractor agrees to submit six weeks progress reports when report cards are
      issued (one time per semester for consultation students).

17.   The Contractor agrees to submit monthly service logs with dates and units of service
      per student.

18.   The Contractor agrees to provide four weeks of Extended Year Services to those
      students qualifying for said services as approved by the ARD Committee.
     B. District’s Responsibilities

          1.      The District agrees to insure that regularly scheduled payment of no less than
                  monthly shall be made for services rendered and invoiced.

          2.      The District will request services through a written referral and/or a verbal
                  request by the Special Education Director and/or administrative person. Payment
                  for services rendered shall be made by the administrative office of the District and
                  shall be based upon the statement for services rendered submitted by Contractor
                  or its designee.

          3.      The District agrees to provide an updated student list with student names,
                  campuses, and approved therapy frequencies.

          4.      The District agrees to provide copies of current approved IEP’s and evaluations
                  for each student receiving services.

          5.      The District agrees to provide a list of Educational Diagnosticians with their
                  assigned campuses and students.

          6.      The District agrees to provide a school calendar and a campus phone list.

          7.      The District agrees to notify Provider of upcoming scheduled ARD Committee
                  meetings in writing, by phone or fax, and outcomes concerning physical therapy
                  students in a timely manner.

          8.      The District agrees to notify Provider of assessment referrals in writing in a
                  Timely manner following ARD Committee recommendations.

III. Qualification Criteria

     A.        The primary interest of the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District
               Is securing the highest quality services at a reasonable cost.

               The proposer must demonstrate the capability to perform the physical therapy and
               possess the integrity and general reputation of a reliable firm. The individual firm
               should be able to handle all anticipated matters involving a public school system
               with a general population of more than 9,500 students.

     B.        The proposer must include and respond to the questions listed below. It is the intent
               Intent of San Benito CISD to evaluate and rate the proposer on his response to these
               questions. The San Benito CISD will select the firm(s) individual(s) that is most
               advantageous to the district.
1. Experience of the Physical Therapist (PT)
   a. Has the PT worked with a school district of similar size?
   b. What is the experience of the PT in the public schools in the Rio Grande
   c. How many years have you been an PT?

2. Past Performance of the PT
   d. With what other school districts have you had contracts?
   e. What is your record for completing evaluations?
   f. Has the PT demonstrated a history of providing reliable services?
   g. Have past clients expressed a willingness to work with the PT again?

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