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									            Hair and Makeup
                                  Team Application
Name                                             Birthday
Cell Phone Number                                Home Phone Number
Fax Number                                       E-mail Address
Home Address

Are you a ……        Hairdresser         Makeup Artist        Both  Manicurist/Esthetician
                                                                     Massage Therapist
Do you have a full kit?     Yes        No   Other______________________________________
Do you have a portfolio? Yes           No
Can it go on the website? Yes          No
Do you have a resume’? Yes             No
Are you willing to volunteer for events (promotions, bridal shows, fashion shows, etc)? Yes    No
Do you have a license? If so what kind_________________________________________________
Can you work weekends? Yes             No      O ther_______________________________________
Could a client come to you for a trial? Yes No
Do you have a reliable source of transportation? Yes        No
How far are you willing to go to a client? Please list counties/cities_______________________________
Can you work early mornings (Before 8)? Yes          No Can you work evenings (after 8) Yes No

Hair Stylist Questions
Are you experienced with updo’s? Yes       No    Some
Have you done many weddings in the past? Yes      No
Are you willing to assist? Yes      No
What is your specialty?_________________________________________________ _______________
Can you do a good blow dry? Yes       No
Do you know how to do all ethnicities? Yes    No
Do you do extensions? Yes No If so, what method do you do?_____________________________

Makeup Artist Questions
What kinds of makeup do you use?______________________________________________________
Do you airbrush? Yes       No      If so, do you have the equipment? Yes No
Do you do eyelash extensions?
Have you been trained in bridal makeup? Yes No If so, where?
Do you know how to do all ethnicities? Yes No
Are you willing to assist? Yes     No
What is your Specialty?_________________________________________________________________
You are an independent contractor, and are liable for all your wor k. Fair ytale Hair and Makeup is not
responsible. _______

You will represent Fairytale Hair and Makeup at all jobs and functions that are or funded or affiliated with
the company. Soliciting yourself, and not the company, with a company job, will result in immediate
dismissal! _______

If you have submitted a resume’ you do not need to fill out the following:

What kinds of education have you had? (Please Include Schools and Classes)
Related to this business

Where do you currently work?
What do you do?
What are your hours?
How long have you been at your recent job?
Previous Jobs:

Emergency Contact Number(s):

What else should we know about you?

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